Hair Loss: The Facts

If you’re someone that is afraid of losing their hair, then you’re not alone. Hair loss is incredibly real, but it’s also something that so many of us fear. According to the infographic below, you will often see that men can fear this so much, they even fear it more than they fear losing their job! And that’s not really that surprising, because hair loss can really affect your self-esteem. However, it is very normal, and here are the facts on that.

Who It Affects

So, as we have established, hair loss does affect a lot of people – and this may surprise you. The figures for this can be found below, but hair loss does actually affect women over 25 and men over 30, as well as men in their seventies.

The Causes

Now onto the causes, which many of you may care about the most. Sometimes, it can come down to genetics, but it can also be down to hormonal changes. However, stress, low-iron, and even some illnesses can also be the root cause for why people are losing their hair.

Quick Facts

And finally, it may interest you to know that when you are losing hair, you can lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair per day! And that can be why it tends to start happening to rapidly when you start to notice it!

Take a look at the infographic below all about this topic if you want more detailed information.

Infographic Design By Farjo Hair Institute

How Your Health Could Be Effecting Your Personality

Our health is incredibly important when it comes to being happy and living the best life we can. We go through stages in our lives when health is crucial to us, and others where we don’t care as much about what we are eating and how much we are exercising. However, there are other health issues which can also affect the way we feel, and the way we act in our daily lives. Here are some of the personality traits you might start to notice in yourself if you have health issues.

You feel more negative

There might come a day when you wake up and you just don’t feel anything. Rather than being excited and happy to be with your family or to go and see your work friends, you might just feel…off. If you start feeling negative and a little bit down each and every day without reason, this could be a sign that you have some health issues deep down.

You no longer enjoy the same hobbies

One of the issues we often face with our health and the way we feel is that the hobbies we used to love no longer seem to appeal to us. It could be that you spent each night painting or learning a musical instrument, and now, you just can’t be bothered with it all. It is one of those things which makes us feel a little empty inside and we can feel as if we are just living our days out doing nothing. If you start feeling as if your favourite things no longer appeal, you need to think about changing your habits into healthier ones.

You don’t practice self care

When was the last time you took the night off for yourself and spent some time pampering yourself? Do you even remember? One of the things we do in everyday life which makes us feel good and confident is self care. We wash our bodies and out makeup on in the morning, do our hair to make us feel good about ourselves. We have a pamper session and look after our skin with masks and cleansers… but what happens when you no longer do this? When you no longer take time to care for your body and your skin, you will feel less confident. This loss in confidence makes it harder for us to cope, and this can in turn make us feel worse about ourselves. If you notice that you are no longer caring about your appearance there could be something deeper going on.

You feel anxious

Anxiety is the bane of many people’s lives. It is a niggling feeling which makes us doubt out every move and it can make use feel as if we are constantly being judged for our actions. Anxiety Is a stress related illness and can often be part of a deeper web of symptoms. If you have never suffered anxiety in your life and it suddenly comes upon you, you will want to go to your doctors and talk to them about ways that they can help you with it all.

You have signs of depression

When you feel sick you can start to release negative hormones throughout your body. The bad thing about this is the fact that it can cause you to feel depressed and worried about every little thing. You might notice a difference in your energy levels, your passions and your ability to think positively about anything in your life. Think about getting some advice and talking to someone about your issues, and getting some rest for a day or two because it could be partially down to an illness such as a cold or flu.

You’re always tired

When you have health issues, whether it be a common cold, a chronic illness like IBS or even something like vasectomy recovery, you will feel incredibly tired. The important thing to remember when you are feeling ill is to rest and give your body the chance it needs to recover and to get back on track. It will be hard at first but you will feel so much better after a few days and you will be able to get back to being your own happy self once more.

