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Pride in London launches mammoth campaign by WCRS, Love Happens Here


Featuring work by 30 illustrators and a series of TV ads directed by Fred Scott, Pride in London’s 2017 campaign by WCRS is mammoth. It aims to mark 50 years since the partial decriminalisation of homesexuality in England and Wales, with widespread presence across London on everything from fly posters to billboards and Underground screens, as well as the ads running on Channel 4 during every programme.

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Burberry Foundation awards £3 million to RCA for material futures research


Burberry and the Royal College of Art have established the Burberry Material Futures Research Group, supported by a £3 million grant from The Burberry Foundation. According to the RCA, this will be the first explicit STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) research centre to exist at a traditional art and design university. It will focus on inventing sustainable materials, transforming consumer experience and advancing manufacturing “for the benefit of industry and the wider community".

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Christabel Forbes depicts the community, colours and bustle of Modinagar, India


As an artist inspired by the day-to-day goings-on of public space, Christabel Forbes found a wealth of new inspiration when on residency in India. Part of the Royal Drawing School and International Institute of Fine Arts programme that selected four artists for the residency in Modinagar, a small village near New Delhi, Christabel looked to soak up the atmosphere.

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Anthony Gerace presents “And Another Thing …”: a new book of artworks and collages


Artist Anthony Gerace presents his new monograph And Another Thing… a collection of artworks and collages spanning the last seven years. The book, published by Ain’t Bad editions, contains 128 pages of work and is printed in a limited run of 700 copies. “What I wanted to do with this book was present where the work was going and the work I have been dealing with for a long time,” the artist explains. The book contains collages executed with precision and control, providing a wealth of information that can be interpreted at speed, or carefully picked apart and decoded. Each work is unified by a precision and depth that demands attention from the reader.

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Caña celebrates the humble pint


The man behind design/travel site James Davidson got in contact to tell us about Caña, an independent print magazine – launching with an accompanying exhibition – which plots the relationship of the humble pint and the creative world. “I have always loved beer, long before the craft beer explosion I was drinking real ale, warm and cloudy – naturally, the craft beer thing swept me up and when I moved to Barcelona three years ago, I befriended the guys behind a fledgling brewery and the obsession grew exponentially,” he explains.

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V&A marks 50 years of “revolutionary” Oz magazine by acquiring the Felix Dennis Oz Archive


The V&A has acquired the Felix Dennis Oz Archive, marking 50 years since the first UK publication of underground magazine, Oz. Felix Dennis was co-editor of the magazine, which was published between 1967 and 1973 and the publication “sought to challenge the establishment and encapsulated the spirit of the 60s and 70s counterculture”.

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Animade director Milo Targett tackles role play in this series of funny and absurd shorts


“I wanted to take the excitement and escapism of role-playing then apply it to excessively mundane objects. The series almost looks like a support group for mixed-up, confused individuals who get off on dressing up as appliances and machinery,” explains Animade director Milo Targett on his series of shorts. The project first made an appearance in March, when Milo released a taster of some of the films, and he’s just released two more to complete the series. “It has taken about two months all-in, but I’ve had to squidge it around client work where possible as naturally that takes priority.”

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Nina Cosco weavings and illustrations translate abstract shapes and absurd situations


Artist and illustrator Nina Cosco’s work is an interesting mix of illustrations and weavings which are made up of simple, geometric compositions. “I often dig up my old sketchbooks, where I extract elements that seemed unimportant when I first drew them. I also write stories of things I live, see, or hear in my everyday life and I search for a picture to give an additional information to it,” explains Nina. “Making a tapestry takes me weeks and the ideas come through the process of weaving – I have no layout. Drawing illustrations is faster, but finding good ideas takes as much time as making a tapestry.”

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