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Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker

job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 7 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker


A cat sanctuary on the tiny Greek island of Syros (population 21,507) has been inundated with applications after posting a caretaker position on their Facebook page.

The sanctuary is home to 55 cats and is seeking a ‘mature and genuinely passionate cat lover’ to live on the sanctuary and care for the felines. The position is paid with free accommodation and they are hoping to find a long term caretaker with a minimum commitment of 6 months including 1 month of volunteering/training.

Check out the full job description below:


job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 11 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker


job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 8 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker


PAID JOB OFFER WITH CATS! (this is genuine and NOT a joke – friends, please feel free to verify!). A very special position and living circumstance on offer on a little Greek island called Syros (a small paradise no less!) for a mature and genuinely passionate cat lover who knows how to handle many cats and would love their company!! I am looking for someone who can take over the daily running of my Greek cat sanctuary in my absence. You will have 55 cats in your care and need to be able to overview them all + feed and medicate (big added bonus if you’re trained vet. nurse!). As part of the job you’ll have a fully paid (incl. water & electricity) semidetached modern tiny house with it’s own garden (direct view to the Aegean Sea!) plus a salary. The daily hours is that of a part time job (approx. 4 hours) and the salary reflects the fact that you get the house for free (with everything paid). All expenses for the cats will of course be paid incl. all veterinary care. You will be expected to take the cat to the vet in case of illness and therefore will need to be able to drive a manual car. We are located in a secluded nature preserved area which is very tranquil and quiet in winter time but busy during the summer. You’ll no doubt thrive best if you are the type of person who appreciates nature and likes tranquility – and rest comfortably in your own company. That said, you’ll never feel lonely in the company of the cats and you’ll be expected to live with a small handful of cats in your house. From experience the job is most suitable for someone 45+ years of age, who’s responsible, reliable, honest, practically inclined – and really, with a heart of gold! Apart from feeding the cats the cats will also need heaps of love and attention. You will at times be expected to trap or handle a feral or non-sociable cat, so knowing something about a cats psychology too is important + cat-whispering skills should come natural to you. The job is long term but a minimum of 6 months is required with a 1 month intro at the beginning of October (you will be volunteering for the first 2-4 weeks but with free accommodation). The paid job starts on November 1st 2018. To get an accurate idea of the salary, please follow this link to see an average Greek salary and keep in mind this is a part time job WITH house, water & electricity included for free! Please send your application with a photo and relevant information to [email protected] We will look through all the applications and do Skype calls with the most suitable candidates at the end of August. PLEASE SHARE THIS POST FAR AND WIDE!! P.s. Please don’t send concerned messages. All is well and more will be revealed at some later point! ❤


job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 2 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker


job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 9 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker


job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 1 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker


job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 10 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker


job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 6 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker


job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 5 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker


job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 3 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker


job post goes viral as cat sanctuary on greek island seeks caretaker 4 Job Post Goes Viral As Cat Sanctuary on Greek Island Seeks Caretaker




Trenda Font Family (8 Weights) – only $17!Based on the uppercase…

Trenda Font Family (8 Weights) – only $17!

Trenda Font Family (8 Weights) – only $17!

Trenda Font Family (8 Weights) – only $17!

Trenda Font Family (8 Weights) – only $17!

Based on the uppercase of the popular typeface Trend, from 2013, Trenda is a geometric sans-serif typeface that sports a wider character set and complete family of uppercase and lowercase letters available in different weights. This versatile and easy-to-use functional font is perfect for both display and text sizes.

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The Growing Green Market

As we walk down the aisles of our supermarkets, the plethora of products on offer is grander than ever before. No longer are we limited to milk, butter, eggs and bread but we find ourselves scanning across various types of milks; from almond to hazelnut, butters made from coconut oils and egg replacements steeped from flax seeds. The most evident fact about these products being that they are in fact not milks, butters nor eggs – they are all dairy free alternatives, appeasing a market that has boomed in the past few years. Veganism. The abstinence from using any animal products, also known as veganism, promotes the use of solely plant-based produce. This opened a huge market for dairy and meat free products that we now see flooding the shelves. As a bunch of branding brains we found ourselves looking at the ways in which these new products present themselves, how is this niche making a stand in a world lead by meat and dairy?

As a niche market, vegan produce has always had to make strong attempts to stand out and differentiate itself from the common market. Always featuring in the ‘Free from’ sections of supermarkets, this category has predominantly competed in its own realm, but with exponential growth comes the increasing need to compete with a greater number of brands. Where we initially saw design being limited to heavily vegetal and green imagery, exemplifying the nature of the plant-based products, we can now see movement into a mainstream direction. Dairy free products have always been overgrown with leaf motifs and references to their plant origins. Market leaders Alpro adorn all their packaging with a combination of their large navy logo, a flurry of leaves and a large image of the product’s main ingredient taking centre stage.

