What To Keep Note Of When Looking For A New Phone

Pxhere Image Source Credit: Photo of two different phones, one on the left being android, and the other on the right being an iPhone

If you’ve decided that it’s time to get yourself a new phone, this is a very exciting moment. As sad as it may sound, finding a new phone is so much fun because it’s like starting a fresh and having all these new buttons and features to mess around with. It’ll be your be all and end all for the first few weeks, so much so that you’ll struggle to put it down or engage in conversation because you’re so engaged in the screensavers and ringtones. Having said that, it can be a little difficult at times because there is so much available, and so many different kinds of information being given to you, that you won’t know what direction to go in.

This is why it’s always good to have a plan beforehand, so that you know exactly what you want the phone to do, and what you’re not that bothered about or need as a feature. This way, when you’re in a shop and the salesperson is trying to get you to spend that little bit more so they get their bonus – you’ll know already whether it’s worth it or not. It’s very easy to be swayed into making a decision that you didn’t entirely want, just because you feel pressured into saying yes quickly. But as long as you give yourself all the necessary knowledge, you won’t find yourself in this position, and if you do, you’ll know how to say no.

Here’s what you need to think about.

Your budget

The last thing you want to do is pay way more than you can comfortably afford. You may get over excited and overlook the fact that this amount of money will be coming out of your bank account every month, until you’re in the situation where you’re barely able to scape by. So do the math first and work out just how much you can afford to be paying, that way you aren’t tempted to look at things out of your ballpark and then resent the fact that you can’t have it. There are certain companies like Smarty.co.uk, that offer you deals which means that any unused data gets credited back to you the next month, ensuring that you get every last bit out of the money you’re paying. So be sure to shop around for something that suits your circumstances.

Your social media

Our phones are the gateway to social media, such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, so you want to make sure that the phone you’re getting is suited for that – that’s if that’s what you’re looking for. You may not want these kinds of features on your phone as it’s purely going to be for business calls and emails, which in that case changes the game completely. Bear in mind depending on the phone you get, determines what it’s able to do on social media. For example, an android can’t do certain things that an iPhone can do via Instagram, such as sending a video over 10 seconds from your phone gallery. Whereas the iPhone can send up to a 1 minute video.

Your camera

Phones are what we use to capture those unexpected and magical moments in our lives, so if this is an important aspect for you when looking, make sure that you find out the camera quality and compare between different phones. Essentially the higher the number of megapixels, the better the camera will be, as it means that there is more detail and definition captured because there are more sensors built in to pick those things up. If you aren’t a budding snapper though, you may not want to pay more for a better camera as it would be wasted on you anyway. Or you may still want to opt for something decent, but aren’t in need of anything overly amazing. Most phone shops will allow you to try out various phones, meaning you can take a picture of something with multiple different ones, and then see from the image itself what looks better.

Your storage

One of the most frustrating things with having a phone, is getting that dreaded notification about lack of storage, and needing to delete some things. Once you get to a certain point, every app and every image and every song saved on your phone is a must-have, and so you’re left having to sacrifice something in order to save something else. So don’t put yourself in this kind of situation again, make sure that when you search for a phone, you are getting one with enough storage space on it to begin with. You can increase the space by buying a memory card, but even then, if you don’t have a lot to begin with, it will only allow you so much freedom.

Now that you know what areas to look at, have a proper think about what exactly you want to use your phone for. Is it to accumulate your social media following? Or is to manage things better with your business? Every single detail will change the final decision, so be sure to take out the time, and don’t buy on impulse or because you feel as if you’re being put under pressure. Salespeople are very helpful and can point you in a direction that you’re asking them for help with, but they’re also there to make as many sales as possible, which is why you should go into a store with your own information and knowledge about what you want.

Certain deals mean that you can pay for the phone monthly, but then also allow you to upgrade for less if and when a new model or make drops in stores, so if you like the newest things in technology, this may be a better route rather than buying the phone in full on the spot.

A Few Old-fashioned Low-tech Habits You Should Adopt on Your Heroes Path

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For anyone concerned with living an authentic life — and it stands to reason that living an authentic life is a prerequisite for living a heroic life and becoming the kind of person you really want to be — it’s clear that becoming detached from the day-to-day essentials of life is a problem to take very seriously.

Once upon a time, Henry David Thoreau wrote that he had retreated to a cabin in the woods because he wanted to experienced what was real in life, and to avoid being distracted by all of the things that weren’t “life.”

