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All we want for Christmas is… Best of the Web!


Ah Best of the Web, it’s a bit like Christmas pudding – you don’t think you fancy a wedge of it dripping with cream, but when it’s plonked in front of you, you always manage to find the strength to plunge that spoon into the bowl and devour it. “Why don’t we eat this everyday?!” You cry with clumps of dried fruit clinging to your chin – well it’s very fattening, and the best things in life happen in weekly installments. As such, this week’s Best of the Web, and the last of the year, is a (Christmas) cracker.

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A trip to The Greenbrier – a preserved 112,544 sq foot government nuclear bunker


The Greenbrier is a grand resort nestled in the mountains of West Virginia in White Sulphur Springs. Situated in the middle of nowhere it has long been the “getaway spot” of diplomats, royalty and presidents with a casino under its driveway and shops catering to guests’ every need. However, beyond the hotel’s lavish wings is a giant metal door, covered in Draper wallpaper which hides a 112,544 square foot bunker.

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