Win a Kartel Tarbert Watch

Win a Kartel Tarbert Watch

Kartel, the maker of modern classic watches inspired by the dramatic landscape and industrial heritage of Scotland, is teaming up with MenswearStyle to offer our readers the chance to win one of Kartel’s Tarbert style watches.
The Tarbert collection features the heritage Scottish cloth Harris Tweed for unique hand woven straps made in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. Each strap is backed with super soft nubuck leather, and a clean, contemporary dial with quirky ‘written’ hour markers and a simple date window. A stainless steel case back, toughened mineral glass and high precision Japanese movement make this watch a truly refined, timeless piece of wristwear.

Win a Kartel Tarbert Watch

How to Enter 

To be in with a chance of winning a Kartel Tarbert Harris Tweed watch worth £110 simply click here to visit our dedicated Competition Page. You have until September 23rd to get your entries in – and we will announce the lucky winner within 24 hours. There are numerous entry methods and the more entries you complete the higher your chances become – good luck!

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What Footwear to Buy Now for AW16

What Footwear to Buy Now for AW16

Try all you like to cling on to summer but soon we’re going to have to admit that the colder months have arrived. To get you ahead of the game, we’ve created the below guide to autumn/winter 2016 footwear trends – what they are, when to wear them and what to wear with them.

What Footwear to Buy Now for AW16

Desert Boots 

Desert boots are probably your most flexible choice for winter footwear as they can be teamed with any outfit you please. Available for winter in blacks, greys and deep browns, they can be teamed with chinos and skinny jeans for an autumn look you can wear with pride.

What Footwear to Buy Now for AW16


Trainers have had quite the resurgence in the past few seasons. Just because the colder months have set in, it doesn’t mean that trainers can’t continue to shine. For AW16, look for structured trainers, in black, leather or suede for a smarter edge – and choose shoes that can withstand the winter weather. Team with black jeans or dress trousers and a white shirt or t-shirt to cross the border between casual and professional.

What Footwear to Buy Now for AW16

Chelsea Boots 

Chelsea Boots have had more fashion comebacks than we can count and it’s looking like 2016 is no exception. So, how do you wear this classic with the appropriate seasonal edge? Well, they’re great for the office and can be paired with a suit without compromising on dress code. For a casual look, throw on straight-jeans or drainpipes with a pair of black or leather suede Chelsea boots and you’re good to go.

What Footwear to Buy Now for AW16

Brogues Boots 

Definitely more along the formal line, brogue boots are a classic shoe and a worthy investment in anyone’s wardrobe; they can withstand the winter weather, and look flawlessly smart. When dressing brogue boots, you have to keep things sharp – a suit for the office and a dress shirt and trousers for a smart night out.

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Pokémon Go Is Officially Dying According to a New Study

One of the most famous quotes from Game of Thrones is a simple tenet that serves as a great piece of wisdom in the real world: “All men must die.” It turns out that the same is true of apps, even the biggest and best of them. Pokémon Go has been one of the landmark cultural events of the year, gripping the world in a frenzy of augmented reality creature-catching. But according to a comprehensive data analysis by the group Axiom Capital Management, its popularity is officially on the decline.

Culling data from several sources, Axiom has compiled a set of data that should have Nintendo shaking in its boots. The Japanese gaming giant was on the verge of floundering at the beginning of the year, but the launch of Pokémon Go saw an astronomical level of growth at a rate almost too quickly to believe. And if the new data is anything to go by, it may very well decline at an equally fast rate.

Axiom Group

The above graph is a display of the number of active users of the app across the world, and as you can see, the line is heading steadily and assuredly in one direction: down. Now that the game has appeared in the hands of just about everyone, finding a new audience should prove a challenging task for Nintendo.

Axiom Group

Axiom Group

And despite a brief spike at the beginning of the month, daily engagement is also falling at a rapid rate. Augmented reality gaming as a whole has yet to surpass the popularity of virtual reality, but Pokémon Go at its peak actually came quite close, a distance that now continues to widen with the waning trend.

Should you have stock or care for the Nintendo company, best pray for an app update. Pikachu is beginning to weep.

For more Pokémon news that isn’t downright depressing, look at these deliciously colorful Pokémon burgers.

Groom Service: How to Keep Your Dental Hygiene in Check

God, I hope Lil Wayne has dental. A friend of mine recently paid through the nose for a repair job on a cracked incisor. Imagine the bill Mr. Wayne faces every time he has the equivalent of a small jewelry shop affixed to his face. Grills are great, don’t get me wrong; I’d love to be able to glue more than the average American annual salary to my teeth and grin like some maniacal glitter-fetishist until children literally run away screaming. I just can’t afford it.

Wayne’s dentist must be smiling all the way to the bank. All the rest of us can hope for is to polish up our normal, natural teeth until they shine so hard it looks from the right distance and angle that we might have some tiny grills going on. Or at least really cool braces. Trouble is, oral healthcare is boring. It’s one of those things you pay little mind to until you have half a latex fist in your mouth and the piercing whine of a drill lets you know it’s too fucking late to do anything now.

