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A Very Close Look at Five of Le Corbusier’s Buildings


Italian photographer Guido Guidi has held an enduring fascination with landscapes over the course of his 40-year career – and through his eyes, the category comprises not only rolling hills and photogenic horizons, but all of the tumbling down, the haphazardly erected and the quickly patched-up urban structures contemporary life necessitates. Perhaps because he began his working life as a student of architecture, or perhaps because his hometown of Cesena (in which he still…

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The New Capsule Collection Inspired by the Plague of Ocean Plastics


The relationship between fashion and art is one as old as time itself. Jacques-Louis David designed uniforms and fashion plates for the Directoire; Salvador Dalí partnered with Elsa Schiaparelli on Surrealist window displays and accessories; Yves Saint Laurent famously appropriated Piet Mondrian’s graphic paintings; Cindy Sherman became an unlikely face and collaborator of Comme des Garçons, while at Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs collaborated with several contemporary artists ranging from…

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Why On Chesil Beach is a Film We All Should See


Brits are famous for our “stiff upper lip” – that deeply rooted determination to keep pushing on, poker faced, no matter what kind of emotional chaos bubbles beneath the surface. Over the decades, of course, the tension has loosened, but there’s nothing like a good period drama to remind us of the prudishness that still lingers, no matter how faintly, in our collective consciousness. Enter: On Chesil Beach, an adaptation of Ian McEwan’s celebrated…

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The Story of Casa Susanna, a 1960s Escape for Gender Non-Conformists


In the late 1950s and early 60s, Tito Valenti, a court translator, and his wife Marie, who had a wig shop in Manhattan, transformed a property they had purchased with land deep in the Catskills near Hunter, New York, into a welcoming, non-judgemental resort for gender-nonconforming individuals. The couple named the hideaway Casa Susanna, using the name Tito went by when he dressed as a woman. Attendees of Casa Susanna would take photographs, documenting their experiences…

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Five Myths That Have Inspired Art Through the Ages


For over three thousand years, Greek and Roman mythology have given us a distinct cast of heroes, monsters, villains, gods and goddesses who have shaped popular culture. Flying Too Close to the Sun, a new book published by Phaidon, looks at how artists both old and new have interpreted these myths. Despite their fantastic nature, classical myths continue to capture our imaginations because the themes they explore are universal and timeless; love, heroism, ambition,…

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A Glimpse Inside the World’s Most Imaginative Shopping Spaces


Retail design and store architecture are conceived at the convergence of creativity, aspiration, lust and loyalty. Showcasing the best of this aesthetically pantomime realm, publisher Gestalten’s latest offering Shoplifter! takers the reader inside the guarded world of luxury retail, side-stepping the gatekeepers of brands such as Fendi, Hermès and Cartier with beautiful photography and an insight into the…

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The Fantastical Fellini Film That Imagines a Fashion Show at the Vatican


If this year’s Met Gala taught us anything, it’s that Catholicism lends itself quite seamlessly to caricature and costume. The ornate richness of Byzantine embellishment, the buttoned-up sobriety of a nun’s habit or red-and-gold splendour of ecclesiastical robes are particularly ripe for sartorial abstraction and sexual subversion, as explored in Andrew Bolton’s exhibition Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. Beyond semiotics, however, religious dress and fashion –…

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Meet Vivian Cherry: One of the First Female Street Photographers

Harlem, 1940s

In the 1940s, as the Second World War raged through Europe, a bustling New York found itself the cultural capital of the world. This was the decade that birthed the Beat Generation and Abstract Expressionism, and championed a radical realism in photography. “The older photographers working at this time wanted to make pictures that looked like paintings but reality was coming up, and that was really great,” explains photographer Vivian Cherry, who came of age in this exciting…

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3rd Avenue EL (Man) 3rd Avenue EL (Man at Dentist), 1955 Antoinette, Chelsea, 1954 Game of Guns, late 1940’s Game of Lynching, East Harlem, 1947 Harlem, 1940s 
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The Fashion Duo Taking Inspiration From the Power Women of 1960s Sci-Fi


If fashion were to have a scent, then for Laura and Deanna Fanning – the twin sisters who presented their Central Saint Martins MA collection under a single moniker, Laura Deanna Fanning – it might well be that of petrol fumes.

That was the smell in the air when they first encountered fashion in the pages of Italian Vogue as children in Australia, sat on stacks of the magazine in their mother’s aunt’s garage. The images inside were often torn out, and drawn…

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