Big Bags Are Back, Baby!

Gone are the days of tiny bags, because now, we’re bringing all of our belonging with us every single day.

I won’t lie – I’ve loved a tiny bag. But obviously, they’re a lot cuter than they are convenient, so it was only a matter of time before we decided to prioritize size.

If you remember what red carpets used to look like back in the day, you’ll be familiar with the era when celebrities used to bring their big bags to events. Lord knows what they were bringing, but it sure made for some great photo moments.

Now, it is rare to see a celeb even use a bag at events, unless it’s something like Coperni‘s glass bag that Doja Cat wore to the Grammys, and even off-duty style rarely features a purse that fits more than a phone, wallet and some gum.

As someone who’s done a deep dive into Kim Kardashian‘s ever-changing style, there are plenty of gems of her sporting oversized bags (and oversized belts, too) on the red carpet. It really used to be a thing, and now it is slowly coming back as plenty of celebs and influencers have started opting for larger accessories.

They’re not quite hitting events with them yet, though, but only time will tell.

On the Fall/Winter 2022 runway, we saw plenty of big bags, but we’re already seeing plenty of celebs step out with big accessories.

Recently, Euphoria‘s Sydney Sweeney was spotted rocking a leather YSL tote bag that could literally fit a small child. Then, Miley Cyrus also sported the same bag.

Initially, I thought that maybe the huge tote was just a coincidence and that I just happened to see the same bag twice in a week, but then I spotted Chriselle Lim in a Chanel tote that was – you guessed it – oversized. The same tote has also been a focus point in Chanel’s recent campaigns, which usually means we’re about to see it everywhere.

We’ve seen huge quilted bags by Bottega Veneta grace the runway, and it is only a matter of time before they get spotted on the street. Time to place your bets on who will be the first to wear it.

There was also a huge Mowalola bag that debuted for SS22, that we’re expecting to see more of.

The big bag reckoning is coming, but its presence is subtle thus far. In a world where big trousers, big boots, and big sunglasses are already reigning supreme, it only makes sense that big bags would make their inevitable return.

We’re bringing laptops, a sweater for when it gets chilly, at least one pair of sunglasses, gum, toiletries, a charger, and all other necessities wherever we’re going.

There are plenty of bags on the market, and this season, we want the big ones.

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