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Pack Away the Thermals, Call Up Your Friends & Family and Get Out

It’s finally time to leave the winter thermals in the drawer where they belong, and book in some seriously fun outdoor activities. When planning what you’re going to do – try and steer clear of the typical ‘beer garden & ball pit’ talk. Book in something fun, active and something your friends and/or family can get involved in too. Sometimes family get-togethers can get a little bit boring, the same old BBQ and picnic options – take the initiative and arrange something they won’t forget!

Set up a soccer match. Mix up the sides so that it could be anyone’s game. Pick up a trophy in advance for the winning team, ready to hand out at the end. You can pretty much do this on any local playing field or park, with no need to spend any cash out at all. Make sure you bring along some bottles of water though!

Hiking – if you are heading to a new area for a few days it might be cool to plan out a fun hike. Try and incorporate somewhere to stop for lunch or make sure you are stocked up on picnic goodies. This one is perfect for all ages, although you will have to pay attention to any routes that have limited access if you have a mixed ability group.

Paintballing, one of those super competitive and fantastic activities. Ideally for old kids and adults. Different courses give a different twist on what you’re doing. Paintballing UK does a range of options so you can build a day out that works for you. (And you can finally put all that Halo game time into practice).


This one might take some planning, but check out archery days. If you’ve even watched Robin Hood and been perfectly sure you could split his arrows, then this one is for you. Aside from it being a really cool skill to have, it works for most ages.

High-wire adventures. A quick google will give you a list of adventure places that cater for your inner Tarzan or Jane. It’s high adrenaline, perfectly safe and all the safety gear is provided. If you tend to carry a GoPro to record your adventures, imagine the footages from 70 ft high!

How about a game of Flag Football? Not as high impact as a typical football match and kids can join in too. Works with smaller groups also! Perfect if you’ve got a few mates over or a range of ages at a family gathering.

Indoor Rock Climbing – with different walls and challenges you can arrive a total beginner and grow in confidence during the session. Each indoor rock climbing centre will have their own feature wall, and some also offer outdoor walls depending on their location.

If you are in the mood for adrenaline without much effort then maybe you should pack up and head off for a day at a theme park. You can pick up tickets that cover the whole of your party, and if you book in advance, you can get some seriously good discounts.

How To Wear Sneakers with Style

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If you have only ever worn your sneakers to the gym before, you are missing out on a range of casual style options. But this doesn’t mean that you should simply head down to your local sports store and buy the first pair that you can get your hands on. There are certain things which are worth knowing first and rules that are worth following. In this blog post, we are going to be discussing just a few of them.

Buy Sneakers to Suit Your Wardrobe

First of all, you need to look at your current wardrobe so that you are buying sneakers which suit it well. Just because you have seen some branded sneakers on all the adverts, it doesn’t means that they match well with your style. Your best course of action is to choose sneakers to suit your current wardrobe rather than ones which will require you to buy and entirely new one.

Think About the Occasions You Will Wear Them

Even though sneakers are incredible versatile and can be worn at a wide range of different social events, this doesn’t mean that they are a substitute for dress shoes. For example, they are not designed to go with a full suit, but they may go well with an unstructured suit look which you put together yourself.

Keep Them Clean

It doesn’t matter what type of sneakers you choose to go for, you need to make sure that they are kept clean and tidy. There are several elements involved in proper sneaker care including washing the laces, eliminating odours, brushing the outsoles and using sneaker shields.

Understand the Types Available

Navigating the sneaker market can feel a little daunting if you don’t know what you are doing. First of all, you have your basic varieties such as Converse and Vans. One level up from these are refined luxury sneakers which are designed for a slightly more formal look. Next, you have your classic sneakers like Concord 11s. You then have current sporting sneakers which are often big brands like Nike or Adidas. And at the top end of the market, you have the high-tech and high-fashion brands.

