Studio Identity by Par Hasard“Par hasard (french) could be…

Studio Identity by Par Hasard

“Par hasard (french) could be translated to: coincidentally or by any chance. Based on that, we decided to play with a grid of random dice numbers.”

Olivier Charland and Cécile Gariépy make images that both move, and don’t. After working at ValléeDuhamel and Sagmeister & Walsh (Olivier) and directing films at Les Enfants (Cécile), they launched their own design studio, Par hasard, in Montreal. The studio produces images, spaces, and videos with a handmade, minimalist and lively aesthetic. They are also pretty good at mini-golf, but that’s another story.

Introducing Triumph and Disaster

Introducing Triumph and Disaster

Ever wondered what happened to the ex-New Zealand cricketer Dion Nash when he retired in 2002? Well he went on to found Triumph & Disaster, a line taken from the Rudyard Kipling poem If. Years of playing cricket under the hot sun gave Dion a logical understanding of skin and skincare, so in April 2011 he went out on his own. Triumph & Disaster is a men’s grooming range that prides itself on delivering products built from the pillars of ritual, character and fate.

Introducing Triumph and Disaster

The Philosophy 

Triumph & Disaster’s philosophy is to use the best of science combined with the best of nature to produce naturally derived but scientifically engineered products that work. They use local indigenous ingredients such as Horopito oil and Ponga fern extract blended with scientifically proven and natural ingredients from around the globe, such as clay from Australia, Jojoba extract from Mexico and Tamanu oil from Polynesia.

Introducing Triumph and Disaster

The Packaging 

I was sent the Gameface moisturiser, the Sunscreen and the Ritual Facial Cleanser. I like the antiquated cardboard box it came housed in. It felt like something Connery would have in his suitcase next to the Bollinger, Beluga Caviar and the foie gras. Simplistic hand-script font debossed on the Gameface packaging, whilst the Sunscreen, in contrast, is prominently embossed with stark contrast British Racing Green on white. I can’t comment on the Facial Cleanser packaging as I dispensed with it in my excitement.

Introducing Triumph and Disaster

The Products 

The moisturiser is neatly presented in a metallic tube which can be stood on the octagonal lid. Once you understand that this brand is from the mind of a cricketer, you’ll begin to get the references such as the text on the Sunscreen explaining our war with the sun being ‘a dangerous game we play’ and how the moisturiser can help you ‘knock it out the park’. Each product is infused with bespoke Triumph & Disaster aromas, natural blends of complex notes that evoke old fashioned values from simpler times. Initially I was surprised that the face cleanser came out grey, in fact I even summoned the missus into the bathroom. She feigned interest before telling me to clean the litter tray when I’m done. I digress. The Facial Cleanser is a gentle, natural, peppermint scented formulation designed for everyday use – ‘Ritual’ gently dissolves grime while toning the skin, which actually gave my grill some rejuvenation.

Introducing Triumph and Disaster

What’s Cool…  

They don’t test on animals and they proudly utilise ingredients derived from nature but engineered with science because they want to make clean, safe and efficient products that will make a difference. I loved the feel of the products, which may sound a weird to some. But when you see it, you’ll want to touch it. It has a very palpable quality.

Introducing Triumph and Disaster

I would actively seek out Triumph & Disaster. The products have an esoteric quality, the indigenous products used to compose each product give it a very bespoke feel. The website is easy to navigate and offers some informative tutorials and advice. The prices are actually digestible, although everything is relative.

Article by Menswear Style

Ted Baker Launch Mission Impeccable

Ted Baker Launch Mission Impeccable

Unravel the mystery of Ted’s gripping new Autumn/Winter 2016 season, an exciting collaboration with esteemed director Guy Ritchie as Executive Producer and Mentor to emerging directors Crowns & Owls. The full three-minute film is entirely shoppable on, exclusive UK partner and exclusive partner for The Americas, In addition to this, Mission Impeccable will be available to view on Ted’s YouTube channel.

Ted Baker Launch Mission Impeccable

The cinematic short film sees T.E.D., enigmatic leader of his eponymous agency; deploy his best agents to prevent a spectacular couture catastrophe at the hands of one twisted villain. In the lead up to the film launch, Ted’s social channels were taken over by evil villain, The Needle and classified information leaked, in an innovative campaign collaboration between Ted Baker and creative agency Poke.

Ted Baker Launch Mission Impeccable

Our Editor-in-Chief, Craig Landale, was given a Special Agent mission to interpret MenswearStyle’s ideal autumn season look styled in his chosen Ted Baker footwear. “I chose the Odaire suede ankle boots priced at £135. To me they’re a hybrid of a desert boot and a hiking boot, perfect for autumn since they’ll give you good grip and stability on the streets. Boots are an essential at this time of the year and they didn’t need breaking in either. It felt like wearing sports trainers on their first wear which is great for anyone who racks up a lot of steps on a daily basis.” With an understated smart casual look in mind he styled them with slim wool trousers, a smart denim shirt and a minimal black strap watch. “The look is simple, but simple is what I like. The denim and wool fabrics will keep you warm and this look is great for both the office and for an after work lifestyle.”

