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It sure looks simple enough. And, well, as it should. This guy right here is where form, function, and winter meet, a triumvirate of forces that is more valuable than gold this time of the year. Yet once you put the snazzily named Bonnets Unis A—a classic knit sailor’s watch cap by nautical stalwart Saint James—on your head, you’ll find yourself wondering why every other cap can’t fit just like it. Neither too loose, too tight, or too chunky, this cap rests perfectly when settled halfway over your ears. Wear it with a slight tilt and you’ll be ready to take on the winter with style, á la Jacques Cousteau. It’s warm. Trust us. And with a $30 price-tag, you can treat yourself to a few different colors and won’t beat yourself up if one of them winds up in the back of a taxi. 

Bonnets Unis A ($30) by Saint James,


The Jitrois Archives

Jitrois, Spring 1985
Jitrois, Spring 1985

In 1985, Jean Claude Jitrois photographed twenty-year-old Brooke Shields wearing embroidered leather in bright magenta, canary yellow and green. Capturing the maximalist aesthetic of the decade, one jacket was decorated by a cockerel (the symbol of France) while another piece featured a sleeve adorned with fruit. Jitrois was the first designer to inject colour into leather, and went on to develop the revolut…

Jitrois Brooke Shields Brooke Shields Helmut Newton Calendar, 1998 Princess Stéphanie of Monaco Princess Stéphanie of Monaco

Religion Spring Summer 2014

Religion Spring Summer 2014

Taking its signature dark and deconstructed aesthetic from their winter collection, SS14 sees Religion fuse together modern tailoring with classic sportswear influences to create their tradition of a layered silhouette. 

As well as zipper details and nylon fabrics to compliment leather which Religion is renowned for, print plays a strong role in the collection.

Religion Spring Summer 2014

Religion’s variety doesn’t stop at just print and leather, with the inclusion of oversized tie-dye prints also.
Religion’s relaxed tailoring sees the brand create a nylon blazer with a bomber jacket style front zip inserts for a textured look. The summer look sees printed shorts and matching shirts create a modern summer combo, while sweats and joggers have a washed out animal print.

Religion Spring Summer 2014

Religion’s variety doesn’t stop at just print and leather, with the inclusion of oversized tie-dye prints also. 

Religion’s relaxed tailoring sees the brand create a nylon blazer with a bomber jacket style front zip inserts for a textured look. 

The summer look sees printed shorts and matching shirts create a modern summer combo, while sweats and joggers have a washed out animal print.

Religion Spring Summer 2014

SS14 sees Religion offer a strong range of footwear to complement its clothes. 

The shoes main focus is leather animal print with it being paired with leather and suede of grey, black and white. 

Also available are rubber boat shoes and sandals to offer a bolder alternative when sneakers fail to compliment your SS14 attire.

Interview with Matthew JA Payne

Interview with Matthew JA Payne

At the tender age of twenty, self-taught Fashion Photographer Matthew JA Payne, has already shot the likes of Kanye West and Cara Delevingne. 

After building up a solid portolio, and relationships in both London and Paris, I wanted to know what got him started and how he’s managed to achieve so much, in such a short space of time. 

What got you started in photography and was this something you always wanted to do? 

“I’ve always been interested in Art, but photography seemed to be a growing interest of mine. During school I would always incorporate pieces into my work along with sketches and paintings, however after getting refused from college and being unable to study photography, I dropped out and focused on what I love doing.”

Interview with Matthew JA Payne

Let’s talk Paris Fashion Week and Kanye West… how did that come about? 

“After spending some time building up my portfolio and relationships in London, I landed a job at West Brands. I was working with Kanye West for a total of five months in London and Paris, he was creating his A/W 12 collection which was ready to debut during Paris Fashion Week. I then had the opportunity to work alongside editors Rushka Bergman and Christine Cenetenera as well as other amazing artists and top models.” 

That sound’s super exciting, is it always this fun? Describe your typical day. 

“Wake up, answer emails. Plan on the go and become inspired by anything and everything!” 

In a toss up between education VS experience what do you think is more important? 

“I believe experience is the most important skill, of course education is a bonus however if you have an eye or passion for something, you can make it work.”

Interview with Matthew JA Payne

How important is confidence in this field? 

“Confidence plays a big role in my job, the way you present yourself on and off set is very important.” 

So how many people usually make up a team on one of your shoots? 

“The size of a team always depends on what the shoot is for, if it’s a test shoot or an editorial, it can start of as a simple 5 person shoot up to a 15 person shoot.” 

How much would you say living in a capital city/creative hub like London has helped you? 

“London is an amazing city full of creatives, however I know great artists based outside of London. Take time out to visit the city, create relationships and keep an ongoing interest in your work.”  

You’ve worked with the likes of Cassie Ventura, Joan Smalls, and Karlie Kloss – if you could shoot anyone who would it be? 

“This is always such a hard question to answer, but no doubt. Lana Del Rey.”

Interview with Matthew JA Payne

You’re self-taught, do you have any tips for those wanting to educate themselves, and stay motivated? 

“No matter what you want to do or study in the future you can never get enough experience. Motivation is key. You’ll grow to learn that you can’t let negative criticism get you down. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, just focus on what you love doing.” 

How important do you think self-promotion and social media is in this day and age? 

“Self-promotion is key and I personally have discovered a lot of new talents via the internet. On the go, phone in hand, checking up on the latest industry news. Social events and online portfolios also help boost a profile for yourself.” 

What’s next in your fashion diary, LC:M has just finished, were you there? 

“I’ve got a lot of fashion editorials coming up in the New Year, more reality work and I plan to push my portfolio to all new levels. Regarding LC:M, Of course! I was there supporting Ada x Nik all the way!”