Your body is changing

When we are ill or we have a medical condition that we haven’t yet discovered, it can have a big effect on our body as a whole. For example, a health issue such as diabetes can change your body by making you lose weight, need the toilet more frequently and it can cause tingling in your nerves. You might start to notice random changes in your appearance and your body which you cannot explain. It is a good idea to write a list of the things you have been experiencing and you can then go to the doctors and give them the list. This will help them to identify what it could be.

Your head feels foggy

When you are suffering with an illness, whether it be mental or physical, you might start to feel as if a fog is clouding your mind and your vision. This is often caused by pressure in your head which indicates a lot of health issues which you can go to the doctors and talk about. Before you do visit the doctors make sure that you try drinking a litre of water, and if you don’t feel better after an hour, you can rule out dehydration as the cause.

You have no appetite

Are you normally a good lover? Sometimes when we feel down in the dumpsor our bodies are suffering, we can lose our appetite all together. Sometimes this could be down to lack of water or too much activity, however if it carried on for a few days you might want to see if there is anything wrong with you. It might be that you have a stomach bug or some digestion issues which can be resolved by the doctor.

What’s Going To Make You Happy With Your Love Life?

Relationships are complicated. Trying to work out what you want from a relationship can be even harder. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself falling into a pattern, rather than really choosing what it is that you want from the relationship. And that can also mean that you’re not really happy with how your love life is going. At the same time, you may not even really know what it is that you do want from your love life. So, you may have to take a step back and work it out. To do this, you have to be really sure that you know what will make you happy. And that can take time. So if you’re ready to get your mind around what you want, consider these five different options.

  1. Dating

When you’re not too sure what you want from your love life, or what’s going to make you happy, then date. Sometimes, dating is the best way to work it out. When you put yourself out there and you meet lots of different people, you can get a feeling for what you want. Or even what you don’t want. When you’re young, dating is good way to just see how things go – or what you need from a partner. So definitely consider this when you’re thinking about what it is that you’re looking for.

  1. Looking For The One

Or maybe you’re tired of dating. When you’ve been dating for awhile, you may find that you’re not really interested in digging around anymore – and you’re ready to find the one. When this is the case, you’re going to want to get a little stricter on what dates you accept, and really focus on finding the perfect partner.

  1. Getting An Ex Back

Maybe you know that you want to be with your ex. This can be a tough position to be in, but if you’re serious and want to get your girl back, then go for it. What’s there to lose. If you know that she makes you happy, and she’s what you want, then put yourself out there and try to make it work.

  1. Getting Married

But what if you’re in a relationship already and you’re really happy? Then maybe what you really need is to take the relationship to the next level. Although commitment can seem scary, you don’t have to be afraid of it or see if as a big step. When you’re happy, it’s just wanting to stay like that forever.

  1. Keeping Things Casual

But what if you’re not really looking for anything in particular at the moment? What if you really don’t want to put pressure on yourself to be ‘happy’ with that side of things right now? Then don’t. Because if you want to be able to focus on your work or social life, then go ahead. And the best part is, you’ll often find that when you stop looking for love, that it’s going to find you. So keeping things casual and seeing what happens in your life is always a great option to consider.

Five Ways to Relax After a Challenging Week

If you are a busy professional, chances are that you have less than two days to restore your energy reserves and focus on your inner self before the madness starts again. Millennials often find it hard to switch off and take a step back from their business or job. If you return to work more tired on Monday than you left on Friday afternoon, you might want to try some of these methods of relaxation.

1. Binge Watching Series

For our parents, reading was a great way of switching off, but it might be too much for your eyes if you sit in front of the computer all week. You can catch up on your favorite Netflix series or use catch up services to stay entertained. You don’t have to cook or carry on thinking about the office. Escape from reality and take a step back from your busy life.

2. Escape Rooms

To take a break from technology and use your imagination and problem solving skills in a new way, you can go to an escape room with your friends or family members. You will need to work together on solving the different puzzles and can simply escape from a reality and engage with a fantasy world. Choose your favorite theme; circus, haunted house, or old castle and enjoy some undisturbed fun.

