Sensuality and the Supers: The Lasting Legacy of Herb Ritts

T 086-4 Christy and Tatjana 2, Bali, 1986

You’ll likely know a Herb Ritts photograph when you see one – thye’re often black and white, usually taken outside (LA beaches were typically favoured over studios) and always boast a sensual celebration of their subject. That’s not to say that his rightly revered photographs can be reduced to a formula: they remain unfailingly dynamic and surprising even now, 14 years after the American photographer’s premature death in 2002. It’s his work with models – soon after known as…

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Five of Indie Auteur Jim Jarmusch’s Most Unmissable Movies


Jim Jarmusch fans rejoice! Today heralds the arrival of Paterson, the brilliant new film from the visionary indie auteur, to UK screens. Over the course of his four-decade-spanning career, Jarmusch has carved out a cinematic niche all of his own: one defined by minimalist narrative devices, deadpan humour, flawless soundtracks, iconic loner protagonists and existential musing. “The key, I think, to Jim, is that he went grey when he was 15,” Tom Waits, musician and…

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Tech Talk: How Has Modern Tech Changed Our Viewing Habits?

Modern technology is a wonderful thing that has improved our lives in a whole host of different manners.

Those improvements have influenced the world of business, financial control, and even medical health. Sometimes, though, those upgrades are simply there to make modern life a little more entertaining. Media plays a massive role, not least when it comes to visual elements.

So how have our viewing habits evolved in recent times? Let’s take a closer look at three crucial elements.

Not Bound By Schedules



Once upon a time, you had to either watch a show when the TV guide told you or record it on a VHS. The current landscape couldn’t be further from that if we tried. For starters, many channels have +1 or +24 varieties while most households are now able to pause live TV too.

Perhaps more crucially, the internet has opened up a whole realm of new opportunities. Many broadcasters now make shows available for streaming via websites, meaning viewers can watch at a time to suit them. Meanwhile, with a Showbox APK download, viewers can access films and popular programming at a click of a few buttons of an iPhone or iPad.

People are now able to watch TV and films at a time to suit them, even if they’re on the go. When compared to the situation of 25 years ago, the progress is mind-blowing.

Changing Expectations



Up until around the turn of the century, visual media production was reserved for professionals and the ultra rich. However, the 1999 release of Blair Witch Project signaled a major turning point. For modern audiences, slightly poor production quality can be forgiven if the content is of the required standard.

The growth of internet videos, especially through YouTube moved the goalposts further still. Of course, those media platforms are also used for movie trailers and broadcasting of professional content. However, it’s now possible for anyone with a camera to generate a career from creating visual media. That’s only made possible by changing expectations of viewers.

Perhaps more importantly, there is an added sense of freedom. This creates a far better playing field for niche content too. For both the viewer and the creator, those possibilities will only increase over the coming years.




The way we access and consume visual media has changed massively. Unsurprisingly, so has the way we interact with social commentary on what we’ve seen.

In previous generations, you’d watch a show with your family and discuss it with them before talking about it the following day with others. Nowadays, the use of social media allows people to interact with other viewers in real time. In fact, many TV shows even use hashtags and interactive features to actively aid their content.

For some people, the modern way of digesting media is worse. For others, it’s better than ever. Whatever side of the line you fall on, there’s no doubt that the climate is far different than previous generations. And as technology continues to evolve, those viewing habits will surely progress in tandem.

Functional Apps For The Discerning Gentleman

As a modern man, your phone is central to your world. You use it for everything, from playing music to gaming. But are you using it to its full potential? Here we’re going to investigate some rather fine apps for the discerning gentleman. Here are some of the top picks.


Wikimedia Commons


When Distiller first came onto the scene, it created a bit of a stir. The idea behind the app was to suggest which whiskey to drink. Since it was first released, the app has expanded its functionality dramatically. Now it gives suggestions on rum, brandy and tequila too. The cool thing about this app is that it saves you a lot of time. You don’t have to spend loads of time researching which drinks go with what. You have all the information, right at your fingertips.

Weber’s Grill



Weber’s Grill is very similar to Distiller in the sense that it is trying to make your life easier when it comes to food and drink. The app gives information on how to cook stuff on the grill. And it comes packed with tips and explainer videos. It’s an excellent little resource if getting you grilling right has been a problem in the past.

Sky Sports App

Sky Sports has taken a big financial hit recently. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not a great place to get all the latest sporting information. You can find out everything here, from the latest in the football to the best bets today horse racing.



Wikimedia Commons

Men who want to create a good impression know that a great way to do it is to speak a second language. Few things are more intellectually impressive than suddenly being able to switch out of one language and into another.

Learning a new language, however, is difficult, especially as an adult. Duolingo, however, has attempted to solve this problem. It uses a series of simple lessons, designed to last only a couple of minutes, to teach languages in manageable chunks. The app allows you to learn 10 of the world’s most popular languages.