Ted Baker Launch Mission Impeccable

As part of the campaign, Ted Baker has worked in close association with tech industry leaders Google to create the world-first fashion application of Google App’s voice search, using audience engagement to enhance the retail experience. Customers can ask the Google app the slogan written on Ted Baker store windows to receive prizes inside. To celebrate, T.E.D. released a limited number of exclusive tickets for the launch at his Regent Street store. Lucky customers were the first to preview the interactive window displays that work with Google App’s voice search to win prizes and exclusive offers, meet the film characters, attend the debut film screening, as well as meet The Closest Man to Ted and the Directors, Crowns & Owls.

Ted Baker Launch Mission Impeccable

Craig Smith, Global Brand Communication Director at Ted Baker commented; “Ted is always pushing the envelope with how it communicates and engages its customers and this season we’ve achieved that on multiple fronts. The Mission Impeccable campaign film is the main event; but more than being just a great-looking brand piece, it’s also available as an interactive and fully shoppable lookbook across multiple platforms and devices. It’s an exciting time for Ted and this Autumn/Winter is unlike anything we have executed before.”

Article by Menswear Style

‘The Gourmand’ Food & Culture Mag Masterfully Interprets Glenmorangie’s Whiskies Through Film

Whisky is one of the great mysteries: complex flavors that develop through time; a production process steeped in tradition, science and innovation; even when it’s being crafted, a portion is said to go to the angels. Tasting whisky, whether for the first time or not, is a unique sensory experience. But how many of us nail how to describe a whisky’s taste to someone? For that matter, how many of us are able to properly describe the taste of most things, full stop?

Well, maybe visuals help. So that’s exactly what famed Highland whisky distillers Glenmorangie tasked biannual food and culture journal The Gourmand’s founder and editor, David Lane, with doing.

In an unusual and highly unique project, Lane interprets and sumptuously visualizes the many different and complementary flavor notes that go into four of Glenmorangie’s most notable scotch whiskies, each as individual and varied as the last. The complexity of Glenmorangie Original, the soft, deep warmth of Glenmorangie Lasanta (the name itself is taken from the Gaelic word for warmth and passion), the interplay of dark and bitter sweet notes felt in Glenmorangie’s Quinta Ruban, and, finally, the sweet white wine matured, perfectly-aged, and delicately expressive Glenmorangie Nectar D’Or.

Across a lush two-and-a-half minute cinematic video – which could frankly double as a high-end art installation – you get a feel for the complexity, involved and evolving flavors Glenmorangie whiskies encompass.

“Written tasting notes are well and good,” says David, when asked about the film. “But they are, necessarily, a list of things which you approach one at a time. With a film, though, we can achieve something a little more like taste, an overall feeling, which is in fact the way we savor things, in their entirety.”

If you haven’t already, check out Glenmorangie x The Gourmand’s collaborative film above before exploring Glenmorangie’s whiskies for yourself at

Here’s Your First Look at Pharrell & adidas Originals’ Colorful “Hu” Collection


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Pharrell Williams and adidas Originals are continuing their illustrious partnership with “Hu,” a collection of apparel and footwear that celebrates cultural diversity around the world.

The “Hu” collection is said to represent Pharrell’s vision of connecting people with love, passion, energy, and, most evidently in the clothing, color. “Hu is short for human – human being, human race, humankind,” says Pharrell, “But Hu, itself is also a reference to color. As human beings, we all have a color. We all look different, we all speak different languages, but we’re all connected.”

The 19-piece assortment (14 items of apparel and five styles of footwear) features flags, stripes, and translations of the phrase “Human Race” in English, French and Japanese. It follows a deep color palette of red, white, blue and gray. Early favorites include the half-zip anorak and the iconic Three Stripe Firebird track jacket, the latter of which comes complete with reflective 3-stripes, embroidered Japanese characters, and heat-transferred, reflective slogans.

In terms of footwear, the yellow special-edition NMD first debuted in July 2016 is included, but there also now five “new” (we’ve seen most of them already; see here, here and here) colorways: “Scarlet,” “Black,” “Sharp Blue,” “Green” and “Tangerine.” As usual the shoes feature adidas Primeknit uppers, white boost midsoles, and the new lacing system in which laces are woven through the stabilizer of the shoe’s cage.

The adidas Originals x Pharrell Williams “Hu” collection arrives this fall online and in stores on September 29. Watch the promo video below.

