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Winter Holiday Style

Winter Holiday Style

These days, not only are women interested in fashion, but it has increasingly become important to men also. If you’re jetting off on a winter holiday, you’ll need the ultimate wardrobe update to impress. 

Here you’ll find the top tips for staying stylish this winter season. 

Layer up – make sure you pack vests, along with slim-fitting sweaters and hoodies. This will provide you with warmth against the cold weather; slim layering is also key this winter, so keep your look fitted and snug. 

Invest in top brand sportswear  – modern sportswear collections are perfect for winter holidays. Make sure you invest in top quality brands, such as the Armani EA7 range. 

There is even a specialised skiwear section in the Armani range, with protective fabric clothing and a great choice of ski jackets. 

Giorgio Armani is one of the leading names in the fashion industry so if you want to stay stylish on the slopes, kit yourself out with this top collection.

Winter Holiday Style

Never mix and match your look – one of the biggest mistakes men make on their winter holidays is mixing and matching their style. For example, wearing a ski jacket with khaki trousers is not a good look. 

If you’re wearing sportswear, make sure your entire look is created with sportswear. Don’t combine it with your standard clothing. 

Don’t wear Ugg boots – traditional Ugg boots are designed to be unisex. However, no self-respecting man should ever be seen out in them. 

It doesn’t create a good look on most women, never mind men.

As comfortable and warm as they can be, you’re best off sticking to men’s snow boots if you really want to keep your feet warm, not to mention waterproof. 

Looking good on your winter holiday isn’t rocket science. It’s all about choosing the best quality brands that provide you with the best fit. Armani is just one example. You can get inspiration online by looking at pictures from their current season catwalk.

Yellow Monday: Dolly Parton’s Banana Pudding

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton

Here at AnOther we have dedicated an entire day to the colour yellow, as a happy antidote to what is officially known as Blue Monday – the most depressing day of the year. So what better to banish the blues than an indulging in a deliciously decadent, sunshine coloured pudding, cooked up by the Queen of Country herself, Dolly Parton.

Now entering the fifth decade of her career, with a rumoured Glastonbury performance o…

Dolly Parton Dolly Parton Dollywood Postcard Dolly Parton

Louis Vuitton A/W14: A Fierce Approach

Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14
Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14 Illustration by Clym Evernden

You would be correct in claiming that the name Kim Jones rings out as a leader, a visionary and power player in luxury menswear. His journey began in the early noughties when he infamously transformed our idea of luxury sportswear and in an instant distracted us from conventionality thus introducing us to the idea of a new kind of luxury.

Commercial knowledge and sheer creative genius combined are perhaps his recipe…

Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14 Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14 Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14 Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14 Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14 Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14 Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14 Louis Vuitton Menswear A/W14