Stone Island Is Releasing an “Alligator” Camo Collection

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After debuting a bright and bold SS18 collection, and introducing their new textured nylon sneaker, Stone Island is back to launch their new “Alligator” camo collection. More complex than the brand’s recently unveiled garment dyed plated reflective capsule, the pattern has been hand-painted, then photographed and printed with a series of techniques and a six color printing process: five pigment colors and one colored polyurethane with a raised rubberized effect.

Inspired by the polish military, the “alligator” camouflage motif is being injected into a variety of products. Using mix fabric monochromatic details, outerwear pieces and Bermudas are made in light cotton-nylon rep and light cotton-nylon tela – while the theme is also applied to the brand’s sweatshirts and T-shirts.

The “Alligator” collection will be exclusively available on the Stone Island app from March 22 to April 4.

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Highsnobiety’s Latest Sneaker Collaboration With Superga Drops This Week

Drawing from the Italian footwear label’s extensive design archives, as well as the two brands’ shared love of subtle yet distinctive design, the collaboration highlights one of Superga’s most timeless silhouettes.

“Deep Blue” and “Peach Bud” colorways feature a full hairy suede upper, while the “Truffle” and “Lion” color schemes are updated with a mixture of hairy suede for the upper with heavy-duty canvas used on the tongue and toe. The collection drops March 22, 2018 – 6:30PM CET/12:30 EST via Plus, if you’re in Milan on March 22, head to Via Pasquale Paoli 3 in the Navigli district from 6:30PM to 9:00PM to attend the capsule launch.

Find out more about Highsnobiety x Superga below.

While the monotone upper is kept clean and free of branding, an understated hit of embroidery is visible on the shoe’s heel, reading “Class of our Own.” Superga’s signature eyestay tab is inverted, featuring Highsnobiety and Superga logos on the underside. Finally, a contrasting tab punctuates the shoe’s tongue, with another hidden Highsnobiety crown logo found on the reverse.

The construction is elevated via a vulcanized rubber sole with texturized foxing tape, as well as a crepe rubber outsole, and leather footbed, once again with subtle “Superga per Highsnobiety” branding. Superga’s license plate badge also appears on the heel, while a smooth leather panel is stitched inside the shoe’s cuff for added comfort. A co-branded dust bag accompanies each pair of sneakers.

Superga’s definitive silhouette, the 2750 dates back to the beginning of the 20th century, when the Superga factory began to produce shoes with vulcanized rubber soles. Superga’s heritage designs trace back to Turin, Italy, where the 2750’s popularity earned it the nickname of the “people’s shoe of Italy.”

“Superga makes one of our favorite low-tops in the market, the 2750 has a really nice weight to it and is an absolute pleasure to wear. We hope people appreciate the understated details that we added to the classic silhouette,” explained Highsnobiety‘s footwear editor Chris Danforth.

“Low-top plimsolls are always a go-to summer sneaker,” adds Highsnobiety‘s editorial director Jian DeLeon. “Superga’s status as a pretty democratic Italian sneaker elevates our own global perspective. Plus the crepe sole sets it apart from other models on the market.”

Dropping on March 22, at 6:30PM CET/12:30 EST, the full-suede “Deep Blue” and “Peach Bud” colorways are priced at $145 USD, while the mixed suede-and-canvas “Truffle” and “Lion” colorways are priced at $130.

The collection will be available from,, and in select Superga locations and concept stores around the world.

10 of Hip-Hop’s Best “Rapcronyms” Explained

More than any other genre of music, hip-hop artists pride themselves on the word play and manipulating language in new ways to create art. However, constructing the perfect rhyme or flow in conjunction with lyrics requires a concise approach and ruthless editing. Because of this, rappers often create their own terminology to better suit the song while potentially leaving their own personal stamp on the industry too.

Over the years, a wide range of rap acronyms and slang words have gone on to enter the public consciousness and be used in everyday life. At times though, all of these various “rapcronyms” can be hard to understand unless you live and breathe hip-hop, so join us as we break down 10 song titles that include some of the most impressive acronyms in the game.

