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Ditto publish 100 Club Stories in celebration of the iconic London venue


The 100 Club, tucked away in a doorway nestled between the high street shops on Oxford Street, London, is a venue in which many have had the best nights of their lives. This is something that applies to both tightly packed crowds and bands who have graced its stage. Getting tickets to a gig is an honour as it’s capacity is small, and if you’re lucky enough to be invited to play the honour is even greater. In celebration of the venue, Ditto press has published a book displaying its history, character and anecdotes of its 75-year history.

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From Kanye West to Cartoon Network: Encyclopedia Pictura’s latest animations champion the power of DIY skills


Animation studio Encyclopedia Pictura is renowned for its work with the likes of Kanye West, Björk, Grizzly Bear and The Internet, but its latest work diverges down a very different path, with a series of shorts for Cartoon Network. It comes off the back of the success of, an online community started by two of the studio’s founders Isaiah Saxon and Sean Hellfritsch together with Vimeo co-founder Zach Klein, where kids can learn new making skills and share their creations. Started in 2016, it now has over a million members.

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Anish Kapoor is suing the NRA for using the Bean in an ad

Artists are coming for your guns!

The curvy, reflective sculpture Cloud Gate (aka “The Bean”) has become Chicago’s most recognizable icon since it was installed in 2006–largely thanks to its limitless Instagram appeal. But that doesn’t mean its creator, Anish Kapoor, ignores how it’s being photographed. Because Kapoor has filed a federal lawsuit against the National Rifle Association, alleging that the organization violated his copyright by using an image of Cloud Gate in a 2017 ad titled “The Clenched Fist of Truth.” (See it for yourself 17 seconds into the video below.)

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