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Photographing the Well-Loved Plants of London Shop Windows


“It’s so funny actually, when you start looking they are everywhere,” London-based photographer Oskar Proctor says of plants that peek through windows of homes and shopfronts. Sometimes they’re gargantuan in size and sometimes miniscule, but they’re always very much part of the furniture. Proctor has created a series of photographs of said greenery in collaboration with florist Nik Southern, founder of London’s…

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Inside the Factory Producing Silk for Fashion Royalty


Who? Sudbury-based Gainsborough Silks was founded in 1903 by Reginald Warner, 60 miles outside of the English county of Suffolk, where the factory remains to this day. Named after the Romantic-era painter Thomas Gainsborough, Warner hailed from a design background and his father Metford Warner established Jeffrey and Co., the first major manufacturers of wallpaper for the arts and crafts movement, who hand-blocked the intricate botanical designs…

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The Painter Behind the Girl With a Pearl Earring


Who? Although only around 35 of his paintings are known to exist, Johannes Vermeer (1632 – 1675) is still considered the undisputed master of ‘genre painting’ – an artform that focuses on the beauty of everyday. His depictions of domestic interiors bathed in soft golden light – not to mention the women who appear in them – are so enigmatic that they seem truly alive. He best known work, Girl with a Pearl Earring, features a young woman’s alluring…

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Hubert de Givenchy on Audrey Hepburn and the Scent of Silk

Hubert de Givenchy et Audrey Hepburn, Paris © Coll

Opportunities to meet the originators of fashion as we know it today are few and far between. So speaking with Hubert de Givenchy, the legendary founder of the eponymous French fashion house, at the opening of a new retrospective in his honour, was an unforgettable occasion. Dressed in a beige linen suit, black tie and tinted aviator glasses, Mr Givenchy is statuesque and elegant ­– and although his six-foot-six frame is supported by two walking sticks, he is as powerful a…

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The Photographer Who Redefined Realism in Post-War Japan


Despite his exceptional fame in his native Japan, Domon Ken has remained largely unrepresented overseas. This is probably in part because the man himself had no decided interest in the world beyond his native shores, preferring to point his camera at the rapidly changing society he had always called home. His unwavering commitment to social realism earned him a reputation as ‘the devil of photoreportage’, and his tenacious devotion to his craft was matched only by his…

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Tilda Swinton’s Most Fabulous Character to Date


“God the English are a queer bunch; Lady Ottoline Morrell was the queerest. She was fucking the gardener, and Russell.” This is the line that a young Ludwig Wittgenstein daintily uses to introduce Tilda Swinton’s depiction of the historical figure in Derek Jarman’s Wittgenstein (1993). Originally written by literary theorist Terry Eagleton, the script was reworked by the auteur of queer arthouse cinema to examine the politics and sexuality of the…

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A Definitive List of the Best Sunglasses for Summer


At long last, summer is finally upon us. Not only does such a season present a re-up of Vitamin D, opportunities for M&S-catered picnics and trips to Hampstead’s Sapphic fantasia the ladies’ pond, but it also offers the opportunity to refresh one’s accessories – and purchasing a new pair of sunglasses is, in many ways, an experience of unparalleled joy. After all, they are one of the cheapest investments you can make for your wardrobe, yet can be worn daily: essentially, they are the…

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Sofia Coppola’s Colour Palettes


To watch a Sofia Coppola film is to be transported to an alternate universe, defined by her fondness for soft, natural lighting, meandering, drawn-out shots, and, most notably of all, sumptuous pastel hues. But while there’s no denying that her films look good enough to eat, there’s more to the American director’s distinct aesthetic than first meets the eye, her films’ visual codes serving to reflect the emotional journeys of her protagonists. As video essayist Jacob T.…

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These Crystal-Fringed Shoes Will Help Perfect Your Balance

MLS_AnOther_Loves_Zanotti_Heels_2 (1)

Pink suede sandal with crystal fringe, Giuseppe Zanotti

Suede upper, leather sole

Some of us find walking in heels to be a very simple task. For others, the mere thought of slipping on a pair of stilettos is akin to torture, with the threat of tripping over and falling flat on your face at any given moment a real and present danger. Then there are those who take to wearing precarious forms of footwear as part of their profession; be they ballerinas or drag queens,…

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The Skin-Saving Sunscreens You Need in Your Life


In theory, our acknowledgement of the urgent need to apply sunscreen on a daily basis has come on leaps and bounds since a time when slathering on tanning oil and wizening yourself in the sun was deemed acceptable behaviour. But in practice, how many of us actually carry out this important part of a skincare ritual regularly enough?

Far from just a preventative aesthetic measure – prematurely crepey skin and lobster red sunburn are certainly not looks to covet – we…

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