Album: Power (1988)

What Does It Stand For:

Ice-T’s definitive sex rap is also one of his most explicit once the title’s acronym is revealed at the end of the first verse. “Let’s get butt-naked and fuck,” may number among rap’s least romantic chat-up lines, but it’s hard not to be impressed by the way that Ice-T repeatedly rhymes “butt” with “fuck” as the song unfolds. The track was recorded as a direct response to the softer love songs that LL Cool J was releasing at the time, making fun of the romantic image he portrayed in his music.

Album: Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (1993)

What Does It Stand For:

Defined by Method Man as “Cash rules everything around me,” this definitive cut from Wu-Tang Clan’s back catalogue is a powerful indictment on the negative role that capitalism plays in society. Over the years, “C.R.E.A.M.” has been referenced by everyone from Drake to DJ Khaled and even featured in the films 8 Mile and Straight Outta Compton. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, music critics have since named “C.R.E.A.M.” one of the best rap songs of all time and the phrase itself is still used as a slang word for “money” even today.

Album: Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z… (1993)

What Does It Stand For:

The title track from Tupac Shakur’s second album details his rise in the music business, so it turns out that the acronym used here is inspirational in a different way than it might appear on first glance. The meaning behind “Never Ign’ant Getting Goals Accomplished” is a key theme on the album which emphasizes the strong political and social views that helped make Tupac such a success in the first place. Clocking in at 5:55, the song itself also happens to be the longest on the album, proving to listeners that Tupac wasn’t willing to hold back when it came to what he had to say.

Album: Resurrection (1994)

What Does It Stand For:

Common’s unique style of rap has always been remarkably intelligent and thoughtful, so it’s fascinating to hear the way that he uses an acronym here to surprise the listener at the last minute. Throughout “I Used to Love H.E.R.,” it sounds like Common has been rapping about a girl he used to know, but at the end, he reveals that the “H.E.R.” in question is in fact rap itself, which he felt had changed considerably due to the growing influence of West Coast rap. What he actually misses in the song is “Hearing Every Rhyme,” and because of these connotations, the release of this track kick-started a feud between Common and Ice Cube at the time.

Album: G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time) (2000)

What Does It Stand For:

Taken from LL Cool J’s only #1 album on the US Billboard chart to date, “The G.O.A.T.” continues a long-standing tradition of bravado in hip-hop, where the prolific rapper declares that he is the “Greatest Of All Time”. Despite its farmyard associations, the acronym “G.O.A.T.” is hotly debated in the field of rap, although few rankings would place LL Cool J at the top, despite his longevity and sustained success over the years.

Album: The Preface (2008)

What Does It Stand For:

Rap acronyms have been around for as long as rap itself, but few artists have tackled them in the same way as former Slum Village member Elzhi. On the track “D.E.M.O.N.S.” taken from his solo debut album, Elzhi constructs the entire second verse around the title, revealing its multiple meanings in a powerful flow of consciousness. According to Elzhi, “a demon could mean” anything from “Deceitful elections, monitor our nations” and “Diabetes enter many obese n****s” to “Dreadful, evolved missiles operatin’ nuclear,” commenting again and again on the decay of modern society.

Album: Watch the Throne (2011)

What Does It Stand For:

As the lead single for a collaboration between two of rap’s biggest stars, anticipation was high for the juicy first track from Watch the Throne” and boy, did “H.A.M.” deliver. Throughout the song, both Kanye and JAY-Z take aim at their haters “hard as a motherfucker.” but it’s Hova’s defiant couplet at the end that will forever immortalize the “H.A.M.” acronym:

“Fuck the pigs, no pork on my fork
Peace God, cause you know a n*gga just went H·A·M”

Album: good kid, m.A.A.d city (2012)

What Does It Stand For:

Both this track’s name and the title of the album that it’s taken from have two separate meanings, although Kendrick Lamar initially kept them both secret following their release. Eventually though, Lamar explained to Complex that “m.A.A.d” stands for both “my Angel on Angel’s dust” and “my Angry Adolescence divided,” hinting further at the album’s biographical content. However, fans have wondered whether use of the acronym “m.A.A.d” could also be a reference to the 90’s Compton based hip-hop group “WC and the Maad Circle.”

Album: Long.Live.A$AP (2013)

While this might not be the most complex “rapcronym” on the list, “PMW (All I Really Need)” certainly sums up the three things that A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q long for in their lives, which turns out to be “pussy,” “money,” and “weed.” More than most though, A$AP Rocky is somewhat obsessed with using acronyms in his music and even his rap name acts an abbreviation for the mantra “Always Strive and Prosper”.

