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On the Street…Pierpaolo, Rome


When you only have a few hours in Rome and you just happen to run into the most stylish man of the city, Pier Paolo Piccioli of @maisonvalentino 


(Styling Tip: Notice his pants are at least one size too big at the waist but effectively cinched-in with an elastic belt.


That was a big detail Armani @giorgioarmani use to do back in the 80s! Where can I get belts like that today? @andersonsbelts ?)

Domenico, Milan

As most of you know this is my good friend Domenico @domenicogianfrate !


I’ve known him and shot him and his style for almost ten years, he’s become a  Street Style star!


What people don’t usually see though is how hard he works (currently designing @pt_pantalonitorino among other things)!


I think the reason he has such great style is that he really understands style and fashion and from an aesthetic and technical point of view!


I’m happy to (sometimes) get to show a different side of some of my very stylish friends.

On the Street….Menswear, Stockholm

31518StockC1404IGThere’s something special for menswear brewing in Stockholm right now!


Classic menswear especially is getting a Northern European twist that’s unique and I hope will continue to develop over the next few years. I know it could be hyperbolic but I’d say Stockholm is now one of the top 10 cities in the world for menswear.


I will be curious how Stockholm will compete with Seoul over the next few years.