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Why Computers Are Built To Break

Computers seem to break every 1 or 2 years these days, and thus we’re always after the next best deal for our budgets. However, this works against us. Here’s a couple of thoughts on the matter.


A Generation of New Technology

With the amount of tech that’s coming out literally every day, it’s no surprise that companies want to get their ‘older’ models out of the way. This means that products are rolled down the production line with an expiry date in mind. However, these aren’t perishable items, and can last a lifetime when manufactured and cared for properly.

For a couple of quick examples: take Apple, and their semi regular updates for their iOS devices. When it comes to not updating your phone whenever they roll out a new upgrade, your phone will lose its battery life a lot quicker and decide it can’t hold anything in its storage anymore.

Even at the first Apple demonstration in 2007, the new model of phone that was meant to revolutionise the market was completely bugged. Engineers had designed a path to make the phone looked as though it worked when completing tasks, as any other combination of them caused the phone to crash, and then it couldn’t even connect to the internet without being directly boosted by AT&T.

Why this Doesn’t Work

A lot of brands out there don’t seem to understand that when their product breaks for the second or third time in a row, a user is going to take their business somewhere else. Therefore, they lose revenue and free advertising from these people, and it happens every day in the thousands. It brings in bad rep and opens up a drift in the market, and makes a lot of people sorely dissatisfied on review sites and social media.

Of course, for the big businesses, this isn’t going to make or break them. They have the funds in place to keep manufacturing buggy pieces on a mass produced basis, and the first edition sales of these items, plus pre-orders, sends revenue through the roof time and time again. People like having something to get excited about, and we’re like magpies with the fact that we like flashy things that seem to function at the speed of sound.

Subvert the System

Having a do it yourself nature about you can get you far in life. When it comes to a PC or a laptop breaking down on you, don’t take it back to the shop or the manufacturer. You can try looking up tutorials online or through video, and often fix the problem yourself. If you’re not comfortable with this, get some computer repairs from the professionals in your local repair shop when you can. This is guaranteed to make your system often go a little bit further than your own tinkering efforts, and works out a lot cheaper than forking out for a new system, as the original shop will usually make you do.

Be smart with technology.

Do You Need to Be Serious to Truly Enjoy Playing Games?

When you look at the world of gaming today, you see an industry that is bigger and more powerful than ever before. Long gone are the days of Pong and Tetris. These days, the giants rule the world of gaming, whether that’s Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo.

Many people are seeing an increasing level of seriousness in the approach many people have to gaming. So, is the fun still there? Or do you have to be a serious and hardcore gamer to truly enjoy gaming the way most people do today? It’s time to find out.

Competitive Gaming is Bigger Than Ever

10 years ago, the idea of competitive gaming barely even existed. But know competitive gaming is a normal thing, and live gaming events can attract more viewers that many of the world’s biggest sporting events. That says a lot about the industry today. Professional gamers are seen as Gods who are on the level of other kinds of athletes, even if they don’t have the physique to match. There is no doubting the importance of serious and competitive gaming in the modern industry.

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Games Are More Complex and Demand More Time Than Ever

On top of that, gaming has become bigger and more complex. If you look at some of the biggest titles out today, you will find that they’re expansive and time-consuming. The games that sell big and do well are not the ones that will only take up a few hours of your time. You can literally put 100s of hours into games like Destiny 2 or Horizon Zero Dawn. That puts off many casual gamers because it becomes clear that you need to be serious to play these kinds of games.

But Small Mobile and Browser Games Are Also Very Popular

But it’s not just the big games that are growing in popularity. It’s also the case that many small mobile and browser games are becoming more popular than they have ever been before. Everyone has a phone and a computer that they can use to access online games. People can play live roulette or compete in online puzzle battles in seconds. It shows that gaming is not only for serious gamers. There is a contingent of people who play mobile games but would never even dream of paying hundreds of dollars for a games console.

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No Matter What People Say, Fun and Enjoyment Can Still be Derived From Gaming

In conclusion, it’s clear that the gaming industry is growing at a rapid rate, and that’s causing all kinds of trends to emerge at the same time. So, yes, in a way it’s clear that gaming is becoming more serious. But it’s also clear that there is a market emerging for the kind of people who have no interest in those kinds of games. It could mean that the gaming market and industry polarise in the years ahead, even more so.

