5 Things We Learned From Jun Takahashi’s ‘New York Times’ Interview

If Yohji Yamamoto is the king of Japanese streetwear, then Jun Takahashi would surely be one of the princes.

Along with A Bathing Ape‘s Nigo in 1993, Takahashi co-founded a store in Harajuku called Nowhere, which laid the foundations of Jun’s current brand Undercover. Since then, Undercover has gone on to become one of the most influential Japanese streetwear brands, inking collaborative deals with Supreme, while Jun’s ongoing Gyakusou partnership with Nike was one of the first to imagine performance running gear that also looks good on the runway.

The New York Times sat down with the Japanese pioneer to profile his brand Undercover, and his life in Tokyo. Check out some of our favorite quotes below.

…he used to be in a Sex Pistols homage band called the Tokyo Sex Pistols.

“Takahashi’s nickname is Jonio, after Johnny Rotten, whom he channeled in his youth as the lead singer in a punk tribute band, the Tokyo Sex Pistols.

…he attended the same school as other famous Japanese designers.

“After school in Kiryu, Takahashi went to Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo. Yohji Yamamoto had gone there in the late ’60s, Tsumori Chisato in the mid-’70s and Junya Watanabe in the early ’80s.”

…when designing his collections, he always starts with the shoes.

“Each season, he is methodical: His sketchbooks begin with shoes, because they take the longest to make. The system was borne of necessity, not creativity. ‘‘I don’t want to begin with shoes,’’ Takahashi says plaintively.”

…he remains very close with his family.

“His parents go to Paris every season, and sit in the front row — they’ve never missed a show.’’ His younger brother, who has taken over the family business in Kiryu, now comes to Undercover two days a week to help manage the business, a skill Takahashi confesses he lacks. His daughter has started modeling.”

…he keeps a rigorous running schedule.

“Initially, it was suggested that we conduct the interview during one of his thrice-weekly 10-kilometer runs.”

Read the full interview on The New York Times.

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Colmar Originals by Au Jour Le Jour

Colmar Originals by Au Jour Le Jour

Colmar Originals and Au Jour Le Jour, together present a project that combines the desire to unite the history of a company which for over 90 years has made research and development its pilasters, with the style, creativity and refinement of young designers. The result is a capsule collection ‘Made in Italy’ which wants to communicate a message of positive and happy fashion!

Colmar Originals by Au Jour Le Jour


“This capsule collection comes into being as a real partnership with Colmar, a contemporary reinterpretation of a heritage based on competence and experience. We started from the fundamental elements of this company, those elements which have made the history of outerwear, starting from the logo and its creative use, via the image of historical campaigns of the 1980s and 1990s, up to the jacket used by the Italian Skiing Federation led by Alberto Tomba, revised with modern details and redesigned patches, without betraying the mountain-vintage allure that still distinguishes it today.” say Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez.

Colmar Originals by Au Jour Le Jour

It is a proposal that can best represent and tell the story of the two identities of the brand, the one made up of technology and maximum know-how in sportswear and the one distinguished by an innovative spirit that can bring a gust of fresh irony into reinterpreting volumes or colours. Playing with funny micro-prints is or using maxi and micro lettering which nod at the modern mania for logos is dear to the brand. A new contemporary interpretation which offers a total look where the outerwear and the knitwear dialogue, playing with the volumes up to an all-over for everyday outerwear. The choice of the colour palette also runs through the must-haves of the brand in a modern way, underscored and emphasised by a colour block effect with a sporty (blue-white-red) or urban flavour (army-camel-pink).

Colmar Originals by Au Jour Le Jour

2010 marked the birth of the brand Au Jour Le Jour, with lines for femme, garçon and petits, for a new interpretation of the contemporary look. Mirko Fontana and Diego Marquez bring together transversal and at the same time complementary paths to reveal a winning combination of backgrounds and competences which give a unique value to the brand, expressing their particular vision of elegance: ironic, cultivated and sophisticated. 


Giulio Colombo CEO of Colmar: “Diego and Mirko have slipped perfectly into the history of Colmar, they have worked on our archives of the 1980s and 1990s and have succeeded in creating a capsule collection which fits into an important place in the line of Sports Fashion, which is very much on trend today. The Materials used are those of Colmar. Three-layer waterproof and transpiring fabrics for pieces with a fashion aspect, technical and water-repellent satins and thermal fillings. The collaboration was extremely interesting. The exchange of reciprocal competences had produced a fascinating collection which perfectly represents the spirit both of Colmar and of Au Jour Le Jour: the result was greater than the sum of the parts.”

