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Founded in 2007, It’s Nice That is a publishing platform that encompasses several different online, print and events offerings as part of its mission of championing creativity across the art and design world.

Radical Essex is a publication that aims to uproot the county’s misguided stereotypes


Essex as a county has been historically judged by misguided stereotypes, summed up in the Spitting Image’s anthem, Essex is Crap. Radical Essex is an ongoing project dating back to 2016 that aims to uproot these malignant categorisations; it “re-examines the history of the county concerning radicalism in thought, lifestyle, politics and architecture, and sheds light on the region’s vibrant, pioneering thinking throughout the twentieth century”.

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Liverpool’s 10th Biennial asks the question: "beautiful world, where are you?"


Marking its 20th anniversary, 2018’s Liverpool Biennial of Contemporary Arts asks artists to respond to the theme “beautiful world, where are you?” The “question is derived from a 1788 poem by German poet Friedrich Schiller”, a poem which describes a world gripped by uncertainty, in social, political and environmental turmoil – issues still relevant today. Spread across the entire city, the 10th Liverpool Biennial invites more than 40 artists from 22 countries to “reconsider our past”, while also “advancing a new sense of beauty that might be shared in a more equitable way”.

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Territory Studio designs media for James Bond experience in the Austrian mountains


Set upon the summit of Gaislachkogl, an icy, snow-capped mountain in Sölden, Austria, a striking new modernist gallery has been built. It houses a breathtaking new exhibit, 007 Elements, the world’s first cinematic installation dedicated to the world of James Bond. The visitor journeys through a series of high tech, interactive galleries, “each distilling the craft of the signature elements that define a Bond film”. It is an immersive, educational experience “that places the guests inside the world of 007 while also revealing how that world is made”.

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Beci Orpin and Carla McRae’s exhibition, Out of Bounds, explores the notion of play


Beci Orpin and Carla McRae have collaborated on an exhibition at Boom Gallery that explores the notion of “play”. Play is an essential part of childhood — that “time spent without purpose in exploration, losing track of the hours”. However, as we get older expectation entails that we grow out of it. For their joint exhibition, Beci and Carla look to explore “the way that these spaces can be cultivated as adults and how we can tap back into those headspaces. Because they’re still there”, they tell It’s Nice That, “they’ve just shifted forms”.

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For Noon, joy lies in the quality and uniqueness of the final product


Since its conception Noon “has always set out to consider what it means to be alive today”, Jasmine Raznahan, founder and editor, tells It’s Nice That. The SS18 issue is based around joy; they asked collaborators who “they felt aligned conceptually with the concept” to respond to the theme via a series of different lenses: “purity, repose, intimacy, love, shame and details”. These abstract sub-headings are representative of the thoughtful style we typically associate with Noon; a magazine that succeeds in bringing together its contributors in a harmonious, critical whole. “Each of the lenses became a story”, Jasmine explains, “and each of the stories became one of sixteen parts that all explored a common theme”. The sections are threaded together beautifully, gathered in unison by text and image.

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Four Corners Books announces its next publication


Four Corners Books has just announced the next book in its Irregulars series titled, Leeds Postcards, a celebration of the independent postcard press. For the past four decades, independent postcard press Leeds Postcards has been making oppositional, inspiring images; activism by design. The cards are not of Leeds; the name represents a defiant rejection of the hegemony of London. The images cover a fascinating range of domestic and international politics, causes and campaigns, creating, in their own unique and graphically inventive way a record of the struggles as well as the progressive political triumphs from 1979 to the present day. 

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Get tickets now for Nicer Tuesdays July


Tickets are now available for our next Nicer Tuesdays event, taking place on the evening of 31 July at Oval Space. Our speaker line-up this month features illustrator Nadine Redlich, animator Sophie Koko Gate and design studio Flat-e with our fourth speaker to be announced shortly.Nadine Redlich is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Dusseldorf and will be joining us for July’s Nicer Tuesdays to give an insight into her quick-witted illustrations. With a knack for turning uncomfortable feelings into simple yet altogether hilarious images, she has previously created work for The New York Times and Zeit magazine. Her talk will highlight how she turns the silliest and most embarrassing of moments into comic strips so relatable, they make you squirm. London-based animator and director Sophie Koko Gate graduated from the Royal College of Art and has been impressing with her immense illustrative skill ever since. Having worked for the likes of Google Pixel, Ace & Tate and Airbnb, Sophie’s work is intricate and accomplished, not to mention funny and ever so slightly weird. At this month’s event, she’ll be talking us through an animation for Adult Swim and performing a mini set with her band John Daker. To accompany Daniel Avery’s latest album Song for Alpha, London-based design studio Flat-e created a fully visual, merging and looping interpretation of the album spanning just over an hour. With a portfolio packed full of live show visuals for various musical artists, its this latest project that the studio will be telling us all about at this month’s event. As the album plays with exploring “the space in which home listening and club music intersect,” Flat-e will explain its response to this and how it created something which can be watched at home, or on a night out.

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