3. DIY

Staying in front of the screen most of the time is not good for your posture, and you might need to use the creative side of your brain every now and then. Whether you are interested in upcycling projects or decoration, creating a new space for your friends to enjoy in the summer, or fixing up your kitchen, you might find the physical activity challenging and relaxing.

4. Online Gaming

Image via Clem Onojeghuo

Of course, some people love taking part in online challenges and competitions. If you are a gamer and have an Alienware at home, you can check out to find the best online competitions and challenges to take part in during the weekend. Clear your schedule and make sure that you have enough frozen pizza in the house, as well as drinks, as you might not want to leave the game for hours.  

5. Meditation

Image via Tim Goedhart

Sometimes it is simply impossible to switch off, as your thoughts are going around your mind day and night. You can learn how to meditate and clear your head in the weekend. Technology can help you take a step back and let go of negative emotions and fears. Check out the latest apps and meditation software that will help you escape the train of thoughts and see clearer about your life.

Most busy professional Millennials find it hard to spend some quality time relaxing on the weekend. Try one of the above methods of switching off and taking a break from your busy schedule. Use technology to entertain and relax you, or simply take a break from the computer screen and improve your creative and problem solving skills.

The Hottest New Summer Mens Haircuts

The Hottest New Summer Mens Haircuts

The best summer haircuts for men have the ability to look stylish, whilst keeping you cool in the heat. From buzz cuts to quiffs through to fades, the following looks from TONI&GUY’s International Artistic Director, Jamie Devenish, promise to keep your hair in check from mornings spent at the pool, to evenings at the bar.

The Hottest New Summer Mens Haircuts

Comb-over Pompadour 

Slicked-back hair is always popular in the summer regardless of length. Instead of slicking hair up and back like the original pompadour, the comb-over directs hair to the side. If you have shorter hair, this is a quick look to style and if your hair is longer, the use of the comb-over will keep hair away from your face – win win! A top tip in re-creating this look: Start with clean, towel-dried hair and comb through Sculpting pomade before blow-drying to the side. The pomade will provide great hold and shine, plus your hair will win the battle against sun, sea and sand.

The Hottest New Summer Mens Haircuts

Textured Crop 

A classic blend of high fashion meets beach boy. Due to its natural ability of giving the look of thicker, more volumised hair, the textured crop is generally favoured by a more mature clientele. The style also works really well on almost all hair types, however it’s not the best for curls, as it will give the illusion of a rounder face shape. A top tip in re-creating this look: label.m Fashion Edition Powder to Wax will give volume and buildable texture, without going full ‘shaggy-surfer dude’. For optimum results, shake the powder into your palm and rub your hands together to create a creamy wax. Guide your fingers through the front to evenly distribute.

The Hottest New Summer Mens Haircuts

Buzz Cut 

When the sun is shining, a quick solution to keeping your scalp cool is to shave the hair off! Instead of buzzing it all off this year, opt for a more versatile variation. The ‘Sherbet’ is a classic clipper cut with faded sides and is slightly longer on top. There are many variations of the buzz cut, so speak to your barber about the one that best suits your face shape. Either way, the maintenance of this style promises to be easy – crucial when you’re out and about enjoying the sun. A top tip in recreating this look: If your head shape is slightly bumpy, avoid getting a style that’s too close to the head. We would recommend going for a grade 3 or 4 – which is just short enough to stay cool, but long enough to shield the scalp. We also advise using Scalp Tonic as fading can be quite abrasive on the head and will soothe whilst invigorating the scalp.

Article by Menswear Style

Discover July 2018 Coolest Stuff

Discover July 2018 Coolest Stuff

It’s just so damn hot. Don’t get me wrong, I love a bit of sunshine but when its constantly 30 degrees every day, I soon start craving cooler weather so I can actually sleep at night. But let’s put my rather British weather complaints to one side, because there’s been some interesting wares and product drops this month that I’d like to draw your attention to. We have skincare perfect for tattoos, pocket squares that look like pieces of art and a 35th anniversary shoe collection. So, following on from my June round-up, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite products and releases for the month of July 2018 – enjoy.