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The Secrets of Clooneys Grooming Routine

The Secrets of Clooneys Grooming Routine

Undoubtedly one of the most revered silver foxes in Hollywood, Clooney is one of few stars that have mastered the art of ageing gracefully. Despite decades of work in an industry that can quickly take its toll, George Clooney has managed to maintain his good looks. In fact, he has really only gotten better with age, hasn’t he? So what is his secret exactly?

The Secrets of Clooneys Grooming Routine

As it turns out, there’s no beauty elixir at play here. No fountain of youth, no curious case of George Clooney, simply a well-mastered routine that when followed with rigour and discipline can really work well. So, here are the purported secrets of Clooney’s grooming routine:

The Secrets of Clooneys Grooming Routine

1. Consistency 

Both on and off the screen Clooney is known for his unrelenting commitment to, well, just about everything. The actor is an avid activist, as well as a director, producer, writer, and father of twins. But, Clooney is clearly still finding the time to take care of his skin. The best way to stay committed to your skincare is by making it quick, fuss-free, and habitual. Once you have started reaping the benefits of consistently taking care of your skin (after 1-2 weeks) the process can become a really therapeutic way to start or finish your day. Establishing a skincare or grooming routine can seem like an arduous task so we recommend starting small. You can begin by allotting just a brief three minutes in the morning and evening to take care of your skin. Incorporate it with teeth brushing or shaving so that you don’t feel as though it’s a whole new task to add into your routine.

The Secrets of Clooneys Grooming Routine

A pH balanced facial wash, toner, and a hydrating moisturiser are a good foundation for evening skincare. This will remove all the dirt that has accumulated on your face in the day and will cleanse your skin of bacteria that water alone won’t get rid of. In the morning skip the cleanser so that your skin can retain the natural hydration and healing that occurs overnight. Using a serum between toning and moisturising will really have an added benefit if you feel like you aren’t seeing results fast enough. If you forget, are in a hurry, or are overtired don’t scrap the routine, simply try to pick up where you left off. As the man himself said, “the only failure is to not try!”

The Secrets of Clooneys Grooming Routine

2. The Million Dollar Smile 

There’s certainly something to be said for Clooney’s smile and research suggests that George’s pearly whites may have more of a role to play in his award-winning good looks than they are given credit for. Researchers in Sweden found that when someone is more confident about their smile they are not only more likely to smile but they are more likely to make those around them smile too. What’s more, the more we smile around others, the more likely they are to warm to us and find us attractive. Clooney not only takes excellent care of his teeth but he is purported to use lip balm on a daily basis too. There are a few simple ways to quickly upgrade your smile. First, brush well. At least two minutes every morning and night. To get a fresher smile and whiter teeth, brush once in the middle of the day, the extra dental care can make a big difference if carried out on a daily basis.

The Secrets of Clooneys Grooming Routine

Second, get professional whitening, use whitening toothpaste, or simply buy some whitening strips from a pharmacy. Some men have an aversion to whitening, as the idea of blindingly white teeth seems really quite unnatural, but you don’t have to go to the extreme. Most dentists will be able to get just the right shade and using a slightly pricier toothpaste with whitening properties will make a noticeable difference without making your teeth glow in the dark. Finally, don’t forget to floss! It seems like an irritating step in the teeth-cleaning process but as you age flossing becomes increasingly important to prevent decay and gum disease. If you want to be rocking a killer smile into your seventies then don’t skip this important step.

The Secrets of Clooneys Grooming Routine

3. Relax! 

When we’re overworked or stressed we become tired and resort to quick fixes like sugar and caffeine to keep going. Not only is the stress itself ageing, but copious amounts of caffeine and sugar can wreak havoc with our blood-sugar and hydration levels, which eventually shows on our skin in wrinkles and dark circles. Clooney always seems to have a relaxed and easy-going vibe about him and this has clearly aided him in the ageing process. One of the best ways to manage stress or insomnia is exercise. In addition, daily meditation and getting to bed early will all help to reduce cortisol levels (the stress hormone). Or, take a leaf out of George’s book: take a motorcycle ride, enjoy a relaxing drink (or two), or go shopping to take your mind off bigger issues. These are just a few ways the star keeps stress at bay, while maintaining his healthy glow.

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Discover August 2017 Coolest Stuff

Discover August 2017 Coolest Stuff

Just before we start bombarding you with AW17 drops, here bring you this final high summer cool list edit which features colourful sunglasses, bright soft cotton shirts and a portable speaker with long battery life perfect for any outdoors adventure. So, following on from our July round-up, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite products and releases for the month of August 2017.

