How to Dress Well in Your 30s

How to Dress Well in Your 30s

As a 30-somthing, we’re sure you’ve seen fashion trends come and go. Even with that, certain items have stood the test of time and won’t probably go out of style anytime soon. You can create a polished, well-rounded, and casual wardrobe without having to gather so many clothes and accessories. Through this guide, we aim to help you look your best with classic, quality essential items.

How to Dress Well in Your 30s

7 Must-Have Items 

1. A white button-down: A definite must-have for any gentleman, the white button-down shirt is one article of clothing that will keep you looking sharp and classy, but it can be used for casual purposes too. Herringbone and poplin weave are popular fabric choices as they are elegant and durable. Once you have the white button-down and have learned to wear it right, you can start getting other colours such as light grey and light blue.

How to Dress Well in Your 30s

2. A crew neck T-shirt: A plain crew neck T-shirt can serve as the canvas to your entire attire. Go for classic colours such as white, black, grey, and navy blue. It can be mixed and matched with almost anything – jeans, shorts, hoodies, bomber jackets, blazers… you name it.


3. Denim jeans: It is essential to have a pair of classic denim jeans. They have stood the test of time and have remained a staple in the world of men’s fashion for decades. The jean’s cut is dependent on your body type, but you can never go wrong with a straight cut. Whether it be a casual T-shirt, a sports coat, or a button-down, denim jeans can be paired with almost anything.

How to Dress Well in Your 30s

4. Khaki chinos: Chinos have a nice balance between casual and semi-formal. They’re less casual than jeans, but also less formal than slacks. They’re perfect for a garden wedding, outdoor events, and afternoon cafe meetings with a client.


5. A stylish wallet: Even though they spend a lot of time in your pocket, your wallet is an accessory that can definitely improve your look. Stay away from cloth wallets with velcro and opt for clean leather wallets. If you find wallets too bulky, going for a sleek metal or carbon money clip is another way to go.

How to Dress Well in Your 30s

6. A classy timepiece: You may have always loved that trusty ol’ G-Shock you’ve owned since your early twenties, but if this is the only timepiece you own, it’s time to invest in a new watch. Nothing says elegant than checking the time on a clean-faced, leather or metal strap watch, rather than looking at your phone.


7. White sneakers: A pair of white classic kicks such as Chuck Taylors or Vans have been around for ages, and rightly so. They’re casual, cool, and comfortable. Perfect for casual Fridays, a walk in the park, or to a bar with your buddies, white sneakers are one of the most versatile yet sharp-looking shoes out there.

How to Dress Well in Your 30s

Items You Should Leave Behind 

1. Clothes that don’t fit: You may have some old clothes that don’t fit you anymore. If you don’t think you can fit them any time soon, keeping them in your closet will just take up space. Why not sell your old clothes online instead? That way, you can use the cash to purchase ones that will fit you better. 

2. Clothes that are worn out: If you’ve been keeping that graphic T-shirt you’ve had for centuries now, it may be time to let it go. Wrought shoes, distressed slacks, damaged shirts – it’s best to say goodbye to them. Instead of dumping them in the garbage, consider donating them to charity as it may be of use to those in need.

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5 Shirts Every Man Should Own

5 Shirts Every Man Should Own

There are some things in life we can’t do without: food, water, the emergency services… but sartorially speaking, it’s shirts. Timeless, versatile and undeniably stylish, a good shirt will see you through any occasion and ensure you always look your best. On hand to give their expert advice, the team at The Savile Row Company have helped us pull together five must-own designs and explained to us why we need them in our wardrobes right now. Read on to see the ones that made the cut.

5 Shirts Every Man Should Own

The Classic White 

Since the brand’s inception in 1938, the classic white shirt has remained one of its all-time best sellers – and for good reason. Whether you’re attending a wedding, meeting, interview or party, this menswear essential will never look out of place. Seen as the cornerstone of any well-rounded wardrobe, it can be dressed up with a blazer and trousers, or down with a jumper and chinos – the opportunities are endless, no matter what your style.

5 Shirts Every Man Should Own


We’ve all been there; you’re away on business and you reach into your suitcase (which you’ve not unpacked) to find that your favourite shirt is riddled with creases. Annoying, right? To eliminate such scenarios, the shirt you should be investing in is of the non-iron variety. Practical yet as stylish as any, this wrinkle free design is a must-have for those who would rather spend more time charming clients than standing at the ironing board.

