Louis CK Joins Jerry Seinfeld on ‘Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee’

Season 3 of Jerry Seinfeld’s web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee kicks off with Louis CK riding shotgun. Gallivanting around town in a 1959 Fiat Jolly in coral orange, they ultimately head to CK’s boat where topics range from their shared history as standup comics, t0 facial hair, to the precarious makeup of the delicate car. While embedding is disabled, watch the entire twenty-three minute episode here.

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Warm and Windproof Winter Jackets

Warm and Windproof Winter Jackets

Apparently, footfall on British high streets has taken a tumble this festive season but, like the calm before the storm, the January sales will follow swiftly and sometimes, violently. 

Anyone willing to brave the high street at this time of year deserves more than a medal.
However if, like me, you’ve left it entirely too late to wrap up for the winter, it may become a necessary evil to endure the crowds. 

Either that or you could take the sensible option and shop online for that perfect winter coat. Take a look at our top seasonal styles of the cosy variety. 

Adidas Originals Parka – You can’t beat a classic parka. And, as usual, Adidas have come up with the goods. In traditional olive green, this understated and perennially fashionable parka boasts all the qualities you would expect from a brand that has lured away Kanye West from Nike. The drawstring hood is perfect for those icy winds too. 

BOSS Orange OPolice – For something with a little extra class, try the BOSS Orange range of mid-length jackets. Made with 60% wool this zip fastened, blazer inspired coat is a great addition to any winter wardrobe and is sure to keep you warm and cosy long after the brand has made back its losses in China.

Warm and Windproof Winter Jackets

G-Star RAW Radar Garber – With button fastenings and manufactured from wool and leather, the G-Star Radar Garber is also a touch of class for the winter season. G-Star have recently teamed up with DJ Afrojack continuing their recent obsession with celebrity endorsement. The jacket works equally well with jeans or in the office. 

Strellson Sportswear Swiss Cross – This polyester and nylon, zip fastening über jacket is one for really harsh weather conditions. Guaranteed to keep you warm and dry, much like the Swiss army recruits it was inspired by. It comes in an understated shade of grey as part of its city camouflage. You can pick one up at this store

Chevignon Montmartre – If you’re after a little je ne sais quoi then the Chevignon Montmartre has it in spades. Whilst it may not be the warmest jacket on our list the Montmartre simply oozes style and sophistication. 

If stepping out onto the high-street during the madness of the January sales is just a step too far, then all of these jackets, and more can be found online. 

Make sure you keep warm this winter and maintain that seasonal style without risking life and limb among the braying crowds.

The World of Rolex Made Simple

The World of Rolex Made Simple

Similar to the evolution of Porsche 911 models through the years or the precious fabrics that make up a Zegna three-piece suit, Rolex watches are an industry unto themselves. 

Just ask Paul Altieri, founder and CEO of Bob’s Watches.
Bob’s Watches is the world’s first and only ‘Rolex Exchange’ where both novices and aficionados can buy, sell and trade pre-owned Rolex watches at a true and fair market value. 

Because the company prides itself on complete transparency, this online haven lists the buy and sell price for each and every Rolex. 

“When customers realise what the actual buy and sell price is of the watch, they won’t be confused by other online ‘collectors’ who are looking to make an outstanding profit on a watch purchased wholesale,” Altieri says.

The World of Rolex Made Simple

Timeless heirlooms that are handed down from generation to generation, Rolex watches not only hold their value but actually increase in worth as certain models become rarer harder to find. 

Altieri believes this equates to enough pieces of the pie for everyone.
Considering the plethora of online information available to the Rolex consumer, Bob’s Watches offers a site both for those who are new to the game, and are curious about which watch is right for them, and the expert searching for the perfect piece to add to his collection.

The World of Rolex Made Simple

Altieri’s business model of keeping customers apprised of the transaction from beginning to end means consumers don’t have to justify spending £7,000 on a watch. 

It’s simply a good investment.
There are a few telltale signs that highlight a first impression: the suit, the shoes and the watch. While the well-styled man has several high-end timepieces from which to choose, a Rolex is in a class of its own.

Nose Jobs for Men

Nose Jobs for Men

Just how necessary cosmetic surgery is has been the subject of debate for decades. As the number of men undergoing rhinoplasty continues to increase, it’s time to ask whether these men are choosing to have rhinoplasty out of vanity, or necessity. 

In the past ‘nose jobs’ were more commonly associated with women, but it is becoming popular with the male demographic, largely due to the media attention male cosmetic surgery attracts. 

Magazines love to print ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of male celebrities suspected to have had ‘nose jobs’ such as Ryan Gosling. This shows normal men that surgery is for both genders and it shows the effects that can be achieved with surgery. 

In the meantime, ‘normal men’ are opening up about their experiences, talking about male cosmetic surgery and making it more socially acceptable. Tom Smith was featured on a television documentary about cosmetic surgery where he described the procedure in detail. 

He said that he enjoyed the experience and also that he was delighted with his new, notably smaller nose.

If the recent rise in the number of males opting for cosmetic surgery can be attributed to influence from the media, how can we explain why rhinoplasty in particular suddenly seems so popular among the male demographic?

Nose Jobs for Men

The most obvious reason to get a nose augmentation is cosmetic. An off-centre or out of proportion nose can change the whole symmetry of a man’s face, making him less attractive. 

A lot of men who undergo rhinoplasty have extremely crooked or misshapen noses, either due to genes, an accident or a sports injury

This can cause a severe lack of confidence and hinder someone in every aspect of their life, from social situations to job interviews. 

Having a slightly straighter nose might seem trivial, but for some people it can be life changing.

