This Sand Sculpture of an Elephant Playing Chess with a Mouse is Incredible

elephant playing chess with mouse sand sculpture by ray villfane and sue beatrice (10)


Artists Ray Villafane (featured previously) and Sue Beatrice (featured previously) recently teamed up to create a jaw-dropping sand sculpture of a chess match between an elephant named Chessie Trunkston, and a mouse named Hershel Higginbottom.

The amazing artwork is on display under the Sanderson Lincoln Pavillion in downtown Carefree, Arizona and will be on display until the end of August. Beatrice even wrote an accompanying limerick for the piece and it goes:

“There was a young elephant named Chessie
who ate peanuts but was very messy
when a mouse had him beat
and with no way to cheat
he made one last move and compressed him”

For more incredible artwork check out Ray’s Villafane Studios and Sue’s All Natural Arts.



elephant playing chess with mouse sand sculpture by ray villfane and sue beatrice (9)


elephant playing chess with mouse sand sculpture by ray villfane and sue beatrice (7)


elephant playing chess with mouse sand sculpture by ray villfane and sue beatrice (6)


elephant playing chess with mouse sand sculpture by ray villfane and sue beatrice (3)


elephant playing chess with mouse sand sculpture by ray villfane and sue beatrice (4)


elephant playing chess with mouse sand sculpture by ray villfane and sue beatrice (2)


elephant playing chess with mouse sand sculpture by ray villfane and sue beatrice (5)


elephant playing chess with mouse sand sculpture by ray villfane and sue beatrice (1)


elephant playing chess with mouse sand sculpture by ray villfane and sue beatrice (8)


Check out the HD video below for more detailed close-ups!



The Internet Can’t Decide if this Giant Gator Video is Real or Fake



A giant gator was spotted crossing the fairway at the Buffalo Creek Golf Course in Palmetto, Florida and the Internet is in an uproar about its authenticity.

Many have been quick to proclaim the video ‘fake’ while others, like Buffalo Creek pro shop clerk Wendy Schofield, say the gator has been spotted plenty of times before on the course.

According to 3 News, the largest gator ever recorded in Florida was 14 ft long and weighed 780 pounds. Estimates would put the gator seen in the video above in the same neighborhood.


*Update* Two additional videos have surfaced on Instagram with even closer footage of the giant gator.


Instagram Photo


Instagram Photo


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Norse Projects and Suicoke Bring the Military Vibes With Summer-Ready Sandals

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Last month saw a surprising collaboration between Norse Projects and Dr. Martens on a set of three low-top shoes. Clearly the Copenhagen-based brand did not get footwear out of their system, as it has just announced a new line of sandals created in partnership with Japanese sandal specialists Suicoke.

The collaborative sandals are reinterpreted and combined versions of two popular silhouettes from the Suicoke selections: the Moto and the Depa. The sandals have also arrived in two separate colorways, forest green and desert beige, both of which evoke the tactility and practicality of military wear.

A good place to wear these sandals would be this breathtaking resort-backyard.

4 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Pair of Sunglasses This Season

As we slide into the spring and summer months, you’ll no doubt find yourself reaching for your sunglasses more and more. If you’re still using some cheap shades from your local fast-fashion store, though, then maybe it’s about time you gave yourself an upgrade.

Considering how much they’ll be sitting on your face during summer, you’re going to want to invest a little bit of time and money into acquiring the perfect pair of sunglasses. For long-term eye care and comfort (and, let’s be real, style), you should consider dropping a bit of extra dough on them, though. In most cases, dope designs, technical tints, and high quality lenses don’t come cheap.

Here’s four things you need to know before copping a pair of sunglasses this season.

Acne Studios

We’re all familiar with the classic silhouettes—aviators, wayfarers and the like—but have you ever considered how your eyewear aesthetically flatters (or fails to flatter) your face? Broadly speaking, there’s four basic head shapes: heart-shaped, circular, square, and oval-shaped.

Yu Nagaba /

A round, circular face shape will be better off with more angular frames, to create maximum definition. Wayfarers, in their near-universal appeal, will compliment this face shape, as will frames with a square silhouette.

Yu Nagaba /

Square faces will benefit from round frames, aviators, or shades with rimless bottoms. With a strong, structured facial build, you’ll want to opt for softer edges here.

Yu Nagaba /

For heart-shaped (occasionally referred to a triangle-shaped) faces, square frames, contemporary sport, and wayfarer silhouettes will suit better than others. Avoid top-heavy frames; the key for this face shape is balancing its natural—but varied—dimensions.