Discover August 2017 Coolest Stuff

Chimi Eyewear 

Chimi is a unisex eyewear brand based in Stockholm, Sweden. The brand started to create colourful sunglasses in classic shapes. Eyewear that would fit and look good on anyone, without compromising with the quality. Since we don’t wear the same colour every day, Chimi wanted to make their products affordable so that everyone can buy multiple colours. Their sunglasses are handcrafted in a premium cellulose acetate and lenses are impact resistant including a 100% UV (400) protection. All of their eyewear is finished with a coating that makes them polarized and super hydrophobic, and they are also treated with an anti-scratch layer.

Discover August 2017 Coolest Stuff

Tobias Clothing SS17 

The recent Tobias Clothing launch of light linen and super soft cotton shirts will make sure you are summer ready and dressed to impress this season. The latest collection incorporates their signature Indian block print designs, with a unique twist. Expect to see hints of the tropics with flamingos and pineapples, to the ever popular and topical bees or more traditional geometric patterns. By adding these fun and playful colours and prints to the shirts, Tobias Clothing offers a summer staple with a difference. They’re an ethical fashion brand who donate 10% of the profit from each shirt to the Akanksha Foundation. So, no matter where you are this summer, whether in the city, by the pool or on the beach, ensure you are dressing to make a difference with this new SS17 range.

Discover August 2017 Coolest Stuff

Philips EverPlay Range 

Ensure you never stray away from the music with the new EverPlay range of Bluetooth speakers from Philips. Offering a stable Bluetooth connection up to an impressive 30m, a combination of intuitive charging options and a stylish, textured and durable build, music lovers will stay in reach of the beat, wherever they are. “With its robust Bluetooth connection, smart charging solutions and durable design, combined with uncompromised sound, EverPlay brings together the key features people are looking for in their portable Bluetooth speakers,” says Jerome Alfonsi of Gibson Innovations. “Putting it simply, EverPlay keeps your music going – without worrying about losing the Bluetooth connection to your smart phone or running out of battery.”

Discover August 2017 Coolest Stuff

Fulton Dalston Umbrella

Founded in 1956 by Arnold Fulton, Fulton Umbrellas is now the country’s largest supplier of umbrellas. The Dalston is the brand’s newest men’s fashion umbrella, and the first to be unveiled in three years. With a stunning wooden crocked handle and two classic patterns, this design takes inspiration from the 1950s and 1960s, completing an outfit seamlessly using classic suit material. Additionally, offering flexibility to the wearer, it fits comfortably into a briefcase or looks just as stylish carried in hand. With over 60 years’ experience making the highest quality umbrellas across the UK, Fulton are the leading voice for men’s accessories style.

Discover August 2017 Coolest Stuff

The adizero Prime Parley 

At the start of this month’s IAAF World Championships, adidas launched adizero Prime Parley, a fast-focused, elite running shoe with the same engine and construction as adidas’ marathon world-record setting models. The latest creation in the adizero collection fuses high performance, innovation and style with purpose, thanks to the integration of Parley Ocean Plastic which is made from upcycled waste, intercepted before it reaches the ocean from beaches and coastal communities. The adizero silhouette combines an energy-returning BOOST midsole with a Primeknit upper, alongside other features crafted to inspire runners to be faster and more confident with each step.

Discover August 2017 Coolest Stuff

Oliver Sweeney Dip-Dying 

Obsessed with design and detailing, dip-dying was an exciting technique to add to the collection this season for Oliver Sweeney. Dip-Dying is an art rarely used for shoes these days as its a time consuming and tricky task but the results certainly speak for themselves. Shoes are constructed from undyed natural leather, then dip-dyed to give their stunning finish. The process adds a luxurious depth of colour and a polished, distressed look. As a result every pair of dip-dyed shoes is unique.

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Designer Spotlight on Thom Browne

Designer Spotlight on Thom Browne

Thom Browne is an internationally renowned designer for both men and women with stores in New York, Tokyo, Seoul and Hong Kong. He has concessions in numerous luxury boutiques around the world, and in London you’ll discover him in Selfridges and Dover Street Market. Or simply shop the Thom Browne collection on SSENSE.com

Designer Spotlight on Thom Browne

Wait a minute, this guy is wearing shorts with a suit. Not a usual business attire look we’re familiar with. But hey, if Nick Wooster and Thom Browne can pull it off, we’re game. But when did this become a thing you may ask. Read on. 

