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Pentagram to design Stanley Kubrick exhibition at Design Museum


Pentagram partner Marina Willer and her London-based team have developed the exhibition design for a retrospective of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick, due to open at the Design Museum next month. Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition, which runs between 26 April and 15 September, will feature rooms themed on his most influential films, including 2001: Space Odyssey, A Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Spartacus, Eyes Wide Shut and Dr Strangelove.

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Why top restaurants are getting rid of stoves (and why you might, too)

These burners hang on your wall until you need to cook something, echoing a growing trend among professional kitchens.

I once had the chance to peek my head into the kitchen at Alinea, the avant-garde Chicago restaurant that’s also one of the top-ranked in the world. It looked nothing like I expected. The standard elements of commercial kitchens, with their industrial griddles, stoves, and salamander broilers, were almost completely absent. Instead, it was just a long room filled with unadorned stainless steel tables. If a chef needed to sauté something, they simply grabbed an induction burner–a magnetic-based hotplate that generates no ambient heat–and brought it to their spot.

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Ghazaal Vojdani on the importance of collaboration and the future of her studio


Based out of Brooklyn, Studio Ghazaal Vojdani is a graphic design and art direction practice specialising in the cultural sector. The eponymous founder of the studio says her focuses are “educational institutions, independent galleries, editors, curators, designers and artists internationally.” Already wide in her client list, some recent collaborations have seen Ghazaal also expand her creative remit, working across exhibition design and visual identities.

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See China’s groundbreaking $4.8B “horizontal skyscraper”

The project, designed by Moshe Safdie, is the biggest and one of the tallest sky bridges in the world.

China is nearing completion of a new architectural landmark. The building is actually four distinct skyscrapers rising above the city of Chongqing. But what makes the project truly impressive is a 1,000 foot steel and glass sky bridge that connects them all, filled with trees, lagoons, observation decks, shops, and restaurants. Its developers call it “The Crystal.”

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Cynthia Alfonso’s work bridges the gap between comics illustrations and animation


For creative Cynthia Alfonso, her work, and the process of making it, is always “in continuous movement”. What this movement might be. however, depends massively on how she’s feeling, seeing her use visual communication as a way “to apply everything I absorb every day”. Consequently, her portfolio is built up with a mix of comics illustrations, which have garnered a unique following, and animations too.

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