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This noise-canceling dog house is perfect for pups who hate thunder

Ford applied its new in-car noise-canceling technology to design a sheltered bed where even the most noise-averse pup can feel safe.

Ford’s new noise-canceling kennel is a dream for millions of dogs who get startled by loud noises like storms, doorbells, and New Year’s Eve fireworks. (It’s also a dream for humans who prefer to sleep in complete silence, like me.)

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Review of the Year 2018: Top 25 Photography


It’s been a long year, hasn’t it? And your eyes are tired, aren’t they? We can help. Why not soothe those sore lids by taking a visual stroll down recent-memory lane with 25 of our most read photography pieces of 2018? From KangHee Kim’s satisfyingly shimmering images of celestial streetlamps to Sam Gregg’s gloriously vivid snapshots of life in sun-soaked Naples, all of life this year gone is here.
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