The Political History of the Babydoll Dress

Miu Miu S/S16

The babydoll dress (loosely defined as a garment with an empire waist and a skirt ending above the knee) has a storied history, and one somehow always rooted in gender politics. From its appearance at the turn of the 20th century and later revival by Balenciaga couture, through to Courtney Love’s kinderwhore styling and Meadham Kirchhoff’s homage to her, it has designated everything from the formal to the salacious, the irreverent to the chic. But, whether employed as 40s…

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The Female Artist Subverting Male-Dominated Minimalism


Who? Born in Texas in 1984, Brooklyn-based artist Rebecca Ward creates process-oriented abstract art that harmoniously unites her love of colour and geometry. Spanning painting, sculpture and installation, and influenced by both minimalism and arte povera, Ward’s work explores age-old concepts like the interaction between space and architecture, while also addressing broader social concerns, such as the exploration of gender roles.

The latter she…

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15 Awesome Halloween Costumes from this Past Weekend



Halloween is the perfect opportunity to let your creative juices flow. Every year, people post their amazing creations online for everyone to enjoy. Here’s a small collection of just some of the awesome Halloween costumes people rocked this year. I can’t wait until next Halloween!

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1. Rocket Raccoon

creative halloween costumes 2015 (14)

Photograph via humourschool


2. Martini Dog

creative halloween costumes 2015 (4)

Photograph via Sathyiaold


3. Lil Jon Snow

creative halloween costumes 2015 (5)

Photograph via bconn714


4. Iron Merman

creative halloween costumes 2015 (10)



5. Magic Carpet Aladdin


6. Cruella de Vil and Dalmation

creative halloween costumes 2015 (8)

Photograph via GallowBoob


7. Rosie (The Jetsons)

creative halloween costumes 2015 (2)

Photograph by emmieofdoom


8. Lady of Many Eyes

creative halloween costumes 2015 (9)

Photograph by panniculus


9. Two-Face (Harvey Dent)

creative halloween costumes 2015 (1)

Photograph via fillyc


10. King Jaffe Joffer (Coming to America)

creative halloween costumes 2015 (7)

Photograph via freethinker84


11. Giant Snake

creative halloween costumes 2015 (6)

Photograph by beningo83


12. Short Tall Man

creative halloween costumes 2015 (13)

Photograph by sodamn_insane


13. Peter Pan and his Shadow

creative halloween costumes 2015 (12)

Photograph via LiveforUNC


14. Jon Snow White

creative halloween costumes 2015 (11)

Photograph via mankardo


15. Beauty and the Beast

creative halloween costumes 2015 (3)

Photograph via GallowBoob



Watch What Happens When You Make Soap Bubbles in the Freezing Cold



Watch this soap bubble instantly freeze on a cold day in Calgary, Canada. Photographer Chris Ratzlaff captured the results in the video above and a series of photos you can see on Facebook.

To create the bubbles he mixed: 200 ml warm water, 35 ml corn syrup, 35 ml dish soap and 2 tbsp sugar, chilling the mixture in the freezer for a bit before bundling up and venturing outside.


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James Franco talks teenage rebellion and creativity in this animation by Julian Glander


Julian Glander is the latest animator to take part in the California Inspires Me series put together by Google Play and California Sunday magazine. This time it’s the turn of actor, director and scholar James Franco and the film sees him talk about selling stolen cologne as a teenager, getting caught doing graffiti and how all that rebellion eventually put him on the path to creativity and finding happiness.

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New York studio Eric Wrenn’s distinctive, refined design and art direction


Whether it’s stripped-back invites and collateral for fashion labels like Eckhaus Latta or designing and art directing artist’s monographs for the likes of Bernadette Corporation, New York studio Eric Wrenn has a reputation for slick, nuanced work. The studio’s notable output sits astride the worlds of art and fashion, and mirrors the clean-cut, ranging experimentalism of its creative clients. As well as running his eponymous studio, Eric impressively doubles as design director for Artforum magazine, and his experienced editorial design is more than apparent in both the magazine and book projects like Bernadette Corporation’s 2000 Wasted Years.

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THE WOMEN IN THIS TOWN BOOKIt’s a humbling experience to be…


It’s a humbling experience to be releasing my second book this week, especially amongst other photographers and bloggers I admire who are doing the same. The journey in creating this book has given me the opportunity to really find my point of view when it comes to photography and storytelling and I couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.

This book is dedicated to my mom, super woman. Her confidence, humour, unique style and strength are the same qualities I looked for in photographing the women in these towns. Individuals who are expressing themselves through fashion on their own terms, without a care in the world of what others might think.

I hope that at least one photo or story in this book will inspire you to do the same. Women In This Town: New York, Paris, Melbourne, Tokyo, Madrid and London is available to order online now and in all good bookstores worldwide.


Thank you to Hardie Grant Australia + UK and Rizzoli New York for believing in another book and to Olympus Australia for helping me capture these amazing women around the world.


A Concept Yacht Fit For Bond

We will most likely never lease or own anything as grand and suave as the Symmetry super yacht – in fact, we may never even set foot on such a floating palace – but we are enjoying a close look!

Sander J. Sinot, The Netherlands-born and based custom-designer of super yacht concepts and their lavish interiors and furnishings, introduced the concept of Symmetry at the Monaco Yacht Show in September.

And while the James Bond villain-worthy mega yacht is still just a concept, Sinot’s lengthy promotional video lets us in on the detail and grandeur.

At “just” 180 meters (590 feet) in length, Symmetry is not the largest yacht ever designed – Christopher Seymour’s recent Double Century concept is all of 200 meters – it is certainly massive in scale.

Yet, with all that length and a 29-meter (95 foot) beam Symmetry looks relatively sleek.

With its six decks, it could easily appear bulky and heavy, but its symmetrical hull and stern not just allow for bi-directional manoeuvring at sea, they also allow for a surprisingly lean profile.

Sinot designed the concept from the center out, organizing all of the functions around a central void.

The yacht has room for 34 guests and 48 crew and six decks worth of bliss! A beach deck with a sea-water pool, a guest deck with a 56-foot (17 meter) glass-bottom pool, a hotel deck with a garden, and the owner’s deck with a stateroom opening up to a private outdoor lounge and infinity pool.

In total, Symmetry will have 10,700 square feet (almost 1,000 square meters) of useable exterior deck space.

Inside, the 34 guests can choose from four VIP suites with their own lounges and balconies, and 12 cabins. The owner’s staterooms include a private spa, an office, a library and a skylounge.

And for those hasty escapes – to a casino perhaps – there are two 33-foot (10-meter) tenders, a 46-foot (14-meter) day boat and six personal watercraft. And James is always welcome to land his chopper on the aft helipad.

More about the largest super yachts here: – Tuija Seipell.