Gaming is a huge and multifaceted world. And there is not one type of gaming; there are many types, and they provide different things to different people.

Why Design Is The Most Important Part Of Your Website

If you already run your own business, you’ll know exactly why a good website is one of the most important parts of business. For those who don’t, it’s important to know a website is most likely the driver of sales, and the first place a customer will look when deciding or buy you services or goods. So making sure it’s navigable, inviting, and shows off your business is vital. Here are a few tips to either get you started or help improve your website.


Before we focus on the aesthetics of a website. It’s important to remember the back end is nearly just as important. Making sure it is easy to navigate could be the difference between keeping someone interested or not. There’s nothing worse than attempting to use a website where products or services can’t be found, or categories aren’t clear. When designing your website, try having a look through it yourself before rolling it out to the public to make sure it’s easy to use. Another thing to consider is using search engine optimisation to improve your website’s traffic. Ranking for different keywords in Google can be the difference between you or your competitor being found first. Having a clean and natural backlink profile can also help improve the rankings further boosting your chance or a sale. If you’re struggling to understand how these two points will help your website, there are companies such as the UX agency who will analyse your data on sale, traffic etc. And decide on what can be done to optimise your site for you. Having a professional do the correct job may be more beneficial to you than guessing and risking damaging your website.


Now, probably the most important feature is the front end design. It’s the first thing your customer will see and will give them an impression on whether to continue browsing. One thing many companies do is lose some usability by being over the top with the design. A simple yet effective design is all that is usually necessary. Some big brands such as JD have chosen to stick to simple black and white colour scheme which follows their brand logo. This is a good technique as it still stands out and represents the company well. Other large brands have also chosen to follow this trend, but while keeping a simple design can be the most effective. It’s also vital to have something on the first page that will draw the reader in. Whether that be a visual aid such as any offers being displayed. Or if it’s for example a clothes website, some of your brighter more eye-catching items will catch the eye, and improve conversion and click rates by immediately drawing the user in. Without a good design, this would fail.

So, those are the two main reason why both hidden, and visual designs are so important for your business website. Following the above tips is a sure fire way of improving traffic and conversions, and the overall reputation of your brand.

The Gavin McInnes Show & The rise of the ultra liberal

Is Gavin McInnes the last bastion of hope for freedom of speech in broadcast media? #ClickBait

No, Probably not. But he is giving it a good bloody try and should be applauded for doing so. Many in the public eye are understandably quick to kowtow, back pedal and apologise when their ideals are put under fire. This is due to the incredible amount of power the ultra liberal movement has. And who can blame them? If your life and career were constantly only one tweet away from a piranha like frenzy from so called social justice warriors would you stand by your convictions?

Gavin is usually introduced as the co-founder of Vice in the mid-nineties and writing his unfiltered views which have been known to cause him a few minor career hiccups in the past.
Most notable was a piece written about trans people which resulted in him being ousted from his own company Rooster last year. in this piece Gavin suggests that they’re mentally ill and need our help. Rather than the liberal media questioning the high rate of suicide in the trans community and possible psychological contributing factors, they label it as a hate piece, dust their hands together and move onto the next victim…Great job!
It really doesn’t matter if you agree with any, all or none of the points made in this piece, my argument is that peoples opinions should not be policed, they should be left out in the open and debated regardless of it being “Illegal immigrants are secretly curing cancer while we sleep” or “Buckingham Palace to be converted into private mosque for terrorists” Ridiculous or plausible it is someones concern, and shutting it down without addressing it doesn’t remove this concern or the questions surrounding it.

If the offended parties took the time to read the whole article, provided they didn’t recently have the brains replaced with actual human shit they would see this piece a purposefully provocative piece of satire. Its goal? To highlight how our inclusion babyish culture is blinding us to the actual realities of peoples lives, how acceptance without question can do more harm than good. For me the piece did what art should do, invoke conversation and force introspection on your ideals. I didn’t however start sewing dicks on trannies and quoting bible verses at questionable genders down by the docks. Sometimes there is no simple digital answer, only analogue questions and we should all be afforded the right to question everything without mindless offence blocking our conversation.

