Rotten Tomatoes Scores Aren’t Always Exactly What They Seem, Here’s Why

Now more than ever, films are being put out at rapid pace. For this, outlets like Rotten Tomatoes are critical when it comes to helping fans siphon through the good and the bad. Unfortunately, however, those little tomato ratings don’t always mean what they seem.

Recently, a number of film executives have criticized the platform for causing their releases to underachieve. Of course, as everyone tends to point the finger, various studios are looking at Fandango, one of the largest online ticket distributors, as they showcase Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer at the point-of-purchase.

As Vox points out, when you dig deeper into how Rotten Tomatoes works, you find out that the platform generally measures critical consensus, as opposed to quality.

For more on how the Tomatometer is calculated, press play above.

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