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Photographer Fred Lahache captures Morocco through the eyes of his childhood friend


When you’re a kid, stories of your mates’ exotic holidays to anywhere further than Bognor warrant considerable fuel for the imagination. For Paris-based photographer Fred Lahache, his best mate Hamza’s visits to Morocco would inspire hours of conversation between the two 12-year-olds, with Fred captivated by the very different experience of his closest pal. “I remember the stories he would tell me after each summer in Morocco with his family – the time of year we could not be together for a while,” says Fred. His latest project Looking for Hamza is an ode to the power of these stories and Morocco as an imagined destination – a visual diary of a holiday together that the pair never had.

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John Malkovich plays iconic David Lynch characters in photo series by Sandro Miller


A series of large-scale photos by Sandro Miller showing actor John Malkovich posing as iconic David Lynch characters is currently on show at New York’s Joshua Liner Gallery. Part of the David Lynch-curated art and music event The Festival of Disruption, the exhibition is titled Psychogenic Fugue and is the New York premiere of a project which started out as a series of film vignettes.

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Marion Deuchars on how to make a great picture book


The idiosyncratic brushwork and hand-drawn typography of illustrator Marion Deuchars is instantly recognisable, and have charmed children and grown-ups alike in her many books. Recently, Marion has been both educating and inspirational in her books about the art world, particularly in Bob the Artist, which aims to teach kids about well-known artistic techniques while also encouraging individuality. The new follow-up Bob’s Blue Period is about expressing emotions through creativity, and is loosely based, she explains, on Picasso’s story of loss.

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David Kasnic
 sees photography as a collaboration between artist and sitter


In his latest book Alpha and Omega, photographer David Kasnic turns his lens on a regional community church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and presents striking portraits of the local neighbourhood. The Chicago-based photographer spent his time getting to know the local families, engaging in local church practices, and asking his sitters how they would want to be photographed. It is this thoughtful approach that renders Alpha and Omega a unique insight into an otherwise tightly-knit community.

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Yishu Wang’s wonderfully disorientating photography


Yishu Wang’s photography is bound to make you stop, look, look again and finally admit that you have no clue what’s going on. From overview shots of hundreds of uniformed men dressed in red suits to Orwellian CCTV structures, Yishu’s portfolio is wonderfully disorientating. Based in Wuzhen, a scenic town near Shanghai, Yishu has worked as a top photojournalist in Chinese media for the past 15 years. His job has offered Yishu endless opportunities to travel extensively across China from large metropolises to remote villages, documenting what he sees as he goes. “Many viewers have told me that my photography is similar to literature in that the images seem to have plots. But when I was taking the photos, I wasn’t thinking about narratives. I was just relaxed and receptive to any scenario that came my way,” Yishu tells It’s Nice That.

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A chat with Kwes and his three-year-old niece Midi on the record sleeve they’ve made together


For Warp signing Kwes’ latest EP, Songs For Midi, the musician, songwriter and record producer has created an electronic ode to his family. Midi is Kwes’ three-year-old niece, and the six-song EP began just as she was born, building songs from their interactions, the sounds of her toys and his cousins old toys too. It was only apt then that Midi, and the whole family really, had a creative hand in its artwork too.

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