Why Design Is The Most Important Part Of Your Website

If you already run your own business, you’ll know exactly why a good website is one of the most important parts of business. For those who don’t, it’s important to know a website is most likely the driver of sales, and the first place a customer will look when deciding or buy you services or goods. So making sure it’s navigable, inviting, and shows off your business is vital. Here are a few tips to either get you started or help improve your website.


Before we focus on the aesthetics of a website. It’s important to remember the back end is nearly just as important. Making sure it is easy to navigate could be the difference between keeping someone interested or not. There’s nothing worse than attempting to use a website where products or services can’t be found, or categories aren’t clear. When designing your website, try having a look through it yourself before rolling it out to the public to make sure it’s easy to use. Another thing to consider is using search engine optimisation to improve your website’s traffic. Ranking for different keywords in Google can be the difference between you or your competitor being found first. Having a clean and natural backlink profile can also help improve the rankings further boosting your chance or a sale. If you’re struggling to understand how these two points will help your website, there are companies such as the UX agency who will analyse your data on sale, traffic etc. And decide on what can be done to optimise your site for you. Having a professional do the correct job may be more beneficial to you than guessing and risking damaging your website.


Now, probably the most important feature is the front end design. It’s the first thing your customer will see and will give them an impression on whether to continue browsing. One thing many companies do is lose some usability by being over the top with the design. A simple yet effective design is all that is usually necessary. Some big brands such as JD have chosen to stick to simple black and white colour scheme which follows their brand logo. This is a good technique as it still stands out and represents the company well. Other large brands have also chosen to follow this trend, but while keeping a simple design can be the most effective. It’s also vital to have something on the first page that will draw the reader in. Whether that be a visual aid such as any offers being displayed. Or if it’s for example a clothes website, some of your brighter more eye-catching items will catch the eye, and improve conversion and click rates by immediately drawing the user in. Without a good design, this would fail.

So, those are the two main reason why both hidden, and visual designs are so important for your business website. Following the above tips is a sure fire way of improving traffic and conversions, and the overall reputation of your brand.

Why Motorbikes Are the Ultimate Urban Vehicle

While the whole world is obsessing over self-driving vehicles and high-speed sports cars that are way out of their budget, the practical urban professional understands the value of a convenient, flexible and cost-effective vehicle to get around. Electric cars may have proven to tick those boxes, but they’re never going to beat a solid motorbike.

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They’re cooler

Motorbikes are far cooler than any other vehicle on the road. Those flashy sports cars might look the part, but they’re ridiculously expensive and you can’t even use them to their maximum potential in an urban environment. Stopping and starting because of traffic will eat up fuel and you’re essentially on the same level as the guy behind you driving a cheap Dacia Sandero. Look at this article from http://www.visordown.com/ and you’ll see some of the most incredible motorbikes that have ever been released. Even laying your eyes upon those beautiful machines would be enough to convince you to take lessons and put a deposit down.

Safety depends on you

Motorbikes are indisputably more dangerous than cars because you’re not protected by several layers of metal. However, with the reduced safety comes more flexibility. As a rider, you have far more control over your speed, how you move and the decisions you make on the road. This means that you need to constantly be aware of your surroundings if you want to make it from point A to B in one piece. This is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, it means that as long as you’re a safe rider, there’s a low chance of you actually ending up in an accident (much like any other vehicle). However, if you let your focus slip then it can lead to catastrophic results. Look at resources like http://www.bikersbasics.com/ to learn about all the protective gear that you’ll need to stay safe on the road. Make sure you take your lessons seriously and practice everything you can to keep yourself from

Far more convenient

No more worrying about renting or buying a place with plenty of parking, and you don’t even need to worry about parking wherever you ride. Motorbikes are small, efficient and still pack plenty of power to get you to your destination in style. You still need to keep your motorbike well-maintained, but it’s far less work than taking care of an entire car. You don’t need to worry about keeping the interior cleaned, you don’t need to clean up the mess your friends made in the back of your car and you can pretty much see every component of your motorbike without opening it up. This makes it a lot more convenient to own a motorbike and you’d be surprised at how easy it is to simply hop on and ride down to the store. Add to this the reduced cost of owning a motorbike and you have the ultimate urban vehicle that has plenty more benefits than a car could ever give you.