Look at Photographs for Inspiration

Of course, when it comes to fashion – all rules are there to be broken. However, it can still give you a helping hand to look at some current celebrities or models to see how they are wearing their sneakers. This can help to give you a good idea about how to fit in some sneakers with your own unique style.

You will probably want to have at least a couple of pairs of sneakers available to you so that you can choose a style depending on the different outfits that you have. Follow these basic rules and you have a good starting point of how to style your outfits to make sneakers work with them.

Stag Do’s And Don’ts: Tips About The Planning


So your best mate is getting married, and you have been asked to organize the stag do. Lucky you! While it’s a privilege to be chosen as stag coordinator, there is a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. You want your mate to have a good time, but most importantly, you need to ensure you don’t lose him on the night or weekend, especially if he’s expected to stand in front of the bride the following day. So, we have compiled a list of stag do’s (see what we did there) and don’ts, giving you a few tips when you’re in the planning process.

DO… find out how many people are coming. This will affect your planning, especially if you are booking accommodation or a venue for a specific event. Get a list together early, and if anybody does drop off the list or jump on board before the stag do, you will have the chance to amend your planning in good time.

DO…talk to the groom. While there is a tradition of blindfolding the poor groom and leading him on a wild night of adventure, it isn’t suitable for everybody! You need to leave the guy with some modicum of self-respect, and you also want him to enjoy his final moments as a single man. Find out what he likes, get an idea of his limitations, and plan the stag accordingly.

DO…plan something a little out of the ordinary. You don’t have to go the usual route of planning a night on the town and drinking at all the bars within walking distance. Go for a unique idea, creating something that will truly be memorable. We came across this idea of chartering a boat,, /, as just one example of something a little different to the norm.

DON’T…organise anything too expensive. Unless the groom and his friends have funds to match, it’s wise to choose something that is affordable for most. So, despite our ideas here,, you need to make sure beforehand that the invited guests have the means to pay for travel, hotel costs, etc.

DON’T…pay upfront for invited guests. Quite simply, ensure everybody pays for themselves. You don’t want to pay for hotel rooms for the stag’s guests upfront, for example, and then lose money because somebody drops out last minute. Let everybody know the plans for the night/weekend, and give them a time limit to hand over the cash. If they don’t pay up they may as well not turn up; it’s as easy as that.

DON’T…overdo the pranks. While it’s traditional to prank the stag, you don’t want to ruin their life forever. Some of the hijinks listed at are a definite no-no if you stand any chance of getting the stag back home in time for the wedding. Have fun by all means, but learn the lessons from The Hangover movies for further ideas of do’s and don’ts when you’re in the planning stages.

Let us know if you have any further ideas for do’s and don’ts based on your stag experiences. Thanks for reading!

Travelling Is One Of The Best Ways To Change Your Life

Travelling is something that a lot of people like to do in their own way: staying in the cheapest of hostels to better mingle with people of the same class, or booking the most luxurious hotel rooms to make sure they can still get their creature comforts. Enjoying yourself when you’re away from home means something different to everyone, and because of that, it’s an incredibly versatile activity that everyone can find a home in.

But sometimes, we can lose the true meaning of it. We don’t go out and see the best landmarks, we simply frequent tourist traps. And we stay in our own bubbles and never quite make the effort to learn about the country we’ve gone to. At the end of the day, you can even take your games console along with you, to make that night in the hotel feel a little bit more like home!

Even so, we can see that travelling brings both the couch potato and adventurer parts inside all of us together in the best way; because of this, it’s one of the best ways itself to open yourself up to the world. And in the modern day and age, that’s something we need more of…


You’ll Realise Where You Are in Life

When it comes to jetsetting to another country, with its own problems and peoples, you’re going to realise exactly where it is you are in life, and how much you’ve been able to do to get there. And that’s going to leave you with a much warmer feeling in your chest when the time comes to go home again; you know how people on the other side live, and you appreciate their way of life a lot more for it.

