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chiara goia captures chinese artists reproducing sculptures

camouflaged in a thick layer of white cement powder that blankets the scene, the local artisans are pictured in the midst of their work day, chiseling out faux reproductions of michelangelo’s ‘david’ and replicas of the ancient greek master work ‘venus de milo’.

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Why Startups Need Design Students

Former RISD President John Maeda’s new gig connects young designers with Silicon Valley mentorship.

As the end of the fall semester drew to a close at the Rhode Island School of Design last year, the college’s leader, the charismatic digital designer John Maeda, announced he would be jumping ship for the sunny office parks of Silicon Valley, where he would carve a role for himself as a design partner at venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. On his first day, he set about doing what he has done for years: trying to help students merge their design education with technology.

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How A California Mom Designed The Ultimate Anti-Disney Princess

Fed up with superficial stories about damsels in distress, a mother creates a positive alternative for children.

Fronting a multi-billion dollar brand, Disney Princesses, billed by their makers as sugar and spice and everything nice, have enraged feminists for decades. Their impossible proportions–stick-thin waists, enormous eyes, and barely visible noses–create unrealistic beauty standards for the young girls who worship them. The messages their stories deliver are often sexist (the Little Mermaid has to sacrifice her ability to speak in order to get with Prince Charming?). Until the 1990s, all of the Disney princesses were white.

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Music: Calling all artists! Submit your work to be part of 2014’s Secret 7"


Toot toot! We are very, very excited to announce that we will be media partners of this year’s Secret 7" competition! If you don’t already know, Secret 7" is a project in aid of War Child that, for the past two years, has taken some of the world’s best songs and asked people to design record sleeves for specially printed vinyl.

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