Staunton Moods x Carlos Santos Patina Shoes

Staunton Moods x Carlos Santos Patina Shoes

Staunton Moods new collaboration with Carlos Santos shoes from Portugal is an extension of their modus operandi, to create and work with pieces that fuse art with fashion using a ‘Made in Europe’ approach. The label began with quirky slim fit business shirt designs showcasing artwork from British illustrators on the inside of the collar, placket and cuffs followed by a foray into an all Italian made Timeless shirt collection. The creations boast Egyptian cotton spun into high quality Italian fabrics then confectioned into beautiful slim fit Italian made shirts.

Staunton Moods x Carlos Santos Patina Shoes

The next venture sees this truly European label with Australian and Belgian roots delve into the world of men’s shoes following a new collaboration with the artisanal Portuguese shoemaker Carlos Santos. Staunton Moods searched for a reputable and well-known shoemaker that injects love into each and every pair of its creations, from a desire to source the best leather from the top tanneries in Europe, to the high degree of hand work and care involved in the creation of each pair of shoes, to the Goodyear welt construction that provides longevity and strength to the shoe and a good return on investment for the owner.

Staunton Moods x Carlos Santos Patina Shoes

On top of all of this Staunton Moods required the best price versus quality ratio where Carlos Santos came out as a clear winner. Established in the north of Portugal in 1942, Carlos Santos has a wealth of experience in the innovation of footwear products for men. To this day, Carlos Santos is one of the few Portuguese companies in the area to apply the Goodyear Welted system, a manual technique in which machines play a secondary role. At the heart of Carlos Santos‘ ethos is a passion and dedication for making products of the highest quality and aesthetic appeal.

Staunton Moods x Carlos Santos Patina Shoes

Staunton Moods provides its own patina finish to the shoes in its workshop in Switzerland where no pair of shoes is ever created 100% the same. The patina finishes work beautifully with the label’s motto of looking and feeling great that is bound to emerge from wearing a pair of shoes that is unique, sure to turn heads and a likely conversation starter. Any colour combination is possible as the patina process starts with a neutral skin (un-dyed) finish putting the artistic license in your hands as well as the artist’s.

Staunton Moods x Carlos Santos Patina Shoes

A palette of distinct colours was created as a base selection to choose from which also affords one the flexibility to purchase and exchange one size for another should the shoes not fit. Additionally, a bespoke patina service was introduced whereby you provide the inputs for the colour or artwork combination of your liking for a truly unique pair of shoes. This request can be in the form of a description or image that can guide the artists in bringing your creation to fruition. Progressive photos can be provided along the way to ensure that the creation you have in mind is achieved to your satisfaction.

Staunton Moods x Carlos Santos Patina Shoes

Colours can be made to fuse or bleed from one to another creating subtleties that change their appearance in different shades and angles of light. What appear to be black business shoes for example can take on shades of midnight blue, violet or green under different light conditions. Textures can also be added such as an old wood appearance to any colour combination. The patina options have traditionally focused on changing the colour of the shoes but now also include the possibility of adding drawings to bespoke requests. The comprehensive patina service is more than just a colouring of the leather or drawing, it includes a polishing around a mirror type ‘glaçage’ at the front section of the shoe creating a stunning shine to the new creations.

Staunton Moods x Carlos Santos Patina Shoes

All Carlos Santos shoes available are Goodyear Welted and models include Double Monk, Derby, Oxford and Wingtips. Each pair takes two weeks from the time of ordering to be made and shipped to over 40 countries worldwide by trusted courier partners. We almost forgot to mention the nicest part of the experience, their customer service. They’re a boutique, hands-on, family run business in which they are fully involved across all aspects of the day-to-day operations. They know their products down to the most intricate of details and they make sure that you receive quality products with a high quality of service during and after purchase.

