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When Sophia Loren Played the Richest Woman in the World


It’s a truism that money can’t buy happiness, but in today’s consumer-driven culture it doesn’t hurt to be reminded. In The Millionairess, Italian icon Sophia Loren dazzles as an eccentric heiress on the lookout for love. Based on the 1936 play by George Bernard Shaw, this 1960 hit chronicles the adventures of Epifania, the wealthiest woman in the world, as she attempts to outsmart the terms of her father’s will, which dictates that she is unable to marry unless her…

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The Account Charting the Retro Interiors of Murder She Wrote


It’s no exaggeration to call American crime drama Murder, She Wrote iconic. Leading lady Jessica Fletcher, a mystery writer and civilian detective played by Angela Lansbury, is famed for her bold wardrobe of statement skirt suits and shoulder pads – not to mention the fact that the actress holds the record for most Golden Globe Best Actress wins in a TV drama series. The suspense-filled “whodunit” plot-lines helped the show garner 26 million views per week in its…

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Rick Owens on Assembling Archives for His Retrospective


“The horse fucking and fist-fucking videos? I don’t think Carolina Herrera has those on her résumé.” It’s June, a few days before the CFDA Awards, and Rick Owens and I are sitting in his garden in Paris, behind the concrete palace that has been home to him, his wife Michèle Lamy, and their business since 2003. He is about to be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the American fashion institution, and he is completely delighted by the prospect, unlikely as that…

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The Parisian Cabinet of Curiosities Loved by Wes Anderson

5 © Francis Hammond - Deyrolles un cabinet de curi

In the heart of Paris’ seventh arrondissement, just up the road from Café de Flore, is Deyrolle, an 1831-founded cabinet of curiosities. Stepping inside the storied institution is like nothing else, for housed in Deyrolle are many unforgettable objects and artefacts – notably animals, birds and insects preserved through taxidermy – that have been collected by the house since its inception. The pieces are available both to touch and to buy, meaning that Deyrolle strikes a…

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1 © Francis Hammond - Deyrolles un cabinet de curi 2 © Francis Hammond - Deyrolles un cabinet de curi 3 © Francis Hammond - Deyrolles un cabinet de curi 4 © Francis Hammond - Deyrolles un cabinet de curi 5 © Francis Hammond - Deyrolles un cabinet de curi 6 © Francis Hammond - Deyrolles un cabinet de curi 
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Photographs Capturing the Wonders of Mid-Century Iraq


Who? Latif Al Ani, born in 1932, chronicled the everyday surroundings of mid-century Iraq at a time when the country was experiencing a cultural ‘golden age’, where a cosmopolitan mindset and increasing openness flourished ahead of the outbreak of the Iran-Iraq war in 1980. For over three decades, Al Ani was considered the master of Iraqi photography, but the emergence of a totalitarian regime and devastating conflict robbed him of his creative impulse, and…

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The Obscure 1980s Jewish Rom-Com You Need to See


“I know lots of famous writers, publishers and editors! I organise the most prestigious reading series in New York! Me!” cries exasperated publisher Isabelle ‘Izzy’ Grossman, played by Amy Irving, at her Jewish grandmother, Bubbie, who is unwilling to let go of the fact that her granddaughter doesn’t want to embrace their family’s Fiddler on the Roof-esque traditions. Determined to play the role of match-maker in Izzy’s modern and secular life, Bubbie – portrayed by then…

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What Role Does Neon Play in Contemporary Culture?


Drive north away from the chaos of the Las Vegas Strip and you will find the Neon Museum, a gallery on a two-acre site which houses over 200 forgotten neon signs from the city’s last century. Visitors can walk around the boneyard and even pose for wedding photos amongst signs for Lady Luck and the Palms Casino Resort. The Strip itself is now dominated by giant LED screens – more adaptable and cost-effective – and the art of neon bending is in danger of dying out, with little…

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“Colour is Life”: A Candid Conversation With Joel Meyerowitz


There’s an element of magic, a certain ethereal candour that emanates from the work of Joel Meyerowitz. It could be the light, the movement, the frozen emotion, the tender spontaneity of a captured moment, or the irresistible variety of life itself. Most likely, it will be all of those things at once. “I embrace the complexities and contradictions of everyday life,” explains Meyerowitz, who for over five decades has been endlessly inspired by the vibrant energy of the urban…

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01_catskills_mountains_new_york_1963_ 03_new_york_city_1963 04_new_york_city_1963 05_new_york_city_1963 16_longnook_beach_truro_massachusetts_1983 20_laundry_provincetown_massachusetts_1977 
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The Landmark Erotic Fragrance that Changed the Perfume World


70 years since its creation, Robert Piguet’s perfume Fracas retains its mystique. Still described by perfumers as the game-changing tuberose scent, Fracas has a heady history from its birth in a couture salon to gracing the skin of subversive female figures like Madonna, Courtney Love and Isabella Blow. Piguet taught the late greats of French fashion, but his influence continued to permeate with his fragrance adorning the catwalks of Alexander…

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