Yu Nagaba /

Last but not least, there are oval-shaped faces. For those blessed with this facial profile, finding sunglasses should be a breeze. Square-shaped wayfarer frames? Bingo. Circular frames? Go ahead. If there’s one thing you should be mindful of, it’s the “weight” of the frame. Too thick or too thin, and you’ll be over or underwhelming your face’s natural balance.

Lewis Fredericks

It goes without saying that the quality of your sunglasses’ materials will likely affect how much you end up paying for them. However, you don’t want to get caught paying premium prices for frames that are composed of plastic that rivals the physical strength of your credit card.

Metal frames, known for their malleability and corrosion-resistance, are common. They’re expensive, but generally worth the uptick in price. A subcategory in metal frames, titanium benefits from a lighter weight and scratch resistance, but often results in a higher cost.

For sunglasses that are going to see time in athletic and heavy outdoor use, nylon frames are a solid choice. Temperature-resistant and simultaneously flexible and durable, they’re a good option if you’re going to find yourself in some physically demanding situations. Grilamid is a non-brand specific nylon found in sunglasses, but some brands have their own riff on the material—Oakley’s is called “O-Matter.”

Plastic frames often get a bad rap, thanks to the cheap sunglasses you’ll find in bargain bins, drug stores and the like. However, acetate—often used in traditional eyeglasses—benefits from being stronger, lighter, and more colorfast than traditional plastics. Most frames you’ll come across are constructed out of acetate, and with so many benefits, it’s not hard to see why.

Han Kjobenhavn

Tinted lenses aren’t purely aesthetic, they affect what light your shades will block out, and how.

Gray and green lenses are color neutral; they won’t visually affect the color of anything you’re looking at, while providing a slight boost to contrast in bright situations. It’s what helps establish them as the default tints in most sunglasses. Considering that they thrive in situations not unlike your average bright-and-sunny day, these are a solid all-around choice.

Yellow and amber lenses thrive in low-light situations, amplifying light, contrast, and depth perception. It’s because of this tint’s contrast-boosting qualities that they’re better for use in overcast—rather than truly sunny—environments. However, they also help your depth perception in relatively contrast-free environments—like when you’re trying to make out something in front of you on a surface that’s almost entirely white (e.g. a ski slope).

Mirror-coated lenses reflect incoming light back off their surfaces, making it easy to hide your eyes behind your frames—which, let’s be real, is probably why you’re wearing them to begin with. These are the best choice for those with acute light sensitivity, and for use in extremely sunny days. If you regularly hang out on a sun-drenched beach, then consider mirrored lenses.

Be warned: blue and purple tints (not to be confused with blue and purple chrome) are purely cosmetic. Don’t get duped into shelling out extra cash for something that’s not going to make a difference.

Jacques Marie Mage

Thanks to major advances in lens coating tech, nowadays there’s a whole lot more than just glass filling your shades’ frames.

Photochromic lenses change darkness based on their exposure to light. While these sound practical at first, a single test with Transitions lens (or a comparable brand) at your local optometrist will reveal that this is mostly wishful thinking—not to mention corny. They take a while to transition, too. Your shades will look odd while they’re between stages, and you may find yourself surprisingly dazzled if you step into the sun thinking you’ll be protected.

Gradient and double-gradient lenses are tinted gradually from top to bottom or from both top and bottom. This creates a shading effect that resembles the duality of a bifocal, so these types of lenses are perfect for blocking out sunny skies and bright backgrounds while still being able to concentrate on what’s immediately in front of you. For those looking for driving or beach-ready sunglasses, these are solid options.

Polarized lenses are the most well-known advancement in lens technology, and for good reason. Technically speaking, they block horizontally vibrating light waves. In layman’s terms, this means you can kiss common reflective glare—which bounces off bodies of water or snowy slopes—goodbye. They’re perfect for use near water, snow, or when driving for a long period of time.

That said, polarized lenses often inspire retailers to add a significant markup to your shades. While they have their merits, they make LCD Screens (like the one on your smartphone) difficult to read, and in most day-to-day situations they’re not much different to your run-of-the-mill tinted lenses. Sure the salesman might be pushing polarized lenses, but doesn’t necessarily mean you need them.

Jacques Marie Mage

Sunglasses really are as low-maintenance or complicated as you want them to be. But before you throw your hard-earned cash at your nearest eyewear retailer, think about what you’re really going to be using them for.

