AnOther’s Best Dressed of All Time

Jean Seberg
Jean Seberg

This is the time of year when fashion journalists swivel round on their chairs to observe the style highlights of the past twelve months; to opine on March’s Oscar gowns and summer’s ubiquitous dungarees and to crown their 2013 sartorial stars. At AnOther, we’re not sure anyone in 2013 has quite matched up to the originals, so we’ve decided to list our Top Ten Best Dressed of All Time, made up of our favourite participa…

The Future (According to Spike Jonze) is High-Waisted

Spike Jonze’s Her is set in a not-too-distant future where there are few cars, your phone’s operating system has the ability to both read and express emotions, and men’s pants are considerably high-waisted.

By high-waisted, I mean that they’re at least up to one’s navel. At first glance they’re reminiscent of the type of slacks that your grandfather would wear to putt about the house on a Sunday afternoon, but after the initial shock wears off they actually look quite… comfortable. They give Theodore Twombly (portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix) an almost dignified air, as if he’d just stepped out of a dinner party in the 1940s.

But back in 2014, men’s fashion moves at a much more glacial pace. The majority of us are still stuck on low-cut and/or skinny-cut denim and have been since the early 00’s (a place that took us many years to get to). Before that, bootcut jeans were with us a full decade. As the skinny-jean phenomenon reaches it’s peak, isn’t it perhaps time to start looking… well… a little higher?

Jenny Le, a manager at fashion mecca Opening Ceremony, seems to think so. “I do think that men’s pants, at least in the next couple of years, will maybe not go as high as the women’s, but I think they are starting to merge. There’s a real cross-pollination with the way men and women are shopping. Its already starting to cross over.” 

She added, “People are gravitating towards a more romantic old fashioned way. Not heritage, but more kind of “proper” dressing. It sounds like…


Anderson Cooper Accidentally Blows The Cover On The Nike / Crocs Collab

We all know Anderson Cooper is one hell of a journalist, covering everything from Hurricane Katrina to the Haiti eartquake. Well, now he’s got the trend forcasters in an uproar after breaking his forthcoming Nike/Crocs collaboration, no doubt a big part of the reason behind hedge fund Blackstone scarfed up $200 million of the soft and technically edible once-trendy foam shoe’s stock. When we live in a society where advertorial is the future and even the New York Times is jumping whole-heartedly into the native advertising trend, why shouldn’t a hotshot host sign a shoe endorsment? It’s the obvious next step. Anderson dropped his social media Freudian slip with this Twitter post, ostensibly promoting the replay of his wholly unecessary, Putin-esque Just Do It solo dive with the dangerous Nile crocodile:

Watch a terrifying dive with deadly Nike crocodiles. It’ll get your blood pumping. 60minutes tonight

— Anderson Cooper (@andersoncooper) December 30, 2013

We’re just excited for the Converse Wolf Blitzer All Star and Rush Limbaugh “get outta my country” steel-toed Timberland. 


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