What on Earth Is Going on With This Year’s Australian Open Fits?

Those of us working from home to the comforting background grunts of 2021’s Australian Open have been treated to plenty of decent tennis this week (Kyrgios taking out Humbert in five sets, what a match!) Play aside, there’s also been the usual onslaught of off-the-wall sportswear to chew over. Yohji Yamamoto stans and those who subscribe to an all-black wardrobe, look away now.

Dubbed “The Happy Slam,” Melbourne is a tournament where players don their brightest outfits in a nod to the country’s sunny season (who can forget Agassi’s “Pirate” bandana? Or more recently, when Italy’s Fabio Foggini looked as if he had just been served through a BAPE store?) There’s a boisterous-yet-amicable atmosphere in the Rod Laver Arena that filters down to the court —  like a football match with middle-income families in place of lads doing bumps in the toilet. Sartorially speaking, I’ve always thought that if Wimbledon is the sport’s answer to Bruce Boyer — traditional, classy, timeless — then the Open is the irreverent line-rat decked to the nines in retina blinding streetwear.


One of the major talking points at this year’s edition has come courtesy of Germany’s bright hope Alexander Zverev, who made headlines (seriously) when he stepped out in a sleeveless adidas shirt. As one of tennis’s most stylish stars (you may recall he wore head-to-toe adidas by Pharrell at the US Open) it’s hard to rip on Sascha too hard, but man, what he was thinking?! Pulling no punches, broadcaster Catherine Whitaker noted that unless you have “Nadal-type biceps” — i.e., front row seats to the gun show — then it’s probably best to play things safe with a T-shirt  (Zverev once even said it himself). Outside Rafa, perhaps only Argentine Juan Martín del Potro has successfully nailed the muscle shirt, and that’s because he’s a proverbial man-mountain with arms the size of my thighs. I mean, how ridiculous did Grigor Dimitrov look a few years back? Someone get this man a protein shake.

Another shocker of a fit was delivered by world number one Novak Djokovic, whose gear supplier Lacoste has seemingly attempted to transform him into an actual human crocodile. Since joining the French company in 2017, the duo has barely missed a beat, delivering kits that hit the sweet spot between fun and classy — we all remember this work of art. Here, though? It’s way too green.  Other meh moments include Dominic Thiem’s adidas x Parley kit — an admirable concept, but features the most on-the-nose design idea ever — and the aforementioned Nadal’s bland orange tee (no more sleeves, please!)

It’s not all doom and gloom, however. Before crashing out in the first round, a struggling-for-fitness Kei Nishikori looked damn smart in a slick black and red getup by Uniqlo (which, since stepping into the tennis game, has consistently killed it — haste ye back, King Rodger). To give the Three Stripes some credit, Stefanos Tsitsipas — a ridiculously handsome man possibly carved from hallowed Greek marble — also got it right; his duds looked almost YEEZY-esque.

My absolute favorite doesn’t come from the men’s game, but the women’s and Serena Williams. Never one to disappoint, this year the GOAT opted for a one-legged catsuit in a tribute to late American athlete Florence Griffith Joyner. Known for her striking looks, Flo-Jo passed away at the tragically young age of 38, but not before leaving an indelible mark on a young Williams. “Watching her fashion, just always changing. Her outfits were always amazing,” said the legend. “The Nike team actually thought of this design of inspiration from Flo-Jo. I was like, ‘Oh, my God, this is so brilliant.’” What a reference; what a look.

What’s Bigger, Arnie, His Bike, Or His Drip?

Who: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Where: Various LA locations

Editor’s notes: The internet can be a bleak place to live but if there’s been one consistent ray of sunshine amid the dark daily doomscroll it’s all the pictures that the paps keep taking of Arnold Schwarzenegger and his bike.

As you would expect, Arnie’s ride is an absolute unit. It’s a custom Matchless Urban E-Bike — a powerful offroad electric bike with fat tires and oversized brakes — and rumored to cost around $5,500. Of course, that price is pocket change to a former Terminator that’s worth approximately $400 million, yet it was clearly a solid investment considering how often he’s snapped cruising about on it.

It’s not just the bike that’s massive either, so is his fit game. Over the last year, the 73-year-old has pulled together some fantastic looks while cycling around LA. The first image in the gallery below is obviously the winner — it’s a colorful short-sleeved shirt that is completely covered in vintage pictures of himself.

He also has a hoody with a picture of himself on the front (last slide) which is not as good as the shirt but is still a mood we can appreciate. It’s also important to note that it includes a stay-at-home pandemic instruction (ironic as he’s outside, but he’s solo and exercising so we’ll let it slide) and it features two of his pets: his donkey Lulu, and his pony, Cherry.

Take a look for yourself below (and if you didn’t know he has a pet donkey, this is the video for you).

Justin Bieber’s $330K Custom Rolls-Royce Does Not Look Real

Justin and Hailey Bieber probably aren’t the first celebs that come to mind when thinking about who would be most likely to own a Rolls-Royce custom that looks like the final boss of corporate cars, but here we are.

According to TMZ, the $330,000 beast you see above is a 2018 Rolls-Royce Wraith that the guys over at West Coast Customs gave a little makeover. In a series of posts uploaded to WCC’s Instagram account, it’s revealed that this particular custom was inspired by the 103EX Vision 100 concept car and, as it sounds like there were no plans to bring the custom to life, they decided to do it themselves.

The concept outlined a 19.4 feet long, two-seater whip with a panoramic sunroof, half-concealed wheels, and huge grille. The IRL version has full-concealed wheels, which one would imagine is a nightmare when dealing with speed bumps or turning a corner, but perhaps these are small prices to pay for owning a car that looks like the Tesla Cybertruck’s posh banker uncle.

Anyway, regardless of how much the internet is currently chatting about Bieber’s new ride, it’s not the wildest car he’s ever owned — in fact, in comparison to some vehicles he’s driven in the past, this one is pretty low-key. Remember his Christmas-wrapped Mercedes G65 AMG, for example?

Or the leopard print Audi R8 (also by West Coast Customs)?


A Tribute to Goddess Bunny, Hollywood’s Disabled Trans Art Star

The Goddess Bunny Sandie Crisp 1985

Sandie Crisp, born Johnnie Baima on 13 January 1960 but known by her stage name the Goddess Bunny, died of Covid-19 on 27 January 27 2021.

As a child, the Goddess Bunny developed polio which caused severe deformity to her body and forced her into disability. But she never thought of herself as anything other than a goddess. This is how she presented herself to the world.

I first met her at Limbo Lounge, which was held on Thursday nights at Four Star in West Hollywood, circahellip;

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Adam Curtis on Our Troubled Times, TikTok and Taking Back the Internet

Can’t Get You Out Of My Head: An Emotional History of the Mo

Adam Curtis’ new six-part marathon Can’t Get You Out Of My Head: An Emotional History of the Modern World opens in typically Curtis-ian style, with the 65-year-old softly spoken Brit announcing over footage of an eerily still, skyscraper-laden business district that “we are living through strange days”. His 2016 film Hypernormalization startshellip;

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