10 Ways To Add Value To Your Car

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Got plans to sell your car? Before you put it up for sale, it could be worth considering a few small improvements – they could help to boost the value of your vehicle. Obviously, you don’t want to spend too much money improving your vehicle, otherwise the added value may not be worth the cost of improvements. Here are just a few cheap ways in which you can guarantee added value to your vehicle.  

Clean it up

Cleaning your car could be enough to add value – people will pay more for a shiny car than they will for a dusty one. Try to give it a deep clean, focusing on more than simply the bodywork. This could include hoovering the interior, wiping stains off the upholstery, scrubbing down the tires and even cleaning the inside of the headlights. It’s possible to pay for professional detailing if you don’t have the time or patience to clean your vehicle yourself.

Wax and polish it

Applying wax to the bodywork could help to provide an extra sheen. Similarly you may want to polish up the wheels to give these a sparkle. This combined with cleaning can make a car look brand new and add huge amounts to the value. Just make sure that you use the correct products when shining up your vehicle, otherwise you could cause unwanted damage.

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Repair bumps and scratches

Bumps and scratches will seriously damage your car’s value. Try to get any minor damage fixed up before you sell. Most small bumps and scratches will cost very little to get repaired. There may even be some forms of damage that you can fix yourself – just check out these DIY scratch repair methods.

Make other small fixes

There could be other small repairs that you’ve been putting off until now because the issue wasn’t serious enough. Consider visiting a repair centre to get quotes on these repairs – if theses repairs are inexpensive, it could be worth getting them done so that you have one less fault to tell buyers about. This could then allow you to charge more.

Replace the headlight bulbs

Headlight bulbs tend to dim over time. Consider buying new bulbs for your car – you’ll be surprised by just how much of an impact this makes. There are guides online that can show you how to replace car headlight bulbs for those wanting to save money.

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Consider a personalised number plate

You could also consider investing in personalised number plates. Whilst some plates can be expensive, others can be surprisingly cheap. Having such plates can increase the value of your car by making it more individual. You can use the web to search for a personalised number plate. Try to choose something that isn’t to specific and likely to alienate buyers.

Buy new floor mats

Something as simple as floor mats could make an impact on the value of your car. A worn and dirty floor mat is likely to give your car a worn feel and could therefore lower the value. Consider replacing these mats with brand new ones.

Buy new window wipers

Old cracked window wipers could be another small feature worth replacing. Window wipers cost practically nothing to buy and are easy to replace making this a simple way to add value.

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Install seat covers

If your car seats are permanently stained or damaged, you may want to consider concealing these by buying seat covers to slip over the top. This could be much cheaper than buying brand new seats and could help to add value by hiding these horrible blemishes. Obviously, you don’t want to be using seat covers to hide up major damage – in such cases, it’s much better to come clean.

Organise your documents

It can also pay to organise your car’s documentation. When buying a used vehicle, most owners like to know the past of the vehicle, so having a record of it’s service history can be useful – this could include certificates of each MOT and any other repairs. You can also consider printing off a vehicle history report, which shows a full list of all the previous owners. Keep this all in a folder to present to buyers. Many will be willing to pay more for this added trust.

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