So whilst you may be able to check yourself into somewhere like the Courtyard Kingston when visiting a country even on the same or a similar continent to yours, make sure you mingle with the locals and try to learn about them. Plus, it’d be rude to constantly impose your own rules on their society! Pick up as much of their language as you can whilst you’re there, and then speak to them even with your broken understanding of it; the smile they get will put a similar one on your own face.

You’ll Learn How to Improvise

When you’re in another country, and you don’t know what half the regulations are when it comes to operating in it, you’re going to be able to roll with any punches a lot better than before. You’ll be able to think on your feet: if the waterpark is closed, why not just head to the beach? If you don’t know how to ask how much a souvenir is, you can hand motion the question to the seller. Plus you’ll learn how not to get stressed over such occurrences like these. When they happen, they happen!

Travelling is something you should do to both enjoy your life and learn about other people.

The Things Every Professional IT System Should Get Right 100%

Running a professional IT system is actually a pretty big responsibility. There are many things that have to go into making it both functional and secure, so getting even a few minor things wrong could leave you with big problems as your system fails to fulfill its job. So what are things that you need to get right if you want to keep your IT system doing what it’s meant to? That’s what we’re about to find out, so keep reading and learn all about this vital issue.

Check the Specs That Matter to Your Business

Every business has a different set of priorities, and that’s why it’s so important to check the specs of the machines that you invest in. Every bit of hardware should be assessed and its suitability measured before you make any purchases. That way, you’ll know that you’re spending money on the right kind of hardware and not wasting anything.

Strong Backing Up Processes

It’s very important to have processes in place for backing up your organisation’s most important files and documents. They’ll be lost forever if you don’t have a clear plan for securing such things when something goes wrong. There are all kinds of problems that can strike your business and result in you having to find a way around those lost files, so always back them up.

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Having Support on Hand

When you have a team of people using your computers and the shared IT system your business uses, it’s essential to have people on hand who can help out quickly as soon as a problem arises. If you don’t make this possible via services such as the one at, you’ll regret it later. Businesses waste time when they don’t have anyone who can fix those bothersome IT problems rapidly.

A Coherent Approach to Antivirus and Security Matters

Antivirus software is a must, and it’s something that you will have to pay plenty of attention to when setting up your IT system. On top of that, you should think about the specific fraud and cybersecurity threats your business poses as a result of what you do. Businesses are always going to be targeted more than individuals by hackers because there’s more to win.

Up to Date Software

Finally, you need to make sure that you have the most up to date software in place for your company to work with. Software that isn’t updated can be a security risk because very update and patch a developer sends out there has a purpose, and these are often linked to your security. It will also give your team the best possible tools for completing their jobs.

Now that you have a better idea of the kinds of problems that can be faced when you’re trying to run a professional IT system, you can make sure that you get all of these issues right going forward. Doing so will ultimately make the difference between success and failure for your IT system.

Make Your Morning Routine Less Gruelling

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Not a morning person? Few of us are. This has a lot to do with having to get up early, but it’s also partly our fault for not making the effort to improve our morning routines. Here are just a few ways that you can make your morning routine a little less gruelling. Who knows – you may even become a morning person?

Use a smart alarm clock

Smart alarm clock apps as available from can make waking up easier. Rather than getting you up at the exact same time every morning, they measure your sleep cycle using movement on your bed and sounds as indicators, waking you up when you’re in your least deep sleep within half an hour of your usual waking time. This could allow you to wake up feeling more fresh and rejuvenated.

Wake up warm

If the cold is preventing you from getting out of bed in the morning, it could be time to heat things up in your home. Adding a timer on your heating so that it turns on an hour before getting up could make you wake up to a toasty bedroom. There are other considerations that could make your morning warmer such as putting the day’s clothes on a radiator or heated towel rack the night before, or buying a rug or slippers to put beside your bed to warm up your toes.

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Invest in some luxuries

A few luxuries could also help to entice you out of bed or simply make your morning that little bit more exciting. This could include bathroom products such as razors. Rather than using cheap razors, you could invest in something premium as found at sites like Meanwhile, when it comes to breakfast, there are all kinds of implements to consider such as waffle-makers, coffee machines, smart kettles and juicers.