Album: n/a (2018)

What Does It Stand For:

After kicking off 2018 with a variety of guest appearances alongside the likes of Tinashe and Kendrick Lamar, Future quietly released his first solo track of the year via SoundCloud on February 28. Titled “I.C.W.N.T.,” this acronym spells out the phrase, “I Can’t Wife No Thot,” which Future repeats throughout the track as he continues disregarding the various women he’s slept with.

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Apple Is Reportedly Developing Its Own MicroLED Screens

Apple is developing its own device displays for the first time ever, according to Bloomberg. The report states the tech giant is making “significant investments” in MicroLED display technology, with plans to implement it in future devices.

Currently, Apple uses OLED technology on the Apple Watch and iPhone X.  Like OLED displays, MicroLED technology does not require a backlight, however, the latter uses different light-emitting compounds which could mean brighter displays that require less power.

Reports suggest that Apple developed a prototype for an Apple Watch MicroLED device last year under a project dubbed “T159.” The project reportedly saw engineers work on design and production of the watch at a secret manufacturing facility in Santa Clara.

While the use of MicroLED displays could prove to be a practical alternative to OLED tech, the new technology may take longer to reach mass markets because it has to be assembled one sub-pixel at a time (each pixel requires three). Competitors such as Samsung have already announced plans to implement the technology in its products.

In that regard, it a may be a while before we see MicroLED technology on Apple devices, but analysts have noted that Apple is looking to expand on OLED production with the potential release of a new iPhone 8 replacement.

For more on this story, visit Bloomberg.

In similar news, ‘Fortnite’ is coming to the iPhone X

Dance Artist Johanna Constantine on the Text That Inspired Her


“An interview with the singer Diamanda Galas in the 1991 edition of RE/Search magazine titled Angry Women was key in my artistic development. I was young when I read it, and entrenched in the California punk scene where there was no clear path to a sustainable future or job. Role models were hard to come by. My political views and compulsive building habits signalled my artistic tendencies but I was under the impression that my ability should feel innate. Reading Galas’…

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Mesmerising Photographs of Frescoes in a Florentine Monastery


Canadian-American photographer Robert Polidori has devoted much of his esteemed career to exploring the effects of time, nature and human intervention on buildings and landscapes. His works are both poetic and melancholy, his treatment of spaces reverent. He views rooms as “memory theatres”, and deftly employs his medium to elevate their status to that of precious relics, regardless of their current condition. His previous projects have spanned devastated New Orleans homes…

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3 Great Ways to Save for SS18

3 Great Ways to Save for SS18

Winter is finally over and as we ease into the warmer temperatures of spring and summer, it’s time to start thinking about how to make the most of the new styles in the upcoming months. We’ve already covered our predictions of what will be new and exciting in our 6 Trends We Are Anticipating for SS18, but now we’re here to give you a helping hand on how to save as we go into the new warmer seasons, while also staying on point with all the latest trends.

3 Great Ways to Save for SS18

Save on Basics 

It’s been said a million times before, but it can’t be overstated how important this is. Saving on basics like underwear, socks and loungewear, doesn’t mean that you have to neglect what’s on trend, but it does mean that you should probably give those branded boxers a miss, and instead go with the generic version that can look just as good for nowhere near the price. The most important thing to remember when buying basics is that you’ll be wearing them a lot, and we mean a lot, so don’t skimp on quality, but find a balance between practicality and cost – remember: just because it’s an expensive brand doesn’t mean that it is a higher quality product. By saving on the basics you’ll have much more to work with for everything else.

3 Great Ways to Save for SS18

Buy Now, Not Later! 

It can be a little intimidating to take the plunge and buy items pre-season, I mean what if the trend predictions are wrong? The thing to remember here is that you’ll be able to buy more items, at a lower cost while also being one of the early adopters right as the trend kick in. Buying pre-season doesn’t forbid you from buying your threads during the spring and summer, it just means that you get a good chunk of your seasonal wardrobe spending done beforehand. The best bet is to have a look through ours and other’s trend predictions, see what might be coming up, see what suits you and then have a good dig around. It might be a little harder to find some of this stuff if the trend isn’t in full swing, but a little more time will translate to a lot more savings. This is also the perfect time to jump on any deals you can find online or to take advantage of some savvy savings from Groupon for example.

