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All we want for Christmas is… Best of the Web!


Ah Best of the Web, it’s a bit like Christmas pudding – you don’t think you fancy a wedge of it dripping with cream, but when it’s plonked in front of you, you always manage to find the strength to plunge that spoon into the bowl and devour it. “Why don’t we eat this everyday?!” You cry with clumps of dried fruit clinging to your chin – well it’s very fattening, and the best things in life happen in weekly installments. As such, this week’s Best of the Web, and the last of the year, is a (Christmas) cracker.

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A trip to The Greenbrier – a preserved 112,544 sq foot government nuclear bunker


The Greenbrier is a grand resort nestled in the mountains of West Virginia in White Sulphur Springs. Situated in the middle of nowhere it has long been the “getaway spot” of diplomats, royalty and presidents with a casino under its driveway and shops catering to guests’ every need. However, beyond the hotel’s lavish wings is a giant metal door, covered in Draper wallpaper which hides a 112,544 square foot bunker.

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Suspended by Arabella Dorman aims to bring our attention back to the refugee crisis


Until 8 February 2018, St James’s church in Piccadilly, London will be home to a suspended mass of 700 items of clothing, previously belonging to refugees and salvaged from the beaches and olive groves of the Greek Island of Lesbos. The installation, entitled Suspended is the work of British war artist Arabella Dorman and features a baby-grow and red bib sporting the words “My 1st Christmas Ever!” among the swathes of fabric.

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Kyle Platts illustrates the five top tips he’s picked up in 2017


“Let’s face it, 2017 has been a sustained bad news day for the world, so I’ll just say for me personally this year has been about maturing and appreciating what I’ve got,” says illustrator Kyle Platts. “I turned 30 this year and I feel really good about the fact that I was an illustrator throughout my 20s and spent the whole time doing whatever the fuck I wanted and having a sick time. This achievement has given me more confidence in my work and my decision making in my life. I’m optimistic that I can take my work to a new level in this next decade and with the skills I’ve acquired and the new skills I’m currently ascertaining.”

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Envisions hold exhibition at Plymouth College of Art displaying “authenticity, professionalism and wit"


Dutch collective Envisions return to its academic beginnings this month in a new exhibition, Envisions: The Envisionaries at Plymouth College of Art. The internationally acclaimed design collective, whose work focuses on the process behind making objects rather than final product, met while studying and have gained critical acclaim since graduating and its debut show at Salone del Mobile in Milan, 2016.

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Andrew Onorato’s surreal short about a genie and his eggy housemates


What do you get when you combine the genie of a lamp living with a bunch of floating eggs? A brilliantly weird animation by Andrew Onorato called Geenie Reenie, that’s what. “The short is about Genie Reenie checking his emails and helping out his friend Dozen, who is a bunch of eggs,” explains Andrew. “They all live together in a house with their friends, some of whom don’t feature in this short.”

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Brr it’s cold in here, it must be Best of the Web in the atmosphere!


This week’s Best of the Web is coming to you from a very chilly place indeed, but it’s ok – we’ve got jumpers, thick socks and warm crumpets on the go, so we’re at optimum hygge level or whatever the 2017 equivalent for cosiness is. For this week’s addition, we’ve got a response to Trump for using Comic Sans in a statement (smh), a look at 100 years of public health marketing and a video interview with Jay Z from The New York Times.

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SomeOne rebrands Hiyacar, the “Airbnb for cars”, inspired by movement


The London office of design agency SomeOne has rebranded Hiyacar, coined “the Airbnb for cars” and one of the UK’s fastest growing brands in the sharing economy. SomeOne’s brand identity for the car-sharing company is based around the idea of movement, inspired by the benefits of using the service compared with traditional car hire firms – it gets you moving more quickly.

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