Top 5 Male Make-up Brands

Top 5 Male Make-up Brands

First we had man-scaping, then we started rocking man-bags, now with the ubiquity of men wearing make-up the homogenisation of the human race is complete. With the emergence of this fascinating trend, some brands have appeared on the vanguard of the market and here for your pleasure are the top 5 male make-up brands.

Top 5 Male Make-up Brands


Didn’t Robin Williams star in this one? Menaji was founded in 2000 by a celebrity makeup artist and is sold in America and overseas in more than 20 countries. Made in the USA with natural botanicals, they have celebrity clients such as Garth Brooks. Did you know that men have almost 20% thicker and oilier skin than women? HDPV Anti-Shine Powder was developed to blot out the excess oils with an undetectable, flawless look. Hey, if it’s good enough for Garth!?

Top 5 Male Make-up Brands


I am still prone to the odd spot as I’m sure most guys are. In a way, it keeps us young and makes us feel like a teenager again – drinking 20/20 and bunking off school. Still, it’s also handy to have some concealer to hand, to keep the boils at bay. Tom Ford offer a grooming and skincare range, which features a bronzing gel, an anti-fatigue eye treatment and a concealer stick – available in three different shades to match your skin tone.

Top 5 Male Make-up Brands


Myego sounds like a backing dancer that would have caught the eye of the late Prince. Myego offer a natural, undetectable skincare for men, all produced in UK labs. Without testing the products, I’m happy to give the brand a punt because of the entry level pricing. You can get the Alex Delarge look in no time at all (timely reference) with their Eye Pencil that gives you a Black Matte natural looking line. A little dusting of eye-liner subtly accentuates blue eyes – so for six sheets per pencil, it’s worth having a shot.

Top 5 Male Make-up Brands


Let’s not forget those lips fellas. The Stick Natural Lip Balm from Jack Black is packed with Vitamin C, Cocoa Butter and Jojoba Oil. I’ve done a little research on Jojoba Oil and without getting into semantics, it is theorised that applying jojoba to the skin can ‘trick’ the skin into thinking it is producing enough oil, thus balancing oil production. Good news for acne-prone people is that jojoba oil is non-comedogenic so you can use it without fear.

Top 5 Male Make-up Brands


Always keen to champion something home-grown, ARK Skincare is a British skincare brand, which treats skin by age using active natural ingredients. Now I’m entering the dying embers of my thirties I’m closely guarding my facial skin, or as I like to refer to it, the cash register. A sound investment from the range for me would be the ARK Anti-Ageing Skin Protector SPF 30 Primer which keeps complexion protected against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

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Julian Dunkerton and Euan Sutherland of Superdry

Julian Dunkerton and Euan Sutherland of Superdry

At the beginning of the year, MenswearStyle were invited to view the new sportswear line from Superdry. This was a new venture for the high-street heavy weight and since the men’s launch in March, it has already proved itself extremely popular and another success story for the brand. To kick off LC:M and to further launch their next collection of sportswear, Superdry hosted an evening alongside the British Fashion Council in their head office sitting above their vast flagship store. We were treated to a fantastic dinner and a mini fashion show. Just before the start of the event, I had a sit down with Euan Sutherland (Group CEO) and Julian Dunkerton (Founder and Brand Director) to talk about the reasons behind their step into sportswear and the success it has achieved.

Julian Dunkerton and Euan Sutherland of Superdry

The story behind the development of Superdry is a fascinating one and it is evident a huge reason for its success is due to the passion from the whole team behind it. Julian Dunkerton quite often mentioned throughout our chat, the ‘journey’ of the customer. It became clear just how important this factor of their business is to them. Yes, they have stores all over the world now and yes, they may be one of the biggest high-street brands in terms of numbers, however this still feels like a very humble and close-knit team with a lot of heritage who hugely care about their customers and the quality of their clothing. Both Euan and Julian explained how they constantly strive to produce a product that consumers are proud to wear and can afford to buy without feeling guilty. With this ethos shining throughout their stores, it is no wonder they have become so widely admired and there is no doubt their brand will continue to grow.

Julian Dunkerton and Euan Sutherland of Superdry

Could you explain the reason behind starting a sportswear line for Superdry? 

Euan: “It was a very easy step for us, a natural evolution. Jules, James and I started about 2 years ago talking about the next wave of innovation and this was one the easiest decisions for us. We have a heritage with hoodies and sweats and leisurewear but a lot of the market was going towards more active leisurewear. It was very much consumer lead. The consumers were telling us that it would be fantastic, on top of that some of our Asian markets and European markets think of us as sports brand anyway. So we just wanted to offer a more technical product.”  

