Football-Freestyler Captivates While Wearing the YEEZY Boost 350 “Oxford Tan”

We’ve seen a lot of people do different things in Kanye’s YEEZY Boost 350s. They’ve been skated in, worked out in, drenched in chocolate syrup and ketchup, and more. Now we find someone taking yet another approach by unleashing a sick football freestyle while wearing the new “Oxford Tan” colorway.

The clip comes courtesy of Philippe Gnannt — who is the freestyler in the video — as he shows off his skills at Neue Nationalgalerie in Berlin. What’s more impressive — the shoes or the footwork?

Watch This Stunning Drone-Shot Single Take Video of Venice Beach

Having appeared in countless movies ranging from The Big Lebowski to Lords of Dogtown and American History X, Venice Beach is one of those places that you feel intimately familiar with even if you’ve never been there. But no matter how many times you might’ve seen it on the big screen, you’ve probably never see it from the aerial-eye view of a drone.

Titled “Rise & Shine”, the footage is shot by Robert McIntosh using a 250 sized mini quad drone and a GoPro Hero 4, resulting in something that kind of looks like the end credits to Grand Theft Auto V. The drone flies over a deserted Venice Beach at dawn, capturing the seaside neighborhood as it’s bathed in the warm glow of daybreak.

For more drone-captured visuals, check out the 2015 Drone Aerial Photography Contest.

Vintage Denim Is Used to Create Needles’ “Indigo” Chore Coat

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Japanese label Needles adds to its “REBUILD” program with the Jean Pant Chore coat in “Indigo”. The program wrangles off segments of vintage clothing to create unified pieces, and in this case, sees Needles reclaim old denim to make a patchwork Chore coat. The paneled construction of the coat is reminiscent of the Japanese patchwork technique called Boro. Made in Japan, the Chore coat features two hand pockets and a chest pocket.

To see more from the brand, check out the Asymmetric sneaker fashioned in the aforementioned colorway.