Die Antwoord Drop an Acid-Rave Video for “Banana Brain”

After the recent controversy involving the summer-stinker Suicide Squad, many were wondering whether the South African rave-rap group Die Antwoord were capable of anything else. Though the terrific trio of Ninja, Yolandi and DJ Hi-Tek have proven themselves experts at accusing others of stealing their imagery, it has been a while since the group had released any of their own. Well the wait is over, as they have shown with the just-released “Banana Brain” that they are some of the only people capable of creating nightmarish, alternate-reality gross-out parties that look so damn appealing.

“Banana Brain” is the first official clip from their upcoming album Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid, though the group has previously teased the single with the initial album announcement. Die Antwoord is a band known for shocking people, and by opening the visual with Yolandi murdering her parents via tea laced with sleeping pills, they do not disappoint.

From there shit only gets weirder, as Ninja picks her up to take her to a house party filled with some sinister-looking attendees. Said house party becomes a lesbian seduction/LSD-dosing in a dark-light room, and it all wraps up with a surprising origin story to Yolandi’s now-iconic haircut. The track itself is also typical Die Antwoord: loud, jarring and full of lyrics that would make a perverted frat boy blush.

Mount Ninji and Da Nice Time Kid is out on September 16.

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Sneakerness & PUMA Honor Paris With the Blaze of Glory Sock

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Europe’s biggest sneaker tradeshow Sneakerness adds to its portfolio of sneaker collaborations with a new project alongside PUMA.

Working on the Blaze of Glory Sock, Sneakerness and our friend Francky B imagine the “Paris Patriot Pack,” including one version that features the blue, white and red of France’s National Flag, while the other is a nod to the colors of the French National Army, adorned with black, khaki and a highlight of orange. The pack is also a commemoration of 2015’s Paris tragedy, the theme acting to evoke compassion and strength. Both designs boast interchangeable velcro tongue badges, finished with de-bossed symbols.

Availability is limited to 100 pairs in each exclusive colorway, starting September 10 and 11 at Sneakerness Paris.

Lomography Launches Kickstarter for Lomo’Instant Automat

Photography maven Lomography has already provided us with some pitch-perfect camera options to take with us on our most visually appealing summer getaways. In the past few months, the brand has dropped two chic iterations of its classic Lomo’Instant camera: a navy-striped San Sebastian with some serious beach vibes and a Milan that is a mixture of rich pastel and inspired, kitschy printing. But for its newest release, Lomography has flipped the script by creating its most functional model yet: the Lomo’Instant Automat.

And the brand is putting it on Kickstarter to boot. The camera is coming in four separate colorways (named after cities of course): the Bora Bora, the South Beach, the Playa Jardin and the Punalu’u, all of which evoke the breeziness of ocean life. It is being heralded as its most advanced automatic instant camera yet, thanks in large part to features like the camera’s shutter speed, flash output and aperture all adjusting by themselves, leaving the photographer with little to do other than point and click. And for the true persnickety visual artists out there, the camera comes complete with a range of attachable lenses like a fisheye, various color gels and a super wide-angle. And considering its already in range of reaching its funding goal, consider this little baby already yours.

Be sure to visit the Lomo’Instant Automat’s Kickstarter page to go fund the project. Or visit Lomography’s website to shop alternate versions of its cameras.

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Hiroshi Fujiwara Gets Philosophical with Nikelab

Streetwear legend and head of fragment design, Hiroshi Fujiwara, gives an insight into his philosophies on design and collabs in the latest instalment of NikeLab’s ‘Innovators’ series.

Titled ‘Two Things,’ the video is shot in black-and-white and shows Fujiwara travelling around New York and taking photos. His fantastically soothing voice floats above it, like a narrator’s, giving us snippets of his own creative approach and what he feels has changed over the years when he first got involved in fashion and music.

