Uniqlo & Blizzard Entertainment Drop New T-Shirts for Gamers

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Following recent releases with KAWS and Japanese designer Verdy, Uniqlo returns with yet another collaboration, this time linking with American video game developer and publisher, Blizzard Entertainment. The exclusive apparel collection consists of T-shirts featuring imagery and characters from some of Blizzard’s most celebrated games in Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo III, Heroes of the Storm, and StarCraft II.

Uniqlo and Blizzard Entertainment’s Overwatch tops highlight South Korean MEKA pilot and e-sports superstar D.Va and Brazilian DJ Lúcio, while the World of Warcraft portion showcases the factions and heroes of the game. Diablo, the Lord of Terror then calls attention to the Diablo III section, as the insignias of the Earth-born Terrans, psi-powered Protoss, and hive-minded Zerg decorate the StarCraft II tees. Both heroes and villains are featured on Uniqlo’s Heroes of the Storm shirts, while an all-new Hearthstone T-shirt rounds out the collaboration.

A part of Uniqlo’s SS19 UT collection, the Blizzard Entertainment tees are available now globally.

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10 Breezy Pastel Pieces to Add to Your Summer Wardrobe

Having been spotted on the likes of Tyler, the Creator and Pharrell Williams, pastel-colored pieces have re-emerged as a pretty big trend for SS19. It’s easy to see why — pastels add a pop of color to your outfits without being too in-your-face.

Once associated with prep, pastels can now be seen on sportswear, including hoodies, tees, and sneakers. For SS19, pastel colors have been incorporated into collections by sportswear, streetwear, and luxury brands alike, from Nike all the way to Acne Studios. So if you’re looking for some shopping inspiration, below you’ll find some of our favorite SS19 pastel pieces.

With prices starting at just $46, our best picks feature sportswear-oriented options such as Nike‘s sky blue Air Force 1s and Wacko Maria‘s minty hoodie, as well as classy offerings including Ralph Lauren‘s striped button-down shirt and a pair of green pants by Acne Studios.

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Off the Court: LeBron James Brings His Story of Leadership to Berlin’s Youth

It’s a story that begins in smalltown Ohio and ends with one of the best-known athletes in the world and arguably the greatest basketball player of all time. Coming from a single-parent household in Akron, LeBron James’ life was anchored by sport. It carried him to success and that’s a story with parallels wherever he travels.

Last September, LeBron headed to Berlin with Highsnobiety as part of his “More Than an Athlete” world tour, meeting the young players rising up in the city’s basketball scene. He was accompanied by some of the biggest names in German sport, including Bayern Munich footballer Jerome Boateng and 21-year-old boxer Zeina Nassar, a Muslim who made history in Germany in 2013 as the first woman to compete in a headscarf, going on to win the German featherweight championship in 2018.

Despite being the capital of Europe’s wealthiest nation, Berlin isn’t immune to the inner-city pressures young people experience growing up around the world. The city’s evolution following the reunification of East and West Berlin in 1989 has seen it develop into a landscape full of art, culture, and grit, but also poverty and hardship.

In such an environment, sport becomes a vital foundation for young people growing up and defining themselves, and basketball’s rapid rise in popularity around the world has seen the sport serve the same role in cities in Europe and elsewhere as it has for kids growing up in US urban centers.

But participation in sport declines among Berlin’s youth as they get older. The number of kids participating in sports clubs drops 20 percent between the ages of 14 and 19, and by the age of 19, only one in four boys still regularly participates in sports. For girls, it drops to one in 10. LeBron’s visit was driven by a desire to inspire Berlin’s young to rediscover the power of sport as a way to empower and connect individuals and communities.

/ Julien Tell

Beyond the court, LeBron is equally respected for what he represents socially, culturally, and politically. His I Promise school, which opened in Akron in July 2018, encapsulates the player’s desire to give back to his hometown and offer opportunities he didn’t have growing up. Likewise, his political stances on a wide range of issues have had an impact on young people, even those growing up thousands of miles away.

But at the core of the LeBron James phenomenon is the simple belief that sport is something where people of all backgrounds can come together and be united by a single objective. And it’s hard to think of a place where that message would resonate more than a city that was split in two for 28 years by a concrete barrier representing the 20th century’s starkest ideological divide.

Highsnobiety / Julien Tell

Highsnobiety / Julien Tell

To reflect this spirit of bringing people together, LeBron closed out his visit by hosting Berlin’s largest ever pick-up game, where anyone could step onto the court and play. To tie things back to Berlin’s homegrown sporting community, LeBron pledged to convert every point scored into a cash donation to a local sporting organization (the identity of which is yet to be announced), bringing the joy of the game to even more kids around the city.