Julian: “Essentially, James (Holder) was the one really. He married the two names up and we all saw the gap but how he delivered the branding, it works. It is quite weird but you take two words, you put them together and it feels more right than anything we could imagine. That in essence has opened up a whole world for us. The business is part of the market that is dominated by a few huge massive players and here we are, where we have enough muscle to move quite heavily into the market effectively.” 

Obviously there are big competitors out there. Is it a challenge competing with other brands who are producing sportswear? How do you stand out? 

Julian: “Look at the brand association on our products, who else has got that apart from a few of the massive players? So it allows us into a big playing field ultimately, which is quite exciting. The public understood it straight away.”  

Euan: “I think customers who are into some of those brands want something different. Ours is something new in the market. And the range we have, has presented great choice in the market and we have had a huge amount of interest since the first capsule that we tested.”

Julian Dunkerton and Euan Sutherland of Superdry

Where do you see it developing? 

Julian: “Ultimately you end up with specialisms in different areas of sport and more technical work. It’s a big old world out there for us to move into and gradually develop further. It is such a recognisable brand and if we just keep changing that every now and again. Well we just have to keep surprising people. That is really important. They see it and they love it and they want that journey and they want to feel that it is progressing. This is another stage of our progression.”  

Do you find it is a challenge reaching out to men, do you have to approach the marketing side of it in a certain way?  

Julian: “We landed it into store, and it sold straight away. That was the ultimate test. We didn’t have to do any marketing. You have to remember, we have high-street stores, a lot of them, so we have a lot of public coming in all the time. It is not like we are having to be, ‘Oh look at us, we have created something new’. The public walk in and they decide if they like or don’t like it very quickly. It doesn’t get any easier or better than that.” 

Euan: “If you look at where it is positioned vs some of the larger players vs some of the more premium players, it is really great value but it is highly technical. It has a lot of innovation, it looks great, and we don’t do a lot of marketing because our brand speaks for itself. It is part of the ‘Superdry model’ so we don’t really have to spend so much time worrying about that side of things.”

Julian Dunkerton and Euan Sutherland of Superdry

Do you aim for a particular demographic or consumer with the sportswear? And if so, why? 

Julian: “The great thing for us is that the demographic, in menswear, is very well spread. So we don’t aim for anyone in particular. I think what is interesting is that our consumers love our quality, they love the brand. We don’t think ‘how much can we get for that’. We think ‘what can we sell it at, can we sell it for that?’ It is a very different psychology. There aren’t many brands that can think like that. Whatever you pick up, you have to think it is worth it. We always make sure of that at Superdry and it is really important part of the journey. People can afford it, it is worth it, the quality is brilliant.” 

Euan: “And that is our philosophy when we are looking at every product; has it got the innovation in it, has it got the design detail, is it the right quality and then is it affordable. We want it be for everyone and that has been the underpinning of the brand the whole way through. It’s been the underpinning of the sports range.” 

Obviously a lot of men prefer to shop online rather than taking a trip to a store, how do you approach that? 

Julian: “The two collide now and I personally don’t think it is one or the other. We have to create an environment that men want to come into and be a part of. The stores are massively part of our journey and you have to make sure your stores are constantly moving forward. Bringing in technology and new thought processes. Retail is changing all the time and you have to be at the forefront of it. I think we as a company love to find something new. What is it the consumers want. If you think you’ve made it, you are knackered, in business. You have to keep moving, keep changing, keep re-inventing ideas. There may be a period where it is static for a while but then it will lurch forward again.”  

Euan: “The reality for us is that consumers are shopping in stores and online. And shopping online in store! We put i-kiosks in to stores, driven by our staff, so if we don’t have your size or colour, you can choose online and we can have it with you by the next day, whether it be in store or at work.”

Julian Dunkerton and Euan Sutherland of Superdry

Do you find the response to your sportswear varies internationally?

Euan: “What we find in general terms with the brand is the feedback from the customers is incredibly consistent. From Taiwan through to America and to the Middle East. Sport has landed really well everywhere, especially in America. America has been a lead market for us and we are actually finding it very difficult to stay in stock, so we are really pushing it hard. That country is at the forefront of that immersion in active wear. We’ve had amazing hits from celebrities just picking up the product and wearing it. From Manhattan to LA, it is at the front of the stores and selling amazingly well. In Asia the brand has been seen as a sports brand from the beginning. We didn’t have the same approach in the UK but that is how it has been interpreted there. As we open our first Chinese stores, the sportswear will be a huge part of it.”  

Is there anywhere you haven’t launched yet? Or somewhere you would like to test the waters? 