These days, with high-speed internet connections and a TV in every home, it can be all too easy for us to put off our own heroes journeys, simply because we’re distracted by the high-tech comforts, pleasures, and illusions of the modern world.

One way of pushing back against this unconscious tendency, is to do some things the old-fashioned way from time to time. Here are a few examples of places you can get started.

Shave with a safety razor

Shaving may not seem much like big deal to anyone, and it’d be hard to argue that the way we shave has any real impact on the kind of lives we live overall.

Don’t be fooled, though. Even something as simple and seemingly irrelevant as the way we shave, can dramatically affect the sense of mindfulness we carry into the rest of our lives in general, not to mention the appreciation we have for the small things.

Shaving with a traditional safety razor, badger bristle brush, and shaving soap, means having to be much more attentive and thoughtful about the entire shaving process. Shaving becomes a meditative ritual, rather than just something you do in 5-minutes before running out of the front door.

Journaling and planning in an actual notebook

The “Bullet Journal” is a big phenomenon of recent times, and although many people have taken to the practice of “bullet journaling” by filling notebooks with vivid artwork and graphs, the original bullet journal template is extremely pared down and minimalistic.

The significant thing is that bullet journaling takes place in traditional, physical, paper journals. It requires a more mindful approach to the way you record and plan your days, and it gets you off the internet and away from the computer.

Try journaling and planning in an actual notebook, and you may be surprised by just how freeing and rejuvenating the experience can be, not to mention efficient.

Reading books more than watching TV shows

TV shows can be great, but books are something else altogether. When you read a good novel, your imagination comes alive and constructs a world for you. When you watch a TV show or a movie, the world has, for all intents and purposes, been “constructed” already and is beamed at you while you sit there passively.

Try to make a point of reading books more than watching TV shows, and you’ll likely find that you have a much richer and deeper experience with your entertainment.


Peacefully Perfect Hobbies That Will Give You Time Away

Everyone has those days where they just want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you’re having a stressful time at work or you’re battling with a relationship issue you need to make sure you are putting your health first. You need to find that perfectly peaceful hobby that relaxes you and gives you time away from your hectic schedule. If you’re not sure where to start, then the following ideas might just spark some inspiration. Don’t be afraid to give all of them a try and see which one will work for you in the long run.


Many men head out to a local lake or riverside and enjoy the peace and tranquility that fishing brings to them. You can be alone with your thoughts and simply get away from whatever is stressing you out at the moment. Get prepared with all of the relevant equipment such as rods and Baitworks boilies. You might enjoy your fishing experience so much that is becomes a regular recreational activity for you. The best thing about fishing is that you can do it on your own, whenever you like.



Finding a comfortable corner in your home, the library or a local coffee shop and reading a good book is an excellent way to take your mind off your busy life. Whether you lose yourself in the world of science fiction or you become gripped to a crime thriller, there are so many fantastic books out there that will help you to find a bit of peace and quiet. You can read absolutely anywhere so make sure you carry your book around with you. You could pull out your book on the train to work, on your lunch break or even just before you go to bed.


The amazing thing about walking is that you can go somewhere new every time you step out of the house. Put on your headphones and listen to your favourite artist or even a good podcast and just let your body lead the way. You might only be walking for half an hour or so, but this will do your mind and body the world of good. This is the perfect activity to do at lunchtime or just after you get home from work so you can start to wind down at the end of the day.


Cooking is known to soothe many people’s souls so why not give it a try for yourself? If you’re venturing into the kitchen for the first time you need some easy recipes to get you started. Whether you love classic dishes such as curries or spaghetti bolognese or you have more adventurous taste buds, there are so many options for you to explore in the kitchen.

So find a peaceful activity that is going to help you release all of your stresses for the day. Whether you’re getting busy in the kitchen or relaxing with a fishing rod, there are so many different ideas for you to try right now.

10 Ways To Add Value To Your Car

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Got plans to sell your car? Before you put it up for sale, it could be worth considering a few small improvements – they could help to boost the value of your vehicle. Obviously, you don’t want to spend too much money improving your vehicle, otherwise the added value may not be worth the cost of improvements. Here are just a few cheap ways in which you can guarantee added value to your vehicle.  

Clean it up

Cleaning your car could be enough to add value – people will pay more for a shiny car than they will for a dusty one. Try to give it a deep clean, focusing on more than simply the bodywork. This could include hoovering the interior, wiping stains off the upholstery, scrubbing down the tires and even cleaning the inside of the headlights. It’s possible to pay for professional detailing if you don’t have the time or patience to clean your vehicle yourself.

