adidas Originals Updates the EQT Support Ultra With Primeknit Technology

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January has been a hell’uva month for adidas Originals’ EQT line. Fresh off unveiling its upcoming apparel collection in full, the sneaker releases show no signing of letting up, either. This time around, the Brand with The Three Stripes has unveiled another modern reboot of its EQT Support Ultra.

Incorporating a breathable Primeknit upper, the kicks are featured in an off-white colorway with black accents included on the ankle sock. A “Support” lock keeps those pesky laces in check, while a crisp Boost sole promises total comfort.

Buy via the button above, and then peep these “Hot Pink” EQT Support ADVs below.

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Flying Lotus’ ‘Kuso’ Incites Mass Walkout at Sundance

People were pretty excited about Kuso, the directorial debut from musical mastermind Flying Lotus which premiered at Sundance this week. FlyLo has established himself as a true auteur in the world of electronic music, so it seemed like a natural fit for him to move into the world of cinema. Though unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. Reports have emerged that Kuso triggered massive walkouts at Sundance and left audience members in disgust.

One of the first reviews appeared on The Verge, which described it as “the grossest movie ever made,” and that the audience “walkouts continued in a consistent stream up to the final scene.” What could have triggered such a desperate reaction? Apparently the film features everything from an erect penis being stabbed with a steel rod to an anthropomorphic cockroach that lives and talks inside the butthole of Parliament-Funkadelic member George Clinton, in addition to copious amounts of every bodily fluid and function there is.

If you need any further indication of the gory treats in store should you dare give Kuso a watch, revisit the trailer below. Better luck next time, Flying Lotus?

In other music news, Missy Elliott has surprised the world by returning with a new track and video for “I’m Better.” Watch it right here.

Trump’s Mexican Wall Tax Will Drive Up Avocado Prices & Other News

Out in the real world news is happening and here are the highlights.

Despite consistently repeating that he’s going to charge Mexico for a wall that runs along the U.S. southern border, the Mexican government is refusing to play along with Donald Trump’s delusional racist fantasy and has repeatedly said that it’s not going to pay for that “fucking wall.” So, Donnie came up with a plan: slap a 20 percent tariff on imported Mexican goods, which, of course, American consumers are going to have to bear the brunt of when it drives up the prices of avocados, tacos and other Mexican-sourced products.  Ay, caramba! – BBC News

The Trump Regime more or less openly declared war on the media, showing off its fascist tendencies once again. In an interview with the New York Times, senior White House strategist and well-known white supremacist, Stephen Bannon, who used to be head of Breitbart News, declared that the media “is the opposition party” and “not the democrats.” He also suggested that the media should “shut its mouth.” A very convincing Josef Goebbels impersonation. Meanwhile, Trump’s bromance with Sean Hannity has grown ever-more intense, and in a tour around the oval office, Trump pointed to a stack of papers on his desk and said: “Look at my desk, papers. You don’t see presidents with papers on that desk.” Satire is dead. – New York Times

In case you’ve never had a job before, there’s something called business expenses, where a company pays for the costs its employee(s) incurs while away on company business: stuff like lunches or train tickets or whatever. Well, Uber was the most commonly-expensed business expense in 2016, making up six percent of expenses. Starbucks came in second with four percent, as did Delta and American Airlines. 52 percent of business travelers expensed an Uber ride compared to a mere 4 percent for its main competitor, Lyft. – Morning Consult

Once Trump is done Making America Great Again he could turn his tiny, magical hands to the even greater task of making the LA Lakers A Functioning Basketball Team Again. The Lakers endured their 34th defeat of the season against the Utah Jazz, losing 96-88. Celebrating his first game after being selected for the NBA All-Stars, Gordon Hayward helped himself to 24 points, George Hill added 12, while Rudy Gobert squeezed out nine. – Reuters

Catch up on yesterday’s IRL headlines.

Kreisel’s Electric G-Class SUV Is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Monstrous New Plaything

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The days of electric cars being reserved for the bookish, the conscientious and barefoot wandering vegans are over. Tesla set the bar high with its electric-powered super cars, and now Austrian car customizer Kreisel has unveiled a chargeable Mercedes G-Class SUV.

