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Lauren Elkin’s New Book Will Change the Way You Think About Your Commute

Rohmer Buses – A Good Marriage

There’s something about emerging from lockdown that has made diaristic writing feel fresh. It’s probably to do with all that time we spent alone: suddenly, the ordinary rush and press of moving through the city, of a commute, has become interesting again. One way to observe all of it might be through the window of a bus, and one way to write it down might be via iPhone notes. Recently, I’ve been in a new city (Berlin) and have tapped into my screen such fascinating observations as, “Manhellip;

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“They’re Astounding”: The Radical Beauty of Helen Frankenthaler’s Woodcuts


Helen Frankenthaler was just 23 when she was thrust into the centre of the New York art scene. It was the autumn of 1952, and the Manhattan-born painter had debuted her now-renowned oil painting Mountains and Sea – an abstract amalgamation of colour inspired by the seaswept cliffs of Nova Scotia. The work was a trailblazing debut for Frankenthaler, and instantly placed her at the forefront of America‘s abstract expressionist movement.

A varied and formidablehellip;

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