Kim Jones Talks Dior & His Relationship With Alexander McQueen in Extensive Interview

Kim Jones has been exhaustingly busy these days it seems. In addition to taking part in RIMOWA’s new global campaign, as well as curating A Magazine Curated By’s latest issue alongside Dior, the English fashion designer recently got together with SHOWstudio to take part in their “In Fashion” series. During the interview Jones discussed working at Dior, being the “king of collaborations,” his relationship with the late Alexander McQueen, and much more.

Now the Artistic Director for Dior Men’s, the nearly hour-long conversation finds Jones delving into his creative process when designing a new collection. He touches on his attempt to reinvent Dior’s oblique pattern on modern silhouettes, while also speaking on inspirations for his line. The 39-year-old designer then dives into his affinity for Japanese culture, his celebrated record collection, and frequent collaborators.

Press play above to gain more insight into the man behind Dior Men’s.

Inside the secret laboratory where Marriott is cooking up the hotel of the future

The hotel giant, which faces stiff competition from Hilton and Airbnb, uses the lab to get insights into the smallest details–from the shape of wall sconces to the location of electrical outlets.

As anyone who’s pulled off the interstate late at night knows, hotels like Marriott, Residence Inn, Sheraton, and Aloft are frequently neighbors, lined up side by side on the outskirts of town. It’s less usual to see them side by side in a basement in Bethesda, Maryland, though. Yet two stories below Marriott International’s sprawling headquarters, they do just that.

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