Secondhand Shops are Selling Smartphones Loaded With Personal Data

cash-convertersAn investigation into used smartphones being sold by popular trading chains Cash Converters and CEX has found that plenty are going to new buyers complete with the personal data of the previous owner. Some are wiped, but there’s wiping and there’s wiping. According to Channel4′s investigators, “photos, text messages, passwords, credit card information and internet […]


Mixtape: A fun Friday mixtape from 80s synth loving pop star Indiana


This is probably the first time we’ve had an actual pop star on It’s Nice That, how exciting! Her name’s Indiana and she’s from Nottingham, she had a show in trendy new bar Oslo in Hackney last night and she’s set to conquer the world with her lovely, 80s-inspired, synthy….music. We’re art and design journalists, okay? Anyway, anyone that picks Wicked Game by Chris Isaak is a friend of ours, so without further ado, here she is with a Friday mixtape to brighten up your afternoon. Turn it up!

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Anya Gallaccio’s Art & Wine Supper

Unwrapped parcel of grilled Mackerel at the South London Gallery
Unwrapped parcel of grilled Mackerel at the South London Gallery Photography by Neil Wissink

Having attended countless gallery openings where visitors seemed more interested in the bar than the show, Turner Prize-nominated artist Anya Gallaccio decided it was time to cut out the middleman. “In a simple way I thought, why make art when you can make wine?” she explains. As well as making a wry statement about the realities of the art world, Gallaccio’s decision to develop her own wine is very much in line with h…

Fresh juice from the Zinfandel grapes Poem by Rick Holland at the Anya Gallacio dinner at the South London Gallery Roast Grouse with shallots served with Anya Gallacio's wine at the South London Gallery Baked Apples with Blackberries at the South London Gallery's Anya Gallacio wine dinner Cheeses and home made oatcakes at Anya Gallacio's wine dinner at the South London Gallery

Photography: Yorkshire photographer Robert Chilton takes terrific portraits


Bradford-born photographer Robert Chilton has a formidable talent for creating simple, bold images that turn all the mundanity of daily life into something acutely interesting. He shoots dilapidated houses, the fringes of allotments, pylons, flower beds and rock faces – all fairly straightforward stuff – but manages to imbue each image with a poignant sense of narrative and purpose; as though a momentous event might be about to occur. He’s also a brilliant portrait photographer. Witness the man with a rabbit, the woman and her dog and a number of bearded eccentrics. Lovely!

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KTZ x Been Trill Capsule Collection

UK-based brand Kokon to Zai, also known as KTZ, team up with Been Trill on a capsule collection consisting of three tees, two shorts, a hoodie, a bomber jacket and a mask. A mix of cryptic and Internet-age aesthetics dominate each piece, successfully merging both brands’ distinct, divisive aesthetic. Although certainly not for everyone, the collection is currently available for pre-order via SHOWstudio.

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Syd Mead

Sydney James Mead is an industrial designer/concept artist by definition, but it would be a shame to attach any title to him because the guy just seems to be good at everything. Born in 1933, Mead graduated in 1959 from the Art Center School in Los Angeles, (now the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena). He was recruited by the Ford Motor Company’s Advanced Styling Studio, and numerous other high profile industrial design roles followed. However the real fun stuff is his concept art for productions such as Alien, Tron, Bladerunner, Elysium and many, many more. We love it.

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