NikeLab Reinforces the ACG Zoom Terra Sertig With New Technology

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Them geniuses at NikeLab have done it again. Shortly after launching this flamboyant Air Force 1 “Animal Print” pack, the team now looks to its own ACG sub-division for a reinforced update of the versatile ACG Zoom Terra Sertig hiking sneaker.

While most of the workings of the OG model are left intact, a robust toe guard has been incorporated for additional protection along with a sole unit primarily made up Zoom Air cushioning for superior support. Additional traction comes from the revamped black outsole, making it the perfect lightweight sneaker for outdoor activities on frosty winter days.

The ACG Zoom Terra Sertig is available in yellow and white colorways, and drops at Livestock January 5.

The Dunk Lux Low is the latest NikeLab sneaker to get the “Vachetta Tan” treatment. Check it out here.

The 3 Tiers of Raw Denim

The 3 Tiers of Raw Denim

So you want to begin your journey in pursuit of the ultimate pair of beautifully faded jeans. You’ve done a bit of reading, have figured out your sanforized from your unsanforized, and your honeycombs from your whiskers. The only problem is that you’re no further forward in deciding which jeans to actually buy. For the first time raw denim buyer this can be a tricky time. There are so many different brands floating around at so many different price points that if you don’t know a little about it you can end up spending hours shredding your legs to bits, trying on pair after pair of stiff, indigo jeans. Worse still, you could end up taking a stab in the dark and buying online. The problem is that it can be tricky to return serious denim, since much of it has to be bought through websites such as eBay. To help you make a more informed decision, allow us to walk you through three different price points for raw denim, and what you can expect for your money.

The 3 Tiers of Raw Denim

Entry level Price: £60 – £100 

This is a good place to start if you’re trying raw denim for the first time. Unwashed jeans can be stiff, tight and super uncomfortable for the first few weeks or even months. People who aren’t used to it could easily end up getting frustrated if they’d dropped £200 on something they could barely sit down in. That makes this price bracket a good introduction. Jeans in this category will usually be selvedge, around 10 to 15oz and produced in countries like China and Vietnam. Obviously, you’re not going to get the same level of craftsmanship as you might in higher end options, but you can still get a solid pair of jeans. Unbranded for example are well known by denim-heads for being the best entry-level brand around. The brand’s 201 is our pick because they’re made from 14oz Japanese denim but is relatively pain-free to break in. The jeans also feature a wide top block and tapered leg, allowing them to look great on a variety of body shapes.

The 3 Tiers of Raw Denim

Mid Level Price: £100 – £200 

Maybe it’s your first try and you have a bit more cash to splash. Or perhaps you’ve had a go and are ready to move on from entry-level denim. Either way, this is where you need to be looking. Generally speaking you can expect jeans at this level to be manufactured in Europe, USA and Japan. At this price, you’ll also begin seeing more variation in cuts, fits and use of different fabrics. Brands that produce jeans in this bracket include Naked and Famous, Nudie, Japan Blue, Rogue Territory and more. Our pick is the A.P.C. Petit New Standard. They’re made from Japanese selvedge denim and are well-known for being one of the best fitting and highest quality jeans in this price range.

The 3 Tiers of Raw Denim

High level Price: £200 – £300 

Pretty much every fabric produced for jeans at this level is made exclusively for the brand in question. Single companies almost exclusively produce high-level jeans in Japan and the USA, with little to no outside contracting. Some high-level denim is even produced by one-man operations such as WH Ranch Dungarees, where a sole employee and the owner do everything. Most denim at this price will be unsanforized, as this is the way that denim was made originally. A lot of denim obsessives also claim that this produces more interesting fades, but that’s debatable. The Samurai Jeans s5000s is a beautiful example of 21oz jeans from one of the most low-profile, yet highly revered brands in the world of raw denim.

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9 Suit Rules Every Man Needs to Know

9 Suit Rules Every Man Needs to Know

We all love to get suited and booted, but some gentlemen don’t get to do so very often. If you’re not well practised in the tailoring art of choosing the right suit and how to wear it them, it’s pretty easy to make mistakes, given the huge number of unspoken rules which exist. Luckily, we’re hear to help you out. Check out this list of the essential suiting rules that every guy needs to know.

