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How Lee Miller Reinvented Herself as a Gourmet Chef


To many, Lee Miller’s name has been but a footnote in the history of photography and Surrealism, as she never achieved the household-name status her former mentor and lover Man Ray received (thanks in part to their collaborations). A fellow artist, a muse to Jean Cocteau, and a model swept off the streets and onto the cover of Vogue by Mr. Conde Nast himself, to those that know it, Miller’s legacy is entrenched in photography.

Beyond the pioneering Surrealist…

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Alexander McQueen’s Medieval Answer to Haute Couture


Sleeveless asymmetric top, Alexander McQueen

Cashmere voile with with Samplers embroidery

The earliest variety of English textile art can be traced back to the craft of Opus Anglicanum, a term for the ecclesiastical embroidery produced by a close-knit community of London-based workers during the Middle Ages. Incorporating silk, velvet and linen, with the lines of the needlework accented with golden thread, this painstaking process was often executed by women who worked…

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The Hand-Painted Film Unravelling the Mystery of Van Gogh

Loving Vincent, 2017

“We wanted to surprise people; to show them that there’s still something very new that you can see in the cinema, even now when there are so many films and TV series being produced all the time,” says Hugh Welchman, the co-director of Loving Vincent, an animated whydunnit centred on the death of Vincent van Gogh and told entirely in oil paint. The mesmerising film is comprised of 65,000 individual frames, which were hand-painted by a team of over 100 artists, using…

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The Artist Using an Algorithm to Generate Rose Petals


In August 2016, artist Sarah Meyohas undertook an extraordinary installation in the atrium of the former Bell Labs complex – a scientific research and development laboratory based in New Jersey. Over the course of several days, 16 temp workers plucked and photographed the individual petals from 10,000 roses, creating a digital data set with the results. Afterwards, the artist worked with a team of machine-learning experts to…

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Sex, Fashion & Disco: Inside the World of Antonio Lopez


Some golden Sunday. Probably 1967. Although no one remembers the date, models Donna Jordan and Jane Forth recall with perfect clarity the Technicolor moment they met Antonio Lopez at Central Park’s Bethesda Fountain. They were teenagers. Lopez, the Puerto Rican-born, Harlem-raised fashion genius, would have been about 24.

“Those were wild, hippie times when everybody gathered [at the fountain],” says Jordan in James Crump’s new film, Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex,…

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How to Wear Your Winter Coat, Inspired by 1990s Campaigns


The winter coat is an investment piece to be unpacked and de-mothballed every October – but loyal though you may be to the cut and colour of your favoured outer layer, styling tricks surrounding it change from year to year. In preparation for a cold snap, we looked to the 1990s’ unforgettable fashion campaigns for A/W17 inspiration. Whether a belted trench, a shiny silk jacket or fluffy overcoat , there’s something to cater for every need.

1. With…

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Sam McKnight on Supers, Powder, Wigs and Champagne


Sam McKnight has been creating iconic hair moments for Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler since the early 90s and helped usher in the label’s relationship with some of the world’s most famous supermodels. A 30-page portfolio in AnOther Magazine Autumn/Winter 2017 examines the impact of pioneers Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler, and would be incomplete without the voices of their key collaborators. This talk with Sam McKnight is…

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The Photographer Capturing Amateur Image-Makers in China

China Plate 15

New York-based photographer Elizabeth Heyert was well established in the commercial world before she began working on her own experimental fine art projects. Her unconventional, conceptual series depicting post mortem figures (The Travelers) and photographs taken through a one-way mirror (The Narcissists) could not be further from her glossy images for Vogue and Architectural Digest, and yet quickly gained her critical acclaim. For her…

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China Plate 1 China Plate 2 China Plate 3 China Plate 4 China Plate 5 China Plate 6 
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Polly Brown’s Provocative Parody of Contemporary Art

1performances polly brown-2

“Some of the sanctity of the church, the formality of the courtroom, the mystique of the experimental laboratory joins with chic design to produce a unique chamber of aesthetics,” critic Brian O’Doherty writes, in a series of essays on the ‘white cube’ gallery, written for Art Forum in 1976. To this day, in the ‘aesthetic chambers’ that O’Doherty so pertinently describes, contemporary art is displayed in an immaculate state, set against the backdrop of clinical white walls. In a new…

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3performances polly brown 1performances polly brown-2 2performances polly brown 4performances polly brown 5performances polly brown 6performances polly brown 
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