Just for equilibrium;

here is Jezebels stance

And here are some opinions on the piece

Now the biggest worry here is that we’re loosing our ability to question anything and many journalists suggest we lost the battle for FOS a long time ago.
We’re not so much loosing our FOS to the leftyest of ill-informed left wing liberals, it’s more that they’re changing the definition and we’re all scrabbling to pin down what the hell is meant by FOS in this scary socialist paradise of unwashed, long haired crusts wearing Che Guevara T-shirts and stinking of patchouli oil. Oh what’s that?, your parents paid for you to spend 3 months traveling around SEA so you could get ripped off buying a pashmina you keep forever but can never manage to get the smell of your own exploding bowels out of…Hold the fucking presses no one need think any longer this 21 year old dud seems to have all the answers!
No one saw totalitarianism coming from these hacky sack wielding fuck bags who seaming have no stake in society other than to ruin my day an insist on pockets on every item of clothing they own / neglect to wash.

I know i’m going a little off topic here, but this isn’t intended to be an impartial presentation of fact…More of an explosion of hatred I suppose. Now of course not all of these lefties fit my very distinct profile…But when you have a hammer, all you see is nails!

The point of freedom of speech is to have a well informed society, where all views can be expressed without fear of persecution. We have to allow all views regardless of our own personal stance on a subject, to not do this is just an expression of your arrogance, that you could be so right, so often.                                                                              FOS has since evolved to: “I don’t like what you’re saying, I’m not going to question my own convictions…But I’m going to try and ruin your life”. (Basically organised religion)

FOS to me means if I saw some guy in the park with a cardboard sign saying “God is in my anus” whilst dancing sexily and addressing me menecingly with his eyes, I can turn my friend and say “Hey, look at that guy! What a fucking mental”.
However much I doubt that God is in-fact inside of his anus, it’s not for me to say, and to pressure him into silence means we’ll never find out! And that’s the real crime here.

So where does Gavin and others like him come in? What’s the future for us free thinkers? There’s no large habitable land mass to emergrate to this time is there? Only there is, but this time it’s digital, infinite in size and for the most part ungoverned, only the internet can save us!
Gavin now hosts The Gavin McInnes Show On the Anthony Cumia Network founded by former XM Sirius radio DJ Anthony Cumia (O&A). Anthony suffered a similar fate in 2014 when he was attacked in time square while taking photos. The tweets that followed resulted in his firing from XM Sirius and the start of TACs

The Gavin McInnes Show, openly welcomes debate from oposing trains of thought, constantly questions “why?” and shows us how good satire can still exist. This truly is the future of broadcast media, the restrictions from advertisers, network executives and investors will always ensure the network television will always be a one trick, bias, slightly down syndrome pony. Now don’t get me wrong, Gavins’ show isn’t a stallion in this long winded analogy, but at least its a donkey. And a donkey with a weak chin will always beat a retarded pony.

Be independent, be rational, be informed and most importantly check your anus for god!

Shoot your TV!

Jay Bates Custom Creations

I first found Jay through his YouTube channel in a familiar late night insomnia episode. I’ve always admired people who can take a bunch of seamingly useless blocks and sticks, apply years of experience and education and turn it into a thing…An actual thing that you need and want.

Jay takes you from a woodwork project conception through to the finished product in a well polished, time lapse of screwing and banging…(Sorry).

I think it’s the kind of longing only men have. We know we should have some of these skills and through watching these videos we can somewhat pretend that if we had those tools and materials we could achieve the same results. The reality however is that most of us would beat a nail into a brick wall with a hammer if faced with the simplest of basic DIY tasks such as putting up a shelf, only to turn the hammer on ourselves when it didn’t stay up. Luckily for me, I have managed to refrain from bludgeoning myself over the head and instead expanded my understanding of woodworking techniques…I even managed to put up some shelves with a…er, ventilation hole?Unknownmale

Ventilation holes or “Mistakes” aside I’ve stuck with this channel for several months now and seen the picture quality, sound, editing and post work improve episode to episode. Simple editing techniques keep you engaged throughout unlike similar channels where you find yourself drifting off after the twentieth minute of some guy lecturing us on which bolts to use. Which brings me to the best part…He keeps talking to short, sweet and concise blurbs, we actually see work being done and objects being created.

If you have a short attention span, think you’re more handy than you are and always wondered why you can’t see any screws on your kitchen table then Jays channel is well worth checking out. You can also head over to his site, grab some plans and try building yourself a table, draws or even a well ventilated wall.

Support your independant online broadcasters so we can all throw our TVs out the window and feel like a handy Keith Moon