In other news, you can now wear Kanye’s YEEZY 350 Cleats on the street with this clever custom job.

Cool Christmas Gifts For the Guy In Your Life

christmasgiftPhoto source: Unsplash

So, with Christmas only a couple of months away it’s that time of year when you start making lists. And when it comes to men, you’ll probably be panic buying and ending up with gifts that don’t quite fit. Hence, we’re hoping you can leave this page open on your laptop for when the woman in your life walks through the door and happens to take a sneaky peek. Nothing covert is going on here, honestly. We always hear that buying gifts for guys is particularly hard. But seriously? It’s actually pretty easy! We like stuff that lights up, makes lots of noise, is called a gadget and is something we can show off to our mates. And this doesn’t change, no matter how old we get. Here’re a few ideas so you can dust away your thinking cap cobwebs and buy a genius Christmas gift that isn’t just another pair of socks or a handkerchief.

The Music Man

Want something sleek and visually cool, that lights up, produces sound and can be used when entertaining? All hail the Bluetooth speaker. It’s wireless, it’s functional, it’s loud… so we’ll love it. The bonus is that these types of speakers also now come in plush designs that look architecturally cool too. Speaker digital gifts are the perfect Christmas gift for the guy who seems to have everything. Or even for the man you can’t be bothered to shop for because you’d rather be looking for that new shade of lipstick instead. You want to be looking for great sound quality and design, but also the added bonus of built-in lights and strobes. Because, you know, deep down, we’re simple creatures to please.

The Die Hard Drone Fan

So it may be that owning a full-scale drone is just a dream. We probably live in an urban area where it’s just not practical to go for full-on flying. But that doesn’t mean you can’t please his pretty little heart with a mini drone. I promise you it will create hours of fun so you can watch Love Actually on the TV on Christmas day uninterrupted. He can even take it into the office come 2017 to show off his small boy toy to the big boys. Mini drones are perfect for those with limited space that still want the power and fun that a drone brings. These compact toys have built-in vertical mini cameras and can perform aerobatics and shoot missiles just like we’ve always dreamed of doing. Indulge his schoolboy fantasies with a fun gift this Christmas.

Coffee Table Books

Not a gadget but still a better gift than boot polish or another boring tie. A couple of swish oversized coffee table books are sure to go down a treat this Christmas. We sometimes like to read, and we definitely like to look at pictures. And if they evoke our idealised life where we own a Ferrari and a 2 million dollar home in the Hollywood Hills, then better still. With everything from cars to fashion and architecture to iconic watches, there’s a book or two out there that will keep him occupied come Boxing Day. So say no to boring gifts and think a little outside the box for the men in your life this Christmas. We may not like sparkly eye shadows or matte pink lipsticks, but we don’t want another pair of pants either!      

9 Food Snapchat Accounts You Should Be Following

Maxwell Barna guides us on our virtual culinary adventures with his round-up of the best food-related Snapchat accounts.

With all the shots being fired between Snapchat and Instagram these days, it’s important to stay focused on the important things in life: food, food and more food. But really, we still have a lot of love for Snapchat because there’s an air of exclusivity about it.

There’s something exciting about being able to have a front row, behind-the-scenes look at a person of influence, a massive brand, a publication, etc. We get to see what goes in to making the final products of all the things we love most.

And for foodies, Snapchat is pure, unadulterated bliss. (Stoners, don’t feel left out: we’ve got you covered here.) Snapchat gives us a behind the scene look at meal preparation, tiny tutorials and other interesting food and non-food-related stuff, all from our industry favorites. Bloggers, chefs, publications—they’re all here.

Here are nine food Snapchats every foodie needs to be following:

StreetGourmetLA on Snapchat

Bill Esparza is the man behind StreetGourmetLA, a relatively popular blog and string of social media accounts, and Esparza is also an exceptionally talented writer whose work is frequently featured in Los Angeles Magazine.

For foodies, especially those who get down with more Latin and Hispanic-influenced cuisine, the StreetGourmetLA account gives us more insight into Esparza’s day-to-day routine, including all the incredible shit he eats daily.

Harleyplays on Snapchat

If you’ve never heard of Epic Meal Time, you probably have no business reading this article. Harley Morenstein is the co-creator and co-star of the famous YouTube show, as well as an actor, standup comedian and a hell of a Canadian.

His Snapchat is absolutely ridiculous, and although it’s probably filled with less food than should be allowed on this list, Morenstein is a foodie’s foodie, and thus belongs here. If you want to know what food people do when they’re not eating, give this account a follow.

Gillieh on Snapchat

Gillie Houston is a straight up hybrid between world-class adventurer and adept food critic. Before scoring a gig as an associate editor at the now-defunct Yahoo Food, Houston had also done some pretty awesome stuff with Food Network Magazine, Seventeen, and others.

