Travelling Is One Of The Best Ways To Change Your Life

Travelling is something that a lot of people like to do in their own way: staying in the cheapest of hostels to better mingle with people of the same class, or booking the most luxurious hotel rooms to make sure they can still get their creature comforts. Enjoying yourself when you’re away from home means something different to everyone, and because of that, it’s an incredibly versatile activity that everyone can find a home in.

But sometimes, we can lose the true meaning of it. We don’t go out and see the best landmarks, we simply frequent tourist traps. And we stay in our own bubbles and never quite make the effort to learn about the country we’ve gone to. At the end of the day, you can even take your games console along with you, to make that night in the hotel feel a little bit more like home!

Even so, we can see that travelling brings both the couch potato and adventurer parts inside all of us together in the best way; because of this, it’s one of the best ways itself to open yourself up to the world. And in the modern day and age, that’s something we need more of…


You’ll Realise Where You Are in Life

When it comes to jetsetting to another country, with its own problems and peoples, you’re going to realise exactly where it is you are in life, and how much you’ve been able to do to get there. And that’s going to leave you with a much warmer feeling in your chest when the time comes to go home again; you know how people on the other side live, and you appreciate their way of life a lot more for it.

So whilst you may be able to check yourself into somewhere like the Courtyard Kingston when visiting a country even on the same or a similar continent to yours, make sure you mingle with the locals and try to learn about them. Plus, it’d be rude to constantly impose your own rules on their society! Pick up as much of their language as you can whilst you’re there, and then speak to them even with your broken understanding of it; the smile they get will put a similar one on your own face.

You’ll Learn How to Improvise

When you’re in another country, and you don’t know what half the regulations are when it comes to operating in it, you’re going to be able to roll with any punches a lot better than before. You’ll be able to think on your feet: if the waterpark is closed, why not just head to the beach? If you don’t know how to ask how much a souvenir is, you can hand motion the question to the seller. Plus you’ll learn how not to get stressed over such occurrences like these. When they happen, they happen!

Travelling is something you should do to both enjoy your life and learn about other people.

Key Menswear Essentials for SS18

Key Menswear Essentials for SS18

As the temperatures gradually start to climb and the sun breaks through the clouds, it’s time to turn our attention to spring clothing collections. After all, your knitwear and coats can finally go back in your wardrobe until later in the year. Updating your wardrobe for SS18 is a great opportunity to invest in some new styles and keep your eye out for your favourite looks that have been reinvented for the summer months. It’s the perfect excuse to treat yourself to some new threads and make sure you’re right on trend for the season ahead. So, whether you want to make sure you’ve got the perfect outfit for warm evenings out on the town, or you need the ideal loungewear for the lazy rainy days, we’re bound to encounter, now is the time to get your hands on the key styles. Menswear is often incredibly versatile, with styles that can be worn for many different occasions. This means you’ll only require a few key garments to ensure you have an adaptable ensemble for the upcoming season.

Key Menswear Essentials for SS18

Printed T-Shirts 

The T-shirt is a staple item for any wardrobe, but for guys it’s a particularly great piece of clothing. With so much scope for design and creativity, men’s T-shirts can be worn for a casual affair, or something more formal. They are year-round piece of clothing, but short sleeve T-shirts really come into their own for the summer. Make a statement this season with a printed option, perfect for adding a visual effect to your look. Immediately brightening up a T-shirt and jeans combo, choose a unique design to stand out from the crowd. From graphic prints to strong branding, they have the versatility to include different elements of design. Close fit T-shirts that have been enhanced either on the front or back can make an outfit more interesting, giving you the chance to show off your personal style.

Key Menswear Essentials for SS18

Denim Shirts 

For those occasions when a more formal look is necessary, men’s denim shirts are great in the spring months. Smart but stylish, denim shirts benefit from effects such as acid wash for a visual effect. Button-up shirts create the perfect look for a range of occasions, whether it’s drinks with the other half or a Friday night dinner. Denim shirts can come in an array of shades, from grey to light blue and even black, to suit your style. For an on-trend approach, look for distressed denim shirts that give your look an edge. Pair with jeans and rock the double denim look effortlessly for a spring style that you can’t go wrong with.