Sartorial Savvy

Sartorial Savvy

They say that great personal style is not something that can be taught or learned; you either have it or you don’t. 

To a degree there may be a slither of truth in that, but I’m a firm believer that as long as you follow a few simple rules you can ensure that you will at least have a good foundation to work from. 

With that foundation in place you should then be able build a respectable ensemble without breaking out in to a cold sweat and/or hurling your wardrobe down the stairs in a fit of rage.

Sartorial Savvy

Never fasten the bottom button of your blazer/suit jacket – this will improve your silhouette, drawing it in around the midriff and out towards the waist. Remember to do the same with your waistcoat. 

Brown shoes, brown belt. Black shoes, black belt – with your browns make sure they don’t completely match, but incorporate a similar shade to pull your look together without being too ‘matchy.’ 

Wear a belt, or wear braces – please don’t wear both. Unless you’re in McFly. If you are – I know where you live. In the words of Liam Neeson – I will find you…

Sartorial Savvy

Your blazer or suit jacket sleeve – should be short enough to show some shirt cuff – about half an inch. But not too short or otherwise you’ll start looking like an ageing interior designer. 

Don’t wear a belt with a full suit – it’s fine with a smart casual combo, however the premise of the suit is that it should glide over the contours of your body perfectly and fit like a glove. So you shouldn’t need a belt. Find yourself a tailor and spend that extra £20 belt fund on a couple of much needed adjustments. 

Black shirt with a white tie – please don’t. Please. Unless you’re going to the Prom. In the seventies. Which you’re not. 

Make sure the proportions of your outfit are balanced – ff you’re wearing a skinny tie stick with a skinny lapel, preferably a notch lapel. Wide blade tie – a wide lapel. A wide lapel works with a notch but a peak lapel is great for those of a dandier ilk. Simples!

Sartorial Savvy

When wearing a tie – the tip should just reach your belt line. I know it was super cool at high school to have a stumpy 6-inch appendage around your neck; but those days are over. 

When it comes to shoes – not too pointy, you’ll end up looking like a tragic punk-rock hangover. A simple round toe is the most flattering, like a Derby or an Oxford. It’s always worth spending a little more on your shoes too; there is nothing worse than a cheap pair of shoes! They don’t tend to age well and you’ll end up replacing them much more frequently. If the wallet won’t allow it try trawling the vintage stores and outlets for a bargain. 

Match your metals – much like your leathers your metals should marry, so make sure you team that silver watch with silver cufflinks and so on. You get the picture! But don’t go overboard with the metal wear – Mr T was famous for his style yes, but not for the right reasons. 

I hope that you’ve found these tips useful. Now go tackle that formidable wardrobe.

Running Layer Logic

Running Layer Logic

During the summer, it’s fairly easy to decide on what to wear when you go out for a jog. When the winter weather blows in, choosing a fitness outfit can prove to be a challenge. 

Staying warm on your run is important but you can also overheat if you have too many layers on. This is the main reason why it’s safest to stick to three layers and dress accordingly to the weather.

Running Layer Logic

The First Layer 

The bottom layer, also called the base layer, consists of the clothing that remains against your skin. This layer should work to draw sweat away from your skin so you don’t feel clammy as you run. 

Look for t-shirts that are made with polypropylene. These are lightweight t-shirts that are comfortable to run in and keep you cool while you work out. 

Stay away from thick fabrics such as wool and cotton. These fabrics absorb your sweat but are heavy and you’re likely to become too hot while running in them. This is the only layer you shouldn’t remove during a run so dress wisely.

Running Layer Logic

The Second Layer 

The second layer is also known as the insulating layer. This layer is the one where you can add fabric that’s a little warmer, such as cotton. 

This layer is designed to be removable if you get too hot, but it’s also designed to remain on if the third layer needs to be removed. Something like a long-sleeve shirt like those found at Engelbert Strauss will work well for this layer. 

If you’re aiming for something warmer, try a fleece jacket or flannel shirt. Both work great to keep you warm as you begin your run.

Running Layer Logic

The Third Layer 

The third layer is the outer layer and usually consists of a jacket or rain slicker. The fabric should be breathable and fitting enough for you to run in. 

Stay away from wool and down jackets. These will cause you to get too hot very quickly. Choosing the right materials to dress in can make your run more comfortable. 

Also avoid wearing a jacket that’s too large as it will only slow you down and add extra warmth. Stick to a jacket that has sleeves long enough to tie around your neck or shoulders in the event that you want to remove it. 

If you’ll be running in rain or snow, wear a jacket or rain slicker that’s breathable but also keeps the elements out.

Don’t wear an outer layer made of fabric that will absorb rain and weigh you down. 

Stay away from cotton, wool, corduroy, and fleece. These heavier fabrics should be worn as the second layer.

Running Layer Logic

Choose Waterproof Trainers 

When you’re running in the colder weather, invest in a pair of waterproof shoes. These keep your feet dry and you won’t have to worry about your socks getting wet. 

Stick with an athletic shoe that has cushioning in the heel to make the run a little softer. Don’t wear shoes that have a slick or flat bottom because you’re more likely to slip when you’re wearing them. 

Choosing appropriate layers for your activity is an important safety step. Remember to dress for the elements. With the right jogging clothes, you’ll stay safe and dry throughout your run.

Kris Van Assche Spring/Summer 2014 “Croc” Collection

Definitely one of the lesser-seen animal prints, the crocodile print makes for a great alternative judging by the latest offerings from Kris van Assche. Known for his rather minimalist approach, the Belgian designer outfitted a handful of clean and basic staples including shirts, piqués, sweaters, hoodies and shorts with the reptile pattern. The result is a casual collection with a subtle luxe edge. You can pick up your favorite piece now at the official web store.

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