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Here’s What the Staff at London’s Footpatrol Is Wearing Right Now

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Recently, we stopped over at London sneaker outpost Footpatrol to profile the store’s stylish staff.

Located in the heart of Soho, Footpatrol has been supplying London sneakerheads since 2002, and has garnered a reputation for its well-curated selection of products, and for key collaborations like the recent Footpatrol x Converse One Star.

Check out our original street style set below, then see what the staff is wearing at Danish boutique Storm.

80 Berwick St
Soho, London

Name: Alex
Occupation: Sales Assistant
Brands: Nike
Instagram: @miniswoosh

Name: Sam
Occupation: Marketing & Social Media
Brands: Carhartt, Madbury Club, 10 DEEP & Footpatrol x Nike
Instagram: @samboazmag

Name: Eddie
Occupation: Sales Assistant
Brands: Supreme x Stone Island, Footpatrol, Supreme, Gucci & Air Jordan
Instagram: @edddhuncho

Name: Tyler
Occupation: Store Manager
Brands: Supreme, Noah NYC, Porter, A Bathing Ape, Futura Laboratories & The Hideout x Nike
Instagram: @aperolpapi

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Check out the Stunning Video This Brand Shot in One of the Most Remote Places on Earth

Dutch label Scotch & Soda loves a challenge, and they’re also stubbornly curious, a dangerous combination when it comes to the brand developing creative concepts. This year it tasked itself with venturing to Amsterdamøya, the most northerly place one can set foot in the world, in order to shoot its FW17 campaign.

The brand started out by searching for every Amsterdam in the world outside of the Dutch capital it calls home. Amsterdamøya was the furthest from home and hardest to reach, however, it was also the most appealing through pure curiosity. “The frozen fjords, towering glaciers and the sheer expanse of the icy tundra of Amsterdamøya made it the perfect backdrop to tell the story of our FW17 collection,” the label explained.

Shooting the campaign on the remote island in the Arctic Circle involved taking a 26 person crew—plus one husky—on a 41 hour, 3111 mile journey. But the tiresome trip didn’t demotivate fashion photographer Elisabeth Toll and film director Fleur Fortuné who managed to channel Scotch & Soda’s message that the unique spirit of Amsterdam can exist everywhere — even the most desolate parts of the world.

This trip was unique not only because we explored lands rarely visited by humans – it also showed that this brand distinguishes itself from other brands in its willingness to overcome obstacles in order to stay true to its values – we went to the real Amsterdam in spite of its location 18 hours by boat away from the mainland, instead of making the images somewhere else and claiming to be there – and we really did take our inspiration from everywhere during this memorable trip.

Elisabeth Toll

Surprisingly, the project didn’t end there. With 10 more Amsterdams on their research list, Scotch & Soda decided to send a drone crew to a small town called Amsterdam in South Africa, Amsterdam Island in West Guinea and Amsterdam village in Ohio, USA.

We’ll have more information on the FW17 collection very soon but for now you can check it out in the campaign images, campaign video and behind the scences video above. Visit scotchandsoda.com for further details.

Here’s a Full Look at Supreme’s Controversial Collaboration With Artist Andres Serrano

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One of the biggest talking points in the FW17 roll-out, we can now peep an in-depth look at Supreme’s upcoming collaboration with controversial artist Andres Serrano.

As discussed in further depth here, Serrano’s controversial work explores religion, sexuality and death, with some critics going as far to label him as the original shock artist. His most infamous piece is Piss Christ, an artwork released in 1987 which saw him submerge a photo of Christ in his own urine. Serrano has also been known to use blood, semen and breast milk in his works.

The collection comprises hoodies, T-shirts, sweatpants and a Vans collaboration featuring Sk8-Hi, Chukka and Old Skool silhouettes. As well as Piss Christ, the range takes inspiration from Serrano’s Madonna and Child II and Blood and Semen II works.

The Andres Serrano x Supreme drop makes up part of this week’s release and launches in-store at Supreme’s New York, Los Angeles, London and Paris locations, as well as the online store from September 21. Those in Japan can cop on September 23.

What do you think of the collection? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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