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The Layzell Bros embody America as a destructive but lovable toddler for Sarah Silverman show


After seeing The Layzell Bros comedy music video for Adam Buxton, Sarah Silverman approached the animation and illustration sibling duo to make the title sequence for her new show. The comedian’s Hulu series, I Love You, America, explores unity in an increasingly divided country, so the concept for the 30-second animation depicts the US as a giant, belligerent, but ultimately lovable toddler.

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Books From The Future’s experimentally collaborative and investigative publishing


Books From The Future is a London-based publisher working at the intersection of research, education and publishing founded by educators Yvan Martinez and Joshua Trees. The pair started Books From The Future as a way to explore the models used to structure contemporary art and design education that are “no longer relevant yet have become so institutionalised and internalised that alternatives can seem wildly idealistic and unrealistic by comparison.”

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How The “Anxiety And Disorder Of Our Time” Is Changing Design

Graphic design legends Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic reissue their seminal book The Design of Dissent. Here, they talk exclusively Fast Company creative director Florian Bachleda to us about visual design in the Trump age.

The Design of Dissent

In 2005, designers Milton Glaser and Mirko Ilic released The Design of Dissent, a book showcasing socially and politically driven graphics from around the world. Since then, events ranging from the Arab Spring to the election of Donald Trump, have destabilized global politics and led to a renaissance of visual dissent. Glaser and Ilic have expanded the book to include design projects from the past decade. Here they talk about the newly reissued book,  how social media has changed graphic design, and what designers can do to fight 21st-century authoritarianism.

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