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Move over, Pornhub: This new site rethinks the UX of porn

Is audio the future of erotica? The cofounder of Quinn, a sound-based site that launches today, thinks so.

For an industry that’s well known for the money shot, porn newcomer Quinn is putting its chips on an audio platform. The startup, which beta-launched in April and launched its redesigned site today, is looking to break through with its new audio-only porn platform and shift the brand away from the visual-reliant user experience the industry is known for.

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Brand Identity for Albural by FirmaltAlbural is one of the…

Brand Identity for Albural by Firmalt

Albural is one of the largest pecan orchards being built in México. As part of their family legacy, Albural is meant to last through many generations, so we had to create a brand that would endure with it. The family is a central concept in the identity, which is why the brand mark serves as a symbol for both the family tree and the Pecan trees within the orchard. 

We created different patterns inspired by the different shapes of the pecan shells, which assemble in “stacks” to give the brand a playful and lighter feel. The result is a strong and timeless brand with a unique visual system, that communicates the story of a strong family and would serve as the start of a great legacy.

Firmalt is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Monterrey, Mexico that provides unique creative solutions that develop and position brands. They create strong visual concepts that communicate clear ideas, add value, and differentiate from the competition.

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Daydream by Marylou FaureThese ‘Daydream’ figurines are…

Daydream by Marylou Faure

These ‘Daydream’ figurines are made out of resin, airbrush painted with a high gloss finish. They are approximately 15cm tall and are made in the UK as a limited edition of 25. There is one full white version with an iridescent shine, and one in multiple colours, with hand-painted details. 

The name ‘Daydream’ comes from a new series that Marylou will be exhibiting in early 2020. The ‘Daydream’ figurines are a representation of peace and stillness, as well as dreams and aspirations. It’s been said that you should spend at least one hour a day doing nothing else than being with yourself. To help you focus on your goals and motivations. The figurines are a reminder that you should take that time to be with yourself, escape from everything else once in a while, and come back calmer and more motivated. 

The figurines are meant as decorative objects for the home, as well as a reminder to take a break and recenter your thoughts on things that matter to you most.

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