6 Summer Grooming Tips from Murdock London

6 Summer Grooming Tips from Murdock London

Just when you think you’ve finally nailed your winter grooming regime, the cold subsides and the forthcoming sun brings with it a host of entirely new – and somewhat sweaty – problems. From itchy and irritable beards to tight dry skin, summer is quick to prove it’s as much our foe as it is our friend. Fortunately for all sun-seekers, Murdock London’s new ‘Clean Label’ range has launched at just the right time. The team behind the leading London-based barbershop have spent the past 18 months curating their own line of products to seriously upgrade men’s grooming. Containing everything a man needs, and nothing he doesn’t, the new range is chock-full of the best ingredients to help style, and also treat your hair, beard, face, body and even scent. Ben Vowles, Senior Barber at Murdock London gives us his six top tips for every man to adhere by this summer…

6 Summer Grooming Tips from Murdock London

Protect your skin from air conditioning

Moisturiser is important this time of year to replenish dry skin caused by aircon and the summer heat. The Murdock face moisturiser is great as it has hyaluronic acid which super hydrates the skin.

6 Summer Grooming Tips from Murdock London

Remember what you put in your hair will go on your skin

Summertime usually means a shorter style and more sweat, so we need products with a good hold and texture but also soft on the skin just in case the heat does get to us and the products get on our skin. Murdock London’s entire range is now clean label and free of any nasties such as parabens and sulphites. And the Matt mud is great for short textured styles.  

Always use a hot towel

Even when it’s hot it’s still important to use a hot towel before shaving to help prep the skin and soften the stubble. A pre-shave oil will help the whole preparation process and reduce sensitivity. The Murdock pre-shave oil contains almond oil which does exactly that ensuring a smooth comfortable shave.

6 Summer Grooming Tips from Murdock London

Use a summer fragrance

Summer can feel humid and the air can feel almost heavy. Use a fresh fragrance to cut through the stickiness and keep you feeling fresh. The Murdock Avalon cologne is great as it has citrus notes of orange, Sicilian bergamot and calabrian lemon, perfect for long warm evenings.  

A casual hairstyle

During the summer it’s nice to have a more casual look with your hair. Sea salt sprays are great to create a loose, beachy look. The Murdock sea salt spray is a brilliant product to use to achieve this look; with natural sea salt it creates volume and texture with a matte finish.

6 Summer Grooming Tips from Murdock London

Sunshine lightens and dries out hair 

This looks great but can sometimes feel the opposite, so it’s important to use a shampoo and conditioner combo that will replenish the strength and moisture of the hair. The Murdock quince and oakmoss shampoo and conditioner combo is fantastic as it’s packed with wheat proteins and essential oils such as olive, sunflower and orange.

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