Mixtape: A Friday mixtape from up-and-coming New York band, Big Ups


A very special mixtape for you this week from young whippersnapping band, Big Ups. The band, formed in 2010, is made up of Brendan Finn, Joe Galarraga, Amar Lal, and Carlos Salguero Jr. They’ve been signed to Tough Love records and their “blend punk, post-punk, metal, and indie rock” songs channel worldly topics such as science and mood swings. This mixtape is one of the best we’ve had so far, and is the perfect accompaniment to your grizzly Friday afternoon. Especially if you like Weezer or spent your youth playing guitar in your garage with (or without) your friends.

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16 Amazing Photographs From NASA’s Golden Age

See images of the first moonwalk, the first earthrise seen from human eyes, and the first shuttle launch from Kennedy Space Center, all showcased in a glorious new exhibition.

As exciting as the future of space travel may be, its past is just as thrilling. For All Mankind: Vintage NASA Photographs 1964-1983, a new exhibition at London art gallery Breese Little, showcases more than 100 photographs from the golden age of space exploration. The photographs depict NASA from babyhood (Eisenhower established NASA in 1958) to adolescence, picturing the first spacewalk by a United States astronaut (Edmund White in 1965), the first earthrise witnessed by human eyes (1968), the first walk on the moon (1969), the first-ever shuttle launch at Kennedy Space Center (1981), and the first rendezvous of two spacecraft in space (even rockets get lonely).

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Miscellaneous: This blog collates paintings you come across in video games


There are many types of people I’m glad exist in this world. Those who have the dedication and strong stomachs to be doctors. Those selfless enough to look after the elderly. And those willing to scour computer games for paintings that exist in the likes of Super Mario and Final Fantasy and collate them together on a blog like the Video Game Art Archive.

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The Quality Chop House

Watercress, parsley, shallots
Watercress, parsley, shallots Photography by Neil Wissink

Nostalgia can be a dangerous thing. When it comes to restaurants, harking back to lost traditions brings with it a lot of potential pitfalls – the least of which are an overly themed décor and poorly researched and executed dishes. In a word: the results can be all concept and no content. Thankfully, such is not the case at the Quality Chop House in Farringdon.

Chophouses, established in the 18th century and popular st…

Quality Chop House exterior Devilled offal on toast Red mullet with white beans and an oxtail dumpling The interior at the Quality Chop House Almond ice cream The wine selection at the Quality Chop House A delivery arrives at the Quality Chop House Quality Chop House butchers Homemade dressing at the Quality Chop House farm shop

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