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Plans for Thomas Heatherwick’s Garden Bridge officially abandoned


The Garden Bridge Trust has announced the controversial project has been officially abandoned after failing to raise the private funds for it to be completed. Designed by Thomas Heatherwick’s architecture studio with engineers Arup and landscape designer Dan Pearson, the bridge was originally announced in 2013 but came under fire for its rising cost and plans for its use.

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Kayla Buium parodies the human race through expressive paintings and surreal creatures


Kayla Buium always knew she wanted to pursue a career in art. Her first ventures as an artist began at a young age, which involved taking commissions from friends at school. “I remember in second grade we used to use pencil ‘tips’ as currency. I would make flash pages of drawings and charge kids different ‘tip prices’ for the drawings,” says Kayla. “During recess I was always busy trying to keep up with commissions. Not much has changed since then.”

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Renowned 60s poster designer Nigel Waymouth creates "psychedelic” new work for Hong Kong gallery


A retrospective of Nigel Waymouth’s “bold and psychedelic” work is being held at Joyce Cabinet, Hong Kong, for The Golden Needle exhibition. Featuring the artist’s work from the 1960s, when he designed posters for musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd and Soft Machine, Nigel has also created a new commission for the gallery.  

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Aardman’s first VR animation transports users to the heart of the refugee crisis


Aardman and BBC Research & Development have released We Wait, a virtual reality experience that gives users a visceral depiction of a migrants journey from Turkey to Greece. The film will be previewed on 16 August at Publicis UK for the exhibition, There’s a Good Immigrant, which is set to “celebrate the creativity and diverse perspectives that migrants bring to British culture and the creative industries,” says Publicis UK in an announcement.

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Tessa Chong and Lee Arkapaw’s dream-like video is a “mash-up of banal things”


Melbourne-based animator Tessa Chong has created a music video for Australian artist Super Magic Hats’ track Sleepless with fellow director Lee Arkapaw. “The film is about that moment between sleep and wakefulness, which we only recently realised had a name – hypnogogia. It’s a weird transitional state where you feel like you are in two realities at the same time,” explains Tessa. To communicate this weightless, ethereal feeling, the video portrays a series of “mash-ups of fairly banal things” with random objects, people and place morphing into each other.

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