As his world tour continued, there’s no doubt LeBron’s message resonated just as powerfully with every group he met. His career is one defined by more than just athletic prowess. It’s about leadership, empowerment, and solidarity. More than an athlete, he’s an ambassador for his team, his community, and anyone who has had to fight to get what they want in life.

Fendi & ‘Call Me By Your Name’ Director Luca Guadagnino Unite for SS20

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What does Fendi man wear to a morning of gardening? Straw Fendi-logoed bucket hats, wool gardening gloves, leather gardening cans, and patterned hedge shears. But Fendi man isn’t the one doing any heavy lifting; the items are mere accessories brought with him on his way to an afternoon of bucolic delights.

At Fendi SS20, shown in the green gardens of Villa Reale in Milan, there were floral picnic baskets in Fendi’s signature striped Pequin pattern, wool blankets in soft prints, and bottle-opener charms in the shape of gardening tools. They fit with the collection’s many muted shades of khaki, beige, creme, and black on spacious tailoring, overalls, and long polo shirts. These were paired with the house’s iconic Baguette and Peekaboo bags in a wide array of materials, from exotic skins to woven raffia and classic Selleria leather.

The footwear included croc-print loafers, sandals, boots, and Mary Janes for men, as well as high-top trainers in canvas and rubber developed in collaboration with Japanese heritage footwear brand MOONSTAR, creator of the original rubber split-toe jika-tabi worker boot.

The collection was functional and utility-driven, yet idyllic, the great outdoors made luxe. Upon arrival, show attendees were given woven Fendi baskets holding mini bananas, coffee cups, and pastries — all Fendi branded. Creative director Silvia Venturini Fendi said she wanted to “bring the Fendi man out of the virtual space and of the overwhelming immateriality that’s so pervasive in life today.”

It was sartorial workwear and uniformity made light through the use of natural materials including silk, cotton, wool, cashmere, suede, and denim.

Part of the summery sense of ease was down to Italian filmmaker Luca Guadagnino, director of Call Me By Your Name, who was named guest artist for the SS20 collection. The influence of Guadagnino, a long-time friend of Venturini Fendi and a past collaborator on Fendi fashion films, could be found all around, from the graphic prints and whimsical accessories to the art direction and show location, casting, and soundtrack (a re-formatted version of Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto’s 1999 experimental piano album Back to the Basics).

The director’s digitally sketched “Botanics for Fendi” drawings, created on the film set of his 2018 supernatural horror remake Suspiria — on which Venturini Fendi is credited as an associate producer — formed a series of overlapping multicolored prints across ready-to-wear and accessories.

Including Guadagnino in the show’s direction was a smart move. Artistic and creative directors at big luxury fashion houses tend to want too much control over every single aspect of their brands, from design, marketing, and PR, to distribution, styling, casting, set design, and so on, often failing to excel in each individual field.

By including an experienced talent (another important Fendi figure in this regard is the exceptional stylist and brand consultant Julian Ganio), a fashion brand can create something truly memorable. Venturini Fendi achieved that with this show. The clothes weren’t groundbreaking in silhouette or material, but through the overall experience and direction, they became some of the most desirable pieces of the whole fashion month.

18 East’s Latest Drop Has Summer Style on Lock

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Brand: 18 East

Season: Summer 2019

Key Pieces: Drawing the most attention from 18 East’s new summer drop is the La Rose du Desert Motel Terry loungewear capsule consisting of a bucket hat, robe, polo, drawstring short, and slippers.

Release Date: June 17

Buy: 18 East

Editor’s Notes: Today 18 East launches its new summer collection, accounting for Antonio Ciongoli’s fourth drop. With this particular assortment we find the label taking a hand-crafted approach to colorful summer clothing.

A highlight from the new collection, the La Rose du Desert Motel Terry loungewear capsule is a nod to the hotel swag the 18 East team has collected during design trips over the years. The range includes a bucket hat, robe, polo, drawstring short, and slippers, each done up in plush white terry.

“The result is the beginning of an ongoing capsule of merch stolen from the budget hotel options we wish existed in our favorite travel destinations,” says Ciongoli.

Also featured in 18 East’s fourth drop is a third collaboration with Jimmy Gorecki’s LA-made cut and sew operation, as Standard Issue’s white T-shirts have been hand-dyed and embroidered in five different hues. Additionally, the Deadstock Ikat hiking shorts serve as another standout for summer, made from three deadstock bolts of handloom Ikat found in the textile markets of Delhi

You can get a feel for 18 East’s new summer collection by scrolling through the gallery above. Following, visit the brand’s website to shop the goods beginning today, June 17, at 11 a.m.

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