Michael Bastian x Hewlett-Packard MB Chronowing Smartwatch

Following a preview back in July, menswear designer Michael Bastian has teamed with Hewlett-Packard and online retailer Gilt for the MB Chonowing smartwatch. Intended to make you more polite, the MB Chronowing features gentle vibrations to alert you to texts, emails and notifications from apps of your choice, and it works with iPhone or Android. The MB Chronowing even has a clock dial on the face, unlock most smartwatches you see today. However, the clock’s hands are rendered using the watch’s monochrome LCD display, which can also show messages, the weather, stock prices and other info. There are also three buttons, which can be used to navigate the watch’s old-school menus, activate a built-in light and control a phone’s music player. Battery life is an estimated seven days.

Two versions will be available: a limited-edition, all-black model with a sapphire-glass crystal and an alligator strap for $649 USD, as well as a model that is made with less refined materials for $349 USD. The MB Chronowing will be available exclusively at Gilt beginning November 7.

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