So let me deep into your mouth to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Newsflash, muthafucka: you’re doing it wrong. Dentists get pretty aggro when it comes to brushing technique. That’s because people tend to rush through the process and miss the gum line, which harbors more undesirables than a Colombian mule. When you’re brushing, ensure you’re tilting the bristles so they make a good amount of contact where tooth meets gum.

As for the best tool, the jury’s out on whether manual or electric brushes are best. My opinion? Tbh I don’t give enough of a fuck. Experts agree that with the right technique you can indeed do a decent job with a simple brush. Otherwise, if you’re lazy and have $50 to spare, Sonicare electric brushes are simultaneously effective and inexpensive.

Another thing about grills, come to think of it, is that flossing must be pretty difficult. Do you risk scuffing the metal? Is there a chance the string might get caught between your jewels and you then leave the house with a bit dangling from your mouth looking like some psycho chewing on a tiny mouse? Shit, man, dental care for grillsmen is fraught.

But, boys and girls, flossing is very important. So, grills or no, don’t skip it. You’d be surprised at the shit you’ll find between your teeth that your brush can’t reach. It’s tedious AF, though, so if you struggle to find the willpower to floss regularly you can try instead air flossing. Philips’ AirFloss Pro should for that reason sit front and center in your bathroom.

You spend hours removing dirt and grime to keep your Stans boxfresh, so why can’t you pay the same attention to your mouth? No matter how much you brush and floss, bacteria builds up here apace. And it’s at the root of all gum disease. If for no other reason, wage war on these bugs so your smile doesn’t become offensive to your squad and you end up having to sit on a separate row in the cinema.

Really go to town if you’re a fiend for sugary food. Just smashed a McDonald’s? Floss. Chased it with an Coke bigger than your head? Use an antibacterial mouthwash like Listerine before bed, and upon waking if your teeth feel furry. Used too frequently, mouthwash can actually be bad for your oral health, so perhaps try one with natural ingredients like Aesop’s if your budget can stretch.

Oh, I read once that gold is antibacterial. So you could opt for Flavor Flav-esque grills instead and not have to worry about this shit every again.

Hit me with your grooming questions below so I don’t have to come up with column ideas for myself and can just answer them next week.
– Alex Harris

Knock, knock. Who is it? Groom service.

Everything You Need to Know About Wolfgang Tillmans

“With this Apple appliance, you can capture live videos / Still motion pictures shot at high frequency / blurring, blurring the line.” These were last week unveiled as the lyrics to Wolfgang Tillmans’ “Device Control,” the experimental techno track which went on to become both the intro and outro to Frank Ocean’s visual album Endless.

It’s unsurprising that these words were born in the mind of Wolfgang Tillmans; the German-born photographer is often described as the “documentarian of his generation” and is renowned for ongoing visual observations of the world around us.

What was surprising, however, was that these musings would become lyrics set to music. Although Tillmans’ has previously waxed lyrical about his love for techno and club culture, his first official EP was released only this year. In celebration of Tillmans’ burgeoning musical career, we scoured the archives to compile a concise yet comprehensive guide to the pioneering polymath.

Stuart Mentiply

Wolfgang Tillman was born in Remscheid, West Germany in 1968 but soon relocated to Hamburg to complete 20 months of community service, a then-mandatory alternative to military service. He spent the first 10 months working in social health, helping nurses clean patients and assisting the elderly before moving to a switchboard job in central Hamburg.

There, he had full access to a phone and a photocopier – these were, it transpired, all that was needed to make his first exhibition a reality. The result was a compilation of his own photographs and the photographs of others which had been systematically enlarged, dissolved and destroyed.


It was in 1990 that Tillmans relocated to the United Kingdom, initially enrolling at the Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design. Two years later, however he set his sights on Britain’s notorious capital and subsequently drew critical acclaim for his portrayals of London’s hedonistic nightlife.

It was in 1992 that Tillmans created a series of imagery which has gone on to become his most recognizable: photographs of his two school friends, Alex and Lutz. Although initially published as fashion editorial in the pages of style bible i-D, the images soon infiltrated the art world and were featured in various exhibitions – a rare achievement which symbolically dismantled the infamous elitism of the art industry.

© Wolfgang Tillmans. Courtesy Galerie Buchholz, Cologne/Berlin

Much of Tillmans’ most poignant photography has taken place in queer safe spaces worldwide. From Russian gay bars to expansive, inclusive London nightclubs, nightlife filtered through his gaze becomes a sort of diverse modern utopia. It was on these countless nights out that Tillmans experienced ecstasy, spending adrenaline-soaked hours discovering himself to the sounds of acid house and techno.

The political messages intertwined throughout his imagery are impossible to ignore – they make even more sense after discovering he lost the love of his life, Jochen Klein, to AIDs in 1997. A brutally honest interview with ArtSpace saw Tillmans reflect on a youth spent fearing the effects of the disease – it’s an epidemic which filters often into his work alongside issues of equality and gender identity, all of which have collectively combined to earn him a reputation as a queer icon.