Julian: “We are looking at a massive European expansion. We have a North American expansion, a Chinese expansion and joint venture in the pipeline. Really it is just about what can we do within those continents. South American is slightly more difficult and an area we haven’t tackled properly but that is tough with tariffs etc.”

Julian Dunkerton and Euan Sutherland of Superdry

As a brand do you feel like the message you put out to consumers changes over time or something that has stayed the same from the beginning?

Julian: “Our message is very clear. We are a brand that you would be prepared to wear on the outside of your clothes. So that means it has to be well made, well fitted, and you feel good in it. That is the key to creating a brand. The brand has to deliver through the product. A brand only works if it is associated with something good. Our job is to create a good product and that is what we obsess about and what we endeavour to do.”  

As you are such an expansive brand now, would you consider showing at LCM? 

Euan: “We have done big fashion shows, such as in Asia, however we still aren’t that big! We’ve grown massively but we still have a huge way to go. I think we are still quite young and we have a huge amount of opportunity. We’ve done amazing things like the one in Beijing, taking over the British Ambassador’s residence. 50 models in front of a huge picture of the Queen was quite incredible. We would like to do something like that in the US. Where we go to next comes back down to creating an amazing product and whether the consumer connects with that. That is much more important to us. So if that works and that keeps going, then who knows.”

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Milan Fashion Week SS17 Highlights

Milan Fashion Week SS17 Highlights

With a more low-key affair at LCM this season, the big names in fashion decided to be controversial and showcase at their own pace. It was interesting to see how this might compare with Milan and Paris’ offering. Muted colours were common across the catwalks this season in Milan, following suit from Pitti Uomo where tailoring was a lot more understated than previous exhibits. Between London, Milan and Paris the Italian capital usually peaks the most interest when it comes to suiting up.

Milan Fashion Week SS17 Highlights

However, this summer had a more relaxed style, while some brands also intercepted their shows with controversial twist. 

Moto Guo 

Lets begin with the most spoken about show by Malaysian designer Moto Guo who sent his models walking with pimples on their skin. His aim was to portray to teens and adolescents that as humans we are not perfect. While being distracted by the spotted faces the collection itself also got a few mouths talking. With a nerdy vibe, the outfits were a strange mix for Milan and likely to be an acquired taste to the average person.

Milan Fashion Week SS17 Highlights


This season took to the spacecraft for inspiration, while the catwalk looked like something that would be landing on the moon. The clothing collection reflected that of hiking gear, the luxury kind no less, with socks and sandals and belted style anoraks. When I say anorak I mean a waterproof suit jacket with a climbing belt. Another bizarre concept and something out of this world, that’s for sure.

Milan Fashion Week SS17 Highlights

Jil Sander 

On the contrary Jil Sander kept things very simple indeed this season. The collection was of high quality and the tailoring was very sharp and beautifully draped. The colours were Muted in abundance, and the designs were very safe and wearable.

Milan Fashion Week SS17 Highlights


Versace opted to move away from the usual brighter and bolder patterns seen in previous seasons. Instead Donatella opted for a low-key collection with a sports luxe feel. To remind us all it was a Versace show, chests were on show and fabrics were light in luxury purple colourways.

Milan Fashion Week SS17 Highlights


Gucci on the other hand seems to be going from strength to strength since their new director Alessandro Michele took over. They’ve become the most talked about brand post show. This season saw a romantic feel offered in the collection, with embroidery, florals and luxurious silks. The show was like stepping out of a luxury La Dolce Vita movie. Word on the street is their stores have been busy as of late so they must be doing something right.

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The Rise of the Personal Shopper Website

The Rise of the Personal Shopper Website

Modern life has us all running around like maniacs with precious little time to ourselves. It can therefore be difficult to find a window to get out for a bit of retail therapy. Or maybe you do have the time to go clothes shopping but the idea of navigating your way through crowded streets and busy stores fills you with dread. Either way there is a rising trend which may be the answer to your problems; the personal shopper website.

The Rise of the Personal Shopper Website

As is the case with anything new though, it’s not easy to know what to go with when you don’t have any information, other than what the brands themselves are telling you. So as an impartial party we’ve rounded up some of the main competitors and discussed their pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision for yourself before you part with your cash.