9 Suit Rules Every Man Needs to Know

Don’t underestimate the importance of your pocket square 

You might think that your tie is what gives you the greatest opportunity to inject a bit of colour and personality into your suit, but it’s actually your pocket square. While you should concentrate on picking a tie which compliments your shirt and suit colour, with a pocket square you pretty much have carte blanche to do whatever you want.

9 Suit Rules Every Man Needs to Know

A gap between the lapel of your jacket and the collar of your shirt is a giveaway of a bad fit 

The lapels of your jacket should rest nicely against the collar of the shirt underneath with no space or gaps. This is one of many things which make it obvious that your jacket is a bad fit.

Always match the width of your tie with the width of your lapels 

The idea here is to create balance in your top half. If you have a modern style jacket with thin lapels then opt for a slimmer tie to match. Conversely if you’re rocking a classic wide lapel jacket, then pair it with a thicker tie.

9 Suit Rules Every Man Needs to Know

Fasten the correct buttons 

For a two-button jacket, fasten the top button. For a three-button jacket, always fasten the top button – but you can also fasten the middle button too. For a four-button suit, step back into the time machine and turn the dial back roughly 100 years. 

Make sure your buttons sit in the correct place 

For a two-button jacket, the top button should sit just above your belly button. For a three-button jacket, the middle button should sit in the same place.

9 Suit Rules Every Man Needs to Know

Get the shade of your tie right 

You should always make sure that your tie is slightly darker than your dress shirt e.g. navy tie on a sky blue shirt.  

Your jacket should always be the correct length 

A good way to get your jacket length right is by making sure that it just covers the zipper on the front of your trousers.

9 Suit Rules Every Man Needs to Know

Your tie should always be the correct length 

You can get this right by making sure that your tie never comes below the top of your belt and never ends more than an inch above it. 

Your shoes should compliment the colour of your suit 

Grey suit = Black or brown shoes. Black suit = Black shoes. Charcoal suit = Black shoes. Blue suit = Black or brown shoes.

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6 Canadian Brands You Should Know

6 Canadian Brands You Should Know

Listen very carefully. Can you hear that? That’s the sound of my teeth chattering and my several layers of thick clothing rustling as I type this article. Yes, winter and the festive period are finally upon us and the temperature has certainly taken a nosedive in the past few weeks, but do you know where it’s colder? Canada. And do you know what Canada have? Some of the best clothing brands with some of most deliciously rugged coats, jeans and boots this side of the North Pole. So, if your winter wardrobe still isn’t quite up to the job, then adding some of these brands to it would be a pretty smart place to start.

6 Canadian Brands You Should Know

Canada Goose 

For people who regularly find themselves in arctic climates – wildlife film crews, scientists, Jeremy Clarkson (further adding to global warming by driving a giant red truck to the North Pole)Canada Goose jackets are the high watermark. They are to arctic clothing what Rolex is to watches, what Bentley is to cars, what Clarkson is to people who like big red trucks. They look pretty stunning too, and they’ve been at it since 1957 so that’s the heritage box ticked too.

6 Canadian Brands You Should Know

Naked & Famous Denim

When people talk about mid-price raw denim one of the names that pops up over and over again is Canada’s very own Naked & Famous Denim. They import all of their selvedge denim in from Japan – which is pretty much the only place in the world still using loom reels -which are what create that clean selvedge line on the seam of your jeans. They’re also well known for their experimental use of fabrics, with past collections having contained materials such as Kevlar, silk and cashmere.

6 Canadian Brands You Should Know

Herschel Supply Co 

This is a good example of one of those brands who enjoyed a meteoric rise to prominence. Having only started back in 2009 Herschel Supply Co are now everywhere, but it’s no wonder given how nice their bags are. The company’s founders, brothers Lyndon and Jamie Cormack pride themselves on their attention to the fine details and their product’s timeless appeal. We certainly can’t argue with them.

6 Canadian Brands You Should Know

Reigning Champ 

This Canadian company specialises in low profile, unassuming menswear that fits like a glove and is only made from the highest quality materials, on Canadian soil. Reigning Champ have gained such a reputation that recently they’ve collaborated with sportswear giants such as New Balance and adidas.