Images courtesy of Daniel Buchholz, Berlin

Art-world accolades don’t come much more prestigious than the Turner Prize. The fund, established in 1984 and named after 19th-century artist JMW Turner, was initially conceived as a way to support British-based or British-born artists and provoke critical debates around art.

It was back in 2000 that Wolfgang Tillmans became a recipient; he was nominated for various works and subsequently awarded £20,000 as a reward for his contributions to the art industry. Jurors famously praised his ability to “challenge conventional aesthetics” and take photography in new directions, as well as his “ability to look at often unregarded aspects of the everyday and create striking images from them.”

The Cock’s Kiss, 2002 @ Wolfgang Tillmans / 20 Love (Hands in Air) (1989) by Wolfgang Tillmans

In 2006, Wolfgang Tillmans opened his non-profit, artist-led exhibition space Between Bridges in East London – a second venue was later erected on Keithstrasse in Tillmans’ part-time home, Berlin.

The idea was to showcase political artists whose singular, often controversial voices were ignored by the art industry but, as he explained in a 2006 interview with Louise Gray, the focus was also on “art that doesn’t necessarily have a voice, because the artists are either dead or of no commercial interest.”

The first exhibition spotlighted David Wojnarovicz, an interdisciplinary American artist and AIDs activist whose life was snatched by the disease in 1992.


Wolfgang Tillmans has spent a vast majority of his career reprogramming the way we think about art. It was in 2014 that he first introduced a “playback room” to Berlin’s Between Bridges, explaining in an interview with The Guardian that “in my life music functions on a par with art – it evokes similar feelings and understanding of the world.”

He then went on to bemoan the lack of care often shown in the ways we consume music, describing records as “perfect artworks – but you just cannot go anywhere to listen to the way musicians heard it at the mastering stage. While you can play them on your stereo or iPhone there is never a space dedicated to them and you can never listen in studio quality.”

His idea quickly snowballed and became a project in its own right – he built another “playback room” in Munich at the start of this year.

Peter Kaaden

The “playback room” quickly became an exhibition dedicated to English group Colourbox, established in 1983. Although the band was only active for five years, they honed an eclectic soundscape which combined elements of electronica, reggae and soul; they also pioneered the practice of sampling, which later became commonplace in pop music.

Wolfgang Tillmans explained his decision to focus on the band in the same The Guardian interview, describing their “incredible freedom” and citing them as the “perfect band” for the “playback room” due to never having played a live show.


Aside from his upcoming Device Control EP, Wolfgang Tillmans released another 5-track EP just two months ago entitled 1986/2016. As the title suggests, the project is a juxtaposition of recently-recorded tracks and deep cuts from 30 years ago; deep house and techno references picked up throughout his experience at the world’s best nightclubs clearly shine through, but the overall result is perhaps more avant-garde and experimental than most would have expected.

His musical journey continues in September with the release of Device Control – just days ago, a haunting clip for Salem’s remix of “Make It Up As You Go Along” was released, building yet more hype for the upcoming project.

He remains modest with regards to his musical transition – he recently explained his doubts surrounding the EP release to The Fader. “There have been so many good musicians making bad art and vice versa. I asked my close friends again and again “Can I do this? Is it good enough?” I guess I now have to accept it maybe is.”

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The 34 Best Sneakers Releasing This Weekend & Where to Buy Them

We’re back to recap the most noteworthy sneaker releases of the weekend ahead, ensuring that you stay plugged in to the source and are able to cop with the swiftness.

As always, a ton of great kicks from a wide range of brands are releasing, so we put them altogether here for convenience. Peep the selection below.

Release Date: Saturday, August 27
From: Solebox, adidas, Sneakersnstuff, Sneaker Politics, Naked CPH, Wish ATL

Release Date: Saturday, August 27
From: Nike, Solebox, Wish ATL

Release Date: Saturday, August 27
From: Sneakersnstuff, Wish ATL

Release Date: Thursday, August 25
From: Heist NY, Wish ATL

Release Date: Thursday, August 25
From: Solebox, Foot Patrol

Release Date: Saturday, August 27
From: Livestock

Release Date: Friday, August 26
From: Foot Locker (EU Release)

Release Date: Thursday, August 25
From: Nike (EU Release), Foot Patrol

Release Date: Friday, August 26
From: Solebox

Release Date: Friday, August 26
From: adidas, Caliroots, Footshop, Sneakersnstuff (EU Release)

The Art of Impulsive Photography by David Luraschi


David Luraschi’s creative catalyst is, and always has been, people. His staunch belief that “there is enough great material in the real world” and that “nothing need be added artificially” permeates his witty, wonderfully off-kilter photography. To that end, he is inundated with material and works on impulse – or what he deems, “spontaneous reaction” to capture obscure observations and interactions that the rest of us fail to see. In turn, ordinary scenarios become magnetic…

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