Diver Finds 900 Year Old Sword from The Crusades

diver finds sword from the crusades 2 Diver Finds 900 Year Old Sword from The Crusades


A 900 year old sword dating back to The Crusades has been found off the Carmel coast of Israel. Shlomi Katzin made the discovery while scuba diving in the Mediterranean. He was about 150 meters (500 ft) from shore and spotted the sword in the sand about 5 meters (16 ft) down.

Israel’s Antiquities Authority say the area provided shelter for ancient ships and is home to myriad archeological treasures, some dating as far back as 4,000 years, but that finding them can be elusive due to the constantly shifting sands.

The sword was made from iron and features a one-meter (3.3 ft) blade. It has since been encrusted with marine organisms since falling to the bottom of the sea.



diver finds sword from the crusades 3 Diver Finds 900 Year Old Sword from The Crusades


diver finds sword from the crusades 1 Diver Finds 900 Year Old Sword from The Crusades


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Americans 1-100 Years Old


ImagineVideoclips have come up with a simple but compelling project, travelling to various countries around the world and asking people between the age of 1-100 to say their age on camera.

This one of people born in the United States, was filmed in the spring of 2017 over the course of 10 days roaming the streets of New York City. 80% of the people are filmed in New York, 15% in New Jersey and 5% in Holland.

You can find other versions of this project from countries including: Senegal, France, Brazil, India, Germany, China, Morocco, and the Netherlands here.


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The Shirk Report – Volume 652



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