Discover July 2018 Coolest Stuff

Suicoke X Clot 

The new Clot x Suicoke drop brings back the Alienegra Desert Camo graphic print in the Suicoke OLAS-CLTab model. The sandals appear in two colour ways featuring the iconic Alienegra Desert Camo print in an Olive as well as a Beige tone. The campaign has been situated in the natural environment of Hong Kong’s Pineapple Mountain, reminiscent of the views of the Grand Canyon. Inspired by the contrasts found in city life versus nature, the sandals are the perfect hybrid between style and functionality. With its adjustable nylon shoelaces and Vibram soles, this limited-edition collaboration reaches new heights through its innovative design.

Discover July 2018 Coolest Stuff

Rockport Winning In Style 

Rockport present their ‘Winning In Style’ lookbook, showcasing an array of the most highly anticipated styles from their forthcoming AW18 collection. Ranging from the brand’s iconic DresSport 35th anniversary edition through to the highly anticipated Total Motion chukka boot silhouette, Rockport’s latest offering is a true testament to the brand’s rich history and industry leading approach to innovation and style. To showcase the collection, Rockport tapped three UK based creatives in the form of Oliver Hooson, John Jarrett and Darren Rowlands, each of whom leant their unique take on street style to an array of the new season’s silhouettes.

Discover July 2018 Coolest Stuff

Salvatore Ferragamo Eyewear 

Salvatore Ferragamo Eyewear introduces the Men’s Capsule, a new eyewear collection that combines modern design and flawless elegance in a distinctive range of sunglasses and optical styles for men. The brand’s artisanal flair and rigorous attention to detail is revealed in the sleek reinterpretation of vintage inspired shapes and classical frames fashioned from smooth acetate and shiny metal. Each model is enhanced with exclusive contrasts and refined accents ranging from striped motifs and transparent effects to the iconic ‘Double Gancini’ detail featured as a unique emblem of style and sophistication.

Discover July 2018 Coolest Stuff

New Balance New 247 

New Balance has announce the release of the new 247. As a contemporary evolution, the updated silhouette gives a nod to their heritage while further representing the intersection between where lifestyle and sport meet. The new 247 design combines the craftsmanship, technology and fit that New Balance is legendary for and offers the versatility necessary for the modern style seeker and their on-the-go lifestyle. The sneaker offers a more substantial upper design versus that of the original 247 – perfect for on-the-go comfort and ease, while remaining stylish with chunky elements reminiscent of iconic styles.

Discover July 2018 Coolest Stuff

Electric Ink Skincare 

When your body is a canvas and tattoos are your artwork, it’s important to take care of them. With Electric Ink Skincare, tattoo and skincare couldn’t be easier – their specialist products are packed with ingredients that keep skin looking nourished and tattoos looking fresh and vibrant. All Electric Ink Skincare products contain a mixture of oils and vitamins that work to nourish the skin and protect the tattoo, as well as improving the definition of the tattoos and keep them from looking faded. Every product can be easily incorporated into an established skin care routine.

Discover July 2018 Coolest Stuff

Olivers Passage Pant 

More durable than denim and as comfortable as your favourite sweatpants, this is a performance trouser you can wear on a bike ride into the boardroom. The material is like no other you’ve felt before, yet to look at, it appears very familiar. They feature 4-way stretch which is durable, flexible, soft, light and suitable for all weather and all purposes. Olivers are also so sure of their hard-wearing construction that they’ll repair or replace any product with a fault outside of normal wear and tear for up to 12 months after purchase.

Article by Menswear Style

Late Night Hosts Slam Donald Trump’s Performance Alongside Vladimir Putin

If you’ve been following the news concerning President Donald Trump’s meeting and press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki yesterday, it won’t come as a surprise to learn that late night TV hosts were out in force to discuss the topic.