6 Canadian Brands You Should Know


SOREL boots are a true Canadian staple and are basically sheepskin-lined tanks that you can wear on your feet. Granted, they’re not what you might describe as an all-rounder type of footwear, but when there’s snow on the ground and a chill in the air, then simply nothing else will do. The company was founded in 1962 and their footwear quickly became the best-selling cold weather boots on the planet.

6 Canadian Brands You Should Know

Arc’teryx Veilance 

Arc’teryx is arguably one of the best manufacturers of technical outerwear in the world. It’s offshoot, Arc’teryx Veilance combines the technical features of it’s big brother with clean, minimalist designs and highly articulated cuts. The result? High-performance techwear that could make Batman jealous. It looks just as at home on the city streets as it does in the wilderness.

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Discover The 4th Course by Martell

Discover The 4th Course by Martell

Christmas is literally just around the corner and we all know this potentially means copious amounts of festive treats, mainly revolving around food and alcohol. It also probably means many of you out there will be celebrating with friends and relatives and you might be in the situation where you are the host of a sit-down meal. It can be a very stressful operation, but do not fear as one of the oldest French cognac houses, Martell (founded in 1715), have come up with a fantastic solution for some tasty yet effortless nibbles to be enjoyed at the dinner table.

Discover The 4th Course by Martell

It is what Martell are calling ‘The 4th Course’ and they like to compare it to the French ‘café gourmand’, classically consumed at the end of a meal. However, instead of a shot of coffee, you crack open a bottle of Martell.

Discover The 4th Course by Martell

Some of you may only think of cognac as a drink that is enjoyed as you reach a certain age, when you kick off the slippers and put your feet up by the fire. However, after an invite by Martell to sit down and pair the drink with some petit-fours, created by Cordon Bleu Chef Luiz Hara (The London Foodie), I realised how perfect it is to sip on a glass of Martell after a meal with a few sweet delights. The idea of the following pairings is that they are incredibly easy and quick to create. It is always tricky with hosting when you need to be able to prepare the meal but also entertain and converse with your guests. These post-meal canapes are extremely simple, with no more than four ingredients, however they match the Cognac perfectly as they bring out all subtle spicy and fruity notes that the spirit is made up of. Plus, every mouthful tastes like Christmas.

Discover The 4th Course by Martell

Option 1 – Iberico Charcuterie and Cognac-Soaked Prunes

The stoneless prunes need to be primarily soaked in a sugar syrup and simmered for 20 minutes. The prunes are then left to cool and cognac is poured over them and left to soak again for at least a couple of hours. When you are ready to serve wrap the prunes in high quality Iberico de Bellota ham. This is an alternative to the traditional Devils on Horseback. With the slithers of slightly oily meat, the Martell adds another dimension. The prunes add some maturity to the relatively young cognac and the salt from the ham cuts through the prunes. They are truly delicious.

Discover The 4th Course by Martell

Option 2 – Parmesan and Quince paste 

Take 0.5-1cm thick slices of 30-month old aged parmesan (make sure you purchase a really good brand) and add a sprinkle of black pepper on top. With each bite of parmesan take half a teaspoon of quince paste (other fruit jams work as well) and enjoy with a Martell champagne cocktail. The cocktail is just as easy to create with soaking a sugar cube (at the bottom of a champagne glass) with angostura bitters, pouring your preferred amount of cognac over the sugar and topping up with champagne. Do not stir the sugar, it is better to let it sit and dissolve gently. This sweet yet crisp cocktail works perfectly with the salt crystals in the cheese, as well as the parmesan creating a savoury pairing with the fruit jam.

Discover The 4th Course by Martell

Option 3 – Pears, Roquefort & Almonds with Cognac-Soaked Raisins 

The raisins need to be soaked in Martell for a minimum of 2 hours. However, the longer they are soaked, the better. They can rest in your fridge throughout the festive season, ready to go at any moment. No cooking is needed whatsoever and all you need to do is thinly slice some fresh ripe pears, crumble some Roquefort on top of the pears along with some crushed toasted almonds and a sprinkling of the cognac raisins. You don’t even need a knife and fork.