The Rise of the Personal Shopper Website

The Chapar 

Probably the best established of the 3 that we’ll be looking at, The Chapar has been on the scene for longer than most. They’re a good option for less adventurous dressers, but if you like a little more variety in your wardrobe then you may be better off elsewhere as the selection of brands stocked isn’t very broad. However, if you’re not bothered and just want stylish clothes as easily as possible then The Chapar might be for you.
The shopping process follows a simple formula: You sign up for free and arrange a time and date for a chat on the phone; a stylist will call and ask questions to gain an understanding of your style; they will then create a personalised selection of clothes that they think you’ll like; it arrives at your door and you try the clothes on, keeping only the ones you like and returning the rest free of charge. 

Pros: Free to sign up. Phone contact with stylist 

Cons: Limited selection of brands

The Rise of the Personal Shopper Website


Launched in 2012 with £25,000 from the same seed investor programme that provided funding for AirBnB and Dropbox, Thread have quickly made a name for themselves as one of the best personal stylist sites online. Their shopping process is pretty similar to The Chapar, the only real difference being that you are first asked a series of questions designed to give your stylist an insight on your personal tastes. Once you’ve completed this you’re assigned a personal stylist who will communicate with you online, enabling you to make specific requests and for them to ask you questions. Once you receive your box you can send your unwanted items back as long as the clothes you choose to keep are of a higher value than £50.
Unlike many similar sites, Thread doesn’t hold stock, which means that rather than having to choose from a select few brands, Thread’s stylists have much more freedom in the brands they select, giving you a wider selection of clothes. 

Pros: Free to sign up. Not tied to brands. Wider range of clothes 

Cons: Returns only free if you spend over £50

The Rise of the Personal Shopper Website


Again, Enclothed were born from the same explosion of personal shopper sites that brought us the previous two on our list and the set-up is pretty similar. However, the Enclothed sign-up questionnaire does go into considerably more detail, providing you with several pages worth of outfit photographs from which you are asked to select the ones that most closely match your tastes.
The main notable difference with Enclothed is that you won’t be dealing directly with a personal stylist. Instead a stylist will read over your profile and the details you’ve entered to gain an understanding of your style, and will then pick your clothes accordingly. If you don’t have the time to speak to a stylist then this may be your best option out of the three. 

Pros: Completely free delivery and returns. Free to sign up  

Cons: Sign-up questionnaire photos don’t have much variation of types of outfits

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This 22kt Rose Gold Wireless Speaker Boasts 4,500 Watts of Power

Devialet, a worldwide leader in high-end audio, have just announced the addition of a new device, the Gold Phantom. The Phantom is already marketed as the “best wireless speaker in the world,” as it has gotten ever more powerful thanks to this latest edition.

Gold Phantom acts as Devialet’s most extreme and precise audio product ever, with a maximum volume of 108db SPL – equivalent to a live rock concert – enabled by 4,500 watts of power. The speaker is then capable of projecting the deepest bass ever produced, in addition to showcasing the unmatched precision of a new titanium tweeter, up to 27kHz, both driven by a new core ADH (Analog Digital Hybrid amplification).

The exterior of the device in turn matches the top-notch specs, boasting a 22kt rose gold-finished casing.

You can go ahead and pre-order the Gold Phantom ($2,990 USD) today, as shipping begins next month.

For some additional audio mastery, check out these innovative sunglasses that have built-in bone-conduction speakers.

How to Unlock All of the Snapchat Trophies

Snapchat trophies are special badges that can be unlocked by using the app’s built-in functions. Check out how to unlock each one in the Snapchat trophy case.

In the past we’ve recapped our favorite models to follow on Snapchat, as well as our favorite NBA stars to follow, now we’re back to help you bling out your Snapchat trophy case.

When your total Snapchat score (the number of sent and received Snaps combined) hits 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 50,000, 100,000 and 500,000, you’ll unlock the baby, gold star, sparkling star, circled star, explosion, rocket and ghost emojis, respectively.

These achievements refer to the total amount of video Snapchats sent, which are unlocked at one, 50 and 500. In return, you’ll receive the VHS tape, movie camera and camcorder emojis.

Pretty straightforward – send a snap with one filter applied, and you unlock the one finger emoji. Send a snap with two filters applied and you get the two finger emoji.

Flipping between the front and rear camera once during a video Snapchat will garner you the repeat badge. If you can fit five or even 10 rotations into a video, there are two more badges awaiting you.

For the artistically inclined, using five, 10 and 50 colors in a single Snapchat will unlock the lollipop, rainbow and artist palette emojis.

Send a Snapchat between 4 and 5 AM, and you’ll receive this Frying Pan emoji, for some reason…

Send 50 Snaps using night mode (the half moon symbol that appears in low-light situations), and the crescent moon emoji is yours!

You can add the panda emoji to your trophy case after sending a total of 50 Snaps using the black and white filter.

When you’ve got something really important to say, firing off 100 Snaps using giant text will earn you the ABCD emoji.

