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Don’t Stay An Art Novice! How To Bring Art Into Your Life

One of the best solutions for feeling like something is missing in life, is introducing art. Art doesn’t just refer to grabbing a set of paints and a good canvas. It symbolises anything creative and beautiful that can bring a sense of happiness and satisfaction into your life. Bringing art into your life may feel a little difficult, especially if you have zero knowledge about art and the furthest you know is the pictures hanging in those sparse galleries on the high street. Taking the time to make room in your life to educate yourself on art and how it can make you feel is important for feeling whole. When you hear music that makes you well up with emotion, that’s art having an impact on your life. When you see a piece of graffiti that resonates for you and doesn’t just look like scrawl, that’s art. When you go to a restaurant full of beautiful food and you appreciate every sensation and taste, that’s art. It takes some time to learn to appreciate it, but when you do a whole world can open up for you.

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Art is often seen as optional in life. In school, the subjects that are on offer as essentials always fall around math, science and literature rather than painting, pottery and learning to play an instrument. From a young age, we have it drummed into us to be practical, to think ahead when it comes to our careers and we are taught that a career is only worthwhile if the salary can support a very comfortable lifestyle. An artistic career is scoffed at for being a ‘doss’ option, meaning that it’s not worthy of your time and won’t progress you to CEO in a company. The thing is, if your passion lies around photography and becoming the next Peter Lik, then why shouldn’t you reach for the sky – and the latest camera – and hit your goals? Art shouldn’t be an option and creativity is something that should be nurtured and celebrated, not stamped out and made out like a lesser option because someone else says so. The important thing is to work out ways you can introduce more art into your life and capitalising on it. It doesn’t have to be difficult and you don’t have to change career to embrace the artistic streak within you. There are, however, ways you can bring art into your life and make it part of your day to day living.

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Notice Art. If you spend your days moving from your commute, to the office, to the commute, to collapsing in bed, you’re likely not to notice anything more than that. Getting out of your head – and your iPad – and looking at the world as you go from place to place can help you notice the art that is everywhere. You’re just missing it. The architecture of the buildings on your way to work is often intricate and can be an excellent way to learn about the culture of the area you work in and what it used to be. Take the time to detour on your way to work via a park. In the early morning light, you could take some stunning photos of the scenery that you have the privilege of enjoying, which can make for an excellent addition to the walls of your home. Notice art wherever you go and make a point of talking about what you’ve noticed to those around you.

Bucket List It. Life is full of stress and if you aren’t taking the time to notice the art in the world around you, you’re going to miss it. Sit down and make a list of all the films that you missed this year that won an Oscar. You may not understand why they won an Oscar, especially if the latest action hero isn’t starring in them, but making a point of branching out and watching new movies can expand your horizons. Check out this book list of the latest great novels and plan to read them. Artistic works should be paid some attention, as you will give yourself a little culture. Making a bucket list of books, movies and concerts you want to attend is the first step: art always requires a little planning to give it room in your life.

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Take A Break. Rewind time a little bit and think back to when you were more carefree – likely childhood. Did you have a passion for painting or pottery? Did you enjoy learning the piano or oboe? Go back in time and revisit that passion you once had. Pick up the watercolours and a sturdy canvas and go to your favourite beach. Breathe in the smells and listen to the sounds around you and watch that translate from your paintbrush. Look at the colours of the sunrise and really pay attention to the blend from orange to red to early morning dawn. You can really have your breath taken away simply by taking a break from your grey and grim commute to work and getting back to the things you loved the most. Art was always around you, you just have to stop and pay some attention to it.

Make Your Own. You can head to exhibitions and fashion shows for inspiration, but making your own art is the best way to immerse yourself in something new. Find a pattern for a scarf and teach yourself to knit. Use your hands to make a five-course meal and find pleasure in the artful preparation of each dish. Creating art from your own ideas and making it a reality can really change the way you view life. Take out your creativity on your home and redecorate every room of the house. Don’t be put off by opinions when the art that you make with your own two hands is a fantastic way to showcase your imagination.

Whichever way you view it, art is a part of our lives. You just have to make a little room and be more than just a novice.