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A.P.C. and Outdoor Voices A.P.C.O.V. Is a Match Made in Sportswear Heaven

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When it comes to outdoor gear, you’ll find that function trumps fashion nearly every time—especially as brands pile on bulk in the name of technical innovation. Perhaps that’s why labels like Outdoor Voices are so special: by minimizing extraneous details, the label has been a unique voice in creating athletic apparel that makes you look as good as you feel after an incredible workout. With A.P.C. investing in the New York label, kicking off the A.P.C.O.V. collection, their collaboration has become a forum that combines sport-level performance with the sleek design of the Parisian fashion brand.

The latest iteration of Outdoor Voices’ partnership with A.P.C. begins at the two parties shared focal point: the fabrics. Outdoor Voices’ signature fabrics—Textured Compression and Stretch Crepe—kick off a collection that’s filled with seamless knits, sweat-wicking materials, and a bevy of technical touches that make the capsule collection right at home both in the gym and on the sidewalk.

Naturally, with both labels’ respective history with stripped-down design, the collection keeps things simple with details like bonded seams, wrapped in a understated color palette centered around navy, tan, and various shades of gray.

While each side brings something unique to the table, it’s the pair’s shared aesthetic values that make the collaboration such a natural fit. Think of the A.P.C.O.V. collection like your go-to gym buddy: always keeping things fun and light, even when they’re seeing you sweat.

If flexing at the gym means more than lifting weights, head over to Outdoor Voices to grab your piece of the collaboration capsule collection.

Take Your Selfies to the Next Level With This Personal Camera Drone

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As anyone under the age of 40 can tell you, taking a selfie is a delicate and complicated art. It requires an eye for aesthetics, proper lighting and a general sense of spatial awareness. But alas, not all of us can be blessed with these talents, and our selfies turn to nought. Enter Yuneec International, who has not only found a solution for endlessly taking a perfect pic but has also hurtled the art form into the realm of the future. It has created a piece of technology called The Breeze, and it is nothing short of your own personal flying drone.

But don’t let the word ‘drone’ intimidate you, The Breeze is more akin to a toy helicopter than an armed forces accessory. And inevitably, it should prove more practical than either. Its size makes it able to catch a shot even in the tightest of corners. Its movement is controlled entirely via your phone (courtesy of an accompanying app) and it allows for direct publication to the social media of your choice. It also has a whopping five adjustable flight settings and can fly both indoors and outdoors. It is currently retailing for $500, which is a small price to pay for becoming a selfie-master.

For more information on Yuneec’s The Breeze, and to see it live in action, be sure to check out the company’s website.

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Vintage Eyewear Don Corey Shapiro Talks Business and Pleasure

Corey Shapiro is the larger than life figure behind Vintage Frames.

Not a typical businessman in any sense of the word, Corey Shapiro makes his living travelling the world, selling rare and collectible eyewear. You might recognize Corey by his signature MCM luggage kit, or oversized glasses perched underneath the hat brim that more-often-than-not has a Montblanc pen clipped on purposefully. You also may have caught Shapiro on a recent episode of GQ’s Most Expensivest Shit showing a pair of diamond-encrusted, $50,000 shades to 2 Chainz.  When he’s not jet-setting, Shapiro stays busy by cooking up collaborative eyewear with the likes of  Fabolous and Metro Boomin.

Corey’s personal brand and his approach to business have cemented him as somewhat of an institution in hip-hop and in the music industry in general, and he’s famously outfitted a spread of celebrity names including YesJulz, Lady Gaga, Amber Rose, Rick Ross. We hit Corey up with some questions to get to know his business and lifestyle a bit better.

Please tell us what you do in your own words.

I’m the owner of Vintage Frames Company. Vintage Frames Company is the world’s largest purveyors of designer vintage sunglasses and eyewear. The company resides in St-Henri Montreal, right down the street from our barbershop; Notorious. I am the owner, operator, janitor, and purveyor of fine goods all at the same time. I’m rather well known for my renegade, in-your-face business antics, mixed by out-of-the box entrepreneurial experiments.

How important is word of mouth for your brand?

Our whole company was started on word of mouth. Oddly enough, I was adamant about not having a website for Vintage Frames Company until about five years into it. The exclusive nature of the product travelled by reputation like wildfire through the industry. Anyone can “exist” online and manifest their existence, but true word of mouth is priceless.

