Watch the Official Music Video for Your Old Droog’s “Nutty Bars”

When Your Old Droog’s music first hit the web, there was rampant speculation that it was a secret, pitch-affected project by Nas who was looking to unleash an alter ego on the masses. Ultimately that turned out to be false, but it’s hard to ignore the similarities between the two based on voice, lyrical structure and production sensibilities. With his self-titled debut album dropped just days ago, we now get the visuals for the standout track “Nutty Bars.” Containing a certain grittiness that fits well with his lyrical dexterity and smooth delivery, it serves as a nice introduction to people who might be hearing his music for the first time and still aren’t convinced that Nas doesn’t have a hand in the project. Your Old Droog can be picked up here.

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Putting Our Solar System Into Perspective


our solar system in perspective Putting Our Solar System Into Perspective


This amazing graphic was created by Roberto Ziche and shows our solar system to scale. Roberto explains:

“At the Chabot Space and Science Center there were some old, poor quality images, probably downloaded from internet and printed on office paper, showing the Sun and the planets to scale. I found the images content to be extremely interesting, but the design and quality was definitely something that could have been improved. I decided to give it a try, and create a brand new, more artistic view of our solar system, poster size (36″ x 36″), and donate it to the Center to replace those old prints.
The 3D geometry was not too complex, but there was a lot of lighting experimentation to get the scene illuminated only by the Sun itself, and some time consuming multi-layer composition in Photoshop.”


Ziche has generously provided the illustration as a high-resolution download. You can find a 27.1 mb PNG version here.



you can fit all planets in our solar system in space between earth and moon diagram image Putting Our Solar System Into Perspective


The amount of ‘space’ between objects can also boggle the mind. For example, did you know you can fit all of the planets in our solar system in the space between Earth and our moon?

Lastly, check out the video below to see a comparison of our Sun compared to other large stars we have discovered.


The Largest Star Ever Discovered,
Compared To Our Sun




Studio Flag    | "‘Sansuhwa’ is…

Studio Flag    |

“‘Sansuhwa’ is premium tea house, located in the heart of Seoul, Hannamdong. With meaning that “good tea comes from pure water and great mountains.” It is our intention in this work to symbolize the blending of Korean Hangul typography with splendid scenery of the mountain and river which is expressed in Sansuhwa. Also, we have extended some of this symbols with harmony of straight lines and curves into patterns for various packaging design.”

Flag is a design studio based in Seoul, Korea. Their focus is branding, art direction, typography, print design and packaging.

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