Can You Wrap Up Warm And Still Look Fashionable This Winter?

Lots of guys brave the cold during the winter months because they want to look their best. Those men worry that wearing thick clothing will prevent them from appearing fresh and fashionable. Well, those people are wrong, and this article will help to set the record straight. Some of the most popular high-street brands have already released their winter lines, and so now is the best time to invest. If you leave it too long, prices will increase, and you’ll struggle to get the most stylish items. Just consider some of the suggestions below, and you’re guaranteed to look amazing!


Get some handknitted jumpers

If you want to wrap up warm and still look like a style icon, you can’t go wrong when it comes to handknitted jumpers. Sure, there are some cheesy designs on the market, but there are also some stylish concepts out there if you shop around. Handknitted Sherpa jumpers for winter will ensure you never have to braze subzero temperatures if you arrange a night out with the boys. If you end up getting too hot, you can always remove the sweater and place it in a cloakroom until you’re ready to leave. Some companies even create custom designs based on your requirements. So, make sure you shop around!


Invest in some thick lumberjack shirts

Lumberjack shirts were fashionable ten years ago, but they went out of fashion for a short while. Thankfully, you’ll find lots of them in shops today as the cycle has begun to repeat itself. The best thing about that item of clothing is that it’s used to keep people warm in some of the harshest conditions. So, it should be more than suitable for the average person’s requirements. You can get lumberjack shirts in a range of different colours, and they’re sure to help you to maintain a better temperature when compared to alternative options. The benefits of lumberjack shirts include:

  • Thick material
  • Durable
  • Excellent for retaining body heat


Buy winter boots

Lastly, it’s time to think about your feet. The last thing anyone wants is to feel like they’ve slipped their toes into a bucket of ice during the winter months. So, make sure you don’t make the mistake of going out wearing the same shoes you used during the summer. There is also a decent chance you will encounter patches of ice when the temperature drops, and that is why winter boots offer the best solution. Again, there are lots of products available from designer brands right now. However, as most people won’t look at the logo on your boots, you can probably save a fortune by shopping at budget stores.

To answer the question posed in the title of this post, yes, you can wrap up warm and still look fashionable. You just have to use some of the advice from this page and shop around for the best deals. The internet is your friend during that process, and you should use it wisely. It’s possible to find some excellent discounts if you choose the right websites at the right time. Good luck with that!

Is Apple The Best Place To Work In The World?

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We all know that Apple has its finger on the pulse when it comes to technological developments. Many might say that Apple actually is the pulse that other companies try to keep their own fingers on. With the emergence of iPods, iPhones, and iPads, Apple has become the market leader for all sorts of gadgets and gizmos that consumers relish getting their hands on. But have you ever thought what it must be like working for such a mammoth market leading technological giant? Take a look at these reasons why many Apple’s employees suggest that it’s the best place in the world to work.


Working for Apple means you get a huge discount on merchandise and products. Stock discounts can be huge leaving employees houses awash with smartphones, MP3 players, home computers as well as laptops. The discount that the head bods at Apple give to their employees don’t have to be so generous, but they choose to give them because they value their staff team and want their employees to feel truly valued.

Work Environment

Working for an industry leader brings with it added pressures, higher standards, and tougher targets. However, the work environment is second to none. The new head office consists of a wellness suite complete with dental practice for employees. The offices are surrounded by greenery, trees, and fauna, and staff are encouraged to take time out to venture outside and stretch their legs.

Salaries are at the higher end for all positions from entry level graduate to lead software engineer. The technology at the disposal of software testers is at the forefront of its field. In the same way as most JIRA test management tools are set up, Apple implements the most intuitive interface from which to track and organize their software testing threads. This makes the Apple software engineers and testers jobs all the more easier.

Apple has faith in their staff and knows that their recruitment processes ensure that the right person is hired for every job. Because they attract the finest software experts and technological minds, there is no need to micromanage. The autonomy that staff enjoy is a reason why people don’t tend to leave the company in search of another job too often.


