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New Boathouse Looks Like A Time-Lapse Of Rowing

Studio Gang gives Chicago’s latest boathouse a fresh, modern look.

The boathouse has been long due for an upgrade. So many of the structures designed to shelter boats evoke the ambiance of a 19th-century oil painting, with little regard for fitting in with a bustling 21st-century metropolis. Which is what makes Chicago’s newest boathouse, designed by Studio Gang Architects, feel so fresh.

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Vitae Design   | "As the season of…

Vitae Design   |

“As the season of thanks & celebration appeared once again, I created some vibrant greeting cards for clients, collaborators & consumers.”

Vitae is the studio of Cameron McKague, an experienced independent graphic designer based in Toronto after stints at several studios in Vancouver, Stockholm & Calgary. I create a range of work across various disciplines including identity development, print & web design—with a soft spot for music & arts-related projects. I also produce & co-host a podcast called On Second Thought.

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Nifty Device Can Turn Broom Handles Into Lamps

With Fantasia, you can repurpose just about anything baton-shaped, be it a broom handle or a carrot, into a lamp.

Early Disney fans will remember the scene in Fantasia where the brooms start to multiply and take over, nearly trampling the magician’s assistant with their anthropomorphic legs. The Fantasia lamps, from Italian design studio MID, aren’t nearly as menacing. But they do possess some Disney magic in the way they can turn nearly any baton-shaped item–broom handles, carrots, spoons–into a standing lamp.

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