50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra 427

With the Shelby Cobra 427, Carrol Shelby created one of the most iconic American sports cars of all time. The roadster turns 50 years old and of course that occasion has to be celebrated accordingly. To be released in January 2015, only 50 of the anniversary Shelby Cobra’s will be released. Split into two versions, the offering consists of one model in hand-laid fiberglass ($120,000) and the other in hand-formed aluminum ($180,000). You can choose from a range of engines (not included), starting at 400 hp and going up to the 427 block engine with an impressive 700 hp output. Furthermore you can choose between leather and vinyl seating and whether or not to take the racing stripe on both colorways. For more information, hit up ShelbyAmerican.

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The Sifter’s Most Popular Posts of 2014

anthem veterans memorial arizona by renee palmer-jones (9)


Thank you fellow sifters, without you there would be no website. I hope you have learned, laughed and been inspired. The world is an amazing place and the Sifter strives to provide a glimpse into the amazing people, places and animals that inhabit our beautiful planet. Here’s a look back at our 10 most popular posts and 5 most popular videos of 2014.

I can’t wait to see what 2015 will bring. A happy new year to all; stay sifty my friends!



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anthem veterans memorial arizona by renee palmer-jones (9)




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The 5 Most Popular Videos of 2014



















bear and wolf odd couple by lassi rautiainen The Sifters Most Popular Posts of 2014




MWS Stylish Men of the Year 2014

MWS Stylish Men of the Year 2014

After another fantastic year for menswear and men’s style, we take a look at some of the gentlemen who have stood out in 2014 and have been noticed by the team here at MWS. Here they are in no particular order: 

Oliver Cheshire 

“British model Oliver Cheshire delivered a style masterclass both on and off the red carpet throughout 2014. Whether he’s rocking a brocade Dolce & Gabbana suit, Uniqlo chinos with high tops, or his signature turtle neck, Oliver always steps out with a fresh look and a cheeky smile. A special shout out to his perfectly coiffed hair too, this guy never seems to suffer from product overload!” – MWS Jas

MWS Stylish Men of the Year 2014

David Beckham 

He became the face of Belstaff this year and celebrated by heading to the jungle on a motorbike with a few of his best buddies for a television documentary. He was dressed head-to-toe in the fashion label’s gear and he somehow remained immaculate throughout the show. It had no plot or storyline, but we got to see what makes him tick in life.

MWS Stylish Men of the Year 2014

Tinie Tempah 

“Since he burst onto the music scene in 2010, Tinie’s style has consistently demonstrated the inextricable link between fashion and music, fusing pieces from his own Disturbing London clothing line with designers such as Casely-Hayford and Burberry. Tinie continues to evolve and inspire the new generation of young men looking for clean, crisp tailoring and grooming.” – MWS Andree

MWS Stylish Men of the Year 2014

Mariano Di Vaio 

He’s an Italian model, actor and style blogger, but most people will know him as the king of Instagram. He has 2.7m followers and he simply takes pictures of himself wearing sharp gear. The fact that he has an athletic body and resembles a 1996 Peter Andre, but with a more distinguished jawline and perfect hair, definitely helps!

MWS Stylish Men of the Year 2014

Oliver Proudlock 

“His versatile style creates the best menswear statements that speaks volumes. Combining street style effortlessly with his own special twist, it’s no wonder he’s been an icon this year. I’m excited to see what styles we see from the Made In Chelsea star in 2015.” – MWS Ursula

MWS Stylish Men of the Year 2014

Patrick Grant 

This dapper British fashion designer has recently made it to mainstream TV on a BBC Two program titled ‘The Great British Sewing Bee’, but we know him for his work with Norton & Sons, E. Tautz and Affligem. He always looks sharp in his tailoring and carries himself elegantly and fluently.

MWS Stylish Men of the Year 2014

Bradley Cooper 

“The guy next door and Häagen-Dazs Ambassador effortlessly knows how to combine classically cool causalwear with a hint of retro chic, to well-tailored straight cut Tom Ford on the red carpet – which shows his evolution with style.” – MWS Carine

Article by Menswwear Style

The 10 Coolest Office Spaces Of 2014

From Yelp to Soundcloud, take a look at the most colorful, whimsical, and productivity-boosting office designs we saw this year.

Fluorescent-lit cubicles are so last century. The latest in corporate office design is about creating more than just a place for employees to sit and stare at their computers, and the Googles of the world aren’t the only companies investing in awesome office spaces (though Google continues to build zany offices all over the world). More and more, companies are hiring designers to outfit their headquarters with sleek interiors and productivity- and happiness-boosting amenities for workers like running tracks, cocktail bars, and more. Check out some of the quirky, cool, and colorful workplaces we coveted most this year.

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