kientruc o remodels traditional 70 year old vietnamese villa using spatial voids

confronted with the constant chaos of the city, the kientruc o-designed house juxtaposes against its urban context by introverting itself through spatial subtraction, creating a void that denotes its noisy context.

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Airbnb sex and a girl falling in love with a peacock: Lea Heinrich’s latest illustrations


Sex in an Airbnb, a girl falling in love with a peacock, plus a piece identifying the so-called beauty premium and society’s nuanced understanding of ugliness. These are the current themes of Germany-based illustrator Lea Heinrich’s latest work, and each piece is as thematically relevant and entertaining as the next. With a whimsical and romantic colour palette that goes hand-in-hand with dot drawing and charming characters, it’s clear that this artist’s style has positively matured since we last featured her.

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"Everyone should be a foreigner somewhere”: 11 creatives give their advice on working abroad


Whether you agree with artist and illustrator Jon Burgerman that “everyone should be a foreigner somewhere” or the idea that it might make you a more understanding human, the question of working abroad is likely to arise for many of us at some point. Be it a tactical professional move, a familial one, or a craving for sand and sea. Over the past two weeks, Lecture in Progress dedicated its content to creatives who have left the UK to work in distant lands. From Sydney to Singapore, Barcelona to Berkeley, they recounted tales of how and why they uprooted, and their tips for others considering the same. Here we share a selection of experiences, and you can read the full articles over at Lecture in Progress.

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The Safest Building In New York

And it only cost $880 million.

During an emergency, it’s imperative that 911 dispatchers swiftly answer calls. So when New York City’s emergency command center in one of the World Trade Center buildings collapsed as a result of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, lawmakers assessed how they could make the system more resilient in the face of disaster. Enter the Public Safety Answering Center II, the city’s newest emergency call center and what’s perhaps the strongest and safest building in all five New York City boroughs.

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NikeLab Rethinks the T-Shirt With New Advanced Apparel Exploration Collection

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As part of a new NikeLab collection titled, Nike Advanced Apparel Exploration (A.A.E.) 1.0 — the Swoosh delves into modernizing the basic T-shirt while retaining its basic and timeless foundation.

The NikeLab A.A.E. 1.0 T-shirt is defined by its computational design, which merges a series of body maps and form a motion-led knit pattern, fundamentally shifting the traditional process used to make a typical T-shirt.

“It takes us to a completely different place,” says Kurt Parker, Nike’s VP of Apparel Design. “Instead of having to cut and sew multiple materials, we could just program the knitting machine to do it all at one moment, using one material instead of many.”

Studying how the body reacts, specifically in modern urban environments, Nike scientists were able to investigate the massive temperature and humidity fluctuations that occur in these various places, and this examination provided additional digital body maps, including a cling map, airflow map, sweat map and heat map.

Joined alongside apparel designers, Nike Flyknit engineers and computational designers — all motion and temperature maps were then merged to create a singular, complex data set that transformed into a visual language, which were then translated by the company’s cutting-edge knitting machines, that produced an algorithm output of a single-layer, seamless knit that delivered ventilation where needed and coverage where desired.

From there, the designers tweaked the machine’s language to originate a final knit structure that was tested in an environmental simulator. Overall, this reconceptualization aims to enhance a traditional T-shirt’s limitations such as holding a bunch of sweat, and how the fabric reacts when the body is in motion.

The NikeLab Nike A.A.E. 1.0 collection will be launching Thursday, September 14, 2017 at NikeLab and select retailers.

In other Swoosh news, Nike kicks off the NFL Season with ‘Who You With?’ campaign.

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