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Artist Jesse Draxler on finding clarity through greyscale


“When I began working exclusively in greyscale is when everything seemed to start to make sense,” says artist and illustrator Jesse Draxler of his dark, brooding style that combines collaged photography and painting, manifesting in large-scale paintings or commissioned illustrations. “It’s as if by freeing my mind from having to think about colour I had gained a greater clarity for everything else, like when someone loses a sense their other senses heighten to compensate.” Jesse suspects that his preference for a black and white palette is informed by the fact he’s colour blind, or “colour deficient” as he calls it. “Though I don’t put too much weight behind just that.”

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Superimpose Studio on the impact of Brexit on the creative industries


Swindled. It’s one simple word, but one which sparked an entire movement for Services Unknown, a platform run by London’s Superimpose Studio that explores issues facing the creative industries. It’s latest campaign – #Swindled – aims to facilitate a new discussion around Brexit, seeking an outcome that works for everyone. Having originally conceived the campaign for anti-Brexit group Best for Britain, Superimpose Studio decided to produce #Swindled itself after momentum stalled. The studio’s creative director Ollie Olanipekun opens up to It’s Nice That about the independently funded national campaign and the wider implications of Brexit on the creative industries.

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Wieden+Kennedy Portland create Studio Ghibli-style animation for Travel Oregon


Wieden+Kennedy Portland have released a new campaign for Travel Oregon, Oregon’s Tourism Commission. Suitably spring like, the 90-second film titled Only Slightly Exaggerated bears all the intoxicating hallmarks of a Studio Ghibli classic, but with the addition of Oregon’s famous natural features including the Three Sisters mountain range and activities such as the Portland Dragon Boat Race.

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A chat with the anonymous archivist behind vintage smut celebration Hardcore Decor


Ah, the Internet! Wonderland of geeks, freaks and the most niche of all niches. However obscure your interests – the interior design featured in 70s porn, for example – there’s the opportunity to go hard, eherm, into an endless research vortex. Hardcore Decor is one such rabbit hole. It’s an anonymous Instagram account celebrating the wild, daring style of vintage skin mags and luckily for you we managed to tempt its creator out of obscurity.

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Photographer James Perolls’ soft, romantic dreamscapes


You may already be familiar with James Perolls’ whimsical, sun-kissed photographs. Having worked with big names like iD, Dazed and American Apparel, the young photographer has already accumulated a vast portfolio of accomplished work. But a career in photography hasn’t always been on the horizon for James. The Brighton-born photographer spent years working in a corporate job as a pricing strategist, taking pictures of his friends and family as a side-hobby. His decision to move to Berlin three years ago was what changed James’ course. With no formal training and little experience, James developed his expert photographic eye through trial and error.

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New York public art project spreads empowering messages in the form of protest banners


Public art programme Times Square Arts and artist collective House of Trees have been collaborating on the public art project Word on the Street over the past year. Word on the Street was originally created by House of Trees who exhibited banners from last year’s Women’s March (2017). It has since evolved, consisting of political banners conceptualised and produced by renowned female artists alongside Texas-based female refugee fabricators.

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John Morgan Studio to create identity and book for the British Pavilion at Venice Biennale


John Morgan Studio has been commissioned to create the visual identity and accompanying book for Island, the British Pavilion at the 16th International Architecture Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, which opens in May. The pavilion has been designed by Caruso St John Architects in collaboration with artist Marcus Taylor and will be comprised of a roof-top public space inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Brexit and Venice’s vulnerability to the sea.

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