The team ethic within the offices at Apple means that lifelong friends can be made. The people at the top of Apple like Tim Cook are keen for their company to be inclusive and recognize the strengths of every member of staff. Beer bashes and music concerts are held for staff every couple of months. Employees families are encouraged to come to the workplace, contribute to the annual summer barbecue and enjoy the same perks that their partners do.

Apple could choose to focus solely on the products it creates and not its staff. However, perhaps that’s the point. It is the happy staff team that it’s able to generate with a high morale and a feeling of belonging that allows the company to be the industry leader that it is today.

4 Vintage Looks for Modern Men

In fashion, new trends will always take inspiration from the past. We know what has worked before and even when something was ill-judged the first time around, we just have to double check. But when anything comes back into fashion, we do like to change it up a bit and try to modernise it. If you want to go for a vintage look when you dress, you need to balance the vintage style with modern touches. If you don’t, you could end up looking old-fashioned and out of touch. Before you start buying a whole new wardrobe, here’s how you could adapt some classic looks for modern tastes.

The Country Squire

This landed gentry look is always going to be slightly difficult to pull off. You don’t want to look like too much of a nerd, and you don’t want to look cocky and arrogant either. It’s sometimes best kept for formal occasions like weddings when you can dress up properly and not have to worry if you’re overdressed. The key to this look is usually a whole lot of tweed, whether you get yourself a tweed jacket or even go for a whole suit. If you want to tone things down a bit, stick to the jacket and pair it with some smart trousers or even jeans. And if you want to go the whole hog, you’ll need a shotgun and a spaniel.

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The Dapper Gent

This kind of hipster look is by far one of the most popular trends to pick up over the last few years. From braces and bow ties to beard oil and pomade, men are enjoying adding some flair to their outfits and maybe pampering themselves a little. But, as with any fashion trend, you have to temper it a little if you don’t want to end up looking ridiculous. The first thing to keep in mind is context. A bow tie might look great at a wedding or an office party, but you probably don’t want to wear one every day. Try to keep things smart-casual most of the time, except perhaps at work, where you can be a bit more formal.

The Granddad

Dressing like you’re a few decades older than you are is nothing new. But if you want to go for the granddad look, you want to avoid actually looking you’re wearing your grandfather’s clothes. This look is characterised by cardigans, loafers, smoking jackets, and maybe even a pipe. If you’re aiming to look smart-casual, and not like you’ve given up on life, make sure your clothes fit you well.

The Punk

Some people will insist that punk’s not dead – although others say that it well and truly is. If you think there’s life in it yet, maybe you’re hoping to get the look. But if you’re not willing to go all-out ’80s punk, you need to find a way to update it a little. And maybe tone it down. Try taking elements from the style for feature pieces in your outfits, like a leather or denim jacket or a solid pair of Dr Martens.

If you want to take fashion inspiration from the past, spend some time making sure you don’t look like a time traveller. Some things are only improved by modernising them.

What’s Standing In The Way Of Amazon’s Drone Delivery Plans?

The internationally successful online retailer Amazon announced plans a couple of years ago to start making deliveries using drones in the UK and the US. While the company has come a long way since that time, the service is still unavailable because there are many stumbling blocks in the way of the project. Will Amazon ever manage to reach their ambition? Can customers expect their products to come via a done during the next couple of years? It’s impossible to say at the moment, but this article will take a look at some of the issues standing in the way of that progress.


Air traffic laws

There are lots of rules and regulations that govern commercial air traffic. Unfortunately, Amazon’s plans mean their drones would have to follow all of those laws. Governments in both the UK and the US warn that drones could cause issues for helicopters and other low-flying aircraft. As Amazon would send thousands of the devices into the air every single day, there are lots of problems to overcome. Firstly, each flight would require an individual path that’s approved by the aviation authority. Secondly, there are many obstacles like power cables and phone lines that could cause problems.

Insurance cover

Amazon will need insurance cover in case their drones cause damage or fail to respond as intended. At the moment, the company struggles to get an affordable policy to cover the concept. The company will only implement their drone delivery plans if they can make the process affordable. Experts hope the issues will become easier to resolve once Amazon works out how to keep the aviation authorities happy. However, there are no guarantees at the moment, and the situation is up in the air. There are even some rumours that the retailer plans to launch a new insurance firm for that purpose.


