Nike Is Dropping the Air VaporMax in an Icy “Orbit Blue” Colorway

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Brand: Nike

Model: Air VaporMax

Key Features: A Flyknit upper, a Flywire lacing system, a midsole with Air VaporMax technology, and an outsole with integrated TPU lugs for traction.

Release Date: Unknown

Price: Estimated $190

Availability: Nike

Editor’s Notes: First peeped last month, we can now take a closer look at this icy “Orbit Blue” iteration of arguably the world’s most in-demand sneaker. As ever, look for further release information as it emerges.

If you missed out yesterday, the Supreme x Nike Air More Tempo is releasing again tomorrow.

Katy Perry & Migos’ “Bon Appétit” Is One Weird Food-Sex Joke

Pop stars are rarely subtle; the qualities of being loud, bold and dramatic are key ingredients in the recipe for chart success. Yet even in a career marked by a lack of subtlety, Katy Perry is remarkably transparent. This is, after all, a woman who wrote a song titled “Peacock” in which she sang the refrain “I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock” a total of eight times. Her latest single, “Bon Appétit” ft. Migos, skews heavily in her tradition of extremely candid earworms, but it may actually be her most absurd outing yet.

The frenetic, bouncy synthesizers are upon us as soon as we press play, and Migos have time to treat us to a syrupy roll call before we’re thrown headlong into the most bizarre food-sex joke in recent memory. “Got me spread like a buffet,” Perry chirps, before adding that she’s a “melt in your mouth kind of lovin’, bon appétit baby.” And that’s just in the chorus. The verses give way to Perry comparing her lovemaking to a Michelin five-star rated eatery, while Migos extol the virtues of her “sweet potato pie” and the subsequent suggestion to “make her do a donut while she ride.”

While this sort of poetic language is normally reserved for the scrawlings of a high school bathroom stall, the track’s musical qualities are both robust and insidious enough that we’re able to ingest the ridiculousness with relish. This is—literally—what million-dollar production sounds like. The sheen that sparkles off every individual second evokes both the dancefloor and the beach, the middle-point of which is exactly what Miss Katy ‘California Gurl’ Perry has been trying to create her entire career.

In short, buckle up and prepare to hear this song just about everywhere for the next six months. We would say it’s destined to be a guilty pleasure, but how could you listen to this and possibly feel anything like guilt? Well, unless its a sexually-anticlimactic, food-fetish related guilt.

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ZDDZ FW17 Is a Sartorial Statement Against Austerity

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Brand: ZDDZ

Season: Fall/Winter 2017

Key Pieces: The ‘Self-Unemployed’ long sleeve T-shirt is a uniform for our generation, to be frank.

Editor’s Notes: London-based brand ZDDZ is helmed by Russian designer Dasha Selyanova, and the brand is basically a sartorial nod to the banal artifice of corporate culture. The latest collection draws inspiration from the soulless lighting of humdrum office spaces, all while subverting traditional office dress codes, by offering a selection of bold graphics and strong statements like “Mediocrity”.

Given the sensation of “mediocrity” is the most viral fear among a generation of attention-seeking post-millennials, ZDDZ’s collection is a statement against an age of austerity where young people are increasingly denied opportunity.

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Heatherwick’s Garden Bridge in jeopardy as London mayor withdraws support for project


London mayor Sadiq Khan has withdrawn support for Heatherwick Studio’s Garden Bridge design to begin construction, throwing the future of the project into jeopardy. In a letter sent to the chair of the Garden Bridge Trust he states that the project has “significant hurdles” to overcome before the planning permission expires in December 2017, and is therefore not providing the Mayoral guarantees that would allow the project to happen.

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