Discover The 4th Course by Martell

Option 4 – Christmas Pudding Ice Cream

I am not a huge fan of the traditional Christmas pudding myself, however this might have converted me. If you are looking for a lighter desert after a hefty meal, then this is an ideal alternative. Take a tub of good quality vanilla ice cream and pop it in a food blender. Add half a teaspoon of ground mixed spices (cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves) and some diced Christmas pudding. Whizz up the ice cream until it is soft and the pudding has combined well. Pop the ice cream back into the freezer for a couple of hours and then to serve, top it with a few of your pre-soaked cognac raisins. This is just another enjoyable way to enhance the fruity notes of the alcohol with the sweetness of the ice cream and it definitely hits the spot.

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Tony Hawk Dispels Death Rumors by Posting on Twitter

Given how shitty the past 12 months have been for celebrities and generally cool people passing, it would seemingly fit in with the overall narrative that the skateboarding G.O.A.T should pop his clogs in a kind of brutal, cherry-on-top crescendo.

When rumors began circulating online that Tony Hawk had met an early demise, we began fearing the worst. But close scrutiny revealed the initial news source to be anything but concrete.

BREAKING : Famous Skateboarder Tony Hawk has been found dead in his house due to an opiate overdose

— Fox News (@FOX5LlVE) December 29, 2016

A “parody” account with 146 followers? Hmm.

Thankfully, the eternal Birdman then took to Twitter and quashed the speculation beyond doubt.

I'm still alive, just older (& wiser…?). But still breathing, riding my skateboard & raising kids.
F off 2016; you won't be taking me too.

— Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) December 29, 2016

And not only is the Hawk in rude health, but he also appears to be having a ball on the night time ski slopes.

Here's what I was doing at the exact time of my supposed demise. Don't believe everything you read… we can do better as a society.

— Tony Hawk (@tonyhawk) December 29, 2016

So, there it is. Tony will no doubt be nailing 900’s well into 2017 and beyond.

Now you can rest easy, check out Bucky Lasek’s dope new edit for Thrasher.

Mark Wahlberg Is Designing an Air Jordan Sneaker for Nike

Mark Wahlberg, having modeled underwear for Calvin Klein and rapped under the moniker of “Marky Mark,” is set to add another skill to his resumé: sneaker designer.

In a recent episode of Wahlberg’s Wahlbergers reality TV show, Mark heads to Nike’s Beaverton campus to work on a Jordan collab, and the silhouette in question is said to be a Jordan Formula 23 Trainer. Sneakernews speculates that the shoe will be “more of a promo-only thing and not a retail offering.” Wahlberg revealed on camera that he’d also like to design a line of activewear for the brand, saying:

“I wanna tell Phil Knight and Michael that, you know what, I want to do my own line of workout apparel for the everyday guy.”

Check out Wahlberg’s $100,000 sneaker collection.


Ava Nuri Makes a Gucci Brick to Match Your Supreme One

Instagram brandal, Ava Nirui, satirizes Supreme’s now-infamous box logo brick by creating a Gucci one of her own.

Renowned on social media for her mashing together of brands and products that have nothing to do with one another, Nirui applies her usual reasoning to her Gucci brick. Sadly, though, she didn’t bake it in a kiln like Supreme did, so the result is much more DIY.

Ava’s Gucci bricks looks like most bricks, except one has the Gucci logo spray-painted onto it, while the other is emblazoned with the brand’s signature print.

For more meta bootleg Gucci, read about that time we hung out with GucciGhost. Also, see our 8 theories on the meaning behind Supreme’s brick.

Watch Rose Bertram Seductively Chow Down on Cheetos for ‘LOVE’ Magazine

As LOVE magazine’s daily video advent finishes up for another year, gorgeous Belgian model Rose Bertram is on hand to provide us with the penultimate entry and a reminder of just what we’re going to miss.

Food has been a recurring motif throughout this year’s series, and here the Victoria’s Secret Model appears to be thoroughly enjoying a post-swim, family bag of Cheetos. Wearing some sexy Agent Provocateur lingerie, Rose “accidentally” drops one of the crisps into her cleavage, no doubt to the delight of an off-screen Chester Cheetah.

The LOVE video advent series might be nearly over, but the class of 2016 has arguably been the best yet. Check out some of our highlights below.

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