The cost

As stated a second ago, the drone delivery idea only works if it’s possible to keep costs to a minimum. Right now, the amount customers would have to pay for the service is far too high. The company has already spent a lot of money teaching workers how to become a commercial drone pilot during their testing phase. However, the goal is to make the devices autonomous and ensure they reach their destinations without human interaction. Turning that dream into a reality is an expensive process the firm hasn’t yet managed to master.

As readers can see, there are lots of problems Amazon must work out before they can launch their drone delivery service. Still, the company is yet to back away from any challenge, and so there is a reasonable chance they will solve their issues during the next few years. If the company manages to pull this off, it will become the first time drones replaced humans in the retail industry, and customers will get their orders much faster than ever before. Amazon aims to make all drone deliveries within one hour, which is going to provide many benefits to people who need their products quickly.

Allowing Facial Hair to Grow on You: Growing and Maintaining the Perfect Beard

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It’s becoming increasingly apparent that what was thought to be the beard “trend” of 2016 is actually much more than a mere fad. One year later and it is obvious that beards aren’t going anywhere fast. Men around the world are still sporting all sorts of styles of facial hair, from the full-on lumberjack look to isolated mustaches and well-cultivated stubble. This isn’t a trend that is confined to particular personal styles either. From the humble hipster to the football-loving gym addict: beards are reigning supreme. So, if you’re still rocking the clean-shaven look and are considering having a change, it’s time to start letting the almighty beard grow on you, quite literally! Here’s everything you need to know about growing and maintaining perfect facial hair.

How To Encourage Beard Growth

Some of us have no problem sprouting a thick and luscious beard in next to no time. But others will find that their growth is slow or sparse. But not to worry. There are certain techniques that you can use to encourage growth. First, you need to commit to the growth. Don’t shave when you’re a few days in and your beard is looking scruffy or weak. Power through! It’ll be worth it in the end. You can stimulate hair growth by using a gentle facial exfoliator in your everyday cleansing routine. You can also take vitamin supplements such as folic acid and incorporate foods high in vitamin A, B3 and B5 into your diet.

Keeping Your Facial Hair in Good Condition

You need to take care of your facial hair to keep it clean, in good condition and soft. Invest in specialist beard products such as beard washes, Beard Oil, beard balms and nourishing beard waxes. Not only will these keep the hair in good nick, but they’ll smell delicious too. You could also purchase a special beard care kit. Opt for one that contains a small beard brush or comb, and trimming scissors.

Shaping Your Beard

Once you have grown a luscious amount of facial hair, it’s time to start considering how you want to shape it. There are so many styles out there that it’d be impossible to cover them all here. But popular styles tend to be the lumberjack, the circle beard, the full beard and short stubble. Check out a complete guide to all of these styles here. There will be a complete explanation of each beard type (alongside much more) and how to achieve the look down to a tee. You are likely to need a few basic tools, so get these ready. Invest in a high-quality razor, beard trimmer with different length combs and guards and perhaps even a tiny beard shaping razor. A magnifying mirror will also make things much easier for you.

Following these simple steps will allow you to achieve the most impressive beard possible. Not only will it be perfectly styled, but it will be healthy, soft and smell alluring to all those around you. So get started today!

Why Design Is The Most Important Part Of Your Website

If you already run your own business, you’ll know exactly why a good website is one of the most important parts of business. For those who don’t, it’s important to know a website is most likely the driver of sales, and the first place a customer will look when deciding or buy you services or goods. So making sure it’s navigable, inviting, and shows off your business is vital. Here are a few tips to either get you started or help improve your website.