The project comes off the back of the company’s high-profile design partner and stakeholder: Arnold Schwarzenegger. The actor and former Californian governor drove the original diesel G-Class on the streets of LA, but his climate concerns led him and Kreisel to create a completely green version of his beloved car.

“To me, with the electric version of this fantastic car, a dream has become true,” Schwarzenegger said in a press release revealing the vehicle. “The initial test drive was a real pleasure: The Kreisel is incredibly sporty and perfectly benefits from the advantages e-mobility has to offer. I really look forward to the following test runs and to the gradual further development in California.”

The batteries take the place of the engine under the hood, and offer a range of 186 miles and a 0-62 time of less than six seconds while still maintaining all of the car’s off-road capabilities.

The company is reportedly in talks to produce the car on a commercial scale but, sadly, for the time being at least, this is a one-off prototype and not for sale. Check it out above.

In other news, Eagle’s new Spyder GT is the definition of old school cool.

Win Rhodia Stationery and Luggage

Win Rhodia Stationery and Luggage

It’s said the majority of New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by the end of January, when the bleak weather, long, dark days and post Christmas debt has got the better of us. We think we have a solution – re-kindle that motivation for organisation with some stylish stationery and luggage. This prize, brought to you by MenswearStyle and Rhodia, will not only get you back in the organisation game, but back into it in style. Up for grabs is over £200 of Rhodia stationery and luggage, with notepads in a range of convenient sizes and styles, a laptop sleeve and a stylish weekend bag.

A well-established French heritage brand dating back to 1934, Rhodia is best known for its iconic orange and black colours, though the last few years has seen it branch out into elegant whites and silvers, and with Rhodiarama, a range that celebrates all the colours of the rainbow. All Rhodia notebooks and pads come with premium quality, ultra-smooth, satin-finish paper that really is a pleasure to use. They come in: handy flip-over head-stapled card; hardbound leatherette; and soft, tactile and lightweight leatherette covers with expandable pockets and elastic closures.

To view the full range and find out more about Rhodia has to offer, please visit

Win Rhodia Stationery and Luggage

How to Enter

To be in with a chance of winning this exclusive prize simply visit our competition page here where you’ll find a number of ways you can enter. The more ways you enter the better your chances become. We will draw and announce the winner via the competition page on the 26th of February 2017. Good luck everyone!

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New Balance Debuts the 247 Sport

New Balance Debuts the 247 Sport

New Balance are to soon release the 247 Sport, designed with the modern urban lifestyle in mind. Classic New Balance quality and craftsmanship is fused with modern performance-inspired details for a contemporary new style. The New Balance 247 Sport will be available at New Balance and retailers including JD Sports beginning February 11th for a suggested retail price of £70.

New Balance Debuts the 247 Sport

The New Balance 247 offers a new look, feel and fit, but draws inspiration from iconic New Balance models to remain grounded in the brand DNA. Tapping into New Balance’s reputation as a premier performance brand, the 247 Sport combines an engineered mesh upper with a neoprene sock construction for a performance inspired technical look, fit and feel.

New Balance Debuts the 247 Sport

A reflective welded N logo, reflective collar strap and rubber “sport” tongue label are borrowed from New Balance performance running, but designed for a 247 lifestyle. Inspiration from heritage models includes the asymmetrical detail on the toe vamp that is a subtle reference to the 1300; a collar strap design taken from the 574 and 576; and, a sleeker more lightweight version of the 998 midsole.

New Balance Debuts the 247 Sport

“The 247 Sports pack is a nod the brand’s innovation and performance running product,” said Brian Lynn, Senior Product Manager, Global Lifestyle. “Lightweight engineered mesh, neoprene bootie, synthetic overlays and reflective hits work in conjunction with vibrant colour pops for a more technical and eye catching look. The style is ideal for those consumers that want to make a stylish statement on their daily commute.”

New Balance Debuts the 247 Sport

“The 247 is the first model created as part of our commitment to create footwear designed for our evolutionary concept, ‘Style of Your Life’. A nod to our iconic styling but a major step forward in representing the intersection where sport and life meet,” said Shinichi Kubota, Vice President, Global Lifestyle. “The cutting edge 247 design combines the craftsmanship, technology, comfort and fit New Balance is legendary for and offers the versatility needed for the modern style seeker consumer and their round-the-clock lifestyle.”