Spare some time to relax

Too many people spend their mornings rushing around. Once you’re washed and dressed, spare fifteen minutes to sit down and drink your coffee and eat rather than rushing out with a hot drink in a thermoflask. Watch TV, read the news, listen to music or play a game. You could even meditate as a way of calming yourself down in preparation for the day ahead. Alternatively, you could slip in a fifteen-minute fitness regime as a way of energising yourself.

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Use your commute productively

Don’t let your morning commute be boring. Find a way of making it more productive such as planning your day ahead, answering emails, reading a book or even learning a language via an audiobook. If you drive to work, but live near to your workplace, you could consider swapping out your car for a bike to get in some extra exercise.

Set weekly morning challenges

Setting yourself a new morning challenge every week could help to make each week more exciting if you find the routine is draining you. You could eat healthy breakfasts for a week, get up earlier, try reading a book or implement some exercise into your morning.


Why You Should Always Use Comparison Sites


Comparison sites are a subject we can hardly get away from these days. They might be best known for supplying us with some pretty annoying adverts, but they are actually incredibly useful tools to have whenever you are looking for something online. Here are some of the reasons you should start using comparison sites today.

Quick And Easy

The main draw of a comparison site is that you can search for something such as searching for Money Expert car insurance and you will immediately have a list of prices from hundreds of companies. It saves you time and effort researching all of these sites individually and it will even order the prices from low to high so you can find the best deal quickly. It will only take seconds for hundreds and even thousands of results to pop up on your screen for the choosing.

Range Of Choice

A great benefit of a comparison site is the fact that you will be faced with a ton of companies you have never even heard of before. This allows you to find amazing deals which otherwise you would never have seen. Imagine that you know of 10 different energy companies at the moment. You will know if the biggest suppliers because they dominate the industry and are household names, but they don’t always offer the best deals. There are hundreds of energy companies out there which you will see if you search on a comparison site, and this can save you a ton of money in the long term for you and your family. It is also great for smaller companies because it gives them the exposure they need to reach a wider audience.

Find The Best Prices

This is the most obvious reason we have for using a comparison site and is the main point of using them. Comparison sites allow you to compare prices across a whole spectrum of different things: even supermarkets. You can even see if the price of eggs at one supermarket is less than what you usually buy. It can allow you to save a ton of effort and money.


One of the benefits you may not be aware of is the extra layer of security you get when you book something through a comparison site. Normally if you were to book a hotel through the owner directly, you will of course receive a few assurances that your booking will be honoured and that any damages will be covered too. However when you book through a comparison site you get even more protection. It means that if anything goes wrong you are in a much safer position with your finances and you will have the peace of mind that you won’t lose out on anything.

The next time you need to find a holiday, car insurance, your groceries and even your broadband: take a look on a comparison site and you will be very pleasantly surprised at what you are able to find on there.

When You’re Feeling Insecure In Your Looks

Self esteem is something that affects everyone on the planet. More specifically, a lack of self esteem is something we really notice, compared to having a high level of it. And that means we feel down and out about ourselves when we really shouldn’t. For men especially, this can push you to feel like you have to do more and more to prove yourself amongst the litters of fully ripped and over muscled men on the magazine covers, and to try making as much money as the people in the 1%.

However, self esteem doesn’t come from an outward source, and most of these insecurities come about from comparing yourself to other people. So it’s time to start owning your own brand of style, and supporting yourself when it comes to being more confident. The change won’t happen overnight, but if you’re a man in need of boosting, this is the post for you.


Reach Out to Others

This is one of the best things to do when you’re feeling insecure about yourself. A lot of the time men feel like they have to take on the world alone, but it’s simply not true at the end of the day. You’re never going to be alone in what you’re feeling, so try and open up more and more to make sure people understand.

