On behalf of TDB, I stand in solidarity with the fight against…

On behalf of TDB, I stand in solidarity with the fight against injustice, systemic racism, police brutality, white supremacy and the oppression of the Black community. Black Lives Matter.

As a white immigrant who came to the US three years ago from a country that’s predominantly white, I acknowledge my privilege. I have A LOT of work to do. A lot of learning and unlearning. Posting a hashtag and reposting the photos is not enough. Being non-racist is not enough. We must be anti-racist every single day. We must educate ourselves. We must listen, speak out, donate and we must get involved. It’s not supposed to be comfortable and it’s the only way we can make a change.

And to all the people outside of the US saying this is just an “American” problem. It is not. Racism is everywhere and we all need to get to work. We all need to be better, we all need to listen and we all need to learn.

I will continue donating to the organizations that are fighting against injustice and racism and I encourage you to join me. Here are some organizations I’m supporting and will continue to support: @blklivesmatter, @antipoliceterrorproject, @blackvisionscollective, @eji_org, @nationalbailout, @colorofchange, @reclaimtheblock, @naacp_ldf.

I will also commit to using my TDB platform to uplift and share more Black voices, creatives, designers, and brands.

If you can join the protests – do it. If you’re not able to do so, search for ways to get involved, sign petitions, make a call, write, learn, promote the Black creators and activists, donate & share the resources. Take actions.

You can visit this link: blacklivesmatters.carrd.co (made by @dehyedration) to find a lot of great resources on where to start, but please keep researching on your own too. Support the Black businesses, artists, designers, writers, creators.

Lastly, to my fellow queer followers, Happy Pride Month. Let’s not forget that it was the Black trans women and the riots against the police brutality that got us to where we are today.