Key Menswear Essentials for SS18

Cut Off Sweats 

Every wardrobe needs a casual addition, and for spring sometimes a tracksuit is too much. Investing in a set of cut off sweats can ensure you’re able to lounge in style without overheating. Cut off sweats often feature a raw edge finish for a unique look, and can be worn by themselves or with a long sleeve T-shirt underneath for cooler days. For a laidback style, every wardrobe needs some sweats even in the height of summer. Comfortable yet still stylish, they are a staple piece of clothing to have in your wardrobe.

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Can Your Car Reflect Your Style

Can Your Car Reflect Your Style

The type of car that you drive says a lot about the kind of person that you are, but can it reflect on your style? Sometimes, money can be an issue when it comes to buying a car that actually matches your style. However, there are clever ways around this dilemma as you can give your car a more stylish and tasteful version of ‘pimp my ride’. If you’re looking to make sure that your car matches your style, then take a look at these intelligent and inexpensive tricks to help your car match yourself inside and out.

Can Your Car Reflect Your Style

Sort out the bodywork 

Accidents happen, and you may have already been unfortunate enough to have damage to the exterior of your car, whether that be an accidental key scratch, or someone reversing into your car causing a dent that sticks out like a sore thumb. Luckily, you can easily sort out bodywork, and here’s some ideas for you to try: Buff out dents in your car using boiling water. The heat will react with the metal and cause it to be more durable. You may have seen before that when metals are at different temperatures they are more easy to manipulate into the shape you want it to be. More often than not, dents in cars can simply be popped back out, so get the hot water on it and see if you can repair the bodywork yourself. Scratches are very easily obtained on paintwork, but they are also just as easily repaired too. Depending on the colour of your car, you should be able to head to the nearest car parts retailer and see if they have a paintwork repair pen that matches the colour of your car. Some people simply use nail varnish to fill in and get rid of those annoying scratches! If the paintwork is seriously damaged and can’t be fixed with a repair pen then it might be worth looking into a respray on your car. Bare in mind that all dents need to be sorted before doing so to achieve the best look.

Can Your Car Reflect Your Style


There’s something really great about being able to easily distinguish your car from the rest. It’s likely that you’re not the only one around town driving that model of car, and to make yours stand out and reflect on your own personal style, you could get yourself a personalised number plate. They can transfer between cars, so once you have it, it’s yours for good and can really add a sense of class and expense to a car. Click to buy cheap private number plates here. Many people choose to go with something to do with their name, so don’t be surprised if you can’t get your actual name. Be creative and see what you can get! 

Interior touches 

The style of your car doesn’t have to end at how good your bodywork is either, you can continue the theme inside so that when you’ve got company, you can wow them with your style. Here are some really easy and cheap ways of vamping up the interior: Have your seats professionally cleaned, you will be surprised at how well they come up! If there are rips in your seats, you could consider buying some car seat covers to hide the problem. A steering wheel cover will not only look great, but will add comfort to your driving experience. Matching floor mats will add a sense of class and style too.

Can Your Car Reflect Your Style


It’s no secret that pretty much any car looks better when it’s got matching wheels, and normally this can cost a pretty penny to obtain proper matching alloys. However, you can now buy alloy covers that simply clip on to your existing ones and immediately improve the whole look of your vehicle. A great idea is to go for some that contrast with the colour of your car so that they really stand out. Alternatively, you could opt for the chrome look which would accentuate your style to the max. 


The headlights, or sometimes better known as the eyes of your car can make a difference to the whole look too. Over time, headlights become cloudy and end up making the car look older and like an ‘old banger’. Take the time to remove your headlight covers and give them a good clean so that your headlights can shine brighter than ever, and your car has a crisp overall look. Alternatively, you could buy some angel eyes for your car to really give it a distinct look. Keep in mind that you should get these professionally fitted because if you get the angle of the headlights wrong, you could end up inadvertently driving an illegal motor.

Can Your Car Reflect Your Style


You’ve probably seen the ‘boy racers’ driving around with completely blacked out windows and quite frankly, it can look tacky if the job isn’t done right. However, tinted windows can serve more of a purpose than simply looking good, and it’s definitely something you should consider. They can help keep the heat in or out, prevent the sun from bleaching the interior, deter thieves as they can’t see when looking in, and also give people privacy. Consider having your car windows professionally tinted to add style, and reap in more benefits too.  