If you’re a modern gentleman, you’ll know the importance of working out. You’ve always wanted a personal trainer, but you’ve never wanted to fork out for one. This is where Sworkit comes in. Sworkit is an app that is designed to replace your personal trainer. Through it, you can create your own personalised workout plan designed to suit your level of ability. It also holds a library of videos showing how to perform each exercise correctly. The app is now available on both iOS and Android.

Dark Sky


Wikimedia Commons

Dark Sky is an app on a mission to redefine the weather widget. One of the problems with weather widgets at the moment is that they take ages to update. Often the information that you see is an hour or two out of date. The idea behind Dark Sky is to make sure that all weather information is right up to date. You’ll have to fork out for this app. But the benefit is that you get up to the minute information on whether it’s about to rain in your area, and for how long.

Commute in Style with Dry Patch

Commute in Style with Dry Patch

The mercurial British weather has exercised dominion over so many of my London commutes and routines. When the rain comes it skews every good intention of a decent hike or bike ride across the city to make my various appointments. Instead, begrudgingly, I allow the elements to dictate my travel plans and often plump for a convenient Uber or tube ride. Perhaps though I should also plump for recognition of what Al Gore might call, an inconvenient truth; I’m at heart inherently lazy.

Commute in Style with Dry Patch

However, there could be an easy, yet fashionable fix. Introducing the Dry Patch Velo Seat Cover. With designs based on evolution and innovation, their premium lifestyle focused products are designed to keep you dry from the bottom up. How often have you settled to wipe down the seat of your cycle with the sleeve of your jacket or bastardise a shower cap in the form of an ungainly sheath?

Commute in Style with Dry Patch

The unique Velo Seat Cover is 100% waterproof and designed to fit any bicycle seat. The Dry Patch 3-layer design provides comfort and grip alongside that all important wet bum protection. The bottom layer of Chamois soaks up water whilst gripping the seat. The middle layer of medical grade silicone creates an impenetrable barrier between your rear and the water, and the leather top provides a comfortable feel and fashionable look. The handy carry bag and carabiner means you can clip it to just about anything too.

Commute in Style with Dry Patch

I gave the Dry-Patch Velo Seat Cover a proper dry run during the week to test out it’s functionality and imperviousness. As far as comfort goes it offered a sustainable cushion as I wove through upflung pigeons that adorned the Marble Arch benches. To test the cover out fully I preceded to dip the saddle in a nearby fountain, which caught the attention of two local bobbies of whom, luckily, were amused at the conceit. Just as Dry Patch had prophesied the medical grade silicone provided a sufficient barrier, ensuring that the rest of journey was dry and damp-free. Check out the very first Menswear Style video review below and see the product that could change the way you approach your daily commute.

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Hofmeister Returns with a Bavarian Slow Brew

Hofmeister Returns with a Bavarian Slow Brew

Following a 13-year hibernation, Hofmeister has returned with a brand new creation, look and taste. You might remember this iconic beer label from the 80s and 90s, but now it returns after 13 years with brand new recipe. Hofmeister is now an authentic Helles lager, made in Bavaria from the finest locally sourced ingredients available.

Hofmeister Returns with a Bavarian Slow Brew

Hofmeister is an independent brewer with over 80 years of experience in speciality beer. Complying with ‘Reinheitsgebot’, the 500 year old German Beer Purity Law, Hofmeister is made from just three authentic Bavarian ingredients: pure mineral water, locally grown barley malted in the breweries own Malthouse based onsite and a unique mix of hops from the world-famous Hallertau region. At 5% ABV, it is slow brewed using a colder and slower process for up to four times longer, to ensure a refreshing, clean and easy-drinking lager.

Hofmeister Returns with a Bavarian Slow Brew

Working with a fourth generation family-owned brewery nestled on the edge of Ebersberger Forest, Hofmeister’s new recipe is as Bavarian as it can be. Hofmeister is light golden blonde in colour, rich in flavour and with lower carbonation for a refreshing, balanced, easy-drinking lager. The return of this much-loved beer is thanks to a team of beer-loving British entrepreneurs who believe the time is right to bring the taste of a genuine ‘Bearvarian’ Helles lager to the UK audience.

Spencer Chambers, Hofmeister CEO explains how “Now more than ever, we are experimenting and enjoying craft beer – with the craft beer scene in the UK continuing its explosive growth . Hofmeister is iconic so it feels right to bring back the brand, but with an authentic Helles lager which appeals to our more sophisticated palates.”

Hofmeister Returns with a Bavarian Slow Brew

Andrew Marsden, Hofmeister Chairman adds: “As one of the most loved TV ads of the 80s, people remember George the Bear with great affection. However times have moved on and so we are bringing back a more grown up brand which resonates with modern craft beer drinkers whilst still retaining the spirit of George.” 

So get ‘pre-beared’ for the brand new 100% Bavaria Hofmeister – available nationwide in pubs and bars from November 2016. Tweet @hofmeister_beer with #FollowTheBear for a chance to get your paws on a Hofmeister at one of their national tasting events, coming soon.

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