This simple design ticks all the boxes of what vegan products USED to look like – a recognisable brand that consumers know is vegan approved signified by a large logo, a series of leaves or green plants to signify naturalness and a main image of the primary ingredient signifying the lack of dairy and meat. However, as a market grows and seeps into mainstream culture, the need to fit to a niche becomes less necessary. Plant-based products aren’t just for the vegan consumers but for anyone that might be health conscious (it’s an extremely popular diet choice) or even just those who desire a greater variety in their diets. So with this in mind, these brands aren’t just trying to be noticeable to vegan customers, but desirable to the masses. When it comes to design, this opens up every door imaginable – you are just as limited as any other product on the market, able to keep up with general trends in packaging or able to establish a concrete sense of brand identity that exists without the restrictive ‘vegan aesthetic’. 

So, we find ourselves asking the question – how successful are these various brands at not only mastering their own market but breaking the mainstream too?


Being such a fast growing category, there are hundreds of brands that are hitting our supermarkets. Attempting to steer away from the typical nature-centric image, multiple brands abide by current trends in packaging, making them not only appealing to the expected vegan consumer but also those merely drawn in by the aesthetic. Swedish based company Oatly make a range of oat-based drinks. Much like the rest of Scandinavian design, this packaging speaks simplicity and modernity. The block colouring  and huge type makes for a instantly noticeable product that will shout from the shelves. Compared to predominantly white cartons and packs of milk on supermarket shelves, eyes would be instantly drawn to these pastel palettes.

Drinks and cereals brand Rude Health takes this even further, with vibrant designs, their range features bright colours and playful digital drawings that distinguish the different products. On the shelf they stand head and shoulders above the rest – there’s no missing these cartons as you walk past – you’re enticed to discover what more. Both of these brands have no reservations in going full steam ahead, practically skipping the idea of focusing on vegan branding (not a leaf in sight!) instead exploiting style trends. And what a job they’ve done; both brands have made a name for themselves as brilliant milk alternatives, driven by their edgy and up-to-date brand concepts that make them visually appealing and highly popular in a consumer society so driven by aesthetic. 

As mentioned before, in a market growing so rapidly, the need to appeal to a wider audience becomes very apparent. Although the number of vegans in the UK alone has increased by a whopping 350% in the last decade, the number of products now being made can’t be targeted solely towards a demographic that is minuscule compared to dairy and meat consumers. So how do you get non-specialist consumers on board with what is essentially a specialist product? It’s pretty simple really, don’t mention the word ‘vegan’. We can see hundreds of brands moving towards using terms such as ‘plant-based’ or ‘dairy and meat free’, softer terms that feel less labelling than the concrete ‘vegan’. Categorising something as vegan can often restrict the audience, as our behaviour as consumers reacts to categories and labels very instinctively. If we do not consider ourselves part of the targeted demographic we will likely move straight past the product without thinking twice about it being for us. Take hair washing products as a great example, compared to many other shampoos a product that claims “Kids Haircare Shampoo” on the label may bare absolutely zero differences to other shampoos on the market ingredient-wise, but the categorisation of ‘kids’ results in a practically involuntary decision that the product is clearly not for someone that isn’t a child. The same works with the vegan market. Being vegan is seen as a status and identifier. If one doesn’t comply with being a vegan they are unlikely to subscribe to purchasing products that claim to be vegan or for vegans. Call it ‘plant-based’ however, and you open the category up to anyone and everyone that consumes plants… which is  a pretty huge target market! 

The vegan market is slowly but surely making a real place for themselves amongst the masses. We’ve been able to see on-trend and stylish packaging, inclusive language use and a variety of products that challenges that of jelly-bean flavours! What we really want to know now, is how is this momentum going to be harnessed and continued? What more can the plant-based brands of today and tomorrow do to make a stand for their name? To what extent will they keep separate from or merge with the mainstream?  Or have they already got their foot far enough in the door to coexist and co-compete with the dairy and meat world. It is thoroughly exciting to watch a booming market fill our shelves with shiny new packets and scrumptious treats to look at, and we are sure there’ll be plenty more ‘sprouting’ up in the near future. 

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Hair Loss: The Facts

If you’re someone that is afraid of losing their hair, then you’re not alone. Hair loss is incredibly real, but it’s also something that so many of us fear. According to the infographic below, you will often see that men can fear this so much, they even fear it more than they fear losing their job! And that’s not really that surprising, because hair loss can really affect your self-esteem. However, it is very normal, and here are the facts on that.

Who It Affects

So, as we have established, hair loss does affect a lot of people – and this may surprise you. The figures for this can be found below, but hair loss does actually affect women over 25 and men over 30, as well as men in their seventies.