3 Great Ways to Save for SS18

Recycle Your Wardrobe 

Use the continuing reworking of older styles and trends to your advantage by breaking out some of your older clothes, or spend some time digging through your parent’s wardrobe and the local charity shops for vintage timeless classics. I’m not going to lie, you’ll find a lot of stuff that is way too over the top or that highlights the wrong element of the upcoming trends (dad’s neon yellow short-shorts, we’re looking at you), but with a bit of digging and patience you’ll be able to find stuff that is more or less exactly what you’re after. Try to not feel too weird about digging through old clothes, if your goal is to be on trend, what does it matter where you got that Hawaiian shirt?

3 Great Ways to Save for SS18

You don’t have to fully commit to these tips for everything you buy for Spring/Summer 2018, you can pick and choose when to use them and there’s no shame in buying a new pair of kicks mid-season, but even if you only pick-up a few things now, you’ll already be saving. Remember, these same tips will be useful when you’re preparing for any new season, so be sure to take the same approach when we’re heading back into winter. So, there you have it, by sticking to these tips you’ll be more than sartorially ready for the new season without taking out a second mortgage.

Article by Menswear Style

Why Peugeot is a Smart and Stylish Investment

Why Peugeot is a Smart and Stylish Investment

There are few brands as trusted in the UK than Peugeot. The French auto manufacturer has a long history of producing affordable and reliable cars suited to a wide range of motorists. They have scooped an impressive five European Car of the Year awards and have often ranked near lowest for average CO2 emissions in Europe. Many of their models from the 50s and 60s are still being used in Cuba and Africa, showing just how reliable these vehicles actually are.

Why Peugeot is a Smart and Stylish Investment

Today, Peugeot manufacturers a wide variety of automobiles and everything from small city cars through to large SUVs whilst continuing to push their range upmarket. This ensures that there is a type of car for every type of motorist and all have their trademark quality, reliability and solid driving performance. With the recent extreme weather hitting the United Kingdom, it’s important to be sure that your car is winter ready too.

Why Peugeot is a Smart and Stylish Investment

Comparing Online Prices 

One of the key selling points for Peugeot is the fact that their range is affordable. This is particularly true when shopping in the used car market – due to the reliability of the brand, these cars are also smart investments as they are built to last. Reputable online places like Motorpoint will be a good place to find competitive prices on a range of models and you should easily be able to find a great deal here.

Why Peugeot is a Smart and Stylish Investment

Type of Car

There is great variety in the current Peugeot range, so it is important to think about your needs before looking online. Those looking for a small and economical city car could look at the 108 or the very popular 208, or the all-electric iOn if you want to make the switch to electric. The 508 is a comfortable and stylish saloon with a huge amount of interior space (perfect for families), whilst those looking for something slightly more rugged will want to look at the practical 3008 SUV (2017’s European Car of the Year) or the huge 5008 seven-seater SUV.

Why Peugeot is a Smart and Stylish Investment


As previously stated, the affordability of Peugeot makes them a great option and especially when you shop in the used car market. There are also the running costs to consider for those on a tight budget. Fortunately, the running costs can be low with this brand, especially from the smaller models. There are a wide range of engines to choose from with each model, so you should easily be able to keep costs down by selecting a less powerful engine with high MPG. These versions will also be cheaper to insure. The i-On is a great way to reduce costs as there are no fuel expenses and you can benefit from zero road tax.

Why Peugeot is a Smart and Stylish Investment

Investing for the Future 

When choosing an automobile, it is always important to take your time with the pro-cess as it is an important decision. You should always be investing in the future, which means purchasing a vehicle that will not let you down and will help with your day to day life. It is for this reason that Peugeot is such a smart choice because their cars are famously reliable. Even older models still perform well in used car sales as motorists understand that the vehicle is built to last and will continue to perform for years to come.

Why Peugeot is a Smart and Stylish Investment

Peugeot is an excellent brand to invest in and any motorist will appreciate the quality of the French manufacturer’s range. The respected brand has a long history of creating some of the most practical and well-built cars available, seeing them claim numerous awards and appear consistently in best-selling lists. With such a wide range to choose from, motorists should easily be able to find a Peugeot that suits their needs and then find this for an affordable price in the used car market.

Article by Menswear Style