Fashion Trends This Spring: London, Milan, Paris

Every year men hit the catwalk in the three great fashion cities of Europe – London, Milan, and Paris – to showcase the latest offerings from the world’s greatest designers. It’s the place to go to see a teaser for what sort of garments we can expect to be hitting the shop shelves over the course of the next few months. So what’s up and coming this season in the men’s fashion world?

Technicolour Outerwear

With Brexit and the possible election of Marine Le Pen, the European project stands on a knife edge. As a result, many designers have tried to incorporate this into their outwear. We’ve seen a lot of designers focusing on nautical themes and themes of travel, mixing up styles just as Europe mixes up cultures. In Paris and London, this theme was made possible by marrying traditional hiking gear with bright colors, presumably representing all the flags in the Union.

This was one of those rare examples when what is being worn on the catwalk reflects everyday fashion. Practically every big name showcased a technicolor anorak – complete with waterproof fabric – with other outdoor, waterproof pants.

More Squares


It was only a couple of seasons ago that we saw the revival of pinstripe suits. Now it seems as if Prince of Wales checks are going to be making a return too. They featured heavily on the catwalk recently, with brands like Wooyoungmi really going to town, trying all sorts of different combinations. Other brands, like Paul Smith, also got in on the action, blending checkered outerwear with simply tailoring. It’s very likely we’ll see a lot more suits turning up in shops with that unforgettable windowpane design.

Prince And Purple Rain

Last year saw the sad passing of the pop legend, Prince. After his death, millions of people paid tribute by wearing purple wherever they went. It appears as if the fashion world is also going to be paying its own homage to Prince by introducing a lot of purple to men’s clothing over the next year or so. Purple has always been a color that has been associated with virility, and so it seems the opportune time to bring it back.


Purple is, of course, a bold menswear move. But the designers think the time is right. Purple suits jackets work well with black shirts, black trousers, and sandals.

Knitwear That Covers The Knuckles

For years, men have had to put up with knitwear that ends at their wrists. But what if they want to keep their hands warm? Now designers are making knitwear sweaters that cover not only your wrists but your hands as well.

The motive of the designers themselves is still debatable. Are they just trying to keep people warm, or are they trying to cover up hands? Louis Vuitton for instance, have been spotted at the Paris show, showing off knitted sweaters that partially cover the hands. The idea is to produce a looser, grungier fit once the summer finally comes around. Long sleeves remain one of the late, great Kurt Cobain.

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