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How To Achieve The Classic Beard LookThere are many styles of…

How To Achieve The Classic Beard Look

There are many styles of facial hair, from the five-o’clock shadow to the full-blown hipster beard, but nothing exudes manliness and self-confidence like a well-groomed classic full beard. Whether you’re suited-up for a business meeting or just playing volleyball on the beach, a handsome beard is an eye-candy accessory that turns heads everywhere.

Don’t Rush the Fuzz

Stop checking the progress of your whiskers every three hours! In fact, you should do nothing for at least a month, and let nature take its course – no shaving, no shaping, no trimming. Hairs grow out at different rates, so be patient. While you’re waiting, feel free to shop around for the best beard products on the market.

Baby Your Beard

Your beard takes care of you by filtering out allergens and UV rays, and by preserving the natural moisturizers in your skin. Show your facial hair some TLC by using all-natural beard balms and oils. Did you know that one of the most popular products is a Shea Butter Beard Balm that rejuvenates your skin and your facial hair at the same time? There are some great new beard care oils available to complete your image, including a Bourbon Beard Oil, and it smells as manly as it sounds. Now your scent can be as unique and enticing as your beard.

Follow the Leaders

When it comes to facial hair grooming of the classic beard, turn to TV, movies and social media pics to see the best. Note how distinguished George Clooney looks, how loveable Zack Galifianakis appears, and how handsome Scott Disick has become with full, classic beards. You may want to consult your regular barber or hairstylist and have your beard professionally groomed to start you off on the right foot, but don’t let him or her douse your beard with a common hair tonic. Your beard deserves the best natural beard oils and balms that money can buy.