Article by Menswear Style

4 Norwegian Brands Every Guy Should Know

4 Norwegian Brands Every Guy Should Know

We’re continuing our cold weather themed national brand roundups this month by taking a look at Norway, a country often overlooked when talking about clothes. Sweden and Denmark may be leading the way in terms of Scandinavian design but Norway is fast catching up, and will no doubt be able to give its continental siblings a good run for their money in the near future. Unsurprisingly, Norway is home to many fantastic outerwear brands. However, outerwear is far from the only thing Norway has to offer, with many emerging fashion brands and designers choosing to call Olso and Bergen their homes.

4 Norwegian Brands Every Guy Should Know


JOHNNYLOVE was created to give Norwegian men a way of smartening up their wardrobes without ever crossing the line into formal wear. The designs are classically Scandinavian: clean lines, minimalist design, block colours and little to no branding. The brand’s standout items are its jackets, which founder John Vinnem claims are usually the first items men buy from the label, often leading to a long relationship with the brand.

4 Norwegian Brands Every Guy Should Know

Norwegian Rain

Norwegian Rain makes high-tech, high-performance outerwear while maintaining a sartorial approach to styling. The result is outerwear capable of standing up to the harsh Norwegian winter, while still being smart enough to dress up. Bespoke tailor T-Micheal and creative director Alexander Helle founded the brand in 2008 and have gone on to win several awards, as well as building up a loyal following in the years since.

4 Norwegian Brands Every Guy Should Know


After launching initially with a scarf collection in 2012, Holzweiler quickly expanded their collection to include full runs of both men’s and women’s apparel. Their sleek minimalist styling found favour amongst Oslo’s more fashion-conscious crowd and has earned them praise on runways worldwide. If you were looking to cop your first piece of Norwegian clothing then there are definitely worse places to start.

4 Norwegian Brands Every Guy Should Know


Since 1929 Norrøna have been kitting out Norwegians with outerwear designed to stand up to the harsh Nordic conditions. Founded by Jørgen Jørgenson, the brand has been passed down through three generations of the same family and employs just 55 staff over the entire company. The brand is well known for innovation and of its 55 staff 17 are focused on research and development, to make sure the clothing is as high-tech as it needs to be in the Norwegian weather.

Article by Menswear Style

The Rise of the Hypebeast

The Rise of the Hypebeast

The word Hypebeast is hard to define. Ask anyone at a new drop and they will all give different answers, from a lifestyle, to simply hype around the exclusivity of an item. They are a bi-product of a culture of the need to have that one thing that others don’t have. The history of a Hypebeast can date all the way back to the release of Jordan’s, probably the most famous, the Airforce One, originally released in 1982. They seem to be a variation of Sneakerheads (one who collects, trades or admires shoes) who thrive upon rare and exclusive items from brands deemed to be ‘special’ enough.

The Rise of the Hypebeast

These brands have made their name from creating unique pieces of clothing and releasing them in small quantities. The best analogy I can give is if Apple announced a new iPhone, better than ever before, but only produced 1000 of them globally, yet at a reasonable price. You’re going to create hype around a product that a set volume of people would do anything for. Probably the most well-known Hypebeast brand is Supreme. Opening in 1994 as a skate brand, Supreme has been one of the most desired brand in the streetwear scene, creating hype by releasing their product in small exclusive runs and arguably having the biggest demand of any of the limited brands. They make their clothing affordable to young people creating a void of resellers marking up the price of the product to 900% the original value, purely because they can. People will happily splash £300 on a £44 t-shirt.

The Rise of the Hypebeast

There are no other high-street brands where you can find hundreds of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages for. It’s a melting pot of culture, whether you were born in the 80s, 90s, or 00s. These brands have something for you. In essence they appeal to everyone, creating such a following. I guess what also helps is most of these brands have great taste, its why you see celebrities wearing them, causing these brands to manifest themselves into society – making it a staple for style and fashion. As an outsider looking in it seems ludicrous that these brands have such an opportunity to make so much money, but yet only release 300 shirts instead of 30,000. These companies create history. Let’s say a new shirt comes along and it blows up, everyone wants it, they will never release it again. It makes it all that little bit more special doesn’t it?