Trump has been labeled “treasonous” by publications and analysts in the United States and worldwide, and TV hosts such as Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah certainly didn’t hold anything back when delivering their verdicts, either.

Here are just a few of the late night takes on Trump-Putin fest 2018.

What Russia got:
– total capitulation from Trump
– exoneration for past meddling
– permission to meddle in future

What America got:

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) July 16, 2018

This is what happens when you put a KGB agent up against a KFC agent.

— The Daily Show (@TheDailyShow) July 17, 2018

TONIGHT: Trump goes to Helsinki and meets with the President of the United States. #LSSC

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) July 17, 2018

On #LSSC tonight: The Trump/Putin Summit was definitely a theatrical adventure.

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) July 17, 2018

Seth is back to take #ACloserLook at Trump’s disastrous trip overseas.

— Late Night with Seth Meyers (@LateNightSeth) July 17, 2018

What do you make of Trump and Putin’s summit? Let us know in the comments.

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Acne Studios Latest Screen-Printed T-Shirt Capsule is Out Now

In the second installment of its SS18 screen-printed T-shirts, Acne Studios is releasing five new tees using iconic archival imagery.

Following on from the first collection, which launched on April 26 and included a graphic of an arm flipping off, the new motif is taken from the Swedish brand’s spring/summer ’14 campaign. Shot by Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen, the image has been revived and remixed in black, purple, pink, yellow, and white.

The five new limited edition T-shirts are exclusively available in Acne Studios stores and online from today, July 17. Take a closer look at each piece below, and click through to cop yours.

Now, check out Acne Studios’ SS19 sneakers, as seen on this year’s Paris Fashion Week runway.

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The Entire Wu-Tang Clan Is Set to Perform at the Sydney Opera House

The Wu-Tang Clan is heading Down Under. To celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of their legendary debut album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) which was released November 9, 1993, the rap group have announced their first ever Australian performances. The entire original lineup (save for Ol’ Dirty Bastard, RIP) is set to headline the iconic Sydney Opera House for two nights in December.

Original members RZA, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Raekwon, U-God, Masta Killa, Inspectah Deck, and GZA will be joined by newer member Cappadonna, for shows on December 8th and 9th. Presale tickets are set to go on sale this Wednesday, July 18. Check out more information on the Sydney Opera House website here. Wu-Tang Clan also recently announced U.S. shows coinciding with 36’s Chambers‘ anniversary, which you can peep here.

Revisit “Da Mystery of Chessboxin’” below.

In other music news, Chance the Rapper is releasing an album this week. Get the full scoop right here.

Forbes’ Highest-Earning Celebs List Features Familiar Faces & a Surprise Inclusion

Forbes has just released its annual list of the world’s 100 highest-earning entertainers, and this year’s top 10 is a mix of athletes, actors, musicians, one reality TV star-slash-lip-kit mogul, and one TV judge.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather bagged top spot, pulling in a tidy $285 million in pre-tax earnings — a sum gathered almost entirely on the strength of his fight against Conor McGregor in August 2017. Forbes‘ latest cover star Kylie Jenner comes in third with $166.5 million, perhaps unsurprisingly considering she’s tipped to become the youngest self-made billionaire ever within the next 12 months.

Elsewhere, Judy Sheindlin — yes, Judge Judy — arrived in fourth place with $147 million, ahead of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and footballers Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

The top 10 is as follows:

1. Floyd Mayweather — $285 million
2. George Clooney — $239 million
3. Kylie Jenner — $166.5 million
4. Judy Sheindlin — $147 million
5. Dwayne Johnson — $124 million
6. U2 — $118 million
7. Coldplay — $115.5 million
8. Lionel Messi — $111 million
9. Ed Sheeran — $110 million
10. Cristiano Ronaldo — $108 million

Head over to Forbes for the full story.

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