Wax and polish it

Applying wax to the bodywork could help to provide an extra sheen. Similarly you may want to polish up the wheels to give these a sparkle. This combined with cleaning can make a car look brand new and add huge amounts to the value. Just make sure that you use the correct products when shining up your vehicle, otherwise you could cause unwanted damage.

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Repair bumps and scratches

Bumps and scratches will seriously damage your car’s value. Try to get any minor damage fixed up before you sell. Most small bumps and scratches will cost very little to get repaired. There may even be some forms of damage that you can fix yourself – just check out these DIY scratch repair methods.

Make other small fixes

There could be other small repairs that you’ve been putting off until now because the issue wasn’t serious enough. Consider visiting a repair centre to get quotes on these repairs – if theses repairs are inexpensive, it could be worth getting them done so that you have one less fault to tell buyers about. This could then allow you to charge more.

Replace the headlight bulbs

Headlight bulbs tend to dim over time. Consider buying new bulbs for your car – you’ll be surprised by just how much of an impact this makes. There are guides online that can show you how to replace car headlight bulbs for those wanting to save money.

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Consider a personalised number plate

You could also consider investing in personalised number plates. Whilst some plates can be expensive, others can be surprisingly cheap. Having such plates can increase the value of your car by making it more individual. You can use the web to search for a personalised number plate. Try to choose something that isn’t to specific and likely to alienate buyers.

Buy new floor mats

Something as simple as floor mats could make an impact on the value of your car. A worn and dirty floor mat is likely to give your car a worn feel and could therefore lower the value. Consider replacing these mats with brand new ones.

Buy new window wipers

Old cracked window wipers could be another small feature worth replacing. Window wipers cost practically nothing to buy and are easy to replace making this a simple way to add value.

Image Source

Install seat covers

If your car seats are permanently stained or damaged, you may want to consider concealing these by buying seat covers to slip over the top. This could be much cheaper than buying brand new seats and could help to add value by hiding these horrible blemishes. Obviously, you don’t want to be using seat covers to hide up major damage – in such cases, it’s much better to come clean.

Organise your documents

It can also pay to organise your car’s documentation. When buying a used vehicle, most owners like to know the past of the vehicle, so having a record of it’s service history can be useful – this could include certificates of each MOT and any other repairs. You can also consider printing off a vehicle history report, which shows a full list of all the previous owners. Keep this all in a folder to present to buyers. Many will be willing to pay more for this added trust.

Think Gaming Is For Kids? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

Games consoles and the latest titles will once again be the most wanted Christmas presents among children up and down the country. While this certainly adds to the preconceived ideas that gaming is for kids, the truth of the matter is that it offers a lot to older gamers too. And that’s regardless of your personal background or other lifestyle activities.

Here are just three reasons why gaming can be a fun activity for adults to enjoy.


Gaming Can Be Social

Let’s face it; you’re not going to drag the kids off of their consoles. If you can’t beat them, why not join them? A range of family-oriented titles are available across multiple platforms. Or you can play multiplayer sports, RPG, and FPS games together too.

Thanks to the growth of online gaming, activities, and interactions needn’t be limited to your household. This is a great way to stay social with friends, especially when you have headsets to chat. Alternatively, online gaming communities can help you form new friendships. Whether they remain purely digital or grow into real world bonds is up to you.

The social factor plays a central role in most hobbies and gaming should be no different. Ultimately, if you are able to do something you like with the people you love, you’ll have every reason to keep smiling.

Gaming Can Fight Health Problems

Gaming has long been seen as an activity that harms a person’s health. While there are many studies to show the negative impacts that addictive gaming will bring, there are positives too. As with most things in life, finding the sense of balance is everything.

If you’re worried about the threat of becoming a couch potato, choose active games. Sporting games on the PS Move, PS VR, and Xbox Kinect can all get you moving. You can discover the best titles at Toptenreviews.com. This brings the benefits of a home workout DVD to your living room. Only, it’ll be far more enjoyable, and every experience is fresh and exciting.


It has been shown that puzzle games and related genres can keep the mind active too. This helps users fight off the symptoms of dementia and other mental health issues. Without being a magic cure, it certainly helps.

Gaming Can Aid Your Financial Situation

For a lot of people, the idea of gaming in a serious fashion can seem like an expensive habit. However, once you’ve completed the initial outlay, buying a new game each month works out cheaper than one date night to the cinema.