As you can see, no matter what kind of car you have, you can easily class it up to match your style at a price that I’m sure your wallet will agree with. Try these ideas today so that your car can truly reflect on your style.

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In Conversation with Influencer Ali Gordon

In Conversation with Influencer Ali Gordon

This self-made vlogger and blogger sits down with Peter Brooker for the Menswear Style Podcast to discuss how he went from working in the trade as an electrician to having an Instagram following of over 330k. He discusses how an understanding boss enabled him to take time off to pursue this new-found career direction and how he has had to jump head first into the business and technical side of being an influencer, whether its watching hours of video editing tutorials on YouTube or getting over his fear of public speaking. Ali Gordon also speaks about the importance of security for himself and his wife (also a popular influencer), especially as the influencer industry keeps growing.

In Conversation with Influencer Ali Gordon

Ali, can you tell us about your background 

“My career started at 16 when I got an apprenticeship to be an electrician. I worked for 11 years and had a great boss, but I was then introduced to the world of blogging through my wife when I first met her. My blogging developed over 12 months into a career opportunity that I grabbed with both hands and fortunately I made it my full-time job. It’s been a fast-paced career change and I was lucky enough to have a generous boss at the time who let me pursue this new career. I’ve been full time now for about 12-14 months. It’s a very exciting chapter in mine and my wife’s lives right now. My job is something I’ve had to create from nothing. People have now seen the industry evolve and it is something you can aspire to become.”

In Conversation with Influencer Ali Gordon

What were you like at school? 

“Our school was really social, everyone integrated and mingled. I was fortunate to be around a diverse number of people. There was no fashion sense in my school though. There was one guy who came over from Scotland who had great style and great hair, but apart from him, nobody cared what they looked like. I think times have changed now. I see younger guys today and they’re like groomed men who dress really cool and their hair is on point. It wasn’t until I was 16 when I started to make some effort with my appearance and when I was 19 I found the gym to improve my physique.” 

On your wedding video your wife mentions you had apprehensions about speaking in public and doing a wedding speech. How has that affected you? 

“I remember the first time I sat down in front of a camera for Lydia’s channel, I had just 3 words to say and I just couldn’t get my words out. I was sweating and was so nervous. Then I remember when I had to sit in front of the camera on my own and I got a hot flush and it felt uncomfortable and unnatural. But then over time you get used to talking to the camera on your own, even talking in public to your camera is another challenge you face. You feel that it is awkward, and that people are looking at you talking to the camera, but you just build up a confidence and you just really need to just not care. As time has gone on, I’ve become more confident which has progressed to doing Podcasts and public speaking. But I must admit, public speaking is a hurdle I need to get over. The wedding speech gave me a lot of confidence, it made me realise that people don’t want you to stumble and make mistakes. I’m getting more confident with it and I’m learning as time goes on. I think most people feel awkward doing it, it’s normal to feel like that. I’ve got a best man speech coming up, but because I’ve done my own wedding speech I feel a lot more confident.”

In Conversation with Influencer Ali Gordon

How did you get into knowing the technology side of your job? 

“I spent a lot of time research and watching YouTube tutorials. I also speak to a lot of people around me such as my videographer who is a great help. I will often call him asking him about camera settings and how to use functions. I find my progression comes from boredom; I start editing a video and will want the video to evolve and do something different, so you quickly pick up tricks. I often watch hours of video tutorials trying to find the answer to something I’m looking for and I learn so much from doing this.” 

What does your team look like? 

“It’s quite tight. It’s just myself creating and publishing the content, and then I have a manager who looks after the admin, negotiation and contracts. Then, I have an accountant and a book keeper to make sure that’s all straight and narrow. I liaise a lot with Lydia and my manager to get their opinions on progression and opinions on moving forward with the business. It’s a tight group, I’m not looking to expand into a huge production company where people create content under the Ali Gordon name. I just want to keep it authentic and as organic as possible. The industry moves so quickly, so it’s hard to envision and predict where this is going to be in 5 years’ time, but I have ideas on where I can expand, such as business ventures. I’d like to have my fingers in a few pies as the saying goes. I’d like to have more than one stream of revenue coming in. Who knows where we’re going to be online in 5 years. I’m happy doing what I’m doing, I get amazing opportunities as a content creator and enjoy it.”