As well as cosmetic reasons, there are a number of medical problems that could cause a man to opt for this, for example snoring. 

Sometimes a man would rather go under the knife than sleep on the couch because their grouchy, sleep deprived partner needs a good night’s kip,

The sudden increase in nose augmentations among men may be accounted for by our society’s obsession with superficial looks, celebrities and reality television. 

Every man who chooses to have a treatment does so for his own, personal reason, whether other people think the procedure is necessary or not. Using a cosmetic surgery with a good reputation like MYA, can help rid of your worries.

Watch the LCM runway shows here

Watch the LCM runway shows here

London Collections: Men AW14 is almost upon us. We are delighted to be the official ‘Blogger in Residence’ for the official LC:M hotel sponsor, Radisson Blu Edwardian on Bloomsbury street. 

We’ll have our very own ‘MenswearStyle Lounge’ within the hotel where the team will be working, holding meetings and conducting interviews each day. Our founder Craig has also been interview by Fashion Monitor ahead of the shows. 

For those of you who cannot make it to London, simply watch all the footage and coverage right here!

All the highlights and on schedule runway shows from designers such as Christopher Raeburn, E- Tautz and J W Anderson will be streamed directly onto the below video. 

The event begins with Lou Dalton at 10am on Monday 6th January 2014 with more to come that day from Topman Design, Jonathan Saunders, Lee Roach and Richard Nicholl. 

There are also shows, events and presentations on the 7th and 8th January. Enjoy the show!

New Year Style Resolution

New Year Style Resolution

Is there anything in life duller than New Year’s resolutions? I mean, I never stick to them and they are always broken by January 5th (if not sooner)! 

As far as I’m concerned, coming up with a set of style resolutions is a far better use of your time… after all the only reason I have stuck to my gym membership is because I invested in a bespoke suit which I intend to fit into till the day I die! 

For those of you who know me, you will know that every year I select a coveted new season piece for my wardrobe and will do anything to get my hands on it (asap)! 

Last year it was a pair of GRENSON Finton lace-ups which needless to say, these are pretty much my ideal pair of shoes. They look great with skinny jeans and the perfect classic to add a touch of sartorial aptness to any look. 

So… here it goes for 2014  

“Invest in Mulberry” – Top of my 2014 wishlist is the Matthew 24 Hour Bag.

This bag is the perfect blend of briefcase meets overnight bag without looking too fussy – in true Mulberry style it remains classic and timeless. 

Featuring a roomy interior, handy zipped compartments, a sturdy top handle, and an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap, it is the ultimate in versatility. 

There is nothing more a gentleman on the go could want for his fashionable weekends away whilst bringing contemporary style to your outfits during the week. 

Make a New Year’s resolution another reason to treat yourself – if you don’t treat yourself, who will? Fingers crossed I can stick to my 2014 style resolution. What’s on your New Year’s wish list?

YR Store Live in Print

YR Store Live in Print

I don’t know how you feel about printed T-Shirts but I love them. A bespoke one is even better and even more so when you can design every aspect yourself. 

It is pretty cold at the moment, but that doesn’t stop me from finding the best on the high-street to team with the season’s new cover-ups. 

Some of you may have spied the YR store in Box Park, Shoreditch. I was intrigued and captivated but I always seemed to walk past on my lunch break and there was never enough time. As they say ‘Patience is a Virtue’ and it seems like the good people at YR are in my head and have introduced two new concessions in Topman and Liberty

YR (pronounced Your) is the brainchild of interactive digital specialists Luma, whose work includes cutting-edge digital store and event concepts for the likes of Nike, MTV and New Era. 

YR create live garment print installations which feature interactive touch-pods, and the world’s only live all-over digital printing process, offering designers and the general public the opportunity to create one-off patterns and prints and produce their work onto high-quality garments to take away within minutes.

YR Store Live in Print


The new YRTOPMAN collection includes basketball sweats featuring all-over print mesh panels, alongside crew necks and iPhone cases which will be available exclusively in their flagship store, whist YRTOPMAN’s cutting edge ‘tee-tiler’ (the YRSTORE patented design touchscreens) unleashes all new trend-lead print archives featuring festive patterns, knitwear filters and iconic characters.
Price: £28 for print on one side £30 for all-over print.  

Speaking on the live process at YRTOPMAN, YRSTORE’s Tim Williams said: “We’re continually inspired by the potential of print and the launch YRTOPMAN’s new collection allows the customers to bring their own style and personalise a new range of stylish garments and bespoke gifts. Right now we use a live dye sublimation process where we print designs using special ink, this gets heat pressed at 180 degrees and after just 1 minute the ink vaporises into a gas and is absorbed into the garment giving a very long lasting, non-fading colour depth, deep into the fabric.”

YR Store Live in Print


YR joined forces with Liberty in October to take part in a ‘Get Creative’ event, providing customers with the unique opportunity to design and create their own garments, at the YR Liberty area on the 1st Floor until the end of December.
Price: £60 for print on one side, £75 for all-over print.  

YR Director Tim Williams added, “We believe the future of fashion is in carefully curated live garment creation, we work with the most desirable artwork archives, designs and garments to create truly unique fashion that, whilst individual, is always recognisably YR. The latest additions to the YR print range include the ‘YR Holiday Pack’ that’s been created just in time for Christmas.” 

I have already popped into Topman and bought myself an all over print and will be popping into Liberty before the end of the month to get my hands on an exclusive Liberty Print too. 

So if you need a New Year’s Style Resolution gift, why not pop down to the flagship Topman store in London or Liberty. The process taking less that 10 minutes, you would be crazy not to!

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