Moreover, there are ways to actively turn this love into a money making opportunity. Whether playing for money at Slotathon.com, making YouTube videos, or entering eSports competitions is entirely up to you. Either way, even a small boost to the bank balance will feel like a major success story. Not least because the gaming habit is a lot cheaper than alternative hobbies.

If nothing else, it’s nice to have those physical assets in your home. Should any unforeseen circumstances leave you in a financial mess, selling those assets online can gain quick access to funds. This emotional safety net is another bonus that every adult gamer should embrace.

Bullet and Bone Launch Sports Care Skin Recovery Range

Bullet and Bone Launch Sports Care Skin Recovery Range

Firstly, hat’s off to a great name. I love the name Bullet & Bone, you could attach that to anything. It could be the next Jason Statham movie, the next Artic Monkey’s album; the list is endless. Alas Bullet & Bone is none of the above, but a breakthrough ‘sports care’ category with its inaugural range of four, premium skincare products designed to enhance sporting performance and aid recovery.

Bullet and Bone Launch Sports Care Skin Recovery Range

I was introduced to Bullet & Bone as part of a press event at BXR Gym in London lead by Physical activity expert and world-renowned sports scientist and Olympian; Greg Whyte. Greg has the hugest calves I’ve ever seen on a human being. That is no way relevant to this article, but I wanted you all to know that Greg Whyte has indefatigable calves.

Bullet and Bone Launch Sports Care Skin Recovery Range

I rowed dismally in comparison to my fellow sports writers and influencers. We were all humbled to learn of the record 5km pace set by James Cracknell on the Ergo who averaged 1.29m/500m for 5km. In a team of 6 we averaged a 0.38/500m. A much needed ERGO tip from Greg Whyte: “You might wonder why rowers have huge asses?! Because you’ve got to pull back from your legs. It’s all in the legs when you row and then pull through on the arms after you’ve extended.”

Bullet and Bone Launch Sports Care Skin Recovery Range

Next up we were tasked to throw the same amount of punches as Anthony Joshua did in his win against Alexander Povetkin; 256. Sounds easy right? Well actually it was, because the bag didn’t punch back, and I’ve had boxing coaching in the past. I was also aided heavily by the Bullet & Bone Vapour Balm which enabled my breathing and momentarily curbed my head cold. I was riddled with a head cold, but I turned up because I have a little something called grit. Plus, I wanted to see this gym, rumoured to be the London work out retreat of Daniel Craig (Unconfirmed by members of staff when quizzed).

Bullet and Bone Launch Sports Care Skin Recovery Range

Lastly, I ran, like the wind. A very small fleeting, ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ wind. Again, we were given an Olympians frame of reference, Mo Farah won the Chicago Marathon in 2.05 hours, averaging 20.1km. I lasted about 1 minute and a half on the treadmill at that pace. Did I mention I had a damn cold!? I’m no stranger to the treadmill, however no Bullet & Bone muscle activation cream was going to see me usurp that record anytime soon. That pace was insanity. To think that was an average pace, Mo would have surpassed this speed as he went through the gears.

Bullet and Bone Launch Sports Care Skin Recovery Range

“As a sports scientist and former Olympian, I’m often asked for advice on how to achieve marginal gains. Getting the most out of your session takes more than just hard work. I was pleased to learn that Bullet & Bone addresses a gap in the market with a range of products specifically designed to optimise your preparation, your session and your recovery.” 

The innovation was informed by Bullet & Bone’s recognition that time poor, active men will invest in the latest sporting equipment, gadgets and food supplements to enhance their sporting prowess, but there’s a gap in the market for potent, ‘all-in-one’ skincare tools that help to warm up, optimise performance and cool down. Also, the aromas are amazing. I was enamoured with the vapour balm especially, being able to battle through a head cold and not smelling like VIX in the company of others is a huge win-win for me.

Bullet and Bone Launch Sports Care Skin Recovery Range

“Each sports care product contains targeted, evidence-based properties that should assist with those all-important marginal gains. The power base of three active natural ingredients across the range of maca extract, magnesium and jasmine – like any sporting ritual – are likely to be helpful for all levels of sportsmen.” – Professor Greg Whyte.

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De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel Review

De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel Review

The fact that this hotel was once a boarding school back in the day makes sense because there are lots of long corridors; It’s like a maze at times. Those long hallways are now turned into seated reading stations with hundreds, if not thousands, of books available on display shelving for guest to read. The De Vere Beaumont Estate, in Old Windsor recently had a £12 million refurbishment, which includes the creation of new luxury bedrooms and a general overall revamp, including its unique Grade II listed 19th Century chapel which is popular for weddings.