Before we focus on the aesthetics of a website. It’s important to remember the back end is nearly just as important. Making sure it is easy to navigate could be the difference between keeping someone interested or not. There’s nothing worse than attempting to use a website where products or services can’t be found, or categories aren’t clear. When designing your website, try having a look through it yourself before rolling it out to the public to make sure it’s easy to use. Another thing to consider is using search engine optimisation to improve your website’s traffic. Ranking for different keywords in Google can be the difference between you or your competitor being found first. Having a clean and natural backlink profile can also help improve the rankings further boosting your chance or a sale. If you’re struggling to understand how these two points will help your website, there are companies such as the UX agency who will analyse your data on sale, traffic etc. And decide on what can be done to optimise your site for you. Having a professional do the correct job may be more beneficial to you than guessing and risking damaging your website.


Now, probably the most important feature is the front end design. It’s the first thing your customer will see and will give them an impression on whether to continue browsing. One thing many companies do is lose some usability by being over the top with the design. A simple yet effective design is all that is usually necessary. Some big brands such as JD have chosen to stick to simple black and white colour scheme which follows their brand logo. This is a good technique as it still stands out and represents the company well. Other large brands have also chosen to follow this trend, but while keeping a simple design can be the most effective. It’s also vital to have something on the first page that will draw the reader in. Whether that be a visual aid such as any offers being displayed. Or if it’s for example a clothes website, some of your brighter more eye-catching items will catch the eye, and improve conversion and click rates by immediately drawing the user in. Without a good design, this would fail.

So, those are the two main reason why both hidden, and visual designs are so important for your business website. Following the above tips is a sure fire way of improving traffic and conversions, and the overall reputation of your brand.

Why Motorbikes Are the Ultimate Urban Vehicle

While the whole world is obsessing over self-driving vehicles and high-speed sports cars that are way out of their budget, the practical urban professional understands the value of a convenient, flexible and cost-effective vehicle to get around. Electric cars may have proven to tick those boxes, but they’re never going to beat a solid motorbike.

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They’re cooler

Motorbikes are far cooler than any other vehicle on the road. Those flashy sports cars might look the part, but they’re ridiculously expensive and you can’t even use them to their maximum potential in an urban environment. Stopping and starting because of traffic will eat up fuel and you’re essentially on the same level as the guy behind you driving a cheap Dacia Sandero. Look at this article from and you’ll see some of the most incredible motorbikes that have ever been released. Even laying your eyes upon those beautiful machines would be enough to convince you to take lessons and put a deposit down.

Safety depends on you

Motorbikes are indisputably more dangerous than cars because you’re not protected by several layers of metal. However, with the reduced safety comes more flexibility. As a rider, you have far more control over your speed, how you move and the decisions you make on the road. This means that you need to constantly be aware of your surroundings if you want to make it from point A to B in one piece. This is both a good and bad thing. On one hand, it means that as long as you’re a safe rider, there’s a low chance of you actually ending up in an accident (much like any other vehicle). However, if you let your focus slip then it can lead to catastrophic results. Look at resources like to learn about all the protective gear that you’ll need to stay safe on the road. Make sure you take your lessons seriously and practice everything you can to keep yourself from

Far more convenient

No more worrying about renting or buying a place with plenty of parking, and you don’t even need to worry about parking wherever you ride. Motorbikes are small, efficient and still pack plenty of power to get you to your destination in style. You still need to keep your motorbike well-maintained, but it’s far less work than taking care of an entire car. You don’t need to worry about keeping the interior cleaned, you don’t need to clean up the mess your friends made in the back of your car and you can pretty much see every component of your motorbike without opening it up. This makes it a lot more convenient to own a motorbike and you’d be surprised at how easy it is to simply hop on and ride down to the store. Add to this the reduced cost of owning a motorbike and you have the ultimate urban vehicle that has plenty more benefits than a car could ever give you.

Look To The Past To Dress Well & Bring That Rustic Sense Of Style


We’re all aware of the modern ways to look good. Plainly because they are advertised to us so often. People in design positions at the highest retail stores are getting better and better at putting their finger on the fashion zeitgeist and emulating the pulse of those desires with increased accuracy. As a result, we have some of the most impressive high street fashion that we have ever been made available, and if you like to dress well, then that’s an incredibly exciting thing.

However, that doesn’t always mean you need to subscribe to the latest fashion trends to feel happy and active within your environment. It can simply mean that you stay on top of looking good and wholesome using the secrets of the past. After all, fashion spins in cycles, and that means that innovations from the old era’s are always returning with even more impact.