Her social media presence is just as great as her portfolio of work. Travel photos, food photos, dog photos, epic cloud porn and funny videos abound. Check out her Snapchat for drool-worthy food snaps.


Dana Shultz is the brain behind MinimalistBaker, a blog, cookbook and media network that puts together easy-to-follow recipes that damn near anyone can execute.

Her social media presence combined carries almost half a million followers, and for good reason—her recipes are delicious, simple and she takes a hell of a good photo. On Snapchat, you’ll get everything you’d expect from Shultz’s other feeds, but with less polish and more in-depth little details.

The Vulgar Chef

We’re doing everyone a solid here by throwing The Vulgar Chef’s Snapchat out there. He doesn’t seem as active as a lot of the other people on this list, but it doesn’t change the fact that the dude is fucking hilarious, and always manages to post up some of the most ridiculous food recipes we’ve ever seen.

Some notable examples from his last few Instagram posts: “Crunchwrap Double Cheeseburger,” “pulled pork mac the fuck cheese between a KrispyKreme donut,” “white trash BBQ ramen” and a bunch of other shit we didn’t know existed (and didn’t know we needed).

EatingNYC on Snapchat

At EatingNYC, life is all about the food porn. Gorgeous spreads of everything from massive gobs of double chocolate ice cream to the best tacos you’ve ever seen, to world-class cheese and charcuterie platters and honestly everything in between, foodies everywhere love everything EatingNYC has to offer.

Created and curated by Alexa Mehraban, her social media accounts (and website) are awesome because they literally catalogue everything she eats on a daily basis. Naturally, her Snapchat is no different.

Sortedfood on Snapchat

The community at SortedFood is absolutely massive. Its widespread popularity is due in part to its non-exclusivity: SortedFood is for everyone from complete novices to master chefs.

On Snapchat, they feature recipes for the health nut to the junk food king, from straight-up vegans to the bacon lover in all of us. They do well with their varied audiences because they cover all the bases.

Levicooks on Snapchat

Levi Eirinberg is a 14-year-old kid who could cook us all under the table—me, you and everyone we know. He’s mind-bogglingly good in the kitchen, which is kind of ridiculous because, at 14, the only thing I was thinking of was chicken nuggets and more chicken nuggets.

Nevertheless, Eirinberg makes EVERY single list of “foodies to follow” because he’s innovative, inspiring and such a little shit… GOD DAMN IT WHY CAN’T I COOK LIKE HIM?!

Mreddiehuang on Snapchat

Eddie Huang is VICE’s golden boy. But more than that, he’s a restaurateur, writer, versatile chef and modern day humanist. His autobiography, Fresh Off The Boat: A Memoir, is an inspiring look into Huang’s life growing up in Washington, D.C. (and then Orlando), his struggles with his Taiwanese identity, his days studying law in college (no really, he’s actually a lawyer) and the important role that food has played in his life.

On Snapchat, Huang’s humble, cheeky and hysterical personality shines through layer upon layer of incredible food. It’s foodie bliss, and an absolute must-follow if you’re into foodie culture outside of the kitchen.

For slightly more X-rated Snapchat activity, check out our guide to sending a dick pic on Snapchat (NSFW).

Wear Kanye’s YEEZY 350 Cleats on the Street With This Custom Job


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Kanye West pulled yet another rabbit out of the hat recently when he unveiled the YEEZY 350 Cleat, a straight-up football shoe complete with the same Primeknit and styling seen on his other sneakers.

The fact the shoe could only be worn on the field (but not in competitive matches, as DeAndre Hopkins found out) did little to dampen the hype, as the shoe sold out with almost the same ferocity as any other YEEZY. It’s likely, then, that a whole lot of non-football playing people gobbled up the shoes and are now sitting on the Cleats with no opportunity to wear them — until now.

#swapped for @thelacelegend #yeezy #yeezyboost350 #yeezycleat #yeezy350

A photo posted by Jake Danklefs – FootwearDesign (@jwdanklefs) on Sep 24, 2016 at 9:41am PDT

Custom sneaker builder Jake Danklefs has taken the YEEZY 350 Cleat, cut away the studded sole, and replaced it with one from an Ultra Boost. The result is actually pretty swish — the white matches the upper, there are no unsightly cuts and no other obvious faults. It looks like a brand new shoe.

It was made for actor Perry Sook (for what price nobody knows,) who has since been showing it off over on his Instagram account.

There’s no word yet as to whether Danklefs will be creating any more of them, and chances are they’ll set you back a pretty penny. Check them out above.

Meanwhile, Drake and Jordan may be dropping a pair of white “OVO” slides.