As always, we’d recommending getting out there and trying a ton of shades on for size before committing to a purchase. Just don’t stare too long, you’ll hurt your eyes.

For more in-depth consumer advice, dive into the rest of our Check Before You Buy series.

Cozy Boys Talk About What Tour Life With A$AP Mob Is Really Like

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As the tour DJs for reigning rap crew A$AP Mob, the time J.Scott (aka A$AP Snacks) and A$AP Lou, otherwise known as the duo Cozy Boys, spend off-road comes few and far between.

Originally founded by the late Mob patron A$AP Yams, the group’s rising notoriety has expanded into a burgeoning career outside of their Mob brethren, taking the “turn up” to some of the hottest clubs and festivals all over the globe such as Boiler Room, Coachella and Afropunk, to name a few.

We caught up with Cozy Boys in Los Angeles to find out how the two first became affiliated with A$AP Mob, what touring with A$AP Rocky is like and how they pledge to continue the spirit of “cozy” in Yams’ honor.

How did you become affiliated with A$AP Mob?

J.Scott:  I had known A$AP Yams for a long time prior to everything, so we had been friends (even though I’m from ATL) and when things started to take off I was around to help.

A$AP Lou: I met the Mob at one of their early shows. I was just a fan at first, but Rocky saw me in the crowd turning up and told me to come on stage. The rest is history.

Describe a typical day of touring with Rocky.

J: It’s different for myself because sometimes I’m with tour production and we have a different schedule for setting up and soundcheck and things. I sometimes don’t see the Mob until we are in the green room before going on stage or actually on stage. Late night, early mornings, repeat.

L: It’s fun, but it’s work. People just see the Snapchats and Instagrams of us doing wild shit and having fun, which don’t get me wrong, we do have a lot of fun playing pranks on each other and just turning up, but it is a lot of hard work.

What’s the craziest thing that’s happened while on tour?

J: That’s always a hard one, it’s usually just the random shit that happens…a lot of Cozy situations all over.

L: If I answered this question some people would get into trouble.

How long have you two known each other?

J & L: Speaking of random shit, our first SXSW years ago I remember, well, it wasn’t the first time me and Lou met, but I remember there was a big fight at our last showcase and it was just a mess. I remember us ducking out avoiding the police and crowds and Lou had a rented car and it had been towed from the lot. We couldn’t find anyone, I just remember going to where the car was impounded and being there for what seemed like a really long time.

When did you guys decide that you wanted to start your own group?

J & L: Well, initially, we were a part of a big crew through KNOW WAVE called the BlackOutBoyz. Me, Yams and Rocky wanted to have our own authentic DJ collective to offset other collectives at the time.

So Yams had really started the “Cozy” lingo movement years ago and we had been calling ourselves that within our crew, so it gradually became Cozy Boys with me and Lou just continuing on what A$AP Yams had started and what he wanted to do after he passed.

What projects do you guys currently have in the works?

J & L: Radio show, Cozy album, new mixes, crazier gigs and good merchandise.

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Get Your Vacay Vibes With Vans’ “Digi Hula” Old Skool

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Few things say warm weather and relaxation like a Hawaiian hula; it’s the kind of vibe that everyone craves during the summer. Now you can feel this vibe on you at all times with this new sneaker from Vans, an Old Skool dubbed the “Digi Hula.”

The shoe features a canvas upper with a print of the iconic hula girl doll, adding a dose of kitsch to the shoe’s natural cool. The upper also sports the iconic curvy form stripe that runs from lace to heel. All of this sits atop a white rubber waffle outsole which matches the laces and sidestripe perfectly.

The Vans Digi Hula Old Skool is available now on Vans’ online store.

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Our Latest “West End” Editorial Explores Creativity Within Concrete Jungles


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Photographer Julien Barbès explores the hidden beauty of inner-city estates and the breaking free of societal ideologies for our latest editorial shoot, “West End.”

Encouraging us to stay wild and creative amid the complicated but beautiful concrete jungles in which we live our lives, we’re presented with a number of daring looks. Stand-out pieces from the shoot include a crisp white J.W Anderson “Orbison” shirt with a huge high-neck collar, and an Atelier New Regime bomber jacket emblazoned with the words “We Learn All Our Gang Shit From The Government.”

The whole shoot encourages us to reclaim our imagination in the face of monotony and no look screams this more than a head-to-toe Xander Zhou outfit, featuring white tracksuit bottoms with a rainbow stripe and an eye-catching oversized red mac coat.

Flick through the shots above and then check out the accompanying video, shot by Martin Mostert, below.

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