The Rise of the Hypebeast

Circling back to Supreme, they have 11 stores worldwide, 1 in LA, 1 in New York, 1 in London, 1 in Paris and 6 in Japan with 3 in Tokyo alone. However, the hype around this brand is something of a phenomenon, people argue you could place a store in Greenland and kids would travel to pick up the brand. Opinions have been divided upon Supreme, and its said that the only brands with a similar expanse of power are Nike and Adidas. The release of Kanye Wests Yeezy Boost 350 V2 have been the most recent of one of a number of collaborations between the three stripes and musical artists, by copying the idea of staggering the release of the shoe in small drops and generating hype. Furthermore, the Adidas re-release of one of their bestselling shoes, the Original NMD’s, sold out within 2 minutes online. Compile this with the Nike Flyknit Racer Triple Black/ Midnight colourway shooting off the shelves in minutes and you still don’t have a time anywhere near to that of Hypebeast brands.

The Rise of the Hypebeast

Now there are hundreds if not thousands of Hypebeast streetwear brands looking to becoming the next hit and it is becoming increasingly hard to distinguish the trends of what is streetwear, sportswear and menswear, but these brands are some of the curators and pushing the resurgence of streetwear alone. We’ve already covered Supreme but another founding big streetwear hype brand is Stussy, another original founded in the 1980s, which benefitted from the surfer, skater and hip hop areas of Orange County California. It was soon found alongside clothing from international designers, but now you’ll probably see it on the beaches of Zante and Napa from your classic British gym lad. Next is Palace Skateboards. You may not have heard of the brand, but you will recognise the Logo. A triangle with palace written on each side in a bold word font. A London brand which formed in 2009 and worn by Drake, Kanye, Jay-z, A$AP Rocky and kids and dads alike. Its hype can be found in every continent and shows the power of the Hypebeast. Bape recently released a collaboration with Adidas that completely sold out in 4 minutes and the resell value of a £120 of shoes reached £1,400. Kith, originally associated with sneakerheads feeds them with constant collaborations including Nike, and releases clothing every anniversary keeping exclusivity. Finally, an up and coming brand known as Anti-Social Social Club happened to use social media to skyrocket itself to the forefront of streetwear style in just 3 years alone.

The Rise of the Hypebeast

Ultimately, it’s the people that make a brand, you could be producing the best made clothes in the world, but if nobody’s buying it, the brand fails. A resurgence of the streetwear varieties allows it to fit every culture and outfit in society. The clothing carries a reputation and respect for the people who own the brand. The collaborations have thrusted the underground names into international markets on an immense scale, plus it’s something different – when was the last time you saw a hoody fully zip up to reveal a shark head?

Article by Menswear Style

The Gucci Sneaker Webstore Gets a Full Restock With Wild Additions

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If you found yourself unable to get to sleep last night due to the sheer panic of not knowing what to style your $3,300 Gucci hoodie with, then fear not, for the brand’s sneaker web store has just undergone a full restock.

Assuming you’re filthy rich and a fan of both animals and the generally outlandish, then every taste and look is accounted for. The popular Ace low top is available in a range of colorways with snake, bear, and bug embroidery, while tiger and Daffy Duck graphics are featured on high tops (seriously, it takes a special type of person to ball in Daffy Duck Gucci high tops.) There’s also a selection lifted from the recent collaboration with Gucci Ghost, who we hung out with last year.

Browse some highlights in our gallery, then shop by clicking the button above.

This custom “Flowerbomb” AF1 packs some definite Gucci vibes. Check it out here.

Stream Migos’ New Album ‘C U L T U R E’ Right Here

A whole lot has changed since Migos first announced their sophomore album C U L T U R E. But now, after weeks of hype and a singular shout out from Donald Glover, the record has arrived.

C U L T U R E of course features “Bad and Boujee,” the song which skyrocketed to the top of the charts after the aforementioned Glover love, but a few other familiar faces like 2 Chainz and DJ Khaled are scattered across the 13 tracks. Give it a listen below via Spotify.

Watch the music video for “Bad and Boujee” below.

In other music news, Missy Elliott has surprise dropped a new single and video titled “I’m Better.” Watch it right here.