5 Shirts Every Man Should Own

Casual Check 

Whilst many items of clothing fall in and out of favour, the check shirt remains a must-own component of the classic weekend outfit. Eye-catching and effortlessly dapper, it will team perfectly with a pair of slim-fitting jeans and leather Chelsea boots. Reservations over its versatility? Although it might be one of the more casual shirts you’ll own, it can also be used to add some character to formal looks. Wear yours to the office with a suit and tie, and you’ll soon be on the end of envious glances on your next trip to the printer.

5 Shirts Every Man Should Own

The Oxford 

Based in the heart of London’s Savile Row, The Savile Row Company initially built its reputation on supplying shirts to many of the UK’s finest independent retailers and department stores. During that time, there was one shirt that never lost its popularity: the Oxford. Worn by the likes of Steve McQueen, Paul Newman and James Dean, the Oxford shirt is possibly one of the greatest garments you’ll ever own. Incredibly versatile, it’s a faultless smart-casual piece that conveys a sense of ease and comfort every time you put it on.

5 Shirts Every Man Should Own

Bengal Stripe 

First impressions are everything, and not many can put their stamp on an outfit as much as a Bengal stripe shirt. A timeless classic that never fails to enhance a suit, this formalwear favourite strikes the perfect balance between subtle and salient – offering just enough pattern to catch the eye but not so much it takes the attention away from the rest of your ensemble. Work in the city? Wear yours with a tailored suit, silk tie and monk-strap shoes.

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Discover Bucherer Blue Editions

Discover Bucherer Blue Editions

The Bucherer Blue Editions is an exclusive collaboration between Bucherer 1888 and some of the world’s finest watch manufacturers. The collection offers clients a distinctive selection of timepieces based on longstanding relationships bred from high expertise and a demand for something truly unique. The colour blue runs as a central theme and has long been an inspiration for artists – exhibiting inner security and confidence. Much like the blues’ of our planet; the sea and the sky; the colour blue creates a sense of calmness, relaxation and order. Within the brand’s 130 year heritage, blue has become a hallmark of the brand and now epitomises the uniqueness of the new creations that make up the Bucherer Blue Editions. Offering watch wearers a contemporary alternative here are 2017’s Blue Editions:

Tudor – Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue: The colour blue has always been prominent in the Tudor collection. It first made an appearance in 1969 when Tudor launched the Tudor Oyster prince Submariner 7021 with a blue dial. This hue of blue serves as inspiration for the brand’s latest rendition as did the design. The new version feature the dial and domed glass of the first Tudor dive watch. The most characteristic element of the Heritage Black Bay Bronze Blue is its brushed-bronzed case. This impressive case allows for a subtle, unique patina that reflects the routines of the wearer, turning the piece into a highly personal collector’s item.

Discover Bucherer Blue Editions

Baume et Mercier – Clifton Club Shelby Cobra: An established relationship, the collaboration between Baume et Mercier and Bucherer is based on a love of watchmaking and shared values. The latest edition to the Bucherer Blue Editions is a reminder of the legendary American Shelby Cobra Daytona coupé.

Discover Bucherer Blue Editions

Audemars Piguet – Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph:  The colour Blue has always had a connection to the legendary Royal Oak which first featured on the watch’s iconic tapisserie dial in 1972. Audemars developed three unique and bold timepieces combining different styles and materials while playing with forms and colours to give the watches a chic yet sport appearance. The finale is a bold and iconic chronograph built for watch enthusiasts with a distinguished and unique eye. 

For a more female version of the Royal Oak, the watch has a sporting and chic nature, a well built timepiece that plays with contrasts; the blue counter makes an impact on the bright white dial – enhanced by a diamond-set bezel. The rose gold and stainless finishes were also created exclusively for Bucherer.

Audemars Piguet – Royal Oak Tourbillion Ultra Thin: Enhancing the prestigious Royal Oak Offshore is no easy feat; but the Le Brassus based manufacturer have created an exemplary Tourbillion Ultra Thin tailored to Bucherer’s female customers.

Discover Bucherer Blue Editions

Carl F. Bucherer – Manero Peripheral: Inspired by the legacy left by Carl Friedrich Bucherer, the Manero Peripheral is testament to the houses philosophy and legacy; an independent, traditional and innovative timepiece. With a custom petrol blue dial and exotic alligator blue strap the watch is offset by a contrasting stainless steel dial, homage to the city of Lucerne, Switzerland whose coat of arms bares the colour blue. 

IWC – Portugieser: The story behind the Portuguese family stretches all the way back to the precision nautical instruments used by seafarers to discover the world. The bold dial is inspired by the sea and off-set by a warm red-gold case. With a shimmering sun-pattern finish on the dial, the red-gold hands provide a discreet contrast to the white counters.

