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Graphic Design: Peruvian Gabriela Maskrey delights us again with art show catalogue


In keeping with our mission statement to "champion creativity across the art and design world,” we are always thrilled to showcase great work from those countries which aren’t always front and centre on our radar. And so to Lima, Peru, where graphic designer Gabriela Maskrey is forging a real reputation as a constantly exciting visual practitioner. Following on from her eye-catching redesign of the Emirates in-flight magazine comes this catalogue for a contemporary art show. Somos Libres took place at The Mario Testino Collection late last year and Gabriela was commissioned to produce the accompanying brochure. A psychedelic cover gives way to a simple, clear, colour-coded guide to the rooms, and the design is confident enough to give way to the visuals rather than trying to compete. Fabulous stuff.

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Photography: Kris Vervaeke finds beauty in eroded cemetery portraits


For the past few years Belgian photographer Kris Vervaeke has travelled to cemeteries in Hong Kong and photographed thousands of small portraits affixed to tombstones. Recently publishing a selection of these images in his book Ad Infinitum, the simplicity of its concept and execution is incredibly powerful. The faces, which remain anonymous in the book, have been worn away from exposure to the elements over time, yet their destruction from rain, sun, extreme temperatures and humidity has gained them a simple abstract beauty. This unlikely and moving body of work, though haunting in nature, offers viewers an opportunity to reflect on the mysterious and often overlooked relationship between photography, memory and death. Sad sentiments, but so very beautifully done.

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Graphic Design: An interview with Visual Editions about their latest triumphant publication


When it comes to interesting and unusual publications, Visual Editions can be relied upon to pioneer the kind of titles that turn a lot of heads. For four years now Anna Gerber and Britt Iversen have been exploring the ways in which content and form can be manipulated, subverted and toyed with to create something very special. After huge acclaim for their latest work Where You Are the time was ripe to sit down with Anna and find out a bit more…

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Fiktiv   |   |   Facebook "Creative studio…

Fiktiv   |   |   Facebook

“Creative studio for visual communications design and interactive systems development. Occasionally a zoo.”

I’m spending the next few months interning at this super-cozy design studio called Fiktivlocated in Zagreb, Croatia! I’ll try to post some relevant updates from time to time, just so you know how am I doing! 

Photography by: Maja Štasni

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