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Six 20th-Century Photographs of the Beach to Buy Now


Wanderlust was the genesis for Michael Hoppen’s online exhibition Sandy: “I was looking through images from our stock and thinking wouldn’t it be nice to be on that beach?” he confesses. It seems only fitting, then, that the images selected have us craving the seaside. With snapshots of everything from friends playing in the surf, to abstract meditations on the human body and the ever-changing coastline, the spirit of the seaside soaks you right…

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Susan Sarandon on Hanging Out With the Good Guys


How to accurately and concisely introduce Susan Sarandon? It’s not an easy assignment, given the prolific work that this actress, activist and humanitarian has produced over her almost five decades in the film industry. But many have been tasked to – whether on behalf of the Academy, for one of the five Best Actress Oscars she has been nominated for (she won one, too, for Dead Man Walking in 1996; at that ceremony Tom Hanks did an excellent job of it), or on the…

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Voyeuristic Photographs of Museum Visitors Looking at Art


Amsterdam-based photographer Caspar Claasen is a people watcher. “I am fascinated by extraordinary interactions between individuals and their everyday surroundings,” he notes. Believing that ordinary moments have the power to become short stories when photographed, Claasen’s exceptionally clever photo series Musea explores the world of museums, placing the spotlight onto the weird and wonderful ways in which we look at…

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Hussein Chalayan on Exploring his Family Heritage


“Most people who know me know that I am obsessed by migration, historical debate, geography and how they influence culture. I often ‘interrogate’ people I meet for the first time about their backgrounds as a warm up to the friendship. Around three and a half years ago, I decided to interrogate myself and to understand my ancient background, by taking a DNA test. I was trying to see the connections between my DNA results and the history of Cyprus. When the genetic anthropologist I was…

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A Poetic Musing on Life and Loss to Catch This Weekend


One cold December day in 2015, American director David Lowery found himself embroiled in a rare argument with his wife; he wanted to remain in his native Texas, surrounded by the visually enticing landscape that had inspired so many of his films, while she felt that a move to Los Angeles, where big commercial projects such as Lowery’s then-forthcoming Pete’s Dragon awaited him, was inevitable. “It was one of those moments in life where you step outside of yourself…

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This Wacky Withnail Follow-Up is an Absolute Must-See (2)

What if, after sloping off in the rain at the end of Withnail & I, Richard E Grant’s raging thespian had shelved his dreams of stardom for a six-figure job in advertising? That’s almost – but not quite – the premise of How to Get Ahead in Advertising, Bruce Robinson’s ill-fated follow-up to a beloved comedy classic.

In Robinson’s tale of two down-and-out actors propping up the bar as last orders is called on the 60s, Grant gave a star-making…

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Three Instagram Feeds Channelling Poolside Perfection


Once you’ve accrued holiday destination inspiration from Instagram and (hopefully) booked an escape, be sure to return to the app once more to perfect your vacation wardrobe. This Friday we’ve lined up three swimwear brands whose brilliant feeds provide both shopping and styling inspiration in one fell swoop, courtesy of campaign imagery, stills from legendary films and iconic works of…

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Meet the Emerging Designer Turning Luxury on its Head


AnOther has partnered with 1 Granary to create a series of Emerging Talent pieces, celebrating some of the most exciting upcoming creatives working in fashion design today.

“I went through the normal teenage time: listening to heavy metal on max volume, skateboarding and having a garage band, then I got into ska and reggae…” Korea-born, US-raised designer Rok Hwang is reminiscing about his teenage years, spent living in his family’s…

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An Interview With Jeanne Moreau


Jeanne Moreau is not only one of the great actresses of our time, she’s also a larger than life persona – a cult figure, and a heroine. She has worked with some of the most legendary movie directors of the 20th century: Welles, Cocteau, Antonioni, Buñuel, Fassbinder and of course had a close collaboration with François Truffaut. I first encountered her when I moved to Paris and met the actor Melvil Poupaud. In 2007, he starred in the François Ozon movie, Le Temps qui…

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The Offbeat Rom-Com You Need to See

The Big Sick (2017)

These days it’s rare to encounter a rom-com that serves as anything more than feel-good, hangover fodder: something you can switch on, and then switch off to, safe in the knowledge that everything will play out according to the ‘boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy wins girl back’ formula. Which is why The Big Sick, the new film from Pakistani-American comedian Kumail Nanjiani (best known as Dinesh in HBO comedy series Silicon Valley), is such a welcome…

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