The Causes

Now onto the causes, which many of you may care about the most. Sometimes, it can come down to genetics, but it can also be down to hormonal changes. However, stress, low-iron, and even some illnesses can also be the root cause for why people are losing their hair.

Quick Facts

And finally, it may interest you to know that when you are losing hair, you can lose between 50 and 100 strands of hair per day! And that can be why it tends to start happening to rapidly when you start to notice it!

Take a look at the infographic below all about this topic if you want more detailed information.

Infographic Design By Farjo Hair Institute

How Your Health Could Be Effecting Your Personality

Our health is incredibly important when it comes to being happy and living the best life we can. We go through stages in our lives when health is crucial to us, and others where we don’t care as much about what we are eating and how much we are exercising. However, there are other health issues which can also affect the way we feel, and the way we act in our daily lives. Here are some of the personality traits you might start to notice in yourself if you have health issues.

You feel more negative

There might come a day when you wake up and you just don’t feel anything. Rather than being excited and happy to be with your family or to go and see your work friends, you might just feel…off. If you start feeling negative and a little bit down each and every day without reason, this could be a sign that you have some health issues deep down.

You no longer enjoy the same hobbies

One of the issues we often face with our health and the way we feel is that the hobbies we used to love no longer seem to appeal to us. It could be that you spent each night painting or learning a musical instrument, and now, you just can’t be bothered with it all. It is one of those things which makes us feel a little empty inside and we can feel as if we are just living our days out doing nothing. If you start feeling as if your favourite things no longer appeal, you need to think about changing your habits into healthier ones.

You don’t practice self care

When was the last time you took the night off for yourself and spent some time pampering yourself? Do you even remember? One of the things we do in everyday life which makes us feel good and confident is self care. We wash our bodies and out makeup on in the morning, do our hair to make us feel good about ourselves. We have a pamper session and look after our skin with masks and cleansers… but what happens when you no longer do this? When you no longer take time to care for your body and your skin, you will feel less confident. This loss in confidence makes it harder for us to cope, and this can in turn make us feel worse about ourselves. If you notice that you are no longer caring about your appearance there could be something deeper going on.

You feel anxious

Anxiety is the bane of many people’s lives. It is a niggling feeling which makes us doubt out every move and it can make use feel as if we are constantly being judged for our actions. Anxiety Is a stress related illness and can often be part of a deeper web of symptoms. If you have never suffered anxiety in your life and it suddenly comes upon you, you will want to go to your doctors and talk to them about ways that they can help you with it all.

You have signs of depression

When you feel sick you can start to release negative hormones throughout your body. The bad thing about this is the fact that it can cause you to feel depressed and worried about every little thing. You might notice a difference in your energy levels, your passions and your ability to think positively about anything in your life. Think about getting some advice and talking to someone about your issues, and getting some rest for a day or two because it could be partially down to an illness such as a cold or flu.

You’re always tired

When you have health issues, whether it be a common cold, a chronic illness like IBS or even something like vasectomy recovery, you will feel incredibly tired. The important thing to remember when you are feeling ill is to rest and give your body the chance it needs to recover and to get back on track. It will be hard at first but you will feel so much better after a few days and you will be able to get back to being your own happy self once more.

Your body is changing

When we are ill or we have a medical condition that we haven’t yet discovered, it can have a big effect on our body as a whole. For example, a health issue such as diabetes can change your body by making you lose weight, need the toilet more frequently and it can cause tingling in your nerves. You might start to notice random changes in your appearance and your body which you cannot explain. It is a good idea to write a list of the things you have been experiencing and you can then go to the doctors and give them the list. This will help them to identify what it could be.

Your head feels foggy

When you are suffering with an illness, whether it be mental or physical, you might start to feel as if a fog is clouding your mind and your vision. This is often caused by pressure in your head which indicates a lot of health issues which you can go to the doctors and talk about. Before you do visit the doctors make sure that you try drinking a litre of water, and if you don’t feel better after an hour, you can rule out dehydration as the cause.

You have no appetite

Are you normally a good lover? Sometimes when we feel down in the dumpsor our bodies are suffering, we can lose our appetite all together. Sometimes this could be down to lack of water or too much activity, however if it carried on for a few days you might want to see if there is anything wrong with you. It might be that you have a stomach bug or some digestion issues which can be resolved by the doctor.

Everything AND the Kitchen Sink

The kitchen is not only evolving but it’s shifting in its significance in our homes. No longer an out of the way space for one person, it has successfully moved to the foreground, and is now its centre-piece.

Alongside this change in significance, the kitchen is also changing its function. No longer just the place where food is prepared and cooked, it’s become a meeting place for the family, a place to engage with children, to entertain friends, and to communicate social status. For many of us, it’s a creative space, where we can express ourselves in cooking and preparing food and drink. As such, it’s a space in our homes that we are increasingly prepared to invest in financially.


