The Most Mind-Blowing Space Photos of 2013

Another year has gone by and left us with a stack of incredible, mind-blowing pictures of space. We’ve gathered the best of 2013’s images of stars, galaxies, planets, and nebulas into our second WIRED Space Photo of the Day collection. We’re celebrating with a gallery of our favorites from among the 365 we hand-picked every day this year. Highlights include young stars being born in the Large Magellanic Cloud, new views of both the Andromeda galaxy and Horsehead nebula, and an achingly beautiful picture of Saturn.


Weirdo Dave x Vans Syndicate Authentic “China Girl Summer”

Vans Syndicate presents its first 2014 release with the above collaboration with Weirdo Dave. The artist and creator of “Fuck This Life” magazine has given the Vans Syndicate Authentic a black/camo canvas upper, with the black parts featuring collage style graphics. You can buy the sneaker now for $70 from CNCPTS.

Weirdo Dave x Vans Syndicate Authentic “China Girl Summer” is a post by on Highsnobiety.

Create A Fake Artist’s Portfolio In Seconds

Just type your name, and Pro-Folio will create your own website full of stolen art. But it’s not just a great prank; it’s the future of identity.

I’ve taken some intense portraits of strangers around the world, developed an ingenious campaign to protect wildlife, penned some fantastic branding for a tequila company, and even found time to render a shiny MP3 player.

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