You can add the microscope emoji to your trophy case after using 10 video snaps that utilize the zoom function.

There’s no telling why anyone would do this, but sending 10 fully zoomed-in Snaps will get you the magnifying glass emoji.

This monkey emoji will be unlocked in your trophy case after sending just one Snapchat video that contains no sound.

For the narcissistic Snapchatters, you can brag to your friends that you received this ogre emoji after taking 1,000 selfies. That’s dedication.

Use the front-facing flash 10 times and you’ll earn yourself this flashlight emoji.

This one could be tricky depending on where you live. But if you send one Snapchat with the temperature filter below freezing, you’ll receive the snowflake emoji.

On the other hand, Snapchats with the temperature filter above 100°F will add to your trophy case with the sun emoji.

Verify your phone number and e-mail address on Snapchat to receive these two emojis.

You’ve probably seen Snapchat’s native stories for sporting events or holidays. If you submit one of your own Snaps to a local story, you’ll receive the radio emoji. Submit a total of 10, and you’ll be gifted the clapperboard.

Scan only five of your friends’ Snapchat codes and you’ll get the fax machine.

Taking one, 10 and 50 screenshots on Snapchat will earn you the two purple devil emojis, and finally the red devil mask emojis respectively, rounding out your emoji collection.

You can find Highsnobiety on Snapchat under the handle @Highsnobiety.

Here’s What People Wore to Gosha Rubchinskiy’s Book Signing in Paris

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Up next in our coverage of Paris Fashion Week is yet another street style special, this time shot at the COMME des GARÇONS Trading Museum where Gosha Rubchinskiy held a book signing for his latest work, The Day of My Death.

In attendance were a number of regulars on the scene, including A$AP Bari, while brands spotted include Vetements, Kanye West’s “Pablo” merch, Justin Bieber x Jerry Lorenzo merch, Carhartt WIP, Raf Simons, Supreme, Filling Pieces, and, of course, Gosha Rubchinskiy.

Overall, we’re treated to a wider range of styles than specific shows like Rick Owens, giving a good indication of where the world’s most stylish youth sees fashion heading.

2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition Pays Homage to 1966 Le Mans Winner

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The all-new 2017 Ford GT will be offered in a limited edition Heritage theme Honoring the GT40 Mark II driven to victory by Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon at Le Mans in 1966.

The Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition features a Shadow Black exterior in either gloss or matte finish with silver stripes and exposed carbon fiber throughout. The car sports Frozen White #2 hood and door graphics, and 20-inch one-piece forged aluminum wheels in a gold satin clearcoat with black lug nuts.

The interior wraps the Ford GT carbon-fiber seats in Ebony leather, with pillowed inserts and plow-through stitching, and the seats’ head restraints and the steering wheel are debossed with the Ford GT logo. The instrument panel, pillars and headliner also features an Ebony-leather wrap, with gold appliqués on the instrument panel, the seat’s X-brace and shift paddles. Like the 1966 race car, the steering wheel is leather wrapped, with seat belts featuring a unique blue webbing.

Rounding out the modifications are a unique serialized identification plate, the #2 interior door graphic, and exposed matte carbon fiber door sills, air register pods and center console.

The Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition can be viewed at using the configuration tool.

Kanye West Announces “Famous” Screenings in NYC Tonight

As everyone at this time probably knows, Kanye West unveiled the music video for The Life of Pablo single “Famous” last week in an internet-breaking move that rivals his wife’s legendary reveal of her bare ass. It premiered in typically grandiose Yeezy fashion at an event in Los Angeles, one that hearkened back to his show-stopping performance art/fashion show/album launch at Madison Square Garden in February.

Now Ye’s returning to NYC for some special “Famous” screenings happening tonight.


— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) June 28, 2016


— KANYE WEST (@kanyewest) June 28, 2016

Specific details of tonight’s screenings are scarce, with the only info being shared on Kanye’s Twitter earlier today. It will make for a great opportunity to see the visual for those that haven’t already, as it is currently only available in full for TIDAL subscription-holders.

“Famous” was making enough headlines on its own for its depiction of nude celebrities, but it has continued to churn controversial press in the days after its release. Just this morning, Lena Dunham posted a scathing letter on Facebook earlier today condemning the video for its depiction of women, and the world waits with bated breath as to the imminent response from current Kanye-feuder Taylor Swift.

For those planning on attending the screenings tonight, be sure to arrive early, as the last time Kanye planned a surprise New York event it shut down an entire city block.

The artist who inspired the “Famous” video has spoken out on his thoughts on the matter, read his opinion here.