Discover Bucherer Blue Editions

Jaeger-Le Coultre – Master Ultra Thin Date: A longstanding relationship that has gone from strength-to-strength, the collaboration between Jaeger and Bucherer gave the watchmakers the chance to create a piece showcasing the essentials in a watch. The design is suited for the individual who values understated simplicity and elegancy that epitomises the Jaeger ethos.

Discover Bucherer Blue Editions

Officine Panerai – Radiomir 1940: With over 20 years of partnership, the collaboration between Panerai and Bucherer pays tribute to the brand’s heritage and connection to the sea. In order to pay a fitting tribute to their relationship, the Maison created a completely new combination with an exclusive vertically brushed blue dial fitted in an iconic Radiomir 1940 case. Connoisseurs will appreciate the presence of the P.4000 caliber, the first Panerai automatic movement with an off-centre microrator.

Discover Bucherer Blue Editions

Longines – The Longines Master Collection: This set of Longines watches uses a deep, dark tone of blue that represents elegance and timelessness – two key elements of the philosophies of both brands. Available in a ladies’ and men’s version with diameters of 36 and 40mm, each watch is equipped with striking automatic movements.

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5 Tips For Grooms on How to Dress Well

5 Tips For Grooms on How to Dress Well

Your wedding is coming up soon, and you as the groom are well-known for your casual approach to life. This attitude is also reflected in the way you dress. Unfortunately, this is just not going to fly with your future wife when it comes to your wedding apparel. This event is very important to her as it should be to you, and dressing up for the occasion should be a huge priority for both of you. Some great tips to get yourself dressed up in a stylish manner include the following:

5 Tips For Grooms on How to Dress Well

View Wedding Magazines 

Purchase or borrow a few wedding magazines to page through. Look for specific looks that match your style and personality. Colour too is an option; choose suit, tuxedo, shirt, and tie colours that look great with your skin and eye colour. For example, a dark blue or navy suit will always look great on an individual with blue eyes. A grey suit looks amazing on guys with dark features and hazel eyes.

5 Tips For Grooms on How to Dress Well

Get a Good Haircut 

Sometimes a great first step is to go to your local barber or hairdresser and get a flattering haircut. It will give you a clean, crisp appearance that will only enhance whatever suit or tuxedo you decide to wear. 

Ask for Help 

If you are really confused about what look you want to achieve and what to wear on this very special day, ask your friends. Choose those friends who have great style and enlist their aid in making you look amazing on your wedding day. You can always bribe them with good groomsmen gifts for sharing their advice and expertise. Another option is to get the bride involved. She knows all of the elements of the day and can help coordinate what you wear with her own dress, the flowers, the bridesmaids’ attire, and the groomsmen’s clothing. Salespeople are also of great assistance, as they have dealt with many bridal parties and know what is currently trending and what’s best avoiding.

5 Tips For Grooms on How to Dress Well


To make your clothing choices stand out even more, don’t forget to accessorise. Shoes do make the man, so be sure to select high-quality, comfortable footwear that will take you all the way through the reception. Black is always a solid choice and will match just about anything that you wear. If you do not want to purchase new shoes, renting from a tuxedo shop is always a viable option. Just be sure they fit properly and will keep your feet comfortable all the way to the last dance. Wear elegant cufflinks to set off your shirt. These can be worn for all types of occassions and will never go out of style. Make them family heirlooms and pass them onto your firstborn son on his wedding day.

5 Tips For Grooms on How to Dress Well

Go Out on a Limb 

So, you’ve never had a manicure until now. Your rough, work-worn hands are not going to look so great in those wedding photos, and you are being cajoled into doing something about them. This is a once-in-a-lifetime event, so do your bride a favour and get a manicure so those up-close photos of the ring ceremony and the cake-cutting will look totally amazing with what you are wearing. As is clearly evident, it is important that you look the part of the happy, well-dressed groom. This is one day in your life that you never want to forget so step out in style; photos of your look with your new bride will be so much fun and interesting to pull out for years and years to come.

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Here’s a Recap of This Year’s Clockenflap Festival in Hong Kong

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Following last year’s roundup of Clockenflap, we now have a recap of Hong Kong’s annual music and arts festival that took place this past weekend.

With a bevy of favorites like Cashmere Cat, FEIST, Massive Attack, Mitski, Onra, Stormzy, Supper Moment, The Prodigy & Tokimonsta and Young Fathers performing at the three-day event, other notable bands that took the stage at the festival’s 10th anniversary show were neo-soul heroes Jungle, psychedelic rockers Temples, dubstep pioneer Skream and record-breaking Fab Four tribute act, the Bootleg Beatles.

Essentially a spectacular showcase that united music lovers of all generations and genres, enjoy the recap in the gallery above.