Sometimes, looking to the past to dress well can work wonders. We’d argue that the most effective era for doing so in this environment is the dress utilized in the 40’s and 50’s, and not the 70’s or 80’s. As cool as horseshoe mustaches are, they’re unfortunately not in total fashion just yet. With that set, implementing the following tips can help your wardrobe take on a new life.


There is simply not better look for a gentleman than to wear a button down shirt and a waistcoat which keeps the torso looking trim yet formally decorated. What’s more is that you have plenty of room for creative flair, such as embedding pins on your waistcoat or wearing sleeve garters, giving you that modernized take on a fashion trend that has been long admired. Buying yourself a long coat preferably made out of cotton can help bring you that authentic feel and look which works so well in the winter. You can even go full 50’s and wear a fedora (so long as it’s modernized) to complete the look, but remember that this is a risky business these days dependent on the season you find yourself in and the country you live in. However, looking like a returning WW2 vet can never hurt, and can certainly help you with the opposite sex.

Facial Hair

Beards are more in season than ever, and that means a whole host of grooming considerations need to be made to look your best. Growing, maintaining and trimming a beard is harder than it looks, and so first and foremost finding a solid barber who can help you shape and trim it as it grows is of paramount importance. Purchasing and regularly using a beard oil can help the growth become more manageable after a shower, and can help you shape it in a more appealing way. Make sure that excess hairs surrounding the beard are trimmed and that the entire beard is at a uniform length.


Satchels, such as the briefcases used in decades past are usually of better quality than their modern counterparts, and as a result can be more valuable if properly cleaned. Not only that, but they are sure to last much long in their application because items were simply made better back then.Using one for your work usage can be a blast from the past, but it can truly help you stand out in your working or social environments.

These tips can help you imbue your style with new light, using the tips and styles of the old.

How To Be A Stylish Man In This Modern Culture

Pixabay Image Source: Black and white photograph of men’s fashion

We all know there are so many changes happening in the world we live in, especially now it’s the year 2017. Once you think you have an idea of how the world works, you’re proven wrong again. But what about when it comes to men’s fashion. Sure, you could study the runway and follow the latest fashion trends that way, but that’s far too easy. Don’t you want to figure out what your own style is, in this now modern cultured planet?

Here are the basic items you’ll need to get you started.

Get the watch

Once upon a time, it was a necessity that men wore watches. If they didn’t, they would feel incomplete. But nowadays, technology has improved so much that when we want to tell the time, we just take out our phones instead – but men, you’re doing it all wrong.

A watch isn’t just an accessory; it’s the start of a collection. You can change them for every outfit, and find one that’s suited for you – it’s your own signature piece.

Get the wallet

What kind of man are you if you don’t use a wallet? Where else do you put your notes and cards? – Don’t say in your pocket… Every man needs a wallet, and a slim one imparticular like on These are such stylish beauties that are sourced from top quality leather that has been made humanely and sustainably, by making sure it was used from the best farms.

They come in all sorts of colors to satisfy, as well as being durable by standing the test of time.

Get the shoes

Every man should own at least one good pair of shoes. Not the kind that you walk to work in, nor the kind that you work out in – the kind that makes you feel powerful. Go for something that offers a touch of sophistication and class. It should have an ever so slight heel and a leather sole, while the uppers are in a dark, luxurious textile like leather, or if you’re feeling super fancy – velvet. Velvet has been brought back and people – even more so designers – are loving it. Find the proof on So if you feel like making a statement while having the look, you know what to do.

Get the coat

If you like structure, then you will need to get yourself a trim topcoat. With this, it’s all about the angles, while your shoulders will be perfectly coated in a fabric that accentuates your lines, the rest of your body will be warmed by a smooth wool that stretches ever so slightly to give you that freedom, but keeps you controlled throughout the day. You can wear whatever you like underneath (within reason,) whether you’re feeling casual with a shirt, jeans and chelsea boots, or you’re in a suit – this will leave you looking and feeling like every man should, and that’s classic.