But what else is driving this change?


Overall, we are more and more interested in food per se. It’s no surprise therefore to see shows like Bake-Off and Britain’s Best Home Cook pulling in the ratings.

The food we eat and prepare in our kitchens is changing. Our palates are increasingly global, and we increasingly crave variety and discover. As we travel more, and eat out more both in traditional dining and street environments, we are experiencing foods from every corner of the globe, and many of us will try to replicate these dishes at home for ourselves, either cooking from scratch or using fresh kits, and other convenience options.

We are becoming more and more concerned with what’s in the food we eat particularly in processed and prepared food, particularly as allergies and intolerances seem to become more common.

But concerns are also growing about the integrity of the ingredients used, in addition to the unwanted inclusion of preservatives and other inclusions – the so called Clean Living trend. This too is encouraging people to cook for themselves – to control their diets in terms of both the quality and integrity of what they eat, its calorie count, and its fat and salt levels.

The world mocked Delia Smith back in the day when she showed Britain how to boil an egg. But alongside this growing interest in food from all perspectives, there is an ever-diminishing skill-base in terms of cooking know-how, and a growing desire for instant, effortless results. We want it all on a plate, to coin a phrase.

So increasingly we are look to appliances and gadgets to help us. We expect them to be intuitive to use and allow us the capacity to flex and improvise. They have to be capable of helping those of us who haven’t a clue how to get the results we are seeking, but at the same time work sympathetically alongside the more experienced knowledgeable cook who knows what they are doing.

And, on top of this, today’s appliances must have the right level of aesthetic appeal. Appliances no longer just tools – they are personal accessories – accessories that we judge beyond mere function – accessories that need to earn their place in our kitchens. We’ve seen research amongst creative cooks, telling us that they would much rather invest in tools, gadgets, and appliances for their kitchen, than in personal possessions.

If you accept that the kitchen is as much a social space as a food prep zone, then it’s clear that styling of products that might be left out on the counter top become ultra-important. Increasingly we will make our choices ‘because we are worth it’, no longer solely basing our judgements on function and performance.

Coming at this purely from the perspective of interior design trends, kitchens are becoming more colourful, with statement tiles, isles, and display elements in islands, and on shelving. Bars and islands also increase feelings of informality. So, within this context, what can we expect to see in the way of appliances and gadgets, both in innovation and design aesthetics?

A key trend will be found in the fact that consumers now expect products of every type to be technologically enabled. In turn, this means that product design in itself doesn’t need to signal the presence of technology, and so can focus much more on expressing its differentiation.

Compact design could become more significant, partly because kitchen spaces in some parts of the world are small, but also because we are accumulating more and more stuff that needs to be conveniently stored.

In recent years, many domestic appliances have followed consumer electronics more generally in shifting away from a traditionally cold and hard-tech aesthetic.

Just like our kitchens, we expect our domestic appliances to reflect fashions in interior design, in homewares and other consumer durables, so that they that integrate more seamlessly into our daily lives. We want our kitchens to feel comfortable and welcoming as well as connected and so the products we put in them need to follow suit.

Warmer colours, matte finishes, soft surfaces instead of hard edges and even textile materials are all likely developments, to ensure products feel warm and calm, as well as being well-made and clever.  They need to reassure us that the complex is, in fact, simple. This is particularly true as kitchen appliances become more and more robotized, for example the new generation of smart cooking food processors that are hitting the market.

Intuitive interfaces will also be vital. Appliances need to be easy to use and care for, but also function as pieces of precision equipment – getting it right first time, every time, irrespective of our ability to programme them correctly. If a product looks intimidating or complex, it will surely be rejected.

On the contrary, appliances will need to account for our human inadequacies. Gone are the days when you wonder if the oven is on the right temperature, or if the fridge door is open, or if the dishwasher has finished – your smart-phone – the remote control for your life will keep you posted.


Here’s just a few of our favourite appliances and other kitchen gadgets for all you fans of cooking, eating, and design.


The GE Sous Vide. Sous vide, a restaurant cooking method that can be tough for home chefs to pull off, involves slow-cooking via temperature-controlled water bath, which results in tender texture and intense flavours.

The iRobot Braava Jet Mopping Robot – which keeps your hard floors sparkling clean.

The Simple Human voice activated bin, which opens at your command.

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator really does it all. This smart refrigerator is aptly named, as it is truly a “hub” for your kitchen. From the touch screen on the front of the unit, you can perform a wide number of functions including planning meals, coordinating family schedules, and entertaining the whole family. You’re also able to sync it up to your smartphone see the inside of your refrigerator from anywhere.

The Kenwood Cooking Chef – which does everything that a multi-function stand mixer can but on top of that, it cooks! You can choose from 20 pre-set programmes, with temperature control from 20°C right up to 180°C

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