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In Celebration of the World’s Oldest Film Festival

1 Pubblico nel cortile di Palazzo Ducale - foto Gi

It seems fitting that the first city in the world to host a film festival was one built on reflections. Venice is a place constantly remade and distorted in lapping waves, a network of streets where every sunrise appears cinematic, with a globe that bobs over a watery horizon. Illusions and tricks of light are a daily occurrence in the city; flickering rolls of projected film reel seem right at home. It feels inevitable that it was here, on the razor thin island of the…

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Mario Sorrenti’s Unseen Photographs of a Young Kate Moss


When I ask Mario Sorrenti what his favourite image of Kate Moss might be, he finds it impossible to choose from the hundreds he has taken throughout the 25 years they have known one another. “It’s very hard to say,” the Naples-born fashion photographer writes, over an email exchange. “There are so many that I love.” Indeed, it was an all-consuming love that brought the young Moss and Sorrenti together, when they met in the early 1990s; Moss was 17 at the…

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Jenny Holzer on the Power of the Word in Art


In the beginning was the word, and the word was art – though rarely do we conflate the two. Image and text are largely considered distinct forms that have rendered their application as distinct disciplines. Invariably, though, artists traverse boundaries to question, examine, provoke, entertain, exalt or otherwise engage with new ideas.

The word in art, as art, is a realm all its own, one inhabited by the few who dare to delve into its depths. Visual Language, a bi-coastal…

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The 1950s Richard Avedon Portrait Which Helped Define Modern Beauty

Marella Agnelli, aristocrat, New York, December 1953

“If Babe Paley and Marella Agnelli were both in Tiffany’s window, Marella would be more expensive,” Truman Capote once told Kate Graham, in whose honour he threw his legendary Black and White Ball. Donna Marella (née Princess Marella Caracciolo di Castagneto) was his European swan numero uno, the youngest of his lamentation of high society swans. She was a Neapolitan princess who married Italy’s richest man. Before that, she worked for Erwin Blumenfeld and…

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The Antwerp Six’s Most Elusive Member on Her New Collection


Walter Van Beirendonck, Ann Demeulemeester, Dries Van Noten, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs and Marina Yee were a bande of young fashion designers who graduated from Antwerp’s Royal Academy in the early 1980s. Despite the fact that each possessed a very different aesthetic, their collective avant-garde manifesto and radical approach to fashion – or, indeed, their rejection of established industry norms – garnered them the name <a…

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This Poetic Love Story Set in 1950s Poland is one of 2018’s Best Films

ColdWar_Still02 copy

In 2015, Polish director Paweł Pawlikowski scooped his first Oscar for Ida, the stunning black-and-white tale of a young trainee nun in 1960s Poland, who sets out on a voyage to unearth the secrets of her war-torn past. Speaking to the director prior to the film’s release, he told me with a chuckle that it was like a “fairy tale” that this “tiny Polish film… black and white with unknown actors” was his most commercially successful film to date – his previous three features, Last…

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Stella McCartney’s Sustainable New Sneaker, as Seen by The Earth Issue


Disbanding the idea that eco-friendliness means hemp trousers, matted beards and (God forbid) poi once and for all is The Earth Issue, a collective of artists and creatives that align art and environmentalism through exhibitions, talks, collaborative projects and publications (printed on 100-per-cent recycled paper with soy-based and vegetable inks, of course). Their raison d’être – to create from a place “in harmony with nature without having to disregard your…

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TEIxStella_03 TEIxStella_01 TEIxStella_04 TEIxStella_05 TEIxStella_06 TEIxStella_07 
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Calling a Rose a Rose: Jo Malone CBE on her Creative Calling

JPEG image-F41DD6523A84-12

Jo Malone, both the name and the woman behind it, has undergone a vast transformation in the last 25 years – but it is for this entire quarter century that she has lived her life as both a shopkeeper and an artist. “Those are the two things I think I am,” Malone says. “I love being both.” It’s a title she has crowned herself with – though as of this summer, she’s been dealt another: CBE. Anointed in June, the prestigious title nods to the extraordinary impact she’s made on…

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The 93-Year-Old Photographer Who Captured Hollywood’s Golden Years


93-year-old photographer Orlando Suero’s life’s work is finally receiving its due, with the August 30 publication of Orlando: Photography. The native New Yorker first took up photography in 1939 at the age of 14, when his father gave him a used Kodak Jiffy camera and he began to develop film in the bathroom of their Washington Heights apartment.

In May 1943, a few months before joining the Marines to…

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