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Ian Spalter steps down as Instagram’s head of design

He will be replaced by Facebook head of design Luke Woods.

Instagram’s Ian Spalter has stepped away from his position as the company’s head of design. Spalter shaped the look and feel of one of the world’s most influential social media platforms and oversaw its design team at a time of tremendous growth. Luke Woods, head of design at Facebook, which bought Instagram in 2012, will take over his role. Spalter is moving to Japan to lead Instagram’s new office there.

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A rural fishing village in Japan attempts to overcome its ageing population


On the south-east coast of Japan lies the Haida-Cho, overlooking Japan’s largest peninsula known as the Kii Peninsula. Blessed with bountiful seas, the district’s economy and communities revolve around the fishing industry where locals use a uniquely Japanese method of catching fish using a fixed net. Unfortunately there is no English translation for this authentic mode of fishing, but for residents of the Haida-Cho district, this is the least of their problems as the number of working people in the village has decreased by more than 50%, a problem experienced nationwide amongst the rural Japanese landscapes.

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Branding & Website for Mikasa by ONNOMikasa is a young…

Branding & Website for Mikasa by ONNO

Branding & Website for Mikasa by ONNO

Branding & Website for Mikasa by ONNO

Branding & Website for Mikasa by ONNO

Branding & Website for Mikasa by ONNO

Branding & Website for Mikasa by ONNO

Mikasa is a young company that needed a strong identity to position themselves as a team that’s serious about their business — offering reliable services with high attention to details, creative and fun ideas for the homeowners and great care for both homes and clients they work with.

The logo was inspired by three main structures that were directly connected to their business and name: shape of the house; apartment buildings and letter M. Combining those objects and their shared forms, the final mark became a simple shape with a hidden, but the smart twist on the brand’s name and the pun behind it.

ONNO is a graphic and interaction design studio founded by Ena Bacanovic. Ena works across a diverse range of platforms and disciplines, always crafting simple, thoughtful and user-driven experiences and solutions for both screen and print.

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