BMW Reveals 4 Series Gran Coupé

BMW has just revealed its new 4 Series Gran Coupé ahead of its debut next month in Geneva. The car is the first four-door coupé in the premium midsize class for the German manufacturer, and is the third model to join the 4 series. It combines the sleek look of a two-door coupé with the ease and robust size offered with regular four-door vehicles. With the same dimensions as its two-door counterpart, the car truly is a sleek rendition of a more functional and spacious ride. Available in four and six cylinder petrol engines, as well as two four-cylinder diesel engines, the sporty coupé offers quite a range of customizable options. More details on a release date will be available after its launch next month.

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On the Road….Rural Farm, Pennsylvania

This summer I had taken some time to stay home and look for style in my own backyard. After the images from Morocco last week, I thought that this week would be a great way to continue the concept of “style in simple living” with these images from a farm in rural Pennsylvania. When I visited, the whole family was spending the weekend making jams and jellies with berries grown on their farm.  This was being done in a beautiful Victorian style house with no electricity (by choice).  The mother hand-makes most of the clothes her daughters wear.  Whatever these young ladies lack in current fashion they more than makeup for in homegrown style.

Gertrude Stein’s Poodle

Gertrude Stein, Basket and Alice B. Toklas in LIFE Magazine, September 1944
Gertrude Stein, Basket and Alice B. Toklas in LIFE Magazine, September 1944 Photography by Carl Mydans

Born on this day in 1874, Gertrude Stein is renowned for many things: her avant-garde writing and poetry, her covetable modernist art collection, her Parisian salon where she would critique and mentor young artists, her long-term relationship with Alice B. Toklas, the list goes on. What is not so commonly known about the American Francophile however is her devotion to her dogs – especially her poodle Basket and hi…

Gertrude Stein and Basket Alice B. Toklas, Gertrude Stein and Basket in LIFE Magazine, September 1944 Stein with Basket and Pépé Stein with Basket and Pépé, 1937 Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas in wallpapered room, 1938 Stein, Basket and Pépé

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