You have a fairly unique business, you travel and sell rare goods to celebrities and musicians. What are the best and worst parts of your job?

The best part of the job is travel, while the worst part of the job is travel. I get to meet the most unique individuals in the most unique places around the world, and thats awesome! Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as picking up and going. Travelling with valuable assets on commercial airlines is a fine art. Using ATA Carnets for declaration of goods to cross borders is something that most can’t compute. I am blessed every time I have to travel, but plagued at the same time.

What are your most important travel tips?

My travel essentials are pretty bananas. There is something to be said about making statements in airports. Knowing people at every inch of your local airport will always insure an easier passage through. I have a complete set of everything which is just for travel. My passport holder has a separate checklist of things that I cannot forget. An abundance of chargers is always key, as well as having devices to charge them, should you need.

Who are your most important clients?

I’m sure you want me to say a specific celebrity, but the reality is all my clients are treated like celebrities. I don’t care if you’re spending $150 or $1500 with us, every single person who interacts with any of my companies is as important as the next.

For those of us who aren’t celebrities, do you also sell frames that are more affordable?

Our frames start at about $149.99 in store and online. The misconception is that all our vintage sunglasses are in the thousands. The reality is, our prices are comparable to most optical shops around the world. With over 250k vintage frames in stock, i’m fairly certain we can fit anyone’s budget.

What were the best and worst business decisions in getting where you are now?

The best decision is always trying something even if it means failing. Unlike most, when I fail, I have succeed at trying! As a business grows, it’s very important to watch who you let into your circle. There are many occasions when people have come to work for me and tried to emulate the business on their own. It’s not even detrimental to my business, it’s embarrassing to watch people try to make vintage frames a sort of costume that they think they can just put on and succeed. Always watch what type of clowns try to be part of your circus.

Can you talk us through some of the other things you collect – art, books etc.

Fuck, what do i not collect? I collect vintage Cadillacs, boomboxes, vintage sunglasses, and watches mainly. I have so many cars around the city that I often forget where they are. My office looks like a giant playground of my childhood fantasies that we have collected in one space. I tried to cut down on some of the collections that I have, but my five-year-old just informed me that he “wants to be a collector too.” Fuck my life lol.

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Take A Closer Look at Palace Skateboards’ Fall 2016 Collection

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Palace has already teased us with its Fall 2016 lookbook, but now you can see each individual item from the skate brand’s latest collection floating in plain white space.

Containing sweats, tees, windbreakers, anoraks, track bottoms, and a variety of accessories ranging from caps to pins, the distinctly British and heavily ’90s aesthetic that the brand is so well known for dominates throughout.

The entire collection drops in-store at Palace’s London flagship on September 3, while the online drop is scheduled for September 8. Until then, occupy your time by relentlessly flicking through the brand’s catalogue, reading those funny descriptions that it has become so well known for.

If you’d prefer to see how all this skate wear looks on actual people, have a glance at Palace’s Fall 2016 lookbook.

The First Teaser For ‘Stranger Things’ Season 2 Is Here

Is there anything left to be said regarding the pop-culture domination of Stranger Things? Perhaps not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t try. Netflix’s original series about the mysterious happenings that befall a small town in the nostalgia-hazed setting of 1984 was a massive runaway smash that no one saw coming. It has only been a month and a half since the show’s streaming premiere, but the world is already clamoring furiously for more. Well settle down, because more is coming. The Season 2 teaser is here.

But for those expecting major details to be revealed, don’t hold your breath. As befitting the enigmatic nature of the show, the teaser shows little more than a list of names over the show’s already iconic opening sequence. But it seemingly confirms co-creators the Duffer Brothers’ admission to EW that there would indeed be new characters appearing this season. Anyone else curious about The Lost Brother?

And of course, we already know that this season will in fact be a direct sequel to the first and not a related anthology spin-off. But perhaps most important of all, we have it confirmed that there will be justice for Barb. And now we just have to wait a year.

Stay tuned for an official release date for Stranger Things Season 2, due sometime next year. But at least you won’t have to wait as long for the second season of Netflix’s other massive show, Narcos, to drop.

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