De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel Review

There are tons of quirky British design features throughout (gallery walls, wood boat paddles and a rocking horse were among our favourites) are striking and tasteful. The 44-acres of beautiful parkland with complimentary use of Hunter wellies is particularly useful for families. We came across a children’s playground area, natural ponds, specially commissioned sculptures and an enchanted forest walking trail.

De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel Review

The History 

The story of this estate is a very British one; a tale of democracy, royalty, education and religion. At its heart, sits an 18th-century mansion, a chapel, 75 event spaces and a Georgian white house in vast grounds. The original house was built for Lord Weymouth, but it was its time as a public school for boys (dubbed ‘The Catholic Eton’), from 1854 – 1967, that saw most of the estate’s architectural developments.

De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel Review

The Room 

We stayed in one of the most impressive suites located in the White House, accessible by the grand spiral staircase and once the room of House Master Joseph Bampton. The suites are open plan luxurious spaces with a separate bedroom and lounge area; with even more great modern books to read, a Roberts radio and two smart TVs. The bathroom was one of the biggest we’ve ever seen and comes with a roll-top bath (equipped with rubber frog), walk-in shower, H2K Harrogate toiletries, fluffy robes and slippers.

De Vere Beaumont Estate Hotel Review

1705 Restaurant 

We were very lucky with the weather and were able to sit out in the internal courtyard area, where the boys of the old school would play when the weather was rather poor. 1705 Restaurant takes seasonal, local ingredients and creates delicious food. Alternatively, to the courtyard guests can choose to dine in the light and airy, wooden-floored restaurant with its feature ceiling and rich materials or onto the comfy sofas in the adjoining bar. Weather depending, we did spot a wood-fired pizza oven (reserved for hotter days) in the courtyard so we’ll be back to experience that in the future for sure.

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Old Fashioned Week with Woodford Reserve

Old Fashioned Week with Woodford Reserve

The Old Fashioned is such a popular choice in bars these days (possibly due to the influence of Don Draper in Mad Men in the early 2000s), it even has its own week of celebrations! From 1st – 10th November admirers will be toasting to the 19th century cocktail around the globe and in London it is with the help of Woodford Reserve. Some of the best bars across London will be hosting a variety of events and experiences to celebrate Old Fashioned Week, with some of them creating speciality serves using this straight bourbon.

Old Fashioned Week with Woodford Reserve

A classic Old Fashioned is made by ‘muddling’ sugar with bitters (typically Angostura), followed by adding alcohol and will normally be served in a short, round tumbler. As with most American cocktails, ice will be placed in the glass, as well as a piece of citrus peel. If you have tasted a well-mixed Old Fashioned, you have to admit it is a ‘serious’ drink and the award-winning Woodford Reserve is a fine spirit to create it with. MenswearStyle were kindly given an exclusive preview of the celebrations and taken on a tour of a few bars across East of London to try different adaptations of this well-known beverage.

Old Fashioned Week with Woodford Reserve

As an introduction to this ten-day festival, we started our tour at Sagar + Wilde on Paradise Row, in Bethnal Green. This is the company’s second location, with a third on the way. One of their signature takes on the Old Fashioned involves Woodford Reserve combined with olive oil which gives the cocktail a lively and peppery kick! I personally tried the Baked Apple which ingredients included apple caramel, cinnamon and walnut bitters. As you can imagine from the name, it offered festive and sweet notes that made it a delightful drink for a wintery evening. Bring your appetite with you to try some delicious sharing plates whilst sipping on your Kentucky-born spirit.

Old Fashioned Week with Woodford Reserve

Our second stop took us to Coupette, just around the corner from our first destination. This French-inspired watering hole rightfully won ‘Best New International Cocktail Bar’ at this year’s prestigious Spirited Awards. Stepping into this bar you are immediately welcomed with a laidback and lowly lit atmosphere. The leather stools, lengthy bar and copper hued overhead pendant lamps give it an air of Parisian sophistication. Your eyes will easily be drawn to the unique pieces of art, produced by local artists, that adorn the exposed brickwork walls. It was here we were treated to a simply classic Old Fashioned. Don’t expect crazy cocktails here, it’s all about perfecting traditional drinks and focusing on the art of cocktail making. Coupette provides the ideal environment to enjoy the warmth and depth of Woodford Reserve’s aromatic notes.