In Conversation with Influencer Ali Gordon

With influencers set to be the new celebrity, do you think you and your wife would ever invest in security? 

“Yes 100%. I think it’s extremely important that when you’re doing public appearances, that there is security in place. I think you would need to be high level and high profile to have security that follow you around, and that’s not something I can envision ever needing, but I wouldn’t rule it out if things explode to a level where it got so intense that we needed that. At the moment I would certainly employ security if I was doing a public appearance at a set time and location and my wife Lydia has that in place already. I think it’s important because there have been occasions where there has been incidents and fatalities where influencers have been attacked. It’s important to stay on the safe side and invest in it rather than take the risk.” 

You can listen to this interview in full below or simply head over to your preferred Podcast player and search ‘Menswear Style Podcast‘ to subscribe. Don’t forget to leave us a review if you like what you hear – thanks for listening.

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MYKITA & Martine Rose Reveal ’90s Dance-Inspired Eyewear

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MYKITA has joined forces with London-based fashion designer Martine Rose for an eyewear collaboration that no doubt pushes boundaries. Here, the two outfits present KITT, “a frame that does not want to be serious,” says MYKITA.

In looking to the ’90s dance scene, KITT plays on would-be cat-eye shades, thus presenting a cropped, straight top line, with a noticeably flat profile. Optioned in Antique Red, New Lime, Royal Blue, and Black, the glasses arrive in tongue-in-cheek packaging.

MYKITA x Martine Rose launches exclusively at Dover Street Market, select MYKITA Shops, and online at SSENSE Friday, April 20. Additional carriers will make the eyewear available in May. Retail is approximately $575 USD.

For more, here are our favorite SS18 sunglasses for every face shape.

Watch Cardi B Talk to Nardwuar About Female Rappers & Stripping

Cardi B is the latest big name to be interviewed by the legendary Nardwuar.

Catching the rapper backstage at Coachella, Nardwuar kicks off the interview by gifting Cardi with a book from her childhood, a record detailing U.S. presidents, and a vinyl recording of the best music to strip to. In return, Cardi fires back with a quick rendition of Trina’s “Da Baddest Bitch” after being gifted the record.

Highlights also include Cardi smartly passing on a question regarding an altercation, explaining why yogurt is good for women, and eventually asking Nardwuar, “How much money did you spend on all these gifts for me?”

For all this and more, check out the video above.

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of Cardi B’s performance at weekend 1 of Coachella 2018.

MLB & New Era Celebrate Jackie Robinson Day Together on the Field for the First Time

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Baseball’s great pioneer was remembered in a new way as MLB celebrated this year’s annual Jackie Robinson Day on Sunday, April 15.

Robinson’s legacy and accomplishments in the sport are well documented, and it’s been customary since 2009 for all on-field personnel to rock Robinson’s number 42 jersey in solidarity during this occasion.

This year, MLB added a commemorative ’42′ patch to the on-field New Era 59FIFTY caps in addition to player uniforms, marking the first time ever that the league has done so. New Era’s proud to play a role in the continued celebration of such a storied figure in baseball and African-American history.

Their relationship with MLB has been redefined in “We Who Reign,” the brand’s cultural homage to a new class of creators spanning music and art, tapping artists like Big Sean, Rich the Kid, and A$AP Ferg to model their own special edition No. 42 59FIFTY.

Peep the full collection of teams and caps available with the commemorative ’42’ patch now at New Era’s website.

Liam Payne Talks Working With Pharrell & Wearing Matching YEEZYs With His Son on ‘Sneaker Shopping’

English singer-songwriter Liam Payne is the latest celebrity guest to appear on Complex‘s Sneaker Shopping. For this week’s episode, Payne met up with Joe La Puma at New York City’s Stadium Goods to browse the shelves and discuss footwear.

During the installment, we find Liam dishing on working with Pharrell, his affinity for Virgil Abloh‘s Nike collaborations, wearing matching YEEZYs with his son, getting in on the DIY custom sneaker craze, One Direction‘s style, and much more. Payne also decides to stock up on some of Nike’s more coveted recent collabs.

So to hear everything he had to say, as well as to find out what shoes he walks away with, press play above.

In related news, Kanye West has shared an early YEEZY 350 rendering, as well as a Gosha Rubchinskiy-designed neck tattoo.

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