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Daniel Arsham’s Latest Show Is Hidden in a Remote Tropical Paradise

Study for Eroded Bust of Dyonisis (2022)

On a sliver of white sand in the Indian Ocean, palm trees are swaying softly in the breeze. The sun is blazing, fruitbats are shuffling through the leaves, and crystalline waves are rolling lazily onto the shore. Tucked amongst this land’s lush tropical overgrowth, barely visible, is a series of flat, clean, modernist constructions. These modest buildings, created by Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan, serve as the home of <ahellip;

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Study for Crystal Eroded Bronze Mew (2021)nbsp;Study for Crystalized Abra (2022)nbsp;Study for Eroded Ares with Helmet (2022)nbsp;Study for Eroded Bust of Dyonisis (2022)nbsp;Study for Eroded Bust of Venus of the Capitol (202nbsp;Study for Eroded Head of Ares with Helmet (2022)nbsp;
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The UK’s First Major Coco Chanel Exhibition Is Coming to the VA

Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel’s groundbreaking approach to womenswear has seen her hailed as a pioneer of modern fashion but, up until now, no major UK museum has devoted an exhibition to her work. This is set to change next year, however, as the Victoria and Albert Museum delves into Chanel’s heritage collections to illustrate the remarkable career of the French couturière.

Titled Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifesto, the show will explore the full scope of thehellip;

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Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifestonbsp;Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifestonbsp;Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifestonbsp;Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifestonbsp;Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifestonbsp;Gabrielle Chanel. Fashion Manifestonbsp;
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Casablanca Beats, the Social-Realist Hip-Hop Drama Set in Morocco


The ‘inspirational teacher’ films of Hollywood all tend to follow the same basic script: an unorthodox teacher gets to work with a class of no-hopers despite the disapproval of the stiffs in charge, only to win them over with spectacular results and/or a triumphant pop concert. They are films that celebrate individuality while secretly conforming to type, which might just be the key to their appeal. But Nabil Ayouch’s Casablanca Beats, a teacher-feature of greathellip;

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Harriet Middleton Baker’s Performance Examines the Embodiment of Power

Harriet Middleton Baker, The Conference, 2022. Ima

Art In Relation: how can art allow human beings to live together sustainably and in relation to one another? In this series, Chinese-Canadian curator and writer Kate Wong speaks to artists working across performance and film about the role of storytelling in their practices and about creating work that allows us to come together in a world that tries its very best to keep ushellip;

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