Casio G-SHOCK’S Indestructible DW-5600 Just Got the Daily Paper Treatment

Originally released in 1983, the G-SHOCK DW-5600 crushed all opponents in its wake and became one of the watches to own during the ’90s. It takes the digital and minimal basis of the classic CASIO F-91w and gives it the shock-resistant, hammer-resistant, and cement-roller resistant treatment G-SHOCK designer Kikuo Ibe is famous for. The epitome of tough, the DW-5600 is finally meeting its match by collaborating with Daily Paper who has stamped its own presence on the watch and accompanying campaign.

No Frills, No Gimmicks should be the tagline for this product. It just goes hard. The Daily Paper logo looks suitably at home alongside G-SHOCK’s own and the all-black face, strap, and chunky look is retro, classic, futuristic, sleek, and impactful all at the same time.

The DW-5600 is full of all the shock, water, scratch-resistant features you need, and the watch strap and face features a Daily Paper monogram print shield logo watermark etched into the back of the case. On the release, G-Shock says, “We from G-SHOCK are excited to announce our very first partnership with Daily Paper.
The collaboration celebrates our shared love for music, art, fashion, and street culture, with strong roots going back to the ’90s. Our united passion for creativity has led us to design an outstanding collective piece that shares inspiration from the heritage and brand DNA of both G-SHOCK and Daily Paper.”

To accompany the release Daily Paper has given the associated marketing visuals a full ’90s makeover, with the campaign reinterpreting classic Casio ads in true Daily Paper fashion. You can buy the G-SHOCK x Daily Paper DW-5600 here.

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