The more you do something like this, the better your chance of feeling good about yourself. When you can instantly recognize in someone else the same ‘problems’ you think you have, you can band together easily and make a firm and fast friend.

Change Your Hairstyle

Hairstyles are something that can completely change how we look. Different styles can lift the face up or pull it down, as well as thinning out your cheeks or making them look fuller. And because of that, a simple haircut or change in how you style it each morning can work wonders for your perception.

Unless you like a shaved head, men usually worry about the baldness they feel is taking hold. If you feel like you don’t have much hair to work with, head to We take care of hair transplants, as they can help soothe down these worries.  

Exercise to Feel Mentally Better

When it comes to exercising, there’s always a lot made out of what you can do for your body in terms of muscle gain. However, exercising is something humans were innately built to do and thus when we follow through we feel a lot better in ourselves as well as in the mirror.

So you don’t have to go on a long body building journey just because you think it’ll improve your perception of yourself, as it actually will have the benefit of making you happier than ever before. Your brain runs on endorphins, and if you’re feeling bad about yourself at the moment, why not go outside for a walk or jog to settle yourself in gently?

Feeling insecure doesn’t have to last for forever.

“Outside The Box” Branding Is Necessary In The Modern Landscape

It’s 2018, and consumers have seen it all. If you’re a new business on the market and you’re offering the same old nonsense in a brand new package then the market isn’t going to bite. Technically, every business is just selling an identical or near-identical product to other businesses in its industry. However, there’s always a hook that separates one successful company from the next. Apple sells technology with pretty operating systems, and Microsoft sells technology with professional operating systems. Uber and Lyft are two taxi-based apps that offer the exact same service (let’s be honest), but their pricing schemes can cause customers to side with one service over the other. In many cases, competing brands only differ from one another in minor ways. Nonetheless, these minor differences are often the deciding factor for consumers when it comes to the product or the service that they want to buy. And that’s the important thing to remember when you’re trying to compete with the big businesses in your industry – you just need to find your gap in the market. If you can deliver a better solution to your target audience then they’ll choose you over rival companies.

The point is that consumers are interested in the brand behind the product. They’re not fooled by catchy slogans and big promises. People are smart. You’re a consumer, after all. You know how the business world works. You know that you’re seeing the same goods and services repackaged in different ways. However, those subtle differences still influence your decision when it comes to making a purchase. Sometimes, you’ll choose the cheaper product when you’re looking at two competing items of equal quality. Other times, you’ll choose a slightly more expensive brand if their product is of a higher quality. There are many factors at play when it comes to a consumer’s decision-making process. That’s why it’s such a competitive landscape. And in the current business world, fierce competition calls for even fiercer marketing tactics. An “outside the box” brand is necessary in the modern landscape. Let’s discuss the ways in which you could work on your business’ image.

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Some traditional methods of marketing still work.

Whilst people may use the internet to do all their shopping these days, that doesn’t mean physical marketing is completely useless. Life isn’t completely digital yet – we do still exist in the real world. And your business needs to utilise all potential opportunities to spread its brand in the real world. There are many ways in which traditional methods of marketing can improve your company’s brand. In fact, so many companies are shying away from “old advertising” that your business might actually stand out by marketing itself in old-fashioned ways.

For example, you could use brand merch to advertise your company. People always like marketing when it comes in the form of a practical item. You should try something a little different from the standard branded biro and give out business card sweatshirts as a quirky way of spreading brand awareness. Of course, you can go further than this to make an impact on potential or existing clients. You could even send handwritten letters to long-term customers as a way of thanking them for their loyalty. That kind of “outside the box” thinking will make your brand stand out in their minds for a long time. People get printed letters and adverts through the post all the time. They’re nothing more than mass emails in physical form. But a handwritten letter takes time and effort. Your customers will know that a real human being has written that letter. This will humanize your brand.

Your workforce needs to live up to expectations.