Old Fashioned Week with Woodford Reserve

Bar III at Blixen in Spitalfields Market was aptly our third port of call where we were taken down to the basement to try whisky infused with earl grey tea, fermented milk and cedarwood. Yes, you might turn your nose up at the thought of fermented milk combined with alcohol (ignore any flashbacks of a University dare…), however it was absolutely delicious. It creates a completely smooth twist on the Old Fashioned and makes it dangerously easy to drink! If you plan on celebrating with fellow whisky drinkers at this cosy and atmospheric bar, I can highly recommend this cocktail.

Old Fashioned Week with Woodford Reserve

For our final cocktail, we headed to the characterful Oriole bar, curiously tucked away in Smithfield Market. This is certainly a place for some fun cocktails which are creatively served in the likes of quartz tumblers and glasses featuring miniature wooden monkeys. Here we tried two signature cocktails, The Storyville and Acadia. The first features Woodford Reserve mixed with Remy Martin Cognac, Amaro Montenegro and Mallo Vermouth. The second; the whisky combined with Roots Tentura liquer, maple syrup, peanut butter and grapefruit juice. As well as a delicious twist on the classic, Oriole will be serving live blues music to compliment your evening.

Old Fashioned Week with Woodford Reserve

Other top London bars such as; Swift, The London Edition, The Ned and Milk & Honey have partnered up with Woodford Reserve for Old Fashioned Week. Carefully curated bespoke whisky cocktails are ready to be tried and tested as well as listening to great live music and enjoying some soulful southern-inspired food. And if you don’t fancy heading out, why not grab yourself a bottle of this triple-distilled bourbon and make yourself an Old Fashioned in your own home.

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Carnaby Christmas Shopping Party

Carnaby Christmas Shopping Party

Save the date for Thursday 8 November from 5-9pm for an exciting and experiential shopping party, where guests can enjoy a 20% discount at over 90 brands in Carnaby as well as exclusive offers, free entertainment, and in-store activations. Dance under the Bohemian Rhapsody lights with live entertainment on Carnaby Street throughout the evening from Bulsara and His Queenies, bringing the spirit of Queen to Carnaby, and dynamic, electric string quartet Vesper. Expect edgy, high energy performances of iconic Queen songs as well as festive tunes to launch the Christmas season.

Carnaby Christmas Shopping Party

Carnaby’s fashion and lifestyle brands taking part include Dr. Martens, Monki, Jack Wills, Levi’s, OFFICE, Scotch & Soda, PUMA and Happy Socks. Try your luck on the Skinnydip Christmas spinning wheel, shop limited edition frames alongside a Queen-inspired guitar set at MOSCOT and enjoy free cap embroidery at New Era, the perfect Christmas gift. Head to the Newburgh Quarter for discounts and offers at brands including Shinola, The Great Frog, Lazy Oaf, Nixon and Onitsuka Tiger. 

Visitors can also immerse themselves in the ultimate Queen experience at the Queen global experiential store at 3 Carnaby Street, in celebration of Queen and Twentieth Century Fox’s movie Bohemian Rhapsody. Guests can enjoy 20% off purchases at the shop including exclusive Carnaby apparel, vintage tour t-shirts, the Queen Monopoly game, the interactive book ‘Queen In 3D’, Queen branded gin and beer, as well as Christmas specific products such as a ‘Thank God It’s Christmas’ card.

Carnaby Christmas Shopping Party

Enjoy the party throughout the 14 streets of Carnaby with themed-drinks, DJs, complimentary makeovers and gift personalisation. Visitors can register for a free ticket at Carnaby.co.uk. Beauty fans can look forward to discounts and exciting in-store activations at popular brands such as Spectrum, Cowshed, Pixi, Too Faced and Urban Decay, who will be offering complimentary eye looks with their new Elements Palette. Staff at popular beauty store Benefit will be channeling Freddie Mercury by wearing moustaches and crowns, and will be giving shoppers a free lip wax with every brow wax and tint on the night. 

Refuel in Carnaby’s restaurants, bars and cafés with 20% off at Breddos Tacos, Island Poké, Ugly Dumpling, Rosa’s Thai Cafe and CLAW, who will be offering a free rum punch for every guest on arrival. In Kingly Court, Dirty Bones, Le Bab, Shoryu Carnaby, Cahoots and Casa Bonita are among those offering 20% off, plus head to Pizza Pilgrims for ‘Another One Bites The Crust’, an entertaining evening of karaoke with free pizza for all participants.

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