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From witty still lifes to wacky illustrations, we introduce three talents at JSR


London-based creative management agency JSR represents artists in the fields of photography, illustration, CGI and moving image. Launched in 2005 by Jamie Stephen the agency now represents more than 40 artists, comprising a mix of established and emerging talent. It’s Nice That has selected three of the represented creatives for you to check out.h3. Andy Rudak

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The Hague ablaze – the story of the world’s greatest bonfire rivalry


There’s something entirely transfixing about a bonfire. It’s easy to catch your thoughts drifting off as you stare into the red and orange hues, only to be roused when a log finally gives in to the flames, restructuring the pile of burning debris; sparks piercing the empty sky above the blaze. Bonfires possess intriguing and conflicting qualities – in equal measures they’re terrifying and enthralling, dangerous and celebratory. Here, in England, we light them to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night every November, marking the failure of the Gunpowder Plot of 1605. In Southern Louisiana, USA, bonfires are lit on Christmas Eve along the levees of the Mississippi River to guide Papa Nöel. In Turkey, it’s May which sees the controlled fires cropping up across the country to honour Hidirellez Day, believed to be the first day of spring and the awakening of nature.

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Nature boy: illustrator Sam Hinton’s work will make you want to embrace the great outdoors


Cider and Ikea played starring roles in illustrator Sam Hinton’s semi-rural upbringing. Life in Wellington, a sleepy market town seven miles from the metropolis that is Taunton, Somerset, was reassuringly quiet. Bus trips to nearby villages took up his days, and his evenings were spent ambling into off-licenses and around playing grounds.

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A leisure centre in Stockport is officially the UK’s worst architectural eyesore


What comes to mind when you’re asked to think about Stockport? Maybe it’s the fact that the dulcet tones of broadcaster Joan Bakewell were shaped by the town, or the fact that former NBA star John Amaechi grew up there. Perhaps the very mention of the word sends you into a slobbering wreck, writhing with pleasure over memories of memorable meals eaten at the much raved about Where The Light Gets In. Whatever it is, that’s all about to change, as the Greater Manchester town has a new claim to fame.

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Quentin Lacombe constructs a personal cosmology blurring the boundaries of science and metaphor in Event Horizon


“I try to find a balance between the aestheticisation of the project, its structure, and its message,” explains Lausanne-based photographer Quentin Lacombe of his experimental documentary practice. Taking its name from the astronomical term, Quentin’s project Event Horizon, strikes this balance in its intriguing concept, thorough design sensibility and acutely referential imagery.

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Grace Wales Bonner wins the Emerging Design Medal for her outstanding fashion design


Grace Wales Bonner is no ordinary menswear fashion designer. Her practice encompasses critical theory, literature and historical sources, allowing her practice to flourish with a collision of cultures. Grace’s work is fuelled by her father’s Jamaican heritage, sparking an interest in black male identity across history. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that Grace has been awarded the medal for Emerging Design at this year’s London Design Medals.

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Time Out talk us through five of its most striking covers in celebration of its 50th birthday


Ever since the Romans ambled over from the mainland, booted dear old Boudica out of her own turf and turned a bit of riverside land into a bustling little town, London has been a city in flux, an ever-changing testament to the multiplicity of the metropolitan experience. That experience is wonderful, frustrating, illuminating, alienating, incredible, and dreadful all at once, and it is an experience that Time Out magazine has spent the past 50 years attempting to distil it into a weekly dispatch that surveys everything from car boot sales in Annerley to small plate Japanese-Latvian fusion restaurants in Wandsworth.

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Photographer Stefanie Moshammer explores the fantasy figures we create in our heads


In March 2014, Stefanie Moshammer received a frightening letter through the post. Troy C had written the photographer a love letter, although he had only met her once, and the two had only had a brief conversation. Stalkers are everyone’s worst nightmare – they lead to paranoia, and the feeling that someone is just behind you, watching you and tracing your every step.

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