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The new frontier for ultra-wealthy tourists? Underwater hotels and restaurants

“It’s like riding in a first-class cabin on Emirates airline,” says the interior architect behind one $50,000-per-night hotel suite beneath the Indian Ocean.

Along the rocky southern coast of Norway, 16 feet below sea level is just deep enough to touch the white sandy sea floor. At that point, the choppy water clears and you can view the fauna and fish that make up Norwegian aquatic life.

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The Feminist Library’s new visual identity is inspired by its archive of protest banners


The Feminist Library in south-east London is a large archive collection of feminist literature, particularly Women’s Liberation Movement materials dating from the late 1960s to the 1990s. Established in 1975, it has been a hub for research, activist and community projects in this field for decades, also acting as a feminist, trans-inclusive, intersectional, non-sectarian community space for those who need it.

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Bath School of Art alumni collaborate on a 90 metre-long mural delving into the university’s archive


While most building site hoardings are covered with ugly adverts, or at a stretch, a fun-coloured lick of paint, Bath School of Art and Design had other ideas in mind. The university is relocating its main campus to a former Herman Miller factory, and while the grade II listed building undergoes renovations to transform it into a new studio space flush with creative facilities, the art school put out an open call to students and alumni to creatively cover the building site’s hoardings. The project resulted in a collaborative public art project titled Locksbrook, led by Carl Godfrey, calling on the art school’s alumni and students to delve through the university’s archives to plaster the 90 metre-long hoardings.

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Just Lookin’: Aysen Gerlach’s publication explores queer aesthetics in mainstream media


Aysen Gerlach is a Brooklyn-based illustrator originally from New Jersey. She’s a libra, is currently working as a cheesemonger, is a bit of an aspiring baker and her favourite hobby is doing karaoke. Aysen is also the creator of Just Lookin’ a self-described “visual journal” she started to “explore queer aesthetics in mainstream media,” she tells us. It’s also our new favourite publication.

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Alexis Jamet’s animations are warm, nostalgic and beautiful in their simplicity


Growing up in Paris, shooting skateboard videos with his friends, designer Alexis Jamet was tasked with making the titles and illustrations for these early creations. Eventually branching into producing zines about the Paris skate scene, he coupled this creative pursuit with clothing and board design for his local skate shop. “I then wanted to study filmmaking, but I wasn’t academic enough, so I found a hand lettering school which was a better option me,” he tells It’s Nice That. “After that, I naturally drifted into graphic design and, more recently, animation.”

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