In other exclusive Highsnobiety shoots, take a look inside Steve Aoki’s incredible Las Vegas mansion.

Gucci’s Iconic GG Print Covers This New Ace Trainer

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Brand: Gucci

Model: Ace GG

Key Features: Leather upper, GG monogram print, leather heel tabs with logo, leather lining, rubber sole.

Release Date: Available now

Price: Approximately $835 USD

Buy: Matches

Editor’s Notes: Gucci has draped this new iteration of the Ace GG with its iconic GG monogram motif. The white low-tops note construction from leather, then welcoming red and green heel tabs with logo print.

You can pick up your size today through select Gucci providers.

In other sneaker news, Kris Van Assche has unveiled three colorways of the Dior Homme Runner.

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Watch the Trailer for New High School Football Documentary ’89 Blocks’ Executive Produced by LeBron James

LeBron James — alongside his childhood friend and American businessman Maverick Carter — has executive produced a new documentary in partnership with Fox Sports Films. Titled 89 Blocks, the picture centers around the East St. Louis (Ill.) High Football team and their championship season from 2016.

These kids ultimately grow up a city with the nation’s highest per capita murder rate, while 43.5% of its 26,922 residents live below the poverty line. So for most of them — as could be expected — all they want is out, and many see sports as that vehicle for removal.

Above, you can get a feel for what to expect from 89 Blocks, which is a part of Fox Sports Films’ new documentary series, Magnify. The picture is then scheduled to premiere in-full November 26 on Fox at 4 p.m. EST.

In other sports news, Stephen Curry is teaching an online class on how to shoot like he does.

Air Jordan 1 “Top 3 Gold” Confirmed to Release on Cyber Monday

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Brand: Jordan Brand

Model: Air Jordan 1 High “Top 3 Gold”

Key Features: Patent leather construction, color block layout of gold, black and white tones, wings logo across the ankles, Nike Air branding on the tongue and insole

Release Date: Monday, November 27

Price: $185 USD

Buy: Select retailers worldwide listed below

Editor’s Notes: Initially a ComplexCon exclusive, this luxurious variation of the Air Jordan 1 High that takes cues from last year’s release of the “Top 3” motif is now scheduled to drop at more stockists worldwide on Cyber Monday.

Depending on your location, here’s where you can purchase this highly-sought-after silhouette.

North America

A Ma Maniere: Atlanta

Wish: Atlanta

Bodega: Boston

Concepts International LLC: Boston

Social Status: Charlotte

RSVP LLC: Chicago

St. Alfreds: Chicago

Xhibition: Cleveland

Social Status: Houston

Blends: Los Angeles

Undefeated: Los Angeles

Politics: Lafayette, LA

Feature: Las Vegas

Oneness: Lexington, KY

Shoe Gallery Inc: Miami

Concepts International LLC: New York

Kith Retail LLC: New York and Brooklyn

Nike Lab: New York

Crème: Norfolk, VA

Trophy Room: Orlando

Ubiq: Philadelphia

Social Status: Pittsburgh

The Darkside Initiative LLC: San Francisco

Capsule: Toronto

Livestock: Toronto, Vancouver


Patta: Amsterdam

Oquim: Amsterdam

Si Vas Descalzo: Barcelona

Lmtd Editions: Barcelona

Overkill: Berlin

Kickz: Berlin

Bottega Back Door: Bologna

Concepts: Dubai

Jordan Dubai: Dubai

290 SQM: Instanbul

Foot Patrol: London

Sneakers N Stuff: London

Si Vas Descalzo: Madrid

One Block Down: Mìlan

BSTN: Munich

End Clothing: Newcastle

Bastille: Paris

Shinzo: Paris

Opium: Paris

Sneakers N Stuff: Stockholm

Titolo: Zurich


Deal: Beijing

Yaxin: Beijing

Jordan Beijing The Place: Beijing, The Place

Jordan 1 Hongxing: Chengdu, Hongxing

Jordan Guangzhou 218 Tianhe: Guangzhou, Parc Central

XH55: Guanzhaou

8 Wellington: Hong Kong, Wellington

WZK: Shanghai

DOE: Shanghai

Jordan 139 Nan Dong: Shanghai, Zhongyang

Phantaci: Taipei

Jordan 16 Songgao: Taipei, Songgao

Jordan Taipei Ximenting: Taipei, Ximenting

Asia Pacific/Latin America

Titan: Philippines, Fort

Lust: Mexico City

Supply: Sydney

Jordan Hongdae: Seoul

Kinetics (Tokyo 23): Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Sports Lab Shinjuku: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Sports Lab Shinsaibashi: Osaka

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