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David Bowie’s Art Collector on His Enduring Impact


David Bowie was a master of the creative universe, a maestro of visual expression and a kaiser of the cross-pollination of the arts. His reach was far-flung across music, film, fashion and art, with the latter leading his support for the young generations of artists pushing their way through a deeply congested art market. As well as working as the curator for Allbright, owning her own contemporary art gallery in ROKEBY, and as working as a freelance art consultant,…

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A Tribute to Sonia Rykiel’s Famous Red Hair


“Her instantly recognisable and quintessentially French flame-haired, alabaster-skinned, dramatically dressed appearance has captured the imagination of artists including Andy Warhol, Giacometti and Jean Cocteau,” wrote Susannah Frankel in AnOther Magazine’s S/S08 issue. Frankel was, of course, referring to the late designer Sonia Rykiel, whose personal appearance was emblematic…

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The Spectral Power of a 1975 Movie About Girls Lost in the Outback


“What we see or what we seem are but a dream, a dream within a dream.” So begins Peter Weir’s Picnic at Hanging Rock (1975), a dreamscape in which appearances are revealing and deceptive in equal measure. 

The film is based on Joan Lindsay’s 1967 novel, which tells the tale of one fateful Valentine’s Day in central Victoria in 1900. On a school trip to the geological marvel of Hanging Rock, a rare volcanic formation over 6,000,000 years old, three schoolgirls…

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Sculptures Revealing a Fashion Designer’s Creative Process

MarieValognes_x_ROBERTS _ WOOD 04

There has a been a growing tendency among young designers to do away with the traditional runway show completely. Whether choosing impressively realised presentations, intimate showings for editors behind closed doors or one-off printed publications as alternative ways to communicate their work, it is an approach both imaginative and pragmatic. 

Nottingham-born, London-based Katie Roberts-Wood is one such designer. For her latest collection under eponymous label ROBERTS |…

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MarieValognes_x_ROBERTS _ WOOD 01 MarieValognes_x_ROBERTS _ WOOD 02 MarieValognes_x_ROBERTS _ WOOD 03 MarieValognes_x_ROBERTS _ WOOD 04 MarieValognes_x_ROBERTS _ WOOD 05 MarieValognes_x_ROBERTS _ WOOD 06 
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Fashion’s Favourite Rabbit is Named After Drag Race’s Latrice Royale


Named after RuPaul’s Drag Race season four’s very own Miss Congeniality, Latrice Royale, Alexander Fury’s Dutch Cross rabbit Latrice has much in common with his namesake. “Like that Latrice, mine is large and in charge, chunky yet funky, big bold and beautiful, honey,” says Fury. Latrice the rabbit also enjoys a moment in the spotlight: Fury met the weeks-old kitten – the name given to both baby cats and rabbits – on a photoshoot, and Latrice has since been shot by…

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The Artist Creating Holiday Photographs of Places He’s Never Visited


If ever you’ve taken a photograph with the Eiffel Tower pressed between your fingers, or pretended to rest against the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you’ll be familiar with the ubiquity of “holiday content” – the photographs we take when we’re away, and which everybody else takes too.

It’s unlikely you’ve examined this phenomena to quite the same extent that Thomas Albdorf has, though. The Vienna-based artist focuses his practice on the intersection of photography and…

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Chanel’s Loving Ode to the Literary Life of Paris


To describe Karl Lagerfeld as well read would be an understatement. He is a man who famously buys books in triplicate, and resides in apartments lined floor-to-ceiling with books stacked horizontally (the better to fit more in). So his dedication of the Autumn/Winter 2018 Chanel Haute Couture collection to the literary life of Paris was second nature. Paris is the city in which Lagerfeld has chosen to live and work throughout his long and…

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The Dynamic Duo Behind Paparazzi Self-Portraits of the 70s

5 Angela Davis, c. 1975-79 from 'Bettie's FemmeFol

In the mid-70s, the term “paparazzi” was beginning to seep into the cultural consciousness through a dazzling combination of art and life. While Federico Fellini’s 1961 film La Dolce Vita introduced the word “paparazzi” (Italian for “mosquito”), it was not until American photographer Ron Galella showed the world just what a paparazzo was willing to do to get the shot that it truly become part of everyday parlance; in 1973, Marlon Brando broke his jaw with a single…

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1 An dy Warhol, 1975 from 'Paparazzi Self-Portraits 2 William Burroughs, 1975 from 'Paparazzi Self-Por 3 George de Salvio and Bob Albi c. 1975-79 from 'P 4 Joan Jett, c. 1978 from 'Paparazzi Self-Portrait 5 Angela Davis, c. 1975-79 from 'Bettie's FemmeFol 6 Susan Sontag, c. 1975-79 from 'Bettie's FemmeFol 
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Eight of the Best Films We Saw at the Edinburgh Film Festival


The Edinburgh International Film Festival – the world’s longest continually running festival – has always been dedicated to finding new voices, celebrating the best of British and making sure there’s room for whatever slice of sparkly new animation Disney-Pixar has to offer. As it calls time for its 72nd year, AnOther examines the best of some 121 films that were part of this year’s programme.

1. Wild Nights with Emily

The ill-formed myth surrounding Emily…

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