As discussed throughout this article, your brand can only be successful if the consumer market accepts it. And that’s impossible if you don’t deliver on your promises. In other words, if you promise to deliver high-quality products and friendly customer service but your employees don’t live up to those expectations then your customers aren’t going to trust your brand. That’s why your workforce needs to live up to expectations. A pretty brand image means nothing if your employees can’t deliver. You should aim to increase productivity by helping your team out. You could check out this IT advice on choosing software to take care of certain services in your company. If you automate certain administrative tasks then your employees will have more time to focus on the important parts of their work. You’ll make their lives easier, and they’ll treat customers better. It’s a win-win situation.

Business people shaking hands together

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Your message needs to mean something.

It’s crucial that your brand stands for something important. You need to think outside the box when it comes to intriguing the target audience. The best way to do this is to create an identifiable brand. We’ve talked about finding a gap in the market; maybe this is the way in which you could find that gap. Perhaps you don’t need to offer a revolutionary new product or service. Sometimes, having a powerful brand message is enough to turn heads. You could donate some of your profits to the community, for example. You could even “go green” to save the planet (and your finances). Showing that your business cares about people could really win over some new customers. People like brands that care.

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Reward your customers, and they will reward you.

Yet again, customers are the ones who will bring success to your brand. You need to impress them if you want to build a reputation and beat the competition in your industry. That’s why it’s so important to build long-term relationships with your clients. We’ve talked about achieving this by utilising creative marketing techniques and a powerful brand message, but you need to think about the way in which you directly communicate with your customers. That’s what really counts. If you open up a dialogue on social media platforms such as Twitter then your customers will really feel as if their thoughts are being heard by you. Again, this makes your brand feel human. And the better your reputation, the more likely you are to reel in new clients. That’s how your customers will reward you if you reward them.

Five Fashion Gifts Your Fashion-conscious Man Will Be Happy with for Life

When it comes to men’s birthdays, many of us get stuck with ideas. You might be thinking about the obvious choice of drinks or car accessories, but if your other half or friend is self-conscious and pays attention to their appearance, you could visit your online or Downtown designer store and get them something truly unique and memorable. Below you will find a few ideas to get you started.

  1. Custom Man-Bag

One of the hardest decision for men is to invest in a leather man-bag that will help them stay organized and stylish at the same time. They might think that a man with a bag is simply not the done thing. If you want to help them, you can find a masculine leather bag that will hold all their paperwork when they go to work or turn up at meetings, without having to worry about their overall style.

  1. Watch

Some men simply can’t have enough watches. If you would like to surprise them, you could look through their collection and find out what their favorite make is. From stylish to street-style, you can choose based on their personality. If you get this gift right, you have just given them an accessory for a lifetime, and helped them express themselves.

  1. Cufflinks


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For the man in the suit, you might be looking for some valuable and sophisticated cufflinks. You can check out the examples of handmade gold cufflinks online and choose the pair that matches their smart style. Consider their age, their overall complexion, and the tailored suits they usually wear for special occasions and meetings.

  1. Wallet

You can never go wrong with a stylish leather wallet or a card holder. While phone cases are also a great idea, they are likely to become useless once your man-friend changes their phone. Think about their lifestyle. If they are all over the world collecting business cards, and are famous for their American Express collection, a card holder will be a perfect gift. If, however, they like matching all their accessories with their dress style, you can get them a wallet.

  1. Professional Travel Grooming Kit

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Men who are always on the go, and live a busy lifestyle will appreciate your thought when you buy them a travel grooming kit. Some of the top models include a shaver, a trimmer, hair removal tools, and other accessories in just a small bag. They can take this item with them anywhere, and stay stylish and well-groomed, even if they are busy with meetings in another city.

Men who enjoy looking good will appreciate thoughtful fashionable gifts for every occasion. Snoop around their wardrobe and find out what their favorite brands are. Look out for personalized gifts and ones that will serve your man for a long time, instead of being drunk in one sitting. Instead of the usual presents, go further this year, and show them that you appreciate their effort to look good in every situation. The above gifts will help you impress even the most fashion-conscious men.