Designer Spotlight on Thom Browne

Thom Browne revels in being provocative. His theatrical formalwear makes you question his approach to design, philosophy and message. However, regardless of how divisive his collections are viewed, they’re not incendiary. They’re not without utility. Thom Browne argues that when something is made that well then it can never go out of fashion.

‘The best collections and designers in the world, you know what they’ve done, what they’ve stood for. You have an image in your head when you think of their name, not the clothes, but establishing an aesthetic.’

Designer Spotlight on Thom Browne

Since his launch in 2001 with 5 bespoke suits, seen by appointment only, he has scooped up numerous accolades winning CFDA designer of the year award in 2006 and again in 2013. Arguably he became a household name when Michelle Obama wore a Thom Browne navy silk jacquard coat and dress in a checked pattern (that the designer said was based on a men’s necktie fabric) for her husband’s 2013 inauguration.

His unexpectedly proportioned outfits (namely the aforementioned shorts or 3/4 length suit trousers with jacket), may have accelerated him into the public zeitgeist but his brand would not have survived if his clothes were not tailored with remarkable precision and quality.

Designer Spotlight on Thom Browne

‘It still has to have function. I would never put something in front of people just to provoke. You have to introduce classic ideas in a collection and have them still relevant whether its fabrics, or shapes, even the way it is shown.’ The recently launched Tennis Capsule collection has once again proved that Thom Browne explores innovation through augmenting traditional design. The forward pleated trouser in brilliant white still boasts his signature radical proportions along with the high waist point and the shortening of the jacket. The asymmetrical contrast navy stripes on arm and thigh, reminds the end user that you won’t be mistaken for a tennis official if seen wearing, more over an aficionado of contemporary menswear. It leaves plenty of space for interpretation and imagination. ‘People do interpret them in different ways. It’s nice to have people having different experiences when they see my work.’

Article by Menswear Style

Top 10 Comments of the Week: Supreme, Takashi Murakami, Travis Scott & More

With yet another week behind us we take a look back on Supreme’s publication of a mysterious crop field video, the disapproving response of some users to Hender Scheme’s latest take on a few notable adidas silhouettes, as well as how you could train, eat and fight like the one and only, Conor McGregor.

Below you’ll find a roundup of our favorite comments, spanning the aforementioned posts and a few others. Be sure to keep the funny, interesting and bizarre comments coming, and in the meantime check out this week’s finest below.

Please keep in mind these comments are meant to be taken as jokes and are only highlighted for the comedic effect they offer.

#10 commented on: The UNDEFEATED x Nike Air Max 97 Is a Stone-Cold Banger

Swiftly scanned for “x Gucci”… then the disappointment kicked in.

Daniel Berende

#09 commented on: Kanye & Kid Cudi Stop by Takashi Murakami’s Studio & Everyone Looked Very Happy

If Ye is happy then I’m happy.

Karla Aleli Yaya

#08 commented on: Supreme Shares Mysterious New “Crop Fields” Video

Already in line to “crop.”

Ben Mckimm

#07 commented on: Travis Scott Is “Going Into Hiding” to Work on Two Albums

Still going to sound exactly the same as all his other shit. “Straight uppp.”

Stephan McDaniel

#06 commented on: Supreme’s Insane FW17 Accessories Include an Electric Guitar, Clippers & Chopsticks

Finally a clipper, up until now I’ve been using the Supreme brick to cut my hair…

Ossi Aigbedo

#05 commented on: Chunky Sneakers Aren’t Going Anywhere, Here’s Why

Looks like the perfect pair of shoes for when you mow the lawn and say, “Well I’ll be darned!”

Douglo Forgi

#04 commented on: “Blood & Semen”: Supreme’s Andres Serrano Collab Is One of Its Wildest Yet

My bitch ass was sitting here thinking, “Damn, this marble is where the fuck it’s at!”

Zackery Miller

#03 commented on: Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner Surprise Fans on Latest ‘Carpool Karaoke’ Teaser

How hectic was it when Conor McGregor joined their crew with 8oz dragon glass gloves, no armor or swords, just left hand knockouts brah.

Alex Phame

#02 commented on: Here’s Your Best Look Yet at the Upcoming adidas Originals by Hender Scheme Pack

Wearing these on a hot day will make your feet hotter than Texas!

Nyambe Kanchaya Harrison

#01 commented on: How to Train, Eat & Fight Like Conor